George Clinton and the Demise of FUNK/Let's Take It To The Stage

> To Bob: George Clinton......Demise of Funk
> Well Bob, I'm sure that we all read that post with raised eyebrows (smile)
> and let's get it on the table. I'm also sure that we all have different
> opinions of George (funk) Clinton. This should be interesting lol
> you always say "would you care to elaborate". Talkin about opening up a can
> of worms. I can't wait. "Let's do it".
> mmdells

Mmdells & everyone else who asked...

A few years ago, someone on the Urban Sounds BB on Prodigy asked me the same question and here is my response...

A few weeks ago you asked me why I was so down on George Clinton and I never really got back to you. Well Ive kinda, sorta been mulling over just how to respond and here is the conclusion I have reached
(George is a "pretender")

There..I said it !!
See for a lotta people FUNK starts and ends with George & in my mind nothing could be further from the truth and I suppose that I dislike the fact that he continues to receive so much adjuration for creating something that even he says he is not responsible for.

One of the reasons that I discuss Jimi Hendrix and Miles Davis here on the board is because the music that they were creating was where FUNK was headed circa 1971-1973. The influence that their music of the late 60s & early 70s has had over the past 20 years is nothing sort of phenomenal. It was kind of like music for a new generation and it was totally different from what had come before. This music was heavly influenced by the music of Sly Stone and James Brown and was primed to lead the way into the future.

George Clinton was little more that a "bit player" in all of this.
Funkadelic was just a "black rock" band that was the opening act at shows. They would be performing with the lights still on and people still coming in & trying to find their seats. Its no accident that Jimi & Miles were planning to hook up. These two revolutionary "brothas from another planet" both knew that the time for a change had arrived and that they were going to lead that change.

Unfortunately by the time 1976 had rolled around...Jimi was dead..Miles was "sick"....Sly was in his own world..& James was being hounded by the government!

None of these innovators was recording music at that point. There was a vacuum and that's what George Clinton stepped into. When he transformed Funkadelic into Parliment. George knew exactly what he was doing. all he really did was to take the music of Miles, Jimi, Sly & JB and "commercialize" it.
He took simple rhymes that had been a part of "Black Vernacular" (See ebonics in the PC and put them to music rooted in the tradition of Sly, Miles, JB & Jimi.
In addition, George made up a bunch of cartoon characters (coon show???) and said they were funkateers. (some might even say that George "sold out !!)
This was a very different take on what Miles, Jimi, Sly & JB were trying to promote. George was only interested in making money. And make money he did .....GOBS of it !!!

Parliment was extremely popular I can recall once attending one of their shows & saying to a friend who was with me "Gee..they are truly badd, but just imagine if they could somehow combine it with the message of Gil Scott Heron?"
My friend replied "If that were to happen .life as we know it would be very different.
But what George didn't count on was "killing the goose that laid the
golden egg". George was so popular at one point that he literally had a "Funk Army" at his disposal. Now what he could have done with that "army" is anyone's guess, but we do know what he ended up doing with it..

NOTHING !!.......Not a damn thing...!!!!!!!!!!!!!

George had the very "army" at his disposal that everyone else from JB to Miles to Sly to Jessie Jackson to Julian Bond to Jimi Hendrix all wanted to be the General of..(the generation of "funkateers").
He was even in a position to influence the 1980 election & he said nothing (I think he was too busy "cashing" in to even to notice that there was an election going on too busy promoting his pro drug agenda, at a time when there were not only "bigger fish to fry" but during a time when here was a GOVERMENT SPONORED PROGRAM TO COMMIT GENOCIDE AGAINST BLACK AMERICANS BY FLOODING URBAN AMERICA WITH RELATIVLY CHEAP COCAINE AND DERIVITIVES.

But enough of the past. today the act known as "George Clinton & TheP-Funk All Stars" bears little resemblance to the mighty force that dominated Black music in the late 1970's.
I have seen them live within the past year and they were awful. I get reports from all over the place from fans who have been disappointed by the performances of the group at recent shows. Their performance on TV at the Sinbad Summer Jam was an abomination. I was personally embarrassed!
But ol George just keeps on pumping out bogus albums and bogus concerts. In my opinion he is perpetrating a fraud against younger music fans who keep expecting the "real deal" from him and don't even know they are being ripped off.

In short..George Clinton broke my heart ....:(

> I don't condone people using drugs to tear themselves down, and I'm
> certainly not going to stand by idly and watch while it goes on, but I
> understand that sometimes people get weak. Who am I to judge? There is
> only one "judge" and we know who that is.
You missed the whole point of the discussion!
It wasn't about people who have a problem with drugs.
Many of the people here know folks who have had drug problems and haven't been able to "shake the monkey" loose for whatever reason.
This discussion was about a man who the general media portrays as the "king of funk" and that he somehow represents us as funkateers. What you have witnessed here is a group of "original funkateers" who want to make it clear that he doesn't represent us!

We have sat by and watched an entire generation of people who squandered the gains of the Civil Rights Revolution because of their need to be "sedated" by Cocaine during the 1980's. The "Maggot Overlord" played a role in this during that timeframe because of his public endorsement/support for using the drug.
Surely Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, etc did not die in vain so that the Maggot Overlord could allegedly peddle drugs to children from the stage?

Now here he is, as we approach the end of this century allegedly publicly promoting and even worse drug in crack. Many of us are sitting here in our 40's and above, with children of our own, we can't afford to sacrifice yet another generation of young people to the scourge of someone who is supposed to be providing leadership for the future, who instead chooses to be an active participant in the GENOCIDE of our people.

Personally I don't care if the "Maggot Overlord" (or anyone else) wants to blow his brains with a crack pipe. Just let him do it in the privacy of his own home and away from my children.

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