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The Soul-Patrol.Com Digital/Virtual Album 1.0

Welcome To The Soul-Patrol Newsletter

Are you one of those kind of people who woke up one day in the 1980's and suddenly asked yourself the following question: "How come they stopped playing great new music on the radio?" Well I was one of those people and my solution at that time was to start buying compilation albums. I discovered that buying compilation albums expsoed me to lots of great music, that otherwise I would have missed out on. I also knew that I could do so at little financial risk, because I knew that since someone had taken the time to "compile the best of the best", so I wasn't going to get trash.

In todays world we all know that there are hundreds of thousands of independent artists out there. many are a part of Soul-Patrol, but they exist elsewhere as well. Sites like MySpace, CDBaby exist, where you can find many of these artists. Here at we get hundreds and hundreds of new albums to review created by independent artists. Most of these albums are crap, aren't worth you buying, wasn't worth the artist creating and aren't even worth me taking the time to write a review. Most of the time this isn't because the artist is untalented, it's because they just didn't have enough great songs completed at the time in order to create an album filled with fully realized artistic gems. Creating a great album isn't an easy thing to do. In fact most of the albums that I listen to have at least one really good song, sometimes two. However the rest of the songs are usually so terrible that I couldn't reccomend in good concience that you buy it, so therefore I spend my time and energy reviewing albums that I think are a good financial investment for you.

Over the years here on Soul-Patrol I have reccomended lots of different compilation albums. This is one album that I can't review for you, so here instead are the early review we have gotten in thus far...

Thanks in advance...

--Bob Davis

Early Reviews:
Soul-Patrol.Com Digital/Virtual Album 1.0

Soul-Patrol.Com Digital/Virtual Album Review from Midwest Musicologist Tom Hyslop

Yes, the Soul-Patrol.Com Digital/Virtual Album represents the acme of innovative, independent music distribution to date - a compilation of fresh R&B, soul, hip-hop, jazz, and funk songs conceived, assembled, marketed, and distributed entirely online, drawn from the community of artists that gathers around computer screens everywhere to discuss, debate, examine, and honor the great tradition of American black music "from the ancients to the future". It's an ambitious and potentially important project, but what matters most to us is the opportunity to hear exclusive new music from such well-respected and much-loved legends as Mandrill and the Dells, as well as many worthy up-and-comers.

It's safe to describe the Virtual Album, weighing in at 50 tracks, as a reasonable facsimile of radio back in the day, with a broad stylistic range that practically guarantees something for everyone, and a level of quality that makes even the songs that aren't exactly to a listener's taste worth hearing. In the interest of brevity, I'll concentrate on a few favorites that hint at what the S-PDVA offers and expose my own pet sounds.

Lester Chambers (of the Chambers Brothers) checks in with a pair of raw, slide guitar-fueled, roots-R&B cuts. Soul ballad lovers will dig Toni Green's splendid "How Can I Sing This Song Without You", a dramatic, Southern soul-blues vehicle with a spoken interlude (where did spoken intros and middle sections go, anyway?), the Dells' beautiful "Baby Come Back", and Soul Generation's vintage-flavored "Yesterday's Memories". Angel Rissoff submits retro funk ("Snows", complete with phase-shiftered guitar) and strong early rock/jump blues ("Boogie"). Munkeez Strikin Matchiz close the gap between Stevie Wonder and the Ohio Players on "No Time" - it's the real deal.

Funk is well-represented, with Mandrill's super-bad and brassy "Who Got The Funk", a pair of instrumentals from Planet People Movement, and Joseph Wooten's incredible, taste-of-Hendrix "Revolution Of The Mind" leading the pack. Funk shades to jazz on J.D. Blair's "Jam", then to Latin sounds in the hands of Chip Shelton ("Recordame") and Chico Hamilton. Public Enemy's "I Woke Up In A Place I Forgot", marked by a beautiful vintage sample and sound and a strong message, Nadir's "Is That What You Wanted", with its political message and Eddie Hazel-inspired guitar work, and Fine Arts Militia's "Leave With Your Own Mind", heavy with James Brown references, are hard-edged funk/rap/rock hybrids.

