The Definitive Collection (UTV Records, a division ofUME), releasing February 4, 2003, features 20 selections-16 of them Top 10 pop hits, 14 of those #1 on the pop, R&B and/or Adult Contemporary charts. Also spotlighted is the brand new recording, "To Love A Woman," co-written and recorded with Enrique Iglesias. The Definitive Collection thus spans 25 years of Richie's music, from 1978 to 2002. In addition, the package boasts a bonus disc of tracks personally chosen by Richie, including cuts from his forthcoming live Encore album and the two-CD 20th anniversary Deluxe Edition of his landmark 1983 Grammy Album of the Year Can't Slow Down.

The idea to write and record "To Love A Woman" with Iglesias sprang from the mutual admiration the two songwriters had for each other. Says Richie, "I wanted to work with Enrique and he wanted to work with me. I was really honored and flattered. We have a lot of respect for each other. We have our own styles but our voices really blend together. 'To Love A Woman' sounds like we've been singing together for years."

The Definitive Collection embraces Richie's '70s success as one of the Commodores' soulful lead singers (and saxophonist), his streak as one of the best-selling solo artists of the '80s and his best-known tracks since. The album's #1 pop smash hits are "Three Times A Lady" and "Still" (both with the Commodores), the platinum certified "Endless Love" (with Diana Ross, from the movie of the same name) and his four gold solo #1 's: "Truly," "Hello," "All Night Long (All Night)" and "Say You, Say Me." His Commodores' #1 R&B's "Just To Be Close To You" and "Easy" are also joined by his 1992 solo R&B #1 "Do It To Me." Also included are the Pop Top 10 hits "You Are," "Penny Lover," "Stuck On You" and "Ballerina Girl" (those four also #1 Adult Contemporary) plus "Sail On" (with the Commodores), "Running With The Night" and "Dancing On The Ceiling." Rounding out The Definitive Collection are "Angel," a #4 Adult Contemporary hit from his 2001 album Renaissance, and "Goodbye," a beautiful new studio track that appears on the international version of Encore.

Richie has sold more than 100 million albums worldwide, won 10 American Music Awards, five Grammys, six People's Choice Awards, a Golden Globe and an Oscar (for Best Original Song for "Say You, Say Me" from the film White Nights). He has also been awarded the rarified Diamond Award from the RIAA, representing sales of 10 million-plus copies of Can't Slow Down.

From: YeahRight1

Ok I found the answer to my question lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Commodores were formed in at Tuskegee Institute in Alabama in 1967 as the Mystics, becoming the Commodores in 1969. All students at the Institute, the original line-up consisted of Lionel Richie, William King, Thomas McClary, Milan Williams, Ronald LaPread, and Walter "Clyde" Orange. The group was signed by Motown in 1972, and started out as the opening act for the Jackson 5 on their European tour. It was two years before the Commodores ever started recording, but once they did, they became Motown's best-selling male group of the '70s. The Commodores were the launching pad for one of the '80s top pop talents, Lionel Richie. Singing lead vocals on ballads "Three Times A Lady," "Easy" and "Still," Richie led the group to their first #1 pop smash with "Three Times A Lady" (1978) and "Still" and 1979. After Richie left to pursue his solo career in 1981, the Commodores bounced back with their last #1 hit, "Nightshift." (1985)

1996 Motown Record Company


Any Commodores fans out there?
( was for the first few of LP's they did and then....)

You might be interested in checking out the new 2 disc "Anthology on them

As I listened to the CD's I went thru the total range of my feelings about this group.
The first few cut's had me up and dancing around the room thinking about how AWESOME they were when they first came out with their well crafted stone cold FUNK jams and then....

In fact I can remember buying the LP "Machine Gun" one day on a "humbug" (along with about 10 other LP's that same day including "Hustler's Convention") just because I dug the album cover and because of the tittle. At that point I had never even heard of the Commodores, but I just naturally assumed that the song "Machine Gun" was a cover of the Jimi Hendrix song of the same name, so I figured it was woth taking a chance on (remember LP's were only about 3 bucks a pop back
Before I got home I had stopped over at my boy Tony's crib just to hang out and I mentioned to him that I had just brought some new albums. Naturally he suggested that I play them...

