Buddy Miles, Jimi Hendrix & Billy Cox - A New Direction

"He is coming down the tracks. Shaking steady...shaking funk......shaking FEELING - shaking LIFE - "Buddy Miles EXPRESS is here’ cries them both....the cousins say.....’Yes bro’....I am with you...but where are we going ? The conductor says as they climbed aboard ‘smal we are going to the Electric Church....’ the Buddy Miles EXPRESS took them away.... and they lived happily and funkily ever after. And uh... excuse me....but I think I hear my train coming."
--- Jimi Hendrix, liner note to Expressway To Your Skull - Buddy Miles Express (1968)

Jimi Hendrix - "Band Of Gypsys"

Jimi Hendrix had just dissolved his old rock & roll band “The Jimi Hendrix Experience” and formed the all Black "Band Of Gypsys". This was quite naturally distressing to the rock & roll community at the time. The album is a live recording made at the Filmore East in NYC, on New Years Eve. On the album you can hear the influences (James Brown, Sly Stone & Miles Davis) of the "new FUNK" music that Jimi Hendrix was moving to at that time. If you have never heard this music, you should try and pick it up, it's very FUNKY and clearly shows the direction that Jimi Hendrix was headed, before his untimely death.

Jimi Hendrix - Woodstock

Jimi Hendrix is perhaps best known throughout the world for that mind blowing blistering rendition of the "Star Spangled Banner" that he performed at the Woodstock Music and Arts festival in 1969. It was both an unprecidented political and artistic statement.
We have all seen the movie.
Unfortunately the movie was edited to only show Hendrix, and not his band, which by this point had further evolved to become " Band of Gypsys, Suns & Rainbows". Mitch Mitchell on drums is the only white member of the group.
(perhaps Buddy Miles got lost looking for a food vendor that day ? )

Jimi's Set At Woodstock
· Message to Love
· Lover Man
· Getting My Heart Back Together Again (aka Hear My Train a Comin')
· Spanish Castle Magic
· Red House
· Mastermind (by Larry Lee)
· Foxy Lady
· Jam Back At The House (aka Beginning) (by Mitch M)
· Izabella
· Gypsy Woman (by Curtis Mayfield, sung by Larry)
· Fire
· Voodoo Child (SR)
· Voodoo Child Jam w/Stepping Stone
· Voodoo Child (SR) Reprise
· Star Spangled Banner
· Purple Haze
· Jam In A Minor
· Instrumental Solo (aka Villanova Junction Blues)
· Hey Joe

Band: Band of Gypsys, Suns & Rainbows
- Jimi Hendrix - guitar, vocals
- Mitch Mitchell - drums
- Billy Cox - bass
- Larry Lee - guitar, vocals
- Juma Sultan - percussion
- Jerry Velez - percussion

(Larry did two of his songs and sang lead vocals on them. The rest of the material was Hendrix's).

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