Midtempo and slow tunes get good treatment by a variety of artists. The Coasters add gospel flair to their old-school, street corner R&B on "Beautiful Day." Waldo Weathers has a deep, love man thing goin' on in "Without You Near" that might put you in mind of Barry White or Isaac Hayes. Patti Nicole Wheeler's "Say Who You Are" and Stephanie McKay's "Your Love" are excellent, backward-looking contemporary soul slow jams (Me'na covers similar turf on her "Time"). See also Kyle
Jason's '60s-soul-tinged, deep-groove tracks and One Sun Lion Ra's very modern use of retro touches on "Bad Baby."

That's just a small sampling of the Digital Virtual Album's music. Again: It has something for everybody, including a lot of great, hip material. Credit goes to list czar Bob Davis for his vision and his dedication in seeing this project through.

Soul-Patrol.Com Digital/Virtual Album Review from "Lady Skill" of the EXCURSIONS Concert Series in Cleveland.

Bob Davis of has put a project together called, Virtual Digital Album 1.0 that enlists 50 artists from the genres of blues, jazz, soul, funk, nu soul and rock and roll. When I heard about this project, I thought this was a great idea for the many new and independent artists that want to be heard. With the advent of the Internet, the game has changed, creating many opportunities on how artists can represent when marketing and promoting themselves.

As a music fan, I always enjoyed looking at the art work, reading the information and liner notes on a album. Theses days learning about the who and what of an album has become difficult. The packaging of CDs brings new meaning to the compact discs, offering print so small that the information becomes cumbersome to read.

One of the things I liked about this concept is this... With this virtual CD, you can bring artists to life on line, right to your mp3 player. Learn of a producer, the song writers and musicians, along with information about the artist themselves with the click of a mouse, giving you the information you want without having to use a magnifying glass to read it. There are even voice over intros of each artist at the top of their recording, which can connect the artist with an existing fan or a prospective consumer.

As independent artists can find, recording a CD is one thing. Getting the CD in the hands of prospective buyers of new music is another, which is critical to the success of any artist. Here, this virtual CD provides a creativite entity for an artist to market their music as well as the consumer to buy it.

What a cool way for music lovers to shop and cop new music! Take your pick of a wide variety of music styles from jazz to funk, nu soul and rock and roll featuring original material from established artists such as Chico Hamilton, The Dells, Public Enemy and Mandrill. Included on this virtual CD are new and independent artists Me'na, Da Fat Funk Clique, Matte' and many others. Looking for new music and an innovative way to buy it? Stop by and visit before your opportunity to buy the CD virtually disappears!

Lady Skill
EXCURSIONS Concert Series

Soul-Patrol.Com Digital/Virtual Album Review from "Dr Boogaloo" reporting from Berlin, Germany (by way of "Tobacco Road").

Nightrain, the hardest thing about taking the survey was not picking five. The tracks are smokin'! And because I could hear how much love all of the artists put into these songs, it was tough trying not to pick five. On the moring I got your e-mail, I was getting ready to run into the shower and was standing in front of the computer with no clothes on, and i put on my headphones and started listening. 30 mins. later, my wife walks by and says "man, what are doing standing in front of the computer naked?"

I explained to her "well, you see darling, it IS the soul patrol virtual album that I'm listening to sweetheart and..." She cut me off with knowing smile, patted me on my booty, and went off to work...

Yo man! This collection is slammin'! This collection iz smokin'! This collection is for people who love and adore real soul music! This collection of soul music masterpieces are for people who are educated about the multitudinous meanings of soul! In the words of the Magnificent Montegue, it is for a people who possess a tinkling of soul understanding and discernment.

So I guess you can tell I'm excited about this project, huh? Let me tell you why, okay?

