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  ON MARCH 13, 2004 8pm AT THE WORLD FAMOUS SHOWMAN'S LOUNGE, 375 W 125th St IN THE VILLAGE OF HARLEM the MIGHTY, MIGHTY DELLS (Marvin, Chuck, Mickey, Vern and Johnnie) were on hand in NYC to party with us as we celebrated their long awaited INDUCTION INTO THE ROCK N' ROLL HALL OF FAME. This historic event would not have happened without the efforts of Soul-Patrollers, near and far.....    

Dells Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Party Part 1

Just a quick note, on a personal tip...
I think that last night when I was handed the microphone to introduce the MIGHTY DELLS to the crowd at Showmans had to be one of the PROUDEST moments in my life.

L-R: Marvin Junior (Dells), Mike Davis, David (Persuaders), Chuck Barksdale (Dells), Al Goodman (Ray Goodman & Brown), Bob Davis, Vaughn Harper (WRKS)

Never has there been a group of individuals so deserving of being honored by their peers as the MIGHTY DELLS. My feeling is that for them to have been effectively SHUT OUT by the Rock n' Roll Hall Of Fame for all of these years was nothing short of criminal.

Now that wrong has been righted, and for a brief moment in time last night in a small little corner of the universe, in the place (the village of Harlem) that harbors both the greatest dreams of Black America and the worst nightmares of Black America, all seemed right with the world, because we were all able to get together and celebrate the fact that a WRONG HAD BEEN RIGHTED.

So here I am, just a 'regular brotha' and I get the opportunity to introduce one of the greatest of the great and to do so in Harlem USA at the legendary Showmans lounge right on 125th st, a place where right outside of it's front door lie some of the worst possible conditions for human existence on the face of the planet.

It don't get much better than that for a 'little black boy from brooklyn'...except... for tonight when I get to watch them being inducted into the Hall of Fame, inside of one of
the greatest symbols of Amerikkkan wealth & power that exists (the Waldorf Astoria Hotel), by the very same 'black music experts', who told me that the MIGHTY DELLS did not belong in their hallowed hall and that Soul-Patrol was wasting it's time in trying to make it happen.

(how is that for irony???)

All I can say is thanks to all of you for helping to make it all happen!!!

What can I say. It was awesome.
(in fact I am still recovering 18 hrs. later)

The NYC Soul-Patrol Chapter came out in full force. That was to be expected. However we also had some strong representation from the Philadelphia and Washington DC area chapters as well. It was a special night. To honor some very special, brand new Rock n' Roll Hall of Famers. I'll have plenty more to say on this event over the next few days...
In the meantime I am resting up for tomorrow, which is the day of induction itself.

Kevin Amos, you did a great job pinch hitting for Cheryl and acting as our host for the evening, meeting & greeting each one of our guests and distributing a JUST RELEASED Dells Millennium Collection CD (Courtesy of HIP-O Records) to each person as they entered the door.

L-R: Zielove (SP Washington DC Coordinator), Kevin Amos (SP Pittsburgh SP Coordinator), Zie's Infamous Runnin Buddy, Zie's son

Yes indeed NYC as always was there on the REAL.
Now here's the deal...People like Funkafize, Baron, Mike and others were in on our whole campaign to get the Dells into the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame and were there with a sense of sweet satisfaction in seeing what started out as a dream, turn into a reality right before our eyes.
We talked about that.
We drank
We partied.
It was a wonderful experience and demonstrates just how empowering this 'experiment' called Soul-Patrol has been for us all as a group and as individuals.

Oh yeah, Zielove was there representing Washington DC.
(and I think I'll stop right there before I get into trouble.......ROFL)


L-R: Philly Soul-Patrollers rasing the Soul-Patrol.Net Radio banner at Showmans in NYC

There were about 10 folks from our Philly Chapter who made the trip up to 'sin city' for the event. Yes, the plans for the East Coast Soul-Patrol Convention are starting to solidify and it was a topic of conversation of many folks at Showmans last night. I'm not quite ready to discuss those plans yet, however I would advise you all to mark down July 30 - July 31 down on your calendars...

Oh yeah
'Leaders and legends' all in different ways, but most importantly, these are 'leaders and legends' in their OWN WAY and ultimately that is what is most important...


Indeed...the DELLS are making history.
And we are right there with them
And so now all is well in this world
(If only for a moment in time....)

stay tuned...

--Bob Davis

Dells Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Party Part 2

......yeah, me too. Oh didn't ya'll know I came to give my support to the Dells and to share my skills with the SP family?

