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Remember what we were talking about with respect to CLASSIC SOUL FANS, SUPPORTING CLASSIC SOUL ARTISTS?
If you love Classic Soul...Do YOUR part...

Look at the pictures, then click on the links there to check out the reviews of MAIN INGREDIENT 'PURE MAGIC', listen to the CD, Buy the CD (if you like it) and THEN...

The following Soul-Patrollers for contributing their time on a Saturday afternoon to hanging out at the NYC offices of Magnatar Records and for taking the time to compose the CD Reviews .

unific29, CPage, thenayeski, DJL461, Lori_Owens-Griffin, RASHIDAK, MIKEBOONE2, kena298

Soul-Patrol would also like to thank Magnatar Records VP: Thomas Anderson
for giving Soul-Patrol the opportunity to review the CD as a group and also for providing us with lunch :)


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