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It was ONCE AGAIN that time for a 'SOPHISTICATED PHUNK" show of Shows! LISA GAY and the Notorious THRILL band THRILLED and CAPTIVATED an even BIGGER crowd at this venue, which is rapidly becoming her second home! Lisa & THRILL TOOK IT TO ANOTHER STRATOSPHERE this time. A 7 piece NAASTYEE band that opened the highly anticipated show with an absolutely KILLER instrumental arrangement of "A NIGHT IN TUNISIA/WHAT'S GOING ON". Whew! And THAT was the opener!


Once again hosted by Soul Patrol LA Events Coordinator (and the band's Dir. of Marketing/Promotions), Barry Tate, there were many NEW fans and SP "lurkers" who HAD to see for themselves that this was NO SEDATE set BY A LONG SHOT! 


It was HIGH ENERGY from beginning to end! And, we SHOCKED Lisa with a birthday cake and the WHOLE CLUB sang Happy Birthday to her! We had a CAPACITY attendance and THRILL turned it into a DANCE PARTY!  No kidding!


The LA POSSE was RIDIN' HERD again. Members Rio & Dre Hines, Sue & Homer Porter, PJ & Dell Crowder (who shot an INCREDIBLE digital video of the entire show-complete with "jerky camera" footage-and created a monster DVD of the show!), Wicked (wearing that killer "brim" of his) snapping fantastic photos of the event, Carlos Wilson of Mandrill and his lovely  wife were hangin'  front row!  TTG (Tommy Gray) and Ron B. Smoov, who flew in from out of town to hang out with the Posse, see LA and enjoy the show.  Also in attendance was drummer LENNY WHITE in his 'Berry-Boo' finery! Many of the musicians had friends and family there and that simply drove the band to the heights of precision! Lisa had the room IN HER PALM! There were JAWS on the FLOOR as new fans did not expect this LEVEL OF EXCITEMENT as opposed to the fine CD, which, by the way, SOLD LIKE HOTCAKES!

A WONDERFUL TIME was had by all  who attended!
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