The Commodores Machine Gun LP was one of the first one's that I put on and when I did, we BOTH jumped up and shouted OH (expletive) these Mother (expletive)'s are some BADD Mother (expletive)'s as the instrumental "Machine Gun" (which of course turned out NOT to be a cover of "Machine Gun" by Hendrix, RIPPED THRU THE SPEAKERS OF TONY'S PARENTS COMBO "AM-FM/RECORD PLAYER/TV SET CONSOLE" in their living room (his parents weren't
Next up was "I Feel Sanctified" which we both agreed was something close to being a "perfect song"

Right there on the spot, we anointed the Commodores as the "FUNKIEST BAND IN ALL THE LAND"!!!!!!

I found myself thinking back to those very first times that I had heard songs like "Machine Gun", "I Feel Sanctified" and " "The Bump" and how these songs made them SERIOUS rivals to the Ohio Players for being at the TOP OF THE HEAP. Thinking about some of those sweaty basement parties that their music used to ignite with images of folks jammin HARD as the Commodores were throwin down on some ancient turntable.

Then latter when they crossed over from the "ghetto" with songs like "Slippery When Wet" and "Brickhouse", still bringin home the FUNK, and even doing that with an occasional slow jam that wasn't 1/2 bad :)

And then...

....their gradual decline into some seriously "un funky" territory and how betrayed I felt as they drifted further and further away from playing the kind of music that I dug!

After that I kinda forgot all about them, till they came out with "Nightshift", which was deep enough to bring a tear to my eye.
After that they were removed from my mind

The CD is a perfect document in my eyes, of the rise and fall of what should have been one of the greatest bands in the history of Funk music.

....& if you are like me and dig their early period listening to this CD will bring a tear to your eye, when you think back and imagine just how GREAT the Commodores should have been :(

Anyhow, here is the track listing...


1. Machine Gun
2. I Feel Sanctified
3. Are You Happy
4. The Bump
5. Slippery When Wet
6. This Is Your Life
7. Gimme My Mule
8. Sweet Love
9. Cebu
10. Fancy Dancer
11. High On Sunshine
12. Just To Be Close To You
13. Brick House (12in Version)
14. Zoom
15. Easy


1. Come Inside (Live)
2. Too Hot Ta Trot
3. Flying High
4. Say Yeah
5. Three Times A Lady
6. Sail On
7. Still
8. Old-Fashion Love
9. Heroes
10. Jesus Is Love
11. Lady (You Bring Me Up)
12. Oh No
13. Painted Picture
14. Lay Back
15. Nightshift

--Bob Davis

A PERFECT FUNK SONG? the perfect FUNK band?

As you read these lyrics......imagine the following....
A band of young brothas from Alabama (college students) new & fresh on
the scene wearing band uniforms that make them look like visiting
A SLAMMIN ....HARD DRIVING beat....that forces you to the dance floor...

...a lead singer with a gut bucket voice that sounds like it was dipped
in "southern fried SOUL, who looks something like a fusion between a
Black man and a White man (whatever happened to this guy anyhow ???)
Dig this....

Listen to me brotha's......listen well.....
Brotha's we got something to tell........You can't run around...(being a
married man) Not taking care of business very got to
keep yourself together.......If ya DIG on whatcha got !!
Cause whatcha got can so nuff mean a LOT

If you ain't takin care of business, this you must expect:....LUUUUUV...

You know......HANGIN LOOSE........can be outta sight.......but YOU KNOW. just ain't right !!!

Ya see.......SLIPPIN...........TIPPIN.......havin fun......ain't NO GOOD
.........leavin "home work" ..........undone !!
Not taking care of business very got to keep yourself
together.......If ya DIG on whatcha got !!
Cause whatcha got can so nuff mean a LOT

If you ain't takin care of business, this you must expect:....LUUUUUV...

