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WELL, we were ALL trying to "shake off" the previous night's festivities and we did it in perfect Southern California style by the ocean at the Marriott Hotel. The sports bar 'PITCHER'S' became our de-facto host and it worked perfectly for all our needs, as well as our "FOREIGN DIGNITARIES" Ron B. and TTG!


This Sunday afternoon-Easter day for many-we were also joined by LISA GAY & THRILL guitarist, TONY DRAKE ("Mr. Grease", as we affectionately call him!) who happily gave us ALL the 411 on the "behind the scenes" JUICY TIDBITS at the previous night's show. SUE & HOMER PORTER, THE TATES, WICKED (in yet ANOTHER Kool hat!), RIO & DRE and others were in attendance and we PARTIED LA STYLE.


Unfortunately, Ron had to head back to the Windy City, and Tommy TTG hung until Monday AM. We missed them BOTH quite a lot-they left quite an impression here and were embraced by all. 


(Which simply means we all drank SOME MORE!! LOL!!). This was a classic example of what it means to enjoy the camaraderie of fellow Soul Patrollers, especially after a commonly enjoyed event! We missed PJ & DELL CROWDER Big Time! We all genuinely enjoy, kid, joke with, and passionately dialogue with one another here in El Lay and when one of us is missing, we ALL feel it! That's what we have going on AND we SUPPORT our ARTISTS!


We EVEN provide MAALOX and ADVILS-No Charge! 


*Special thanks to 1Wicked (Aaron Pennell) for taking these great photos of the events!

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