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Black Rock Coilition (BRC) - Hendrix Tribute Concert - 1996
Buddy & the BRC Orchestra

Every year the Black Rock Coilition does a wonderful thing, they organize an "ad hoc" group of (mostly) Black New York area musicians, some famous and some not so famous to play a mconcert in memory of the life and music of Jimi Hendrix.
I make it my business to try and attend every year!
It's a pretty informal affair with a mixed crowd of people who are true Hendrix fans. If you ever find yourself in NYC during the late part of November you should try to attend.

Going to this show is about as close as I'll get to ever seeing Jimi Hendrix perform live :(

Check out the set list they played a couple of years ago .....(BUDDY PLAYED THE HELL OUTTA THE DRUMS)
Set List (courtesy Gene Williams)

1. Gene Williams's Hendrix intro/3rd Stone
2. Crosstown Traffic- Menace, Wayne Livingston, Gene, Abe Fogle Booker King
3. May This Be Love- Denise Creswell, Wayne, Gene, Gary Foote, Abe
4. Axis Bold as love-Paul Caruso, Wayne Gene, gary, Abe, GTO, Denise
5. Wind Cries Mary- Steve Bargonetti, Gary, Gene, Abe ,Wayne
6. Purple Haze- Steve Bargonetti, Gary, Gene, Abe ,Wayne
7. Manic Depression- Dean Bowman, Adam Holzman, Gene, Gary, Nir Z.
8. Up From the Skies- Lord Bishop Suave',Gene, Abe ,Wayne, Booker
9. My Friend- Dean Bowman,Gene, Abe ,Wayne, Booker, Paul
10. Red House-Dean, Gene, Abe ,Wayne, Booker, Lucille
11. Fire- Hiram Bullock, Gene, Abe, Booker
12. All Along the Watchtower- Hiram,Paul Shaffer, Bernie Worrell, Buddy Miles, Abe
13. Little Wing- Hiram,Buddy, Abe,Dean...?
14. If 6 was 9- Dave Fiuczynski, Dean, Gary, Gene, Abe
15. Superestitious/Jimi's Jam/ Talkin' all that Jazz- Stetsasonic
16. Purple Haze- Bernie solo
17. Star Spangled Banner- Wayne
18. Who Knows- Bernie, Buddy, Abe, Gene, Wayne, Mark White
19. Machine Gun- Bernie, Buddy, Abe, Gene, Wayne, Mark
20. Hey Joe-Buddy, Abe, Gene, Wayne,Booker
21. Then Buddy went into something else...By that time it was 4am and I didn't care what it was.
22. Angel may have been performed during to course of the evening as well but I'm Not sure

Black Rock Coalition 7th Annual Jimi Hendrix Memorial Concert - 1997


For the second straight year I was able to attend this wonderful event held at the "Cooler" in NYC and view all of the proceedings from backstage. For me this event is like a homecoming of sorts, although I am not a "card carrying member" of the BRC they are certainly "Brotha's in Spirit" and being at this show is the only time that I truly wished that I could play an instrument.

Here is the set list as best I can recall:

· Voodoo Chile
· Hey Joe
· Wind Cry's Mary
· Power of Soul
· Fire
· Little Miss Lover
· Angel
· Purple Haze
· Izabella
· Third Stone From The Sun
· Up From The Skies
· Crosstown Traffic
· My Friend
· Who Knows
· Machine Gun

(there was a LOT more I just can't remember everything)
The show started at 9pm and went till about 4am……everything was an extended jam with LOTS of improvisation. For example singer Coti Mundi (of Kid Creole/Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band fame) break dancing and doing impersonations of people like Ella Fitzgerald singing Jimi Hendrix songs ….LOL
There was an extended set right in the middle featuring bass player TM Stevens and Bernie Worrell of non stop jamming for about 30 min going back & forth between Hendrix & P-Funk songs !!!
During the set TM announced he had just gotten word that Bootsy Collins mother had just passed, he then RIPPED into a very STANK version of "Ground Zero" in a very fitting tribute.


The club was packed and the "mix" was about 50/50 Black/White (I think Jimi would have dug that !!) and I would say it numbered 500 or so people. I thought it was odd that very few people in the audience were dancing, backstage EVERYONE was shakin their RUMP to some of the deepest FUNK that you would ever want to hear. None the less I think a good time was had by all in attendance.


The best part as I walked around and talked with these musicians it struck me that while most of them are currently working on projects that might be considered pretty far removed from the music of Jimi Hendrix. Some of the musicians there were road/session musicians for the top names in pop music (everything from Gospel to Alternative to Hip Hop to Classic Rock to R&B to Jazz, etc.). Others were struggling artists just trying to get established. However everybody was focused on just what the meaning of Jimi Hendrix, his music and his life is/was.
They all talked about Hendrix as a true fusion artist who brought together both diverse musical styles and people. Interesting thing about the BRC is that the group itself is not 100% Black. All races are represented. Once again I think that Jimi would dig that. There was a pretty intense feeling of community "oneness" both backstage and in the audience. I spoke with many people that night across demographic groups who were all grooving to not only the music but also to the "vibe".

One of the things that will usually come to my mind when I think about Jimi Hendrix is "what if he had lived" ?
I think that the concert I attended last Saturday night gave me a chance to view/hear for 6+ hours what it might have been like musically, culturally and socially had that tragic day in September of 1970 not occurred.

"With The Power Of Soul Anything Is Possible"
-- Jimi Hendrix