See, a very long time ago, when i was just a little bitty boogaloo boy, livin' back up in a little country holla, me and my Pops were raking leaves up in a pile in the yard one day and a brother came driving by slowly down our street, like the ice cream man, in a pick-up truck that he had modified by attaching a pair of loud speakers onto the hood. The only reason I looked up at the truck was because I could hear the strains of one of my favorite jams "It's Your Thing" by the Isley Brothers pumping out of the speakers. It sounded real, real good so we waved the brother over and found out that he was (as an independent distributor) selling the hottest 45 soul singles of the day, door-to-door. What a great idea! This meant that no longer did I have to go all the way downtown to Frankie's Got It on Granby street to get my jams: at one buck a piece, he was bringing them all to me, straight to my door! Hallelujah Day! I got so happy, I bought that record (and probably Sly, JB and a few others) right on the spot! Right in front of MY door! Good-googly-woogly!

To me, today is a happy day like that! The very idea that today it is possible to deliver quality musical content, globally, using recent advances in telecommunications technology, right to the front doors of millions of music lovers, is a dream come true to country boys like me. And as you know, the future of the two trillion-plus dollar global cultural product marketing and distribution industry will be driven by these advances in global communications technology, much of it outside of A-merry-ca in the coming decades.

But back to that survey Bob: you know what I had to do was go through all the "Knowns" first and then work my way through the "unknowns". Because for old black people like me, one of the hardest things to do in life is to KEEP AN OPEN MIND.

By that I mean, ok, I see the Mighty Dells. We already know that they are Kings of Soul Sangin'...already know that anything they touch turns to gold, platinum and coltan...already know that anything they do got's to be slammin'...already know that we are witnessing new history in the making, so we can just check that yes box off right away, 'cause we KNOW the Mighty Dells are carriers of the culture coming correct each and every time, thankyou very much.

Then I look and I see Mandrill. MAN-DRI-OW-LL! KNOW Mandrill! Been dancing to Mandrill for a long time already. Slamming. Real horn section with real horn players smokin' with proven road chops. No hesitation: we can Check them off immediately, no questions asked.

Then BOOM! I see Mr. Lester Chambers. Know Mr. Chambers gon come up with an original rhyme that's got that TWANG in it. Know he's gon break us off a lil' piece of stank right now today. Check.

Then I see Chuck D. I remember when PE did their first concert in L.A. back in the day, musta been 'roun 'bout '87. My cousin and his boys hooked it up. UCLA student union block. Mid-day, outdoors. 2000 black kids singing along with the lyrics and the record wasn't even on the radio. Check.

Then I see Mr. Carl Gardner of the Coasters. OH. MY. GOD. Mr. "Take out the papers and the trash or you don't get no spending cash;" Himself. Lawd. Ham. Mercy. This is one of the first records that I owned, listened to, danced to every day, fell in love with. This man and his partners gave me the African Holy Ghost at 6 or 7 years old. Just Wipe Me Down and Check Him Off.

Then, I see Mr. Waldo Weathers. A man who actually played with the Godfather. A man who actually played with Mr. Johnny "Who's Makin'Love" Taylor. A man who played with Mr. BB "King is Soul; Soul is" King. A man who actually played with Little Richard, the Original Saint of Stank. A man who has played with all my hero's, who's sax playing I have been listening to, probably all my life and didn't even know it was him. Dayum. PLUS, he's got the SMOOVE-EST sounding spoken intro before a recording - using the powers of his resonant bass-barritone voice - that I have ever heard. Checked and double-checked.

THEN, as if THAT wasn't enough, I see Mr. Cliff Perkins. One of the most under-rated sanging tenor men on the planet earth. A man whose work has helped me to break the Guiness Book of World Records for slow draggin' in 7 nations. Check him off immediately...and so on...

Okay. I wipe myself off and then I get to the brilliant artists whose works have been discussed at length on the mailing list, but whose music, though I am less familiar with, I am very interested in hearing more of.

I spot my sister Rio. Know she can sang. Plus she foin. PLUS she's one of the hardest working women in showbidness! Check her off right away. I spot bruva Darrell McNeil. A man who has more Bad Brains and Fishbone records in his house than I do. Nuff respect due. I am Black Therefore I Rock. Chizz-eck! I listen to Angel Rissoff, Nu Millenium, Marlon Sanders, Nadir's Distorted Soul, The Fantastic Black and they are all slammin', slammin' slammin' and slammin'. And so I check them all off, yes, yes, yes, yes and yes!!!

