Rick James - "Urban Rapsody" Listening Party

SYSTEM Greeter: You are now in room "funk"
SYSTEM Greeter: You have READ/WRITE Access
SYSTEM Greeter:
∑ dayyo: goodevening
nightrain: Greetings dayyo
nightrain: U here for the listening party ??
nightrain: At 8pm est....tonight in the Music Urban Sounds Funk chat room...we are having a listening party*, for the NEW Rick James CD
∑ dayyo: oh ok
∑ Zetagirl: night send me a copy of that will you
nightrain: 4. WE WILL DO THIS FOR THE ENTIRE ALBUM......EVERY SONG......!!!!!
nightrain: The man is BACK and as a part of our continuing coverage of the magnificent comeback of one of the all time great funkateers we are having another of our our copyrighted listening parties
nightrain: Rick has written and produced for us a document of both his rise & fall as well as his hopes for the future. Itís political,erotic,
∑ introspective, romantic and most of all truly STANK
nightrain: Join us in the chat room as we analyze this album that has been receiving scant radio air play from the unforgiving (re: racist ?) music industry.
nightrain: If you own a copy of the album come and join us as we explore the mind of "Slick Rick", at his most introspective
nightrain: 8pm est. Sunday TONIGHT in the Music Urban Sounds Funk room Rick James - "Urban Rapsody" Listening Party!
nightrain: OK....ARE YALL READY...
nightrain: 1. Urban Rapsody
HALFjoy: ooo..headphones..hmm
FunkinNerd: this is jazzy
HALFjoy: "nice n' urban"
HALFjoy: rofl /billy if u don't get outta that street i'm gonna beat your butt/
∑ Zetagirl: is it insturmental?
HALFjoy: (that's urban)
FunkinNerd: reminds me of a cut from deangelo
HALFjoy: nice n' jazzy
nightrain: "This is the ghetto..."
∑ Sarisse: smile
HALFjoy: he's talkin' about how much he's missed being *out of commission*
nightrain: "How I remember the time I spent in your sweet caress..."
FunkinNerd: moving now!
HALFjoy: now he's movin
FunkinNerd: funk thang
nightrain: "My Urban Rapsody..."
HALFjoy: /come on come on with the funk thang/
HALFjoy: /the sound of the ghetto/
HALFjoy: <-canNOT type rap
HALFjoy: lol
nightrain: yeah....I liked the way it switches up from a "jazz thang"....to a FUNK thang"
FunkinNerd: this hip/hop i like, lots of instruments
HALFjoy: yeah funkin'...it's nice n' full
nightrain: if you have the album we are on Track # 1
HALFjoy: /no matter what hood/that u come from/
∑ MajormanUC: you mean 'super-freaky'?
∑ MajormanUC: great
HALFjoy: /it ain't nothin' but a feelin' that we choose/
nightrain: We are listening to his album "Urban Rapsody" straight thru from start to finish & analyzing each song as we go along.
HALFjoy: hmm..i like that line...
HALFjoy: /sound of the ghetto/
FunkinNerd: just the sound of the gettoh
∑ MajormanUC: lets do it
∑ MajormanUC: he was just at tramps here in NYC
HALFjoy: who is this rappin?
nightrain: U got the album....TEE ?
FunkinNerd: same question
nightrain: I like 4tay...
HALFjoy: jammin
nightrain: yes he is...
FunkinNerd: slow
HALFjoy: ok..west coast thang??
∑ IceCold TEE: No I don't Nightrain
nightrain: & it's not totaly out of place on a Rick James cut!
HALFjoy: slow down for the west coast funkin...lol u know they slow
nightrain: 2. West Coast Thang
∑ MajormanUC: Rick is from Buffalo right?
HALFjoy: /if u stop on by house for just a minute/
HALFjoy: /we can sit poolside/
nightrain: yes he is Major
HALFjoy: /together/forever/me and u/
FunkinNerd: lots of bass
HALFjoy: this is nice t ho...
nightrain: "cool groove"
nightrain: "gin & juice"
HALFjoy: <-ear bleeding levels
HALFjoy: LOL..yup!
