By Gary Tyson

Man oh man! I'm still charged from last night's performance from Living Colour, at the Metro.
Before I give my review, I want to thank Ben Kartzman for forwarding the review of their Central Park show,from a few days ago.
Let me say that yesterday was a hot day in Chicago. The Cubs had a night game, Maxwell, the Allman Brothers, and Sade w/India Arie were in town ,but I had to put my money on the guys from NYC, Living Colour.

I arrived at the Metro around 5pm. On my way there, I was surrounded by Cub fans.(since the Metro is located about 4 blocks away from Wrigley Field) Once I made it, the line outside the club wasn't that bad. It was hot as (well, you know) outside, but I was dressed for the occasion. (a white sleeveless shirt and some shorts)
While standing in line, guess who I saw? Vernon, Doug, and Will. The fans greeted them and I said hello and shook Vernon's hand. They're some down to earth brothers. They talk to the crowd for a brief moment and got into a 4 door Dodge Neon. (no big limo or anything fancy, just a simple practical car)
They open up the club around 6pm. I made my way to the main floor and had a great spot to see the show.
The show started on time at 7pm. The opening act was a local group called The J.Davis Trio, a group that consisted of a drummer, bass player, a trumpet player, and a rapper.
The guys were well dressed with suits and were playing some jazzy funky grooves, with rap lyrics. I never heard of them, but they went over well with the crowd.(I like them)

Now the moment everyone was waiting for.
The band took the stage at 8:30 and they open up "Love Rears It's Ugly Head." Then they rockedus with "Ignorance Is Bliss"," Sacred Ground", "Times Up", The Glamour Boys", a unknown song,(perhaps something
new)"Middleman", "Poppa Was A Rollin'Stone", "Elvis Is Dead" w/Corey singing a part of Elvis's "My Eyes Can't Help Falling in Love With You" in the mix,"Type", a drum solo courtesy of Will Calhoun, "Open Letter To A Landlord", another uknown new song, and "Release The Pressure".(another new track, but it rocked and it was funky)
For the encore, they hit us with "Cult of Personality" and Corey did the infamous stage dive. And they saved the best for last, the Band of Gypsy's "Power of Soul." (A+) (no American Skin/41 Shots)

Ladies and gentleman, THEY'RE BACK! This has to be the BEST SHOW I attended in 2001.
I don't think any show I've seen so far, has or will top this. I had a ball jumping up and down, lettin' loose and having fun.
The crowd was well mixed, and a huge turn out. (I'm not sure if it sold out, but it was a packed house)
All in all, Living Colour has not lost a step. They took over exactly where they left off from 1993. They mentioned that they'll be coming back to Chicago, and when they do, I'll be there.
This was worth taking a day off of work.
My boys rocked me for 2 hours straight, the Cubs won, and in the words of Ice Cube, "IT WAS A GOOD DAY!"
Go see Living Colour, when they stop thru your city.

P.S. If only I could see Marcus Miller tomorrow night. (DAMN!)

Gary Tyson



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