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Keep Funkin !!

DATE: Saturday, 20-Dec-97 09:21 AM SUBJECT: The Funk!!!! Rick James is the shit. The last time I saw him in concert in Austin, Texas in 1983 Rick turned the motherfunker out. The ladies were throwing drawers on the stage and everything was wild and freaky. To me he is one the most awesome multi-instrumentalists that there is on the scene today. Also, I was wondering, if you might have any information on a home page for Rick James? I have been listening to him, since 1978, and I have cut my teeth on the funk. In my opion, there is no comparison between Rick and Prince, because, Rick is more "Ghetto", and Prince is more "Sissyfied". Rick's funk has a harder edge, while Prince's music is manufactured for pop radio. This is just my opion. I am one of his biggest fan, if not the biggest. I have eveything that he every put out, mainly, because, I have several copies of all of his music. My son is cutting his teeth on Rick James, too. If, I only could just meet Rick in person, that is the person that I talk about.

Funk On,

DATE: Saturday, 20-Dec-97 09:07 AM
SUBJECT: Rick James

Rick James is the bomb, and I appreciate the coverage.

I. Davis

DATE: Sunday, 14-Dec-97 08:33 AM
SUBJECT: Rick James


I am glad to here that Rick James is back and funk is undamaged, I hope he doesn't start biting people, but if he does bite anyone, I hope they enjoy it :)


Larry, out

DATE: Thursday, 20-Nov-97 03:30 AM
SUBJECT: Rick James Review

I really enjoy reading your P*Review Page keep up the good work.
Just in case your unaware Rick will be in Philly, my home town on New Years Eve at the Valley Forge Convention Center.
Your right the P-Funk Allstars were pretty lame last year at the Convention Center in AC.

But I saw them at the Electric Factory in August or Sept. and they tore the roof off for three hours !!


DATE: Wednesday, 12-Nov-97 11:14 AM
SUBJECT: RE: P*Funk Review updated!

Know where I can source a list of tour dates for Rick James?
Thanks, Mitch

DATE: Tuesday, 04-Nov-97 09:58 PM
SUBJECT: Re: Rick James - Live 11/1/97

Hi Bob,

You named it. He blew me away, and his band did it as well. As a matter of fact, I always liked the stuff he did, esp. with the Stone City Love band (or whatever their name is), but I didn't expect the quality on his latest concert. And I was not the only one. Around me, the people went nuts, sang his songs, and were grooving throughout the 2 hours. I promised myself that I will see him when he comes the next time to Houston.

And I agree, he has the potential to fill big venues. The place he performed here was a big one already (at about 4000 people), because it was one of these anniversary funk fests for a local radio channel (with Bar-Keys, Cameo and the Gap Band). I was also waiting for Cameo, but they were pissed because Rick came on before them, and that for 2 hours. So they decided not to play (and I was pissed because of that).

Anyway, I am still grooving to the part I got on my minirecorder. And I apreciated your mail, because it reminded me of this concert! Keep on groovin' and save the funk,


DATE: Monday, 03-Nov-97 07:02 AM
SUBJECT: Re: Rick James - Live (Naked FUNK)

Hiya Bob,
this one is killing me... now i gotta pretend im sick and go home and fire up d 1200's... man was/is he Fonke r what...

DATE: Wednesday, 05-Nov-97 11:47 PM
SUBJECT: Re: Rick James - Live (Naked FUNK)

Yo Bob,
your review was great! I seen Rick in Detroit on Oct,10 this year and I was truly amazed I never thought his show would be that good I'll never miss him again. He must of been sick on Keenen! I even brought a T-shirt the boy is back!


DATE: Monday, 08-Dec-97 09:18 AM
SUBJECT: Re: PH Newsletter - Do you have a homepage?

At 14:57 30/11/97 -0500, you wrote:

Thanks for your response! Great pages! I was particularly happy to find your page on Teena Marie as no other site on the web has covered her.


