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On 9/20/2005 guest host Chris Moore had Soul-Patrol's Bob Davis on for 3 hours to discuss the cultural, social and political impact in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina with a cross section of his audience via telephone across 22 cities in the United States. We thank to the American Urban Radio Network for allowing Soul-Patrol to rebroadcast the three-hour program in it's entirety.

To attempt to discuss the music and culture of the 1970's and 1980's , in a vacuum, without an understanding of the culture that spawned it, and the culture that is created by it is to miss the whole point. And not surprisingly, some of the people who attempt to do so end up being little more than culture bandits.

This collection of essays taken together as a whole, is an attempt to place the music and culture of the 1970's and 1980's in some type of context, as we try to come to grips with the glory and the failure of the past, and look towards a future of hope….

--Bob Davis.

Group Essays

A Stolen Legacy

Art Of The Slow Jam

Black Media

Black Rock Band

Blue Eyed Soul

Btrue's Record Collection

Chitlin Circuit

East Coast Groove

Ebonics & Black Music

Funk & Black Power

Funk & Drugs

Funk/Soul & Civil Rights Movement

History Of Disco pt. 1

Jazz-Funk/Miles Smiles

Lee Atwater & The destruction Of Black Music

Non Music Funkateers

STOMP - "Tool Of The Devil?"

That Drug Thang

The Essence Of Funk

The First FUNK Record ?

The Past Revisited

What's A Funkateer?

White FUNK

Women In Funk

Book Reviews and Essays

Bernie's Coming - P-Funk week on the FUNK BB

Funk The Music, The People and the One - Rickey Vincent

Funk vs. Soul pt 1

Prince of Our Disorder - Jimi Hendrix

The History Of Black Music In The 1960's and 1970's - Jose Munoz

The Motor Booty Affair
The return of WWRL - 1600 AM (100% Pure Soul)
What Is FUNK (part 2) - Funksha

Chat/Interview Archives

Charles Wright Chat Transcript

The Bernie Worrell Interview

"The Rickey Vincent Interview" Pt. 1 - 9/5/96

"The Rickey Vincent Interview" Pt. 2 - 9/5/96

"Black Hippies pt.1"

"The Show"

"Freak Of The Week"

"What is Funk"

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