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DATELINE: DECEMBER 29TH, 2001 The First official gathering of the Los Angeles Chapter Soul Patrol members took place at the LISA GAY & THRILL concert at the KNITTING FACTORY, HOLLYWOOD, 

 It was a BOMB concert, and Lisa & Thrill performed to a packed house. The show was hosted by SP Event Coordinator, Barry Tate. SP Members Wicked, Susan & Homer Porter, Rio Vergini and her husband, Andrea Hines (of the band RioSoul), a few SP lurkers that "came out the closet" to see what all the noise was truly about. Lisa& Thrill's show was so well received by KF management, they booked her on the spot for ANOTHER blowout showcase on March 30, 2002! And you can sure bet the ever-expanding "LA SP Posse" will BE THERE IN FORCE to support our beloved Lisa & Thrill once again!

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Barry Introduces Lisa Gay, commentary by Bob Davis

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