DATE: Thursday, 25-Dec-97 02:08 PM

Don't even get me started talking about Teena Marie. She is by far the most incredibly talented singer/songwriter/arranger/instrumentalist/producer within the past twenty years.
A true genius in every form of the word. While her work at Motown was quite brilliant [especially the "Irons on The Fire" LP...has anyone heard "Tune in Tomorrow"?], her work at Epic was where she truly blossomed.
One must appreciate Ntozake Shange, Maya Angelou and Nikki Giovanni in order to grasp Teena's true depth. Teena feels everything...not missing one emotion. When she falls in love, she falls in love so hard that YOU feel it too. When her heart breaks, you lose a piece of your own as well.
Teena is a sista...from head to toe and like Nikki and Ntozake she revels in the glory of black love.
Teena's lyrics have a depth that not many other artists have [which would explain the lack of commercial appreciation].
As a poet, she is definately up there with Ntozake and Maya. Does anyone have Tee's books [If I'm not mistaken there are two]? Where can I get them from? I must have them.
If I hear one more person compare Robyn [Sweedish crooner] to Teena I will vomit. Robyn may have a 1/4 of the pipes, but Teena had and has the LIFE.

Check out "Passion Play"...her 1994 indie album for more proof.... All Teena fans hit me back!

DATE: Saturday, 20-Dec-97 07:24 PM
SUBJECT: teena marie

does teena have her own web site? does she have another album coming in the near future? i'd be grateful if you could provide any info on this ("black") queen.

DATE: Saturday, 20-Dec-97 06:58 AM
SUBJECT: Discography-Ivory

Ivory, Lady T's last album for a major label, was an intentionally ironic title in that she's a white singer who sounds convincingly black (much to her credit), has a largely African - American following and has enjoyed little support from pop audiences. Unfortunately, Marie didn't enjoy much commercial success period with Ivory - - a generally decent album, certainly, but one that fell short of the overall excellence of Naked to the World and earlier offerings like Irons in the Fire (1980) and Wild and Peaceful (her 1979 debut). Marie's use of hip - hop elements comes across as forced, cliched and contrived on "Mr. Icecream" and "Here's Looking at You." But she has definite treasures in the infectious funk number "The Sugar Shack," the seductive "Just Us Two" and "If I Were a Bell" - - a fine example of the type of heart - on - her - sleeve, '70s soul balladry she'd long since mastered. With a folk - rock appeal not unlike Edie Brickell - - believe it or not - - "How Can You Resist" is a major departure for her. Marie had been producing and writing her own albums since Irons in the Fire - - a claim few other female soul divas can make - - but turns to Soul II Soul founder Jazzie B with likable, thought not breathtaking, results, on "Since Day One."

DATE: Saturday, 20-Dec-97 06:46 AM
SUBJECT: Discography-Robbery

Robbery was a turning point in the career of Teena Marie, who'd been involved in a long and well - publicized legal battle with Motown that resulted in what's actually called "The Teena Marie Law" - - meaning a label cannot legally keep an artist contractually bound while refusing to release his / her product. Resurfacing on Epic, Marie made a powerful return to the R&B charts with Robbery, her fifth album, and the single "Fix It." But there's a lot more to savor here than that funk hit, including the equally addictive "Playboy," the sexy ballad "Shadow Boxing"; the incisive commentary on interracial romance "Ask Your Mama"; and "Cassanova Brown," an introspective jazz ballad reflecting on her romance with frequent musical partner Rick James. In fact, the risk - taking soul goddess' command of jazz singing is so strong that one wishes she wouldn't neglect that idiom.

DATE: Monday, 15-Dec-97 04:38 PM
SUBJECT: teena marie

"Young Love" was available on 1986 Motown 2CD set IRONS IN THE FIRE / IT MUST BE MAGIC which I have.According to 1996 CD International IRONS IN THE FIRE was available in the USA on Motown MOTD-5372 .
According to the Internet no tour dates available . Haven't seen any tour dates listed for at least 4 years which doesn't necessarily mean she wasn't somewhere .
Saw her myself at Hammersmith Odeon , London in about 1992 apparently her first U.K. appearance .

DATE: Friday, 12-Dec-97 11:35 PM
SUBJECT: Teena Marie Cd's

Hello again,

If your looking for a particular CD..look up this web site. type in Teena Marie and it gives you ALL or her albums that you can order


take care julie

DATE: Friday, 12-Dec-97 09:51 PM
SUBJECT: I just saw her in concert


I agree..teena is bad! She was just in concert with Earth Wind and Fire, Sinbad and Larry Graham and the Graham central station. She was awesome!!!

I think she is trying to come back. .unfortunately they were not selling any keep sake items from her but nothing could beat hearing and seeing her live!!!!!!!

Take care,

P.S. she was in concert in Mountain View CA at the Shoreline Amphitheater.

DATE: Wednesday, 03-Dec-97 07:29 PM
SUBJECT: teena marie

I have every song teena marie ever sang. My favorite is "Cassanove Brown". About 3 or 4 years ago she sang it on BET. She is indeed my favorite of all times.