FunkinNerd: in the summer time
∑ MajormanUC: fire and desire
nightrain: "mary jane", "mary jane", "mary jane", "mary jane", "mary jane", "mary jane", "mary jane", "mary jane", "mary jane", "mary jane", "mary jane", "mary jane", "mary jane", "mary jane",
nightrain: I like this song also...
HALFjoy: /ain't nothin' but a west coat thang ya'll/
HALFjoy: /we rockin' all nite long/
∑ MajormanUC: cop and blow
nightrain: "together we are in it to win it"
HALFjoy: /west coast thang/
FunkinNerd: we rockin
HALFjoy: /drive down to the ocean/
nightrain: "west coast thing.."
FunkinNerd: kick back
HALFjoy: /california groovin/
HALFjoy: /ain't nothin but a party
∑ MajormanUC: Bustin out of L7
HALFjoy: /see the freaks movin'/
FunkinNerd: Bay
HALFjoy: /it ain't nothing but a west coast thang/
HALFjoy: /in the summertime/
nightrain: "California groovin...."
FunkinNerd: west coast thing
HALFjoy: this is very west coast
HALFjoy: laid the hell back..but poppin too
HALFjoy: /nothin' but a west coast groove/
FunkinNerd: san francisco bay
HALFjoy: somebody's watching u...
nightrain: lol
HALFjoy: /king of funk/rick james/comes home from folsom prison/
FunkinNerd: the king is home
HALFjoy: horns
nightrain: 3. Somebodyís Watching You
HALFjoy: /stuck inside a prison wall/of concrete and barbed wire/
nightrain: "funk superstar released today from Folsom"
FunkinNerd: he's true to his sound, and new at the same time
HALFjoy: /try to keep me in a trick/so i would not survive/
HALFjoy: yeah nerd
HALFjoy: /somebody's watching u/
HALFjoy: /somebody's watching u/
FunkinNerd: somebody's watching me too
HALFjoy: /acting just like a bunch of bitches on the rag/
nightrain: "the devil has a way of keeping a brotha down..."
nightrain: This song is about his time spent in prison
HALFjoy: <-still laffin
HALFjoy: /somebody's watching u/
HALFjoy: /somebody's watching u/
HALFjoy: /somebody's watching u/
nightrain: yeah it was a funny line.....LOL
HALFjoy: /somebody's watching u/
HALFjoy: well i have no doubt they act like that in there...
FunkinNerd: rick is up
nightrain: "stuck behind a prison wall..."
HALFjoy: horns
HALFjoy: damn i like horns...
∑ pi~EJAY: what are we talkin bout here?
nightrain: Yeah......he is pretty deep on this song...
FunkinNerd: yes, real ones make all the difference
nightrain: ...talking about the criminal justice system
HALFjoy: u know..i lent this tape to someone..do u know..they told me it sucked?
HALFjoy: {s stump}
∑ pi~EJAY: sucks huh?
HALFjoy: /somebody's watching u/
HALFjoy: /somebody's watching u/
FunkinNerd: they must have been under 20 years old
HALFjoy: no ejay...an IDIOT said that..
HALFjoy: ROFL nerd..they were!
HALFjoy: he said.."no, i prefer my kenny g tapes here"
FunkinNerd: the young can't get into the rich sound
HALFjoy: <-sat back and effin ROLLED in my seat
HALFjoy: "he has no clue"
∑ pi~EJAY: ah, we talkin'jazz?
HALFjoy: <-laffed for like...5 hrs on that one..
HALFjoy: sound of prison doors opening
FunkinNerd: crack cell 7
HALFjoy: /glad to say that/i missed your sexy ways/
HALFjoy: /here i am/
∑ pi~EJAY: oh yeah. no
HALFjoy: /back in u again/
HALFjoy: yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
HALFjoy: this is JAMMIN
nightrain: alright superfreak...
∑ pi~EJAY: i want to check it out though.
nightrain: ....we will be watching you boy"
HALFjoy: get it ejay...
nightrain: 4. Back In You Again
HALFjoy: it's da shyt
HALFjoy: /back in u again/
FunkinNerd: tiny bit more guitar
nightrain: "I miss your sexy ways..."