By this time, I have been standing in front of my computer for about 45 minutes listening to the Soul Patrol Virtual album with my headphones on and I have forgotten that I still have no clothes on.

And then, I begin to hear the sultry, sensual, beautiful sounds of Toni Green, Me'na, Stephanie McKay, Patty Nicole Wheeler, Jill Sharp and Maty Soul, with that sexy-as-hell French accent. By this time, I begin to imagine that I am stuck in a D'Angelo "How Does it Feel" video shoot and I rip the headphones away violently from my head and run into the shower...

The moral of this story is: never underestimate the Power of Soul. It will get you. It will grab you. It will make you do wrong, make you do right, make you come home early, stay out all night...

This album is powerful. It is special because it is original, it is fresh and I predict that if the afro-blogsphere gets a holt to it, a lot more
(younger) heads will be turning your way in the coming months.

Well done Nightrain, well done.

Just one last question: if I ever get a MySpace page, will you be my friend? Lol

n.p. "Boot" Tamar-kali

Soul-Patrol.Com Digital/Virtual Album Review from "Boogie Report", which is considered far & wide as the internet's leading voice for "Southern Soul" music.

Soul-Patrol.Com Digital/Virtual Album Review

The Internet provides an amazing opportunity for the music and entertainment business in the forthcoming millennium. Its ability to bypass the standardized channels of distribution and dissemination of entertainment and information will change the way business is conducted forever.

For the music industry this means a shift away from a model where a few major record labels act as monopolies or gatekeepers regulating the flow of music from the artists to the consumers. In its place will emerge an industry where artists and small independent labels can have direct contact with the public and little need for a middle man to manufacture and distribute the product.

Well Virginia at SOUL PATROL the future is now. Bob Davis and crew have assembled an amazing collection of some of the most entertaining music on the planet and making the collection available via download on The Soul Patrol Virtual CD

No matter what your musical preferences are you'll find your kind of music on the Soul Patrol Virtual CD artist like: The Dells, Soul Generation featuring Cliff Perkins, Angel Rissoff, Mandrill, Joseph Wooten, J. D. Blair, Kyle Jason, Marlon Saunders & Gemma Genazzano, Marlon Saunders, Maty Soul, Matté, Jill Sharp, Toni Green, and many others, and the price is right too under fifty cents per selection. Do yourself a favor,

Soul-Patrol.Com Digital/Virtual Album Review from Andrew Hamilton (formerly of the All Music Guide)

This Herculean effort brainstormed by soul patrollers and implemented by Bob Davis (CEO Soul Patrol) offers a four box set of music at the price of a single conventional CD . More bang for your buck and more good music for the soul. Covering the genres: soul, funk, blues, nu soul and rock n' roll, this 40 artist compilation spans from heavyweights like The Dells to the little known Matte. Johnnie Gee who as a member of Step By Step cut a single for Brunswick Records back-n-day designed the cover.

The Classic Soul genre is headed by the Chicago's Mighty Dells and complemented by Soul Patrol fav Angel Rissoff, The Soul Generation, Nu Millennium and their a cappella soul, Chyp Davis and others.

The renowned Chico Hamilton classes the jazz genre that also features flautist Chip Shelton, Darrell McNeil, and Da Phatfunk Clique, a quintet featuring violinist Darrell Looney. I would have like a few more jazz selections.

Funk is well represented by 11 artists including Mandrill with the exuberant "Who Got The Funk" from their upcoming CD; and luminaries like Joseph Wooten a.k.a. Hands Of Soul (the fourth of five Wooten Brothers); Mike Calhoun (Kinsman Dazz and Dazz Band); percussionist extraordinaire J. D. Blair who has played on the road and in the studio with far too many artists to mention here; Planet People Movement led by former Mandrill Drummer Neftali Santiago, funky sax man Waldo Weathers from the James Brown's Band, and Fantastic Black who's played with a laundry list of bands including The Ohio Players, Slave, The Barkays and vocalists Peabo Bryson and Barry White.

