CD Review: George Clinton and P-Funk All-stars - How Late Do U Have 2 B B 4 U R Absent

George Clinton and P-Funk All-stars - How Late Do U Have 2 B B 4 U R Absent
(Funk/Gangsta Rap/Doo Wop)

I got an advance copy of this CD (thanks to Daryl Moon of It's a two-disc set and I started out doing a track-by-track review on disc 1 and then I ran out of gas and just did a quick overview of disc 2.

Unfortunately since all I got were the discs (sans liner notes) I can't tell you anything about the personnel. Overall this album is uneven and ultimately nobody is going to be satisfied with it. There are more than a few songs that should have never seen the light of day. I'll tell you right now, it's not for everyone and in my opinion George should have just made this a single CD. His rap fans won't like most of it; his "old school" crowd won't like most of it. His "classic rock" base won't like most of it. Probably his jam band crowd will like it all, but then again they tend to like anything he does, even when it's of questionable value.

It's defiantly more of a "Funkadelic album" and not a "Parliament album" (if ya know what I mean). It's also a "compilation album of sorts". I don't think it was recorded at the same time or with the same personnel. The cuts featuring Kendra Foster (George's granddaughter) I believe were recorded around the time when I interviewed George a few years ago. Kendra was with him during the interview and he told me that he was recording an album on her at that time. When I asked him what kind of album it was, George replied "techno doo wop".

Disc: 1
1. Bounce 2 This - Kendra Foster
Somebody must have fed the band their Wheaties the morning they went into the studio to cut "Bounce 2 This", cuz the P-Funk All Stars sound AWESOME on this track. It's a very diverse track, some parts sound like "The Humpty Dance". Meanwhile Kendra sounds just as sweet as the "Brides" ever did on lead vocals. However some parts of this song have so much profanity it could never be played on the radio. They should release this as an instrumental also, if they did disc jockeys would be using it as a "bed" for the next 50 years. If they had released this song 4 months ago, it might have become a huge "car hit".

2. Su Su Su - Trey Lewd
Band kicks out da funk once again behind Trey's sometimes incomprehensible rapping.

3. Paradigm - George Clinton
Prince joines the Maggot Overlord on this track, which kinda reminds me of a track on Crystal Ball called "Cloreen Baconskins". It's a rap song

4. You Can Depend on Me - George Clinton
This is a slow jam. it kinda reminds me of a Shuggie Otis song in a way. Kinda reminds me of a doo wopper in a Frank Zappaish kinda way. Either way it sounds like someone was high when they made (maybe that's what he meant by "techno doo wop"?)

5. U Ain't Runnin' Shit - George Clinton
6. Inhale Slow - Paul Hill
These two songs are a mess; they should have been left it off the album. Both are of absolutely ZERO musical or lyrical value whatsoever. They are "gangsta rap" at it's worst. Whoever was at the controls of the Pro Tools should have just deleted these two songs. However both would probably be a big hit on kneegrow radio stations

7. Because/Last Time Zone - Funkadelic
8. Neverending Love - Funkadelic
These two songs are awful, but they might sound better if you dropped some acid first?
I think that someone was trying a little too hard to make a "Funkadelic song" and failed miserably.

9. Sexy Side of You - George Clinton
Now this actually sounds like a Funkadelic song. It's somewhat along the lines of "Call My Baby Pussy (cat)"

10. Saddest Day - Belita Woods
Everyone knows that Belita's voice is shot. She sounds like Moms Mabley on the beginning of this song.

11. I Can Dance - Sue Dog
This song is slammin. "Look at this view....the girl got a future behind her..." The band is BANGIN like they are in a serious METERS/HENDRIX vein (Nappy Dugout). It's a smokin Spoken Work/Rap joint. It's got so much foul language; it sounds like a Redd Foxx or Dolomite record. It's STOOPID FONKY and FUNNY AS HELL.

12. I'll Be Sittin' Here - George Clinton
This song sounds like Acoustic guitar driven "doo wop", with muted horns in the background. I like it

Disc: 2
(in brief)
Something Stank is a GREAT song. George totally butchers his covers of Gypsy Woman, Whole Lotta Shakin and Goodnight Sweetheart (I'm gonna play this for Pookie Hudson just to see the expression on his, Whatchamacallit is ok (nice sax). Everything else on disc 2 sucks.

1. Don't Dance Too Close - Belita Woods
2. More Than Words Can Say - Funkadelic
3. Butt-A-Butt - Parliament
4. Somethin' Stank - Sativa
5. Our Secret - Trey Lewd
6. Viagra - Funkadelic
7. Gypsy Woman - George Clinton
8. Whole Lotta Shakin' - P-Funk All Stars
9. Goodnight Sweetheart - Parliament
10. Whatchamacallit - George Clinton
11. Trust in Yourself - George Clinton
12. Booty - George Clinton

So in the final analysis, what is one to do here?
There are 3 GREAT songs on this album, 2 good songs bout 4-5 ok songs out of the 24 tracks. If George had put those 9 songs plus a few filler cuts on ONE CD, then I wouldn't have a problem recommending it. But 9 out of 24 isn't very good, id it?

--Bob Davis

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