HALFjoy: /girl u don't know the trouble that i'm in/
nightrain: "back in you again..."
HALFjoy: /so baby please while i run this down/
HALFjoy: /my life is on shaky ground/
nightrain: "I'm diggin you baybbe..."
HALFjoy: mmm..the bass
∑ SYSTEM Greeter: "MajormanUC" has left the room
HALFjoy: /here i am girl/
nightrain: Very phunky, eh yall ??
HALFjoy: /thought about u everyday
nightrain: lol
HALFjoy: :>
FunkinNerd: back
nightrain: See.......this album needs to be played on the radio
HALFjoy: as rock would say...*neck swivel action*
nightrain: lol....HALF
nightrain: wb ....Nerd
FunkinNerd: radio, what's that?
HALFjoy: u could..grind to this...
HALFjoy: hmmmmmmmmm
nightrain: "one minuite I'm in jail....next I'm on the run..."
HALFjoy: or lapdance :>
FunkinNerd: half, you lap dance?
nightrain: sure....(why not....lol)
FunkinNerd: you go girl
HALFjoy: lol
nightrain: "Glad to say, that I miss your sexy ways...."
nightrain: Welcome Honeycut...
HALFjoy: this song makes u sit back and close your
∑ eyes and just groove...
FunkinNerd: more horns
∑ pi~Honeycup: hi
FunkinNerd: sax
nightrain: "back in U again.......I'm diggin U baby...."
HALFjoy: goin to church
nightrain: "Blow danny...."
nightrain: lol....HALF
HALFjoy: sounds like church to me
HALFjoy: ewww
HALFjoy: lol
nightrain: Welcome Silkee
∑ SYSTEM Greeter: "pi~Silkee16" has left the room
HALFjoy: but he ain't talkin' 'bout church..ROFL
nightrain: 5. Turn It Out
FunkinNerd: this is more mixin than the rest
HALFjoy: /i love to see her turn it out/
nightrain: I like this...
HALFjoy: yeah nerd
nightrain: it almost sounds like......O(+>
FunkinNerd: yep
HALFjoy: this needs to be playin in a dance club
HALFjoy: yeah
HALFjoy: *his boy*
HALFjoy: lol
nightrain: "I wanna see her dance with her legs ....BUTT WIDE..."
nightrain: I'd LOVE to see her TURN IT OUT..."
HALFjoy: /sex me funky music/
HALFjoy: oops
HALFjoy: /sex me fuck me music??
HALFjoy: well damn
nightrain: "sex me FUNK me .....music..."
FunkinNerd: opps?
HALFjoy: go head rick
HALFjoy: o
HALFjoy: funk
HALFjoy: ok
HALFjoy: rofl
nightrain: (typo)
nightrain: lol
HALFjoy: <-likes my version betta
FunkinNerd: turn it out
HALFjoy: /lay her horizontal/with it deep inside/
nightrain: "couldn't wait to HIT IT....when I got released...."
HALFjoy: <-reaching for the ceiling fan switch
HALFjoy: damn
nightrain: this man is putting his life on these tracks
nightrain: very deep
FunkinNerd: turn it out
HALFjoy: IF i had a cd player..i would replay this one
nightrain: I dig it
nightrain: lol
HALFjoy: lol.."dig it"
HALFjoy: rofl
nightrain: harmonica action
FunkinNerd: get a cd player half
∑ squirrel15: hi
HALFjoy: /sex me funk me music/
HALFjoy: ROFL nerd
HALFjoy: my amp blew..
FunkinNerd: hit the repeat button
HALFjoy: but i have this on tape
∑ squirrel15: thanks
HALFjoy: /sex me funk me music/
HALFjoy: /so what u waitin for/
nightrain: (so what cha waiting for ???)
FunkinNerd: that's what i adore
HALFjoy: /sex me funk me music/
nightrain: that's what I adore...
HALFjoy: /so what u waiting for/
nightrain: ....so what cha waiting for ??
