PITTSBURGH: Each One Teach One 2nd Music and Radio Conference (1/16/2010 - 1/17/2010)

PITTSBURGH: Each One Teach One 2nd Music and Radio Conference (1/16/2010 - 1/17/2010)Sponsored by: New Pittsburgh Courier, WRCT-FM, Soul-Patrol.com, Black Music Education Project

CONTACT: Kevin Amos, 412-818-3789

Each One Teach One 2nd Music and Radio Conference takes place on January 16 - 17, 2010. Mr. Amos will be holding his second music and radio seminar at Carnegie-Mellon University Center from 9AM-5PM. Admission is free of charge and open to the public.

At the University, Mr. Amos broadcasts his radio programs from the studios of WRCT-FM where he has been an independent broadcaster/producer for over 20 years.

The 2008 sessions were highlighted by presentations on Music terminology and its economic implications by Bob Davis of Soul-Patrol.com in addition to a talk on the impact of Pop music on American culture and the role it has played in movements for social change presented by Jasaga David Sawyer. To view a recap of the 2008 event go to:


Amos has gathered participants on panels covering Jazz, Blues, R&B, Reggae/World Music, Hip Hop, Rock, Radio, Preserving musical history and Independent artists.

Some of the topics discussed will be:

--Hip-Hop…at the crossroads
--Developing Community voices: Media justice for all
--Radio: Past, Present and Future
--Reggae and World music
--Preserving and sharing musical history
--Promotion and Marketing 101
--Blues and the abstract truth
--Independent Artists
--And a New technology application presentation

The event location in the University Center will be in the Connan and Peter/Wright/McKenna conference rooms.

Mr. Amos has put together a dynamic group of folks from international, local and national levels that he has been associated with in his 31 years in broadcasting.

They include:

Emmai Alaquiva, Jerry Lopes, Andrew W. Thornhill, Christiane D, Ed Travesari, Bob Davis ,Bob Wensel, Marva Josie, Carlton Hines, Paradise Gray, Mike Moscato, Dr. Carlos Broussard, Myron Ruffin, Mena, Patrick Arena, Bunny Brisette, National Negro Opera House, Wesley Goodman, Dwayne Muhammad and Renee Asher.

Registration for the free conference is available online at http://eachoneteachone2.eventbrite.com and day of event.

CONTACT: Kevin Amos, 412-818-3789 for event and vendor information

--Bob Davis

Bob Davis @ Each One Teach One Music Seminar & Radio Concert (10/3/2008 - 10/5/2008) @ Canegie Mellon University/Pittsburgh

(Music, Culture, Technology & Economics)

Each One Teach One Music Seminar & Radio Concert (10/3/2008 - 10/5/2008) @ Canegie Mellon University/Pittsburgh, Rick Adams, Jasaga David Sawyer, Dr. Nelson Harrison, Kenny Blake, Kenia, Rev. Tim Smith, Christiana D, Joy Ike, Renee Asher, Denise Johnson, Bob Davis, Dwayne Dolphin, Jasiri X, Jerome Freeman, Jere B, Nancy Steedle, Sal Farina, Kevin Amos And let me start out by saying that I had a great time. The whole weekend was just what I needed. Most of it took place at a most unlikely place for me (the campus of the elitist Carnegie Mellon University, since I am a graduate of the more pedestrian University of Pittsburgh), in a most likely place for me (Pittsburgh, Pa).
I had a blast, it was educational and it was fun. Most of all for me on a personal level it was inspirational. As you all know, these past few months have been very tough for me and I have spent quite a bit of time looking inward. For me looking inward is usually the worst place for me to find inspiration. I am the type of person who finds inspiration from external people & things. And this weekend I was given the opportunity to be around people, some of whom I knew (ex: Dr. Kimberley Ellis - AKA "Dr. Goddess") but most whom I did not previously know (ex: Tim Stevens), all of whom provided for me with much inspiration and many ideas.

The fact that this all happened for me in the city of Pittsburgh is not lost on me. It is of course the very place where much that has formed me as an adult took place. Pittsburgh is a place that is the butt of many jokes, however for me it is a magical place, that allows me to find the kind of inspiration that ultimately ends up in new ideas. It is also a place that for me is the origin of many personal relationships that have lasted a lifetime, mostly with other people who have the capacity to inspire me to either "do better" or to "do more" (not always the same thing)

There were artists in attendance from the worlds of rock n' roll, jazz, soul, funk, hip hop, reggae, jazz & spoken word. There were broadcasters/writers there from TV, Radio, Print & the Internet. So it was a great cross section of people to have communicating with each other.

Obviously you all know Kevin Amos, he engineered the entire weekend and I am sure that he is going to document his thoughts.