Seven artists give up Nu Soul including the melodic Stephanie McKay purring "Rainbow" (not the old Gene Chandler song composed by Curtis Mayfield), Lenny Blacko, Marlon Saunders and Patti Nicole Wheeler who is equally as comfortable singing soul, folk or Christian music.

Southern Soul is least represented with only three artists: Matte, Memphis based Toni Green and South Carolinian Jill Sharp; but this genres' lack of numbers is more than compensated for by three joints that flashes you back to small smoke filled clubs that kept you posted until that last call for alcohol warning.

No gangsta rap on dirty rap is on this plate but you will bounce just as hard to the rhythmic vocal expressions of Public Enemy, The Fort Greene Project, The One Sun Lion Ra & Lotus, Fine Arts Militia and Ron Moton. All served up nice bumpin' beat filled tracks without being buck nasty.

Last but surely not least, Carl Gardner & the Coasters heads four Classic Rock n' Roll offerings--Gary Lee & The Cat Daddys doing "Freeway," Nadir's Distorted Soul and Lester Chambers (Chambers Brothers).

With 50 tracks it's going to require sometime to take in everything. But there is something for everybody, some you will like, others you will not, kind of like a newspaper where you gravitate to your favorite sections first (mines are the Metro or Local News sections) and read the others later. The whole box set can be downloaded on a mp.3 player-depending on its memory capacity-or your computer, where you can then burn them onto blank disks if you like. Many of these artists have personal web pages or pages on My Space where you can read up, see where they're appearing, and purchased whole cds by them. Lets support the music we love by supporting these artists.

Soul-Patrol.Com Digital/Virtual Album Review from longtime P-Funk Family member Lynne Flanery

Hey Everyone,

Let me start off by saying some things that I know all of us would like to say but just don't have the time, don't take the time (and should) or never will. My gratitude goes out to Bob Davis of Soul-Patrol not just for producing a Virtual Album that anyone could submit a cut for but for his unending work that he does for all of the artists, young and un-established, to the tried and true artists we all love and grew up on. Bob travels all over this country to interview groups and again I have to say not just the big STARs but the indie artists as well, if he personally doesn't do it he makes sure he has a Soul-Patroller there to take care of that. The work he does takes him away from his wonderful wife and daughter and at times you'll see the Bob Davis family at an event/venue if it's appropriate for children. If you haven't "got it" Bob is very concerned about the African-American Community as a whole and how the kids are coming up and what is proper and what is not. He is a dedicated family man and a dedicated worker, promoter, and fan. Props to Bob Davis of Soul-Patrol for all the good things that he does for all of us. I might add one more thing, go the Ritchie Valens interview on and then go to Ritchie's site on MySpace and ask Cindy (who is co-keeper of the site along with Ritchie's brother) what the Valens' community/family think about this wonderful man we call OURS. I'm proud to call him brother, friend, confidante and family. Bless you, Bob Davis.

Now on to my reviews. I was one who pre-ordered Soul-Patrol's First Virtual Album and I've got some things to say about this album. Yeah, I thought, "Bob, this is just going to be more of the same old hip-hop, rap, neo-funk, R&R, music that I've been trying to listen to in order to review for Soul-Patrol over the last couple of years. You know all that stuff that have my ears hurting after the first couple of cuts?" but you know what Mr. Soul-Patrol, this is a great bunch of music. Easy listening, honkie tonk/boogie, RAP, Hip Hop, down and dirty, funky and funkier, down home true rhythm and blues from one of the greatest, Lester Chambers of the Chamber Brothers. Yeah, I'm bias when it comes to the Brothers but Lester has been true to his roots and has come up with the best he's ever done without question, kickin' it. The Mighty Dell's, all I have to say is the MIGHTY DELLS reign supreme, still the best when it comes to what they do best make you want to cuddle up with your sweetheart or just get up and dance. The new indie artist Lenny Blocko is one of the music industries greatest up and coming artist/musician ever; clear tones, smooth, clear lyrics. Oh, don't forget Fine Arts Militia, "Leave With Your Own Mind" funkier than funky. RAP FUNK at its best and I don't say that lightly coming from the FUNK Family and from one who doesn't get into RAP, can't quite go there but this cut is nothing but perfection. Definitely "ON THE ONE" without question, this is the cut you can take and drive all over the country and listen to and never get tired of it.