DATE: Wednesday, 26-Nov-97 08:22 PM

Born Mary Christine Brokert in 1957,L.A. native Teena Marie spent three hitless years on the Motown label before she was" rediscovered" by Rick James. Rick James recalled the day when they first met. "I was walking around the mowtown offices when i heard this girl singing her ass off." I walked in and there was this little, munchkin, white girl. "I said 'wow!, you're really great. Are you on motown ?"Rick and Teena created fireworks- in and out of the studio .Rick produced Teena's first album, the critically acclaimed Wild and Peaceful, in 1979.Teena made her first mark on the pop charts with "I Need Your Lovin"(1980).One of the pioneering women in pop music.
Teena Marie wrote, performed and produced many of her biggest hits, including her 1984 hit, "Lovergirl", which reached # 4.The Teena Marie sound is currently experiencing a revival in the "Old School "movement.

DATE: Sunday, 23-Nov-97 09:48 PM

From: Jaseala1 \ America On-Line: (jaseala1)
To: Bob Davis \ PRODIGY: (earthjuice)


I have heard of the book that ranks Teena at no.9 on the Stairway To Hell. The author is right. She should be the greatest heavy-metal act ever. Not only can she rock in soul, she can rock heavy metal too. She is extremely talented and Emerald City should have been a bigger success but people did not give it a chance.

DATE: Saturday, 22-Nov-97 05:44 PM

I just love Teena. I Believe she is very much underrated. I look at the Current so called r&b singers and see how they can sell millions of records and dont really have no talent. Teena should be as legendary as Aretha Franklin. She can out sing Aretha any day All of her albums were great even so of them flopped. Emerald City was one of them, sad, because it was one of her best. She song the hell out of '"LOVE ME DOWN EASY". Also some of her albums are not in stores. They are Lady T and her most recent "Passion Play". Teena delivers so much soul that none of the singers now display. She really should be more famous she is. Teena most recently did the soul music festival tour with Sinbad which went to 18 different states. I went to the one that came to Los Angeles were she and Rick James tore the roof of the place. The bottom line is Teena is bad ....Toooo bad and she does not receive her due, but one thing for sure Teena will always have me for a fan even if others do not recognize her worth!!

DATE: Friday, 07-Nov-97 11:25 AM
SUBJECT: Teena Marie

Please keep up with your Teena Marie web page because she is so cool and Deserves it.

Lady Tee!!!!

DATE: Saturday, 25-Oct-97 09:07 PM


DATE: Saturday, 18-Oct-97 01:57 AM

From: Msjmh \ America On-Line: (msjmh)
To: Bob Davis \ PRODIGY: (earthjuice)


You did a beatiful job. How in the world did you come up with the idea? I like how you use the sound also. Very nice job.

DATE: Saturday, 18-Oct-97 01:57 AM

From: Deborah Carr \ Internet: (benzstarr@webtv.net)
To: Bob Davis \ PRODIGY: (earthjuice)



"Love, Faith, Truth, Peace, Caring, Spiritual mined, these are some of your daily blessings." Enjoy !!!!!

DATE: Tuesday, 30-Sep-97 12:11 AM

When is Teena coming out with a new album??

DATE: Monday, 29-Sep-97 11:19 PM

I LOVE TEENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DATE: Wednesday, 03-Sep-97 09:19 PM
SUBJECT: Teena Marie

Just want to let you know that I love this site!!!!, I am a P-funkaholic and want to cherish the music of that era, and NOT destroy it with all of the sampling going on today. Teena Marie and George Clinton are my favorites.

Good job on the site!

DATE: Sunday, 17-Aug-97 12:32 PM
SUBJECT: teena marie

teena marie is the bomb. she is one of the best lady artist ever discovered, also teena is not a white girl, she is French, Indian and Portuguese.

DATE: Sunday, 03-Aug-97 08:53 PM
SUBJECT: Re: I love teena

SUBJECT: i love teena

I can't write for ****.
A friend turned me on to her 6 or 7 years ago. His daughter's name was Tina Marie Matrigal. From the first time I heard Fire and Desire I was in love. I have ALL of her CD's. I even know that she is singing in San Francisco this month @ the Sinbad Summer jam. I just purchased a CD from summer jam I. I WISH I could get her on video. I once rented a video that she was in with 15 or 20 other singers. Kind of like we are the world. Do you know the song she sang on? I missed seeing her in Los Angeles a few years ago because I couldn't find anyone who would go. I also missed her on Soul Train. Now that I moved to New York I may never see her live. Her albums never make it BIG enough for her to go on tour. I've always wished she would get the fame she deserves. Adam R. Scheiber
A forevers. do you know where I can get her on video, back issues of articles in music magazines, photos. What about her fan club? I found 2 different addresses on CD's. I've written to both. One I got returned--wrong address, the other I never got back.........?????

