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April 5th:  I had the privilege of attending a very special event in Washington DC!
It was a gala reception held at "Zanzibar on the Waterfront" honoring Soul-Patrol's very own MIGHTY, MIGHTY DELLS to commemorate their 50th anniversary as a group and to celebrate the release of their BRAND NEW CD.

"Open up My Heart--The 9/11 Anthem."

This new single is INDEPENDENTLY PRODUCED and some of the proceeds as you all know will be donated to the "Open Up Your Heart" foundation.

The new CD was produced to assist the thousands of "nameless" victims of the September 11 tragedy.  Unlike other fundraising efforts, this effort is specifically designed to provide monetary help to thousands of domestic and unskilled workers, cafeteria helpers, hotel attendants and others who are now out of work or homeless as a result of the World Trade Center attack.

The event was a wonderful tribute to the musical legacy of the Dells!

The Dells were presented with an award from the Mayors office of Washington DC by the City Council and the mother of Washington Mayor, Anthony Williams.

There was also an auction of a giant sized replica of the article about the Dells, which appeared in last week's Jet Magazine.
The auction raised $1,000.00 for the "Open up My Heart Foundation.

Dells "bass man" (& Soul-Patroller) Chuck Barksdale gave a short speech to the crowd of about 200 in which he focused on both the history of the Dells and also the charity for which "Open up My Heart--The 9/11 Anthem" will be raising $$$$$$$$$ for.

(note: Chuck also made special mention of Soul-Patrol and he took the time to thank all of YOU out there for "staying in the corner" of the MIGHTY, MIGHTY DELLS damn near since the day we have started.....all of ya'll please take a bow :-)) 

Soon I will have the links for any of you out there who are interested in making your own contribution to this worthy cause by purchasing the CD, here online.
"Open up My Heart--The 9/11 Anthem."

Other notables in attendance that I met were Hollywood Agent Darnell Sutton, Ms Effi Barry (the ex: wife of the former mayor of Washington DC), The crew from "Teenrama Inc." (a Washington DC based organization which teaches "Classic soul dancing" to young people in the DC area), Al Dale (longtime DC area R&B promoter), DC area Jazz group "Sketches", DC area PR Guru Linda Greene, Nina-Dawne Williams, CEO of the Open up My Heart Foundation and many others from the world of Washington DC politics, entertainment and sports.

Soul-Patrollers in attendance (besides the Vern Allison, Johnnie Carter, Chuck Barksdale, Marvin Junior and Michael McGill of the Dells) were:

Zielove, AAdamsRib,"Pookie" Hudson of the Spaniels and a few "lurkers"

I had a great time at this event and I thank those who were kind enough to invite Soul-Patrol, unfortunately I wasn't able to stay in DC for tonight's concert.

I'm sure that Zielove and AAdamsRib will file a report from this show at Constitution Hall!

NP: "Open up My Heart--The 9/11 Anthem."


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