I have to admit that this is something I probably wouldn't have listened to but this sounds like my homeboy, you know The Boy From Baltimore, Muddy. I love this, jammin', this is funky; on the ONE, damn! This is what I feel about the FUNK side of James Wooten, "Revolution of the Mind", if you didn't know any better you would swear that this is Bernie Worrell and the Woo Warriors and Gary "Mudbone" Cooper on vocals. Old-line funk with the neo-funk for sure, nothing bad about this cut, six minutes of "Uncut Funk The BOMB". There is certainly enough Funk to go around on this album for everyone any kind of funk you may want to listen to is here. The Funk Factor's cut "Funk Jam" with a jazzy overtone of a funky female voice and what a voice it is; this could be another Bride only a younger stronger version, "get your funk on".

The instrumentalist cut from J.D.'s "JAM", is just that, JAMMIN', had my head bobbin', feet tappin', and fingers poppin'! FUNKY, yeah with flutes the whole orchestral thang man, with the DJ spin thrown in, what more is there to say, just give a listen, I'm crazy about this, and the cut is great.

Soul Generation, "Yesterdays Memories", female version of the Manhattans, nice easy listening, making love music.

Stephanie McKay, "Rainbow", this is just okay, I never could figure out what she was trying to say in the lyrics, just couldn't get into it and I listened to it twice, can't go there.

Climates, "Out of Control", bass guitar and I love bass guitar. Another cut that you really need to listen to the words. I thought for a minute they had gone into "Atomic Dog" with the "woo woo" thing. If you just want to listen to the music then find something else to do, but at least try listening to the message in the music. Like Bob is always telling us, listen to the words, if you like the musical background, just listen.

Fantastic Black, "Diggin' It Up", the jail, the funk, the funk has always been here, they aren't bringing anything back but adding to what has been and always will be!

Forte Greene Project, "Poverty Suck", sounds like the Bar-Kays and Rick James only hip-hop, tellin' you what life is all about and that we're all there - we are all poor except for the very rich. Listen to the words in this one also, there is a message here for all of us.

Gary Lee & The Cat Daddy's, "Freeway", mostly instrumental but it is really there, these guys are great, top notch.

Angel Rissoff, what really blew my mind was among the first few cuts that were on the album by Angel Rissoff

Chico Hamilton, "Mysterious Maiden", a Latin tempo, salsa, good beat, different sound but on that not I would put it aside, I wouldn't buy this one because it just doesn't appeal to me being from the FUNK family but I do like other music I promise.

Chyp Davis, "Competition". Anyone can tell that Chyp is an accomplished musician with years of experience behind him, he has his own sound that is refreshing and neo-soul. "Competition" is about the man with the woman and connection with a woman looking into his eyes and he into hers. Who is the man? Is he my Competition? What a line, "I Been Watchin' You Watchin' Me Watchin' You." Chyp makes you feel like you're right there observing this whole scenario, but a feeling of love through the eye contact such a special moment that could be shot down when her guy comes on the scene. A great song, easy listening, smooth voices and great female background vocals that are as mellow as the song. You will not hear another cut on this compilation like this one, this is neo-soul, a different sound, and a NEW movement.

Lenny Blocko, "Move Mountains", another easy listening cut, yet another artist like Chyp who has his own sound and knows who he is in his music, definitely a new movement, neo-soul. One of the up and coming indie artist associated with Soul-Patrol. A song with a message, I keep saying this but you all have to start listening to what is being said in these songs, listen to the music but pay attention to the message.