DATE: Thursday, 31-Jul-97



DATE: Wednesday, 30-Jul-97 08:04 AM
SUBJECT: i love teena

Just finish the site

DATE: Friday, 27-Jun-97 09:46 AM
SUBJECT: Teena Marie


My name is Dianne, I have been a fan of Teena Marie's for over 15 years now. I had the pleasure of meeting her and having my picture taken with her after a concert at the Beacon Theater in NY back in 1985. I often look on the Web for a Teena Marie Page. Is this going to be it? Please let me know as I have all kinds of info I'd like to share with Teena herself if possible.


DATE: Sunday, 22-Jun-97 02:23 AM
SUBJECT: teena marie

I have loved Teena since I was the young tender age of 11-13 years of age. I am 29 now and still can vibe off her music. I wish some of todays youngsters would listen to her music and experience her soulful sounds. The first Song of Teena I heard was Square Biz and that one song made me a fan of Teena's ever since.

DATE: Monday, 16-Jun-97 10:00 PM
SUBJECT: old grooves

Is there a live chat line where you can find old music locations and find out what happened to some of the old artists .....ie Teena Marie??????

DATE: Saturday, 24-May-97 07:00 PM
SUBJECT: Teena in concert???


Thanks for puttin' Teena on the www. I live in Pittsburgh PA and became a fan of Lady-T shortly after moving here in 1994. She did a concert in town and afterward a friend let me listen to a tape of hers. I heard 'Dejavu' and I've been hooked ever since.

I'm wondering if you could tell me anything about a touring schedule if in fact she is still on the road

Plaease respond to me at:

Thanks a lot,

DATE: Tuesday, 20-May-97 08:11 AM
SUBJECT: Teena Marie

Please include tour dates and personal appearances, if any.

Valerie Martin vam1@is6.nyu.edu

DATE: Tuesday, 13-May-97 02:16 PM
SUBJECT: Square Biz!

Hi there,
I hope you can help me. Is there any way that I can get the lyrics to Teena Marie's "Square Biz?" Any info you provide will be greatly appreciated. Fabulous page!!! Thanks a lot.

DATE: Friday, 28-Mar-97 02:40 PM
SUBJECT: Teena Marie

Anyone who knows me knows if I could "sound like anyone" it would be Teena Marie. I think she's as good as they get--a jpgted songstress and writer who can't be topped. As much as I admire her and cherish her music, I know nothing about her personal life. My suggestion is to have an in depth biography on the Web page which honors her.
What makes her so spiritual, mystical?
How can I get an autographed photo?
Where is she now (what is she doing)?
Where can I write to her to tell her personally that her funky songs always bring me out of a funk?
It's funny: if I'm feeling down, or just need to speed up, or if my sons want to get me in a good mood before asking for money (or whatever...), they'll put on Teena Marie (or Jeffrey Osborne).
Just a while ago, my son wanted me to take him shopping. All of a sudden Teena Marie is rocking the house... I'm wise to him, so I asked, "OK, what is it this time?!"

Thanks for letting me share my views. I could go on and on. I absolutely think Teena is one of the #1 female artists I've ever had the pleasure of enjoying. All I wish for now is that she'd release a new CD, and that I could learn more about this wonderful, talented, mysterious and mystical lady.


Bj Morris

DATE: Sunday, 17-Nov-96 12:00 PM
SUBJECT: Teena Marie!

I am a huge fan of Teena Marie's and was quite confused with your categorizing her as Rock and Roll funky. I kind of grew up with her music via my older sister and we listened primarily R&B radio.

DATE: Monday, 10-Mar-97 04:21 PM
SUBJECT: Teena Marie

We need to see Teena make a 'Come Back'!!

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    Rick James Live, Long Beach, CA, unreleased, Ghetto Life, Big Time, Come Into My Life, I'm A Sucker For Love, Square Biz, Teena Marie, Fire It Up, Love Gun, Do You Want Some Funk?, Mary Jane, Super Freak, You And I, Give It To Me Baby, Mary Jane Girls

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