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DATELINE: February 16th, Long Beach, CA. Once again the now nefarious LA SOUL PATROL POSSE gathered at the new venue, COTTON CLUB WEST, for yet ANOTHER SOULFUL GATHERING to celebrate one of our very own, the beloved GRAMMY-AWARD WINNER  BILLY PAUL

Billy enthralled the audience, captivated the ladies with his "slicker than ice" styling of Jazz and R&B classics, such as "April In Paris", "Billy's Back Home", "Thanks For Saving My Life", the all-time RIAA "gold" seller, "Me And Mrs. Jones". Billy sang his HEART OUT for all of us, and the crowd really got into it. he looked great and sounded great! It was a joyous evening, hosted by LA Event Coordinator, Barry Tate, who was asked by Billy and Blanche to bring Billy onstage. Camera flashes were flying, we had a great turnout, and all the LA Patrollers met and "hung out" during and after the show. In attendance were noted Actor/Director, BILL DUKE, and legendary Drummer/Producer, NORMAN CONNERS. A fantastic time was had by all, as you can clearly see from the pictures. A special thanks to: SUE & HOMER PORTER, PJ & DELL CROWDER, THE WICKED ONE, MISS LISA GAY (another SP Sponsor!), MARY L. TATE, and new Charter Members, DEBORAH ORTIZ and ROBERT ROZELLE (bassist for the LA band, CROSSFIRE). THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALL FOR ATTENDING AND SUPPORTING ONE OF OUR VERY OWN!


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