Now I ask you........does this song not have it all??
A SLAMMIN beat with a social conscience??

What is FUNK anyhow?
(i dunno, but I'm sure that one of yall will tell me...)

--Bob Davis


Fellow SP'ers

I have to let you in on something important!! I went to see Lionel Ritchie Live yesterday in Paris and first I have to apologize to him...! LOL
I was expecting a weak show, by someone who hasn't had a hit in a long time, which last albums left me cold, and I was afraid that there wouldn't be enough tickets sales to fill just half of the venue (which was the POPB, a 16 000+ capacity hall). I also thought that the audience would be lukewarm, rather on the old side and would be the quiet type. I thought his voice wouldn't be the same as it was and that his age would show too! And last of my preconceived ideas I thought that as most of the big stars he would be playing a minimal 1h15/1h30 minutes show.

I was WRONG on all points...! EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!
I am now in the position to recommend anyone here to go and enjoy a wonderful show.

First of all there must have been at least 13 000 people on that night, featuring not only older people but young kids too. The crowd was in a frenzy from the get-go and chanted all night long even between the songs (by themselves) much to the astonishment of Lionel himself!
Lionel's band was absolutely great with a drummer, a percussionist, guitar, bass, a one man band guy (who played tenor and soprano sax, accordion, keyboards and harmonica) his name was Dino Soldo or something like that...and I almost forgot the brilliant musical director (who also had some great albums in the late 80's) Chuckii Booker! What a brilliant musician.

Lionel himself played a lot of piano and sung with an unblemished voice. His power and control were astounding from the first notes of 'Hello' which opened the concert. He just sang the chorus lines from behind a huge black curtain making the crowd go wild when he said 'I Love You'. The curtain then went down and the music stopped for a while (a long one! LOL) while the people went berserk! Behind Lionel was another huge white curtain which went off when the band started to play again.

The concert was filmed by a lot of cameras and a huge high quality video screen behind the band allowed everybody to see close-ups of Lionel and the band and the light system was almost perfect. He proceeded to revisit his entire songbook including a magic "70's sequence" when he left the stage to change clothes while the band pumped 'Machine Gun'!!!! He even sung 'Brick House' (a nice version since I had only heard the song by Walter Orange). He did a few songs from his last albums which went well on stage. In all he played non-stop for .... 2h1/2!!

Now that is some serious dedication! 'Dancing on The Ceiling, Sail On, Three Times a Lady, Say You Say Me, Lady, Running With The Night, and of course All Night Long were just the tip of the iceberg as he performed too many songs for me to remember...

He kept shaking his head in between the songs because of all the people shouting (I should say frantically screaming and stomping their feet without a sign of tiredness).

It looked as if he really enjoyed the time he spent there always wearing a huge smile. His voice and looks were one of a man 20 years younger so in conclusion I am gald I went in spite of what I thought before the show and I would highly recommend that you go and check it for yourself if he ever plays in a town near you.

When you're wrong you're wrong and I am glad I can now admit it! LOL
But I guess this show will be used for a future DVD release from what I heard so you may have an idea of what I am talking about...

--Wonder B


Machine Gun - Motown, 1974
Caught in the Act - Motown, 1975
Movin' On - Motown, 1975
Hot on the Tracks - Motown, 1976
Commodores - Motown, 1977
Live! - Motown, 1977
Zoom - Motown, 1977
Greatest Hits - Motown, 1978
Natural High - Motown, 1978
Midnight Magic - Motown, 1979
Heroes - Motown, 1980
In the Pocket - Motown, 1981
Love Songs - Motown, 1981
Commodores 13 - Motown, 1983
Machine Gun/Movin' On - Motown, 1983
Nightshift - Motown, 1985
United - Polydor, 1986
Solitaire - Polydor, 1988
Rock Solid - Polydor, 1988
No Tricks - Navarre, 1993
3 Times a Lady - Motown, 1993

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