HALFjoy: good old days
nightrain: 6. Good Ol Days
HALFjoy: ahhh
nightrain: I like this one too...
HALFjoy: /pink champagne/
HALFjoy: lol
FunkinNerd: this is only the second time i've listened to this cd
nightrain: ....very deep & introspective
nightrain: when I saw him live he discussed all of this
FunkinNerd: it gets better
nightrain: what do you think....Nerd ??
HALFjoy: i've only listened to a couple tracks over and over nerd..but i haven't heard this side in awhile
FunkinNerd: I think its great music
HALFjoy: /bustin out/
nightrain: "we played funky music in the sunshine..."
FunkinNerd: I can't hear any weak tracks
HALFjoy: /living high in hollywood/
nightrain: "I was livin in the bigtime..."Livin high in Hollywood..."
HALFjoy: naa..there aren't any really
nightrain: "It was ALL good in the good old days..."
FunkinNerd: Dr Funkinstein
nightrain: "kickin back drinkin pink champange..."
HALFjoy: /fire and desire/
nightrain: <----is "groovin" in his chair now
nightrain: lol
HALFjoy: rofl
nightrain: "everybody was a superfreak..."
HALFjoy: /soon as i woke i was outta site/
FunkinNerd: live on stage
HALFjoy: /well now i'm back/and i'm here to stay/
nightrain: "I guess thats why she called me Cassanova Brown..."
HALFjoy: /we were groovin' with the mary jane/
nightrain: The devil handed me a glass pipe..."
FunkinNerd: out of site
HALFjoy: dang..how did i get ahead of ya'll?
nightrain: "we was havin soo much fun..."
nightrain: I love this song...
FunkinNerd: change up
nightrain: super funky groove
nightrain: Chaka Kahn
nightrain: Barkays
nightrain: cameo
∑ pi~Envogue: Hey Nightrain
FunkinNerd: stevie wonder
nightrain: We were grrovin with a mary jane..."
HALFjoy: players way
nightrain: wait HALF
nightrain: U got this album.....Envouge ?
∑ pi~Envogue: Hi Half
nightrain: ok
nightrain: now
nightrain: 7. Playerís Way
∑ pi~Envogue: no
HALFjoy: /u are my heart and soul/
nightrain: it's great...
FunkinNerd: you gotta take care of your business
nightrain: ...just sit back & listen to the commentary
HALFjoy: /i ran so much game on u/u would not believe/
HALFjoy: /we played high society/
FunkinNerd: i was your king
HALFjoy: /u own me heart and soul/
HALFjoy: lol
nightrain: "You worked your slick game on the stroll..."
HALFjoy: /u own my body forever/
nightrain: Welcome Armani
∑ pi~Envogue: Hi Armani
HALFjoy: /that's a playa's way/
FunkinNerd: not so long ago
HALFjoy: /everything nice/comes with a price/
HALFjoy: (ain't that the g-d truth)
nightrain: "yeah girl....i'll be yo daddy..."
HALFjoy: /get out on the stroll/and get my bankroll/
nightrain: Bobby Womack is singing on this song
HALFjoy: the music...is good
HALFjoy: but the lyrics are making me feel ill..
FunkinNerd: cat jumped up on the table
nightrain: Charle Wilson of the Gap band sang on the previous track
FunkinNerd: stupid animal
nightrain: "Git me mah money B*tch..."
∑ pi~Envogue: lol night
nightrain: well......I guess Rick considers that in his previous life he was a "playa"
FunkinNerd: thats a playa's way
nightrain: & now he is reformed
nightrain: That's the point...
nightrain: (I think ???)
FunkinNerd: is this snoop?
nightrain: (perhaps that's why he has Snoop....on this cut ??)
nightrain: yes it is......nerd (in his only apperance of the album)
nightrain: Welcome cool..
HALFjoy: thank god that's over..
FunkinNerd: he's the only rapper whose voice i recognize
nightrain: perhaps this wouldn't be a good one to have BLASTING while the "kiddies are around" ??
nightrain: LOL
HALFjoy: 'never say u love me'
nightrain: ok...