But you don't know Dr. Carlos Broussard. He is someone that was one of my Political Science professors at the University of Pittsburgh. He came to Saturday's Music Seminar specifically to hear my presentation. He ended up hanging out for not only my presentation, stayed for the entire seminar, and then hung out with us in a more "informal setting." Then he showed up for the 6 hour radio concert, featuring about 10 of the artists at radio station WRCT-FM this morning. At the station this morning, Dr. Carlos Broussard pulled me aside to tell me how proud he was of me. He also said that he wanted to contribute his expertise, and he has much to contribute in the way of tangible information is a specific arena that is currently a major problem for many of the artists here. This meant the world to me...

Also in attendance for various parts of the 3 days were a few folks that I know quite well and who have been important contributors to Soul-Patrol over the years:

--Stephan Broadus (New Pittsburgh Courier)
--JereB (of SounDoctrine)
--Jerome "Hawk" Freeman
--Aaron Claussell
--Rick Adams

It meant a whole lot to me to witness not only their personal participation, but also to see and hear their own personal commitments to many of the concepts that we have not only espoused, but have actually implemented many times over. These folks not only shared their knowledge/perspectives, but also went much further by actively engaging other people that they had not previously met on various levels and in some cases providing not just concepts or theories, but tangible assistance in helping other people try to realize their goals.

I met other people from around Pittsburgh this weekend that knew me from the Soul-Patrol Newsletter, but that I had never met before. It never ceases to amaze me when I meet folks in person who read what I write and tell me that it makes a difference in their lives. And I was glad to see these folks putting "skin in the game", with people they had never met before.

Perhaps most inspirational of all was a young woman named Rainey Vexen. She's an R&B singer who came all of the way from North Carolina after reading about the event in the Soul-Patrol Newsletter. During the Seminar, the radio concert and in between, she impressed all of us with her determination, eloquence and more. This lady put some "serious skin in the game", based solely on the belief in her own talents & abilities. She asked for nothing except to be allowed to be in attendance. She walked away with everyone who was there willing to put some of their own "skin" into the "game" of Rainey Vexen.

It was a reminder once again to me, that very little of this is actually about music. It's mostly all about values that we as Black folks used to have, but have forgotten. It is truly about family/extended family. As a person who now has one less member in his "blood family", I am more than happy to welcome Rainey Vexen into my extended family. And she is welcome into it, simply because she saw it from afar, decided that she wants to be a part of it.

So I got to "share" Rainey Vexen with Dr. Carlos Broussard (among others).

One person I have known for over 1/2 of my life and is clearly one of my own personal mentors/role models and the other, I just met for the first time yesterday. And then to see the two of them making commitments to each other about the future. And the two of them are but a single example.

The monetary cost of admission into this extended family costs zero dollars. However the real cost is extremely high. That cost is determined by demonstrating in deeds and not words that you belong to that ever shrinking group of people who actually practices those ancient values that the vast majority of Black Americans have discarded in favor of a philosophy & behavior that actually does us a whole lot more damage than good. So when I see people putting their own personal "skin in the game", that inspires me.

It's really the "old & outdated" values embodied in the overall theme that Kevin Amos selected for the event.


In order for a person to commit to that particular value, it doesn't cost even one dollar, however the cost is extremely high...

My observation of this event is that all of the participants, regardless of their role, were willing to make that level of commitment to each other. Watching important people from my distant past, interacting and making these levels of commitment to others that they had never met before about the future was an exciting thing for me to witness. And that is what inspired me.

There were a few "a-holes" in attendance as well, these people shared nothing, except for the fact that they are "a-holes." However even they were contributors as well. Their behavior exposed to the rest of us exactly the type of philosophy that has caused us to become disconnected from our younger people in recent years.

Anyhow, that's it for me right now. There are probably 1,001 stories that I could tell about this 3 day event. However I am not going to tell them. I'd much rather see the ideas turn into action from the people who made those commitments to each other and report about those activities as success stories that you will be reading about in the months ahead on the Soul-Patrol.com website.

Here is my presentation document:

This document is full of data and statistics. However the text & graphics contained in the document isn't what I talked about. What I talked about was the need for people to communicate and to share information. To build the bridges that will be required in order to make use of those statistics in the future to sustain their career's and to help sustain the careers of others who weren't in attendance.

Yeah I realize that all of this conversation about "values", "sharing", "commitment", "building bridges", etc. sounds like "hippie talk" (but it really isn't.)

The name of the presentation is: "SOMETHINGS HAPPENING HERE..."

And it's all about the future of the "music business" (not the "music industry")

I invite you all to read the document, however realize that the document isn't what we discussed: http://www.soul-patrol.com/somethings_happening_here.pdf

What we discussed was an action plan, with specific action items for the future, that was based on applying some of the statistical data presented to specific individual situations. A plan that you will see unfold on the pages of the Soul-Patrol.com website and beyond...