Angel Rissoff, "Boogie Down Bronx", in 2006 one of Soul Patrol's Best; singing about the good old days and definitely rockin' and jammin' in the old honkie tonk, mean boogie get down sound, love this, we need more boogie, rockin' sounds like, damn I hate to do this but, Stevie Ray Vaughn, how's that? Not a bad comparison! Keep on with the boogie. The second cut of Angel's, "Snows of July" another rockin' cut different from the comparison that I just made on his previous cut, you can really tell that Angel has fun doing what he does best and that's his style of music, great guitar riffs.

Fine Arts Militia, "Leave With Your Own Mind". You certainly can tell that someone or everyone in this group has a whole lot of FUNK in their soul and mixed with their own way of rap, this group can't be stopped. If you want to listen to what is funky than this is the funkiest rap that you'll ever hear and it's not nasty, skanky, rap but good hard drivin', kick ass FUNK RAP. NEO-FUNK 'n RAP.

Gary Lee & The Cat Daddys, "NiteTrain" some really good down home soul blues right here y'all, great guitar riffs and you know by now I love guitar, rollin' all night long on the Nite Train. The groups second cut on the album, "Freeway", I can't say enough about this group, they are truly some of the finest vocals and instrumentalists who will take you back in time with their neo-soul, rockin' your soul and bringing you back. This is truly hand clappin', finger poppin', foot stompin', booty shaken groove.

Lockboxx, "Street Skank", a group from all over the United States who come together and put together a sound that is their own but who will take you back to the early guitar greats like Hendrix or Hazel (oops) with a softer touch, basically an instrumental with background vocals. If you again listen to the few vocals in this it puts out a deep message, listen to the message at the end.

I might as well give my comments on what I believe has got to be the most understated part of this album and that is the female singers; I didn't mean understated in a good way, sorry about that, can't be helped. I find that far too many of you have no sound of your own, you need to find what that is and build on it. If you have to take a beat and work it up into something you feel comfortable with, then that is what you have to do but stop putting out other female artists' sounds and trying to sound like them. Either you have a voice or you don't. If you need more experience which I believe some of you do, then do background vocals, it doesn't tarnish your reputation, just do it. That's all I have to say about that topic for this album where I felt that the females were good I said so.

Nadir, "The Low Road", LIVE, he is damn good whether funky cut or a slower funk, female backup really good (Ashford/Simpson) wow, the production of the instrumentation perfection on both cuts. Have those guitar riffs that remind us of what PFUNK was back in the day, nice to hear. I love guitars, these guys are extremely good.

Patti Nicole Wheeler/With Nardir, this is somewhat different but strong vocals, very good voice, not pitchie. I'd like to hear her do something different, she has a voice and she her own person there.

Mandrill, what do you say about this group other than they always kick ass; good to hear something new from them. Love Mandrill.

Darrell McNeil - "Precious" The Smooth Jazz cuts of Darrell McNeil/Sue Giles, sorry but the female artist here some singing lessons, I'm not being smart here, some of the worlds greatest female singers take voice lessons, may I: The Queen of Soul, Ms Aretha Franklin. Think about it! Did I just say that?

Darrell NcNiel, "I Thought I Knew Heartache", with Everett Bradley, nothing knew or original here, needs to be re-produced and re-arranged into a new song. Sorry fellows.

Da PhatFunk Clique, "Dat Phat Philly Funk", sorry my brother Bob Davis, I know Philly is your town but this isn't hittin' on anything for me. Someone who knows how to Rap should do this, the music is not even tolerable.

Gill Sharp, "Take Me Back", this tells what its like to love someone who has broken the the chain that binds, pleading for forgiveness, take me back. Better than the first cut, I won't go there.

Marlon Saunders, "Take Me There", don't know whether his voice is jagged for inflection in to the song or that he needs to have more control over his vocals; I'll assume it's for inflection. I'm not happy with this.

Maty Soul, "Love Jones", this has been done to death; organ beginning, instrumentation good, can't understand one word of this song, there is no story behind the lyrics. The Love Jones isn't explained, it means different things to different people, can't understand her or what she's trying to say, someone help me here.