.....Not only did I see and talk to my man Funkazise (sp), I talked to Barron, his Mom, Mike, their friends, and the clientele and staff at Showman's. I got to pass out a bunch of promotional items and sign up folks for the Soul-Patrol Newsletter.

However we also had some strong representation from the Philadelphia and Washington DC area chapters as well.

...What can I say, I just love my sister Zielove and her hangin' buddy. I even got to meet Z's cool son.

......I also met some of the great sisters from the Dell East and our Philly chapter. Everyone is excited about the upcoming SP events there. ( We even talked about the East Coast Convention set for the end of July. More details soon!!!)

.....not only were there folks who usually come to Showman's but I finally met Carlton Smith, Marlon Saunders, his manager Michael, our friends the Escorts and Persuaders, some folks from Columbia (stone Soul/R&B fans),radio associate Vaughn Harper, my buddy Ken Webb, DJ extrodinare John Rozz, Debbie, and many others.

L-R: Dells Party @ Showmans: Michael Dumas, Bob Davis, Moses Balon, Marlon Saunders

.......I met the great tabla player/percussionist Badal Roy. He had invited his good friend and associate Denardo Coleman( yes the son of Ornette and Jayne Cortez) to come and hang out as well. You should have heard the conversation we had!

It was a special night.
To honor some very special, brand new Rock n' Roll Hall of Famers.

.....It is always a pleasure to be in the presence of the Mighty Dells and I was proud to be a part of the festivities. OH WHAT A NIGHT! (couldn't help it....:) )


--Kevin Amos.....tha Funkoverlord

Dells Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Party Part 3

Celebrating the induction on one of the greatest groups in music history, musically speaking, to me, was one of the most spine tingling feelings I've ever experienced ! I arrived at Showman's at 7:40 pm while my friend Kev Lo was waiting for me in front of the place. Showman's is located on 125th St. As we entered the place, we greeted Soul Patroller Baron Keels, who was sitting with some friends of his at a table. The Dells didn't arrive yet. Their plane had landed around 6:00 pm and basically they were just relaxing at the hotel. They stayed at the Waldorf-Astoria were the RRHOF were being held. As 8:10 pm approached, two legendary groups arrived, The Escorts and The Persuaders, along with NY radio personalities, Vaughn Harper and Ken " Spider" Webb. In the background, as everyone anticipated the arrival of the group, their classic hits were being played. Incidentally, Universal Music released a CD entitled, " The Dells Ultimate Collection". Our ears were treated to the golden sounds of such of their hits like, " Stay In My Corner", " Love Is So Simple", " I Can't Do Enough", "A Heart Is A House For Love" (from the classic masterpiece movie " The Five Heartbeats who story was based on the Dells), " O-O I Love You", " I Touched A Dream", " Give Your Baby A Standing Ovation" " I Can Sing A Rainbow / Love Is Blue", and " Oh What A Night" ( both version from 1969 and 1956).

L-R: John Rozz, and Soul-Patrol.Net Radio's Mike Boone and Baron Keels Hoist the 'GREAT BLACK MUSIC FROM THE ANICENT TO THE FUTURE Banner at Showmans

Around this time, we contributed by holding the SP sign with it's classic anthem, " Great Black Music From Ancient To The Future", for picture taken. It was a warm atmosphere with Soul Patrollers like Zielove and son and friend, John Rozz, Funkafize, Kevin Amos, ( Funkoverlord), Carton J Smith and Trudy, with hugs and handshakes, describing each other's cyber names on SP for recognition towards each other. At 10:10 pm, The Dells finally arrived!

Everyone whispered, " There they are!" Or " They're here!"
As the group took to the front of the place, Bob Davis makes an announcement and then hands the mike over to Chuck Barksdale (bass singer of the Dells). Chuck makes a speech on how the group appreciated the tireless campaign efforts from SP, to help get them inducted into the RRHOF. Afterwards, people started to rush up to the front to get autographs for their Dells Ultimate Collection CD's, as Showman's band Jazzman began to play in the background. It was night of fun had by all!

L-R: Dells Party @ Showmans: Assorted Dells, Escorts, Persuaders, Vaugn Harper, Kenny Webb and others...

I'm extremely proud of the Dells finally getting their huge piece of music history, which was long overdue!!!!!!

Guys, we will always continue to stay in your corner, because our love for you will become stapled in the hallways of our minds, because now there is a 52 year dream that you finally touched, and you can continue to sing under those gorgeous rainbows, cause I'm here to tell you that those pretending days are over !!!

Congratulations to the Mighty Mighty Dells !!!
2004 RRHOF Inductees!!! You deserve a standing ovation!!!!

Enjoy !!!!!!
Mike Boone
(Chancellor of Soul)




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