My thanks to Kevin Amos for allowing me to participate and it will be my honor to assist in making those commitments become a reality!

--Bob Davis

KEVIN AMOS 30 Year Anniversary of Broadcasting Weekend Celebration (CELEBRITY ROAST, MUSIC SEMINAR & LIVE RADIO CONCERT)

KEVIN AMOS 30 Year Anniversary of Broadcasting Weekend Celebration CELEBRITY ROAST, MUSIC SEMINAR & LIVE RADIO CONCERTKEVIN AMOS 30 Year Anniversary of Broadcasting Weekend Celebration

Soul-Patrol.com is one of the sponsors of this series of events and I will be traveling to Pittsburgh (my "home away from home") to participate.

We will be celebrating our friend KEVIN AMOS 30 Year Anniversary of Broadcasting in the Pittsburgh region. I would encourage all who are in the Pittsburgh region to come on out. Look for the graphical and text ad's appearing on the next few issues of the Soul-Patrol Times.

If you are in the region (Western PA, Ohio, WV) come on out.
It promises to be an entertaining & educational weekend, featuring many artists, writers & broadcasters from Soul-Patrol.com as well as some of the most notable musical personalities in the City of Pittsburgh, all covering the "Great Black Music From The Ancient To The Future".
Some of the proceeds will go to the Pittsburgh Black Music Education Project.

Here is what the deal is...

FRIDAY OCTOBER 3rd - CELEBRITY ROAST ($30 including dinner) Tana Ethiopian Cuisine 5929 Baum Boulevard
"Toastmaster" - Rick Adams, "the radioactivist"
RSVP your reservation by calling 412-665-2770

SATURDAY OCTOBER 4th - EACH ONE TEACH ONE MUSIC SEMINAR (FREE) A Music Seminar sponsored by WRCT-FM, Soul-Patrol.com, New Pittsburgh Courier, nuGroove Records, Black Music Education Project

10 AM-4PM
Wright-Peter-McKenna Conference Rooms
University Center, Carnegie-Mellon University

10 AM - Opening speaker
Music activist and historian Jasaga David Sawyer
The impact of pop music culture on American society and the role music has played in movements for social change.

11:10 – 12 noon - The state of Jazz Music
Dr. Nelson Harrison / educator-musician
Kenny Blake / musician
Kenia / musician
Rev. Tim Smith / educator/ musician/ executive Director - Center of Life

12:30- 1:15 PM - Women in music scene
Christiana D / Soma Mestizo
Joy Ike / Independent artist
Renee Asher / Astron Music
Denise Johnson/New Pittsburgh Courier

1:15-2 PM - Afternoon Speaker
Bob Davis / CEO, Soul Patrol.com & Black Music Director of RadioIO.com
Music Terminology and its Economic Implications, the Artist as an Independent Small Business Owner and Centralized Control vs. Open Competition.

2:15 – 3 PM - Independent artist panel
Rev. Tim Smith / educator/ musician / executive director - Center of Life
Dwayne Dolphin / Producer -musician,
Jasiri X / Hip Hop artist - activist
Jerome Freeman / Blues - Folk - Gospel musician,
Joy Ike / musician
Jere B / musician

3:15 - 4 PM - The Changing face of radio (Is radio dying?)
Nancy Steedle / RPM Director WRCT- FM, Radio personality, Club DJ
Sal Farina / General Manager WRCT- FM, Radio personality
Kevin Amos / Radio Producer and Host, Black Music Education Project
Bob Davis/ Soul-Patrol.com & RadioIO.com

WRCT-FM 88.3 (6am - 12 noon)
Scheduled to appear are Jerome Freeman, Joy Ike, Desi, Jasaga David Sawyer, COL, Dessie Bey, Lewis Colyar and Amir Rashid

If you are in the region (Western PA, Ohio, WV) come on out.
It promises to be an entertaining & educational weekend.
Some of the proceeds will go to the Pittsburgh Black Music Education Project.

On Friday at the CELEBRITY ROAST I will also have some Soul-Patrol giveaways and also a FREE NU SOUL COMPILATION ALBUM (featuring new music from Vernon Reid, Marlon Saunders, Gordon Chambers and others)and a JAZZ COMPILATION ALBUM (featuring new songs by Bob Baldwin, Micheal Manson, Dave Sereny, Gail Jhonson, Michael Manson, Micheal Lington and others)for THE FIRST 15 PEOPLE WHO R.S.V.P for the Celebrity Roast .

RSVP your reservation by calling 412-665-2770

If you are coming, let us know in advance.
Contact Kevin Amos at: 412-818-3789

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