The One Sun Lion Ra & Lotus, "Bad Boy", hip hop, sounds like George Clinton & the All Stars and that for some is all I have to say. This is okay, nothing great here, something wrong with the submitted cut it sounds like there is something popping or scratching on the cut.

Toni Green, "How Can I Sing This Song Without You", a new version of Aretha or Whitney maybe Tina? Strong voice.

Waldo Weathers, "Love Groove", I'm not certain what the "hook" is in here, it's okay but not great.

Waldo Weathers, "Without You Near", much better than the previous cut, throw the other out. I listen to this explanation of how it feels not just from the artists perspective but from the one who is left behind. I can so relate to this from the other side, the one who is left behind and know how that feels, I've been there a couple of times with Joseph and Fuzzy which would break my heart not to be able to go out with them every time the limo or the bus drove off for places known and unknown. Watching the one you love leave. I can't truly relate to this heart and soul.

Me'na, "Deja Veiw", actually sounds like she's sing "Days of You"?????

Me'na, "Living My Life", not much more that I can say about her that I haven't already said under the review of the collectives female singers.

Stephanie McKay, "Rainbow", lyrics don't make any sense to me; definitely a NO for me, without question.

Nu Millennieum, "Sinbad", love acapalla, they do it to the max, their voices are magnificent, unreal tone; just a beautiful song, listen to the message y'all.

Munkees Strikin Matciz, "No Time", well, after all the people I've called about Scott Free's group here and told them what I thought about this cut, Bob called and said "how come you didn't write up Scott Free's cut?" I said "WHAT!" "This is my absolute favorite cut of all and I didn't write it up and send it?" "Nope!"
Well, let me tell you Munkees, "No Time" is with out a doubt the funkiest funk group on this entire album, PERIOD. This cut I could put in my car's CD player or IPOD, drive back and forth all over the United States and never get tired of listening to this old funk, neo-funk, "what da funk", very best FUNK I've heard in a minute and lets make that a long minute, like years. If this doesn't make you get up and move your body parts, then you are dead and someone needs to bury your butt. That's it, FUNK and more FUNK.

Coasters, "Beautiful Day", a most beautiful song, easy to listen to, this gives the listener a lot to think about, so again please listen to the message. Beautiful vocals but I don't have to tell you that, instrumentation, as always on the one and no it doesn't have to be funk.

Coasters, "Hush", inflation song, a little different style for the group but still rockin', it's a keeper for me.

Planet People Movement, "Funkin 4 Jesus", instrumental, I really dig this cut, funky of course what else would you expect from Mandrill's drummer, sounds a little like "Mutiny".

Planet People Movement, "Psalm 150", first of all go look up the Psalm, then play this cut. My impression is that it sounds like the Horny Horns are back and that would be the funk. Absolutely incredible music that has been pulled together by incredible people who feel the music and the message. Funk you never get tired of, at least I don't, bass guitar right on time, can't say enough about the backbone, that's where my drummer friend comes in. Keep on keepin' on.

Public Enemy, "I Woke Up In A Place I Forgot", RAP about the homeless, lyrics, the hook really are there, right on time. Tell it like it is - for real. Lookin' right back at ya. Lost. This group is what it is, telling it like it is. Tell it all, my brothers. Deep, can you get to that?? So this is another cut that you need to listen to the message and I mean listen to the message, WILL YA?

Rio, "The Real Thang, this is a different female, semi-rap/funk, sounds like Kendra Foster or maybe even better, the Brides.

Ron Moton - "Don't Get Got", Funk/RAP, I can hear a bass voice here that brings me back to my dear late friend, Ray Davis. This is good RAP, real Funk/RAP. Definitely a soulful, funky RAP gospel. Another one you need to listen to the lyrics, ya understand???

The message all along and what Bob Davis says over and over in conversations with all of us Soul-Patrollers, listen to the message, the music is either great, good, okay, whatever but you need to listen to what is being said.

Thank you all for taking this trip with us on the first Soul-Patrol Virtual Album, this is history being made and you have been part of it.

Lynne Erin Flanery


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