FunkinNerd: ringing
nightrain: 8. Never Say You Love Me
HALFjoy: /sorry/that's what u said/when u hurt me/
nightrain: I love this one too..
HALFjoy: /day after day/u desert me/
HALFjoy: /and when i just asked u why/
FunkinNerd: i just been so busy
nightrain: "Some of my boys told me they saw u out with another man..."
nightrain: Rick has NEVER recived credit for being a GREAT singer
HALFjoy: hmm..nope..don't like these lyrics either..
nightrain: Or as a songwriter///
FunkinNerd: haven't listened to the lyrics
nightrain: you don't like these lyrics ?
HALFjoy: no
nightrain: I like em :)
nightrain: "am I just a fool in love....or am I too blind to see that you have found another lover....."
FunkinNerd: they are standard
nightrain: He does a nice job on them..
nightrain: (I thinks)
nightrain: lol
FunkinNerd: I never want to hear you say
nightrain: Never say U love me
nightrain: Welcome withoutlove
∑ withoutlove2: hello everyone
nightrain: "Forgive me.....that's what I'm begging you to do"
HALFjoy: /all these words u say are just lies/
nightrain: we are currently on track # 8. Never Say You Love Me
HALFjoy: /i never want to see your face/
HALFjoy: /and i never want to hear u say/u love me/again/
HALFjoy: /never/never/
nightrain: standard.....eh....Nerd ?
FunkinNerd: these are better
nightrain: He was originally suppoesed to do this song as a duet with Teena marie...
FunkinNerd: hi laser nights
FunkinNerd: do you know what happened?
nightrain: ....but they had another "falling out", shortly before it was time to go into the recording studio
∑ Laser nights: what's up?
FunkinNerd: too bad, the spirit would have been perfect
HALFjoy: thank god that one is over too
HALFjoy: rofl..sounds like floyd
HALFjoy: money..
HALFjoy: lol
nightrain: yes....the whole idea was for it to be a "reunion" between the two of them
HALFjoy: /let's get it on baby/cuz it's time/
∑ Laser nights: I thought I missed him.
nightrain: 9. ItísTime
HALFjoy: /i didn't mean to wait so long/
HALFjoy: /hold me/tighter/
HALFjoy: /closer to your skin/oooh baby/
HALFjoy: /i just want to feel your body close/
nightrain: "let's get in on babe...."
HALFjoy: /i'm getting deeper everytime/
HALFjoy: /every part of u/
HALFjoy: /ooh baby/
HALFjoy: /let me be the one to make u feel/
nightrain: "I didn't mean to wait so long..."
HALFjoy: /like u wanna scream and be set free/
FunkinNerd: half, you like this one huh?
nightrain: To me this song....is just ...."ok"
HALFjoy: mm hmm :>
HALFjoy: {s stump}
HALFjoy: /sex me/baby do me/let me scrub u down/
nightrain: "I'm TASTING & TOUCHING....EVERY part of U..."
HALFjoy: /i can't wait to feel your lips on mine/
HALFjoy: (thought u didn't like this one?)
HALFjoy: rofl
FunkinNerd: symbol playing is good
HALFjoy: /every inch of u/
nightrain: well.......perhaps on a second listen...:)
HALFjoy: /and making it so good deep within/
nightrain: hee hee hee
HALFjoy: lol
HALFjoy: /let's get it on baby/cuz it's time/
nightrain: "I can't wait to feel your lips on mine..."
HALFjoy: /time girl it's time/
nightrain: "i'm cumming......I'm cumming...'
FunkinNerd: icommin
HALFjoy: /to do this baby/oh yeah/
HALFjoy: /kisses be tender/
nightrain: <---snapping his fingers
FunkinNerd: i didn't mean to wait so long
HALFjoy: (u don't like this one..it's "ok")
nightrain: ok.....I'm convinced
nightrain: LOL
HALFjoy: /can't control myself/
nightrain: (sometimes)
nightrain: LOl
HALFjoy: wait
FunkinNerd: who is this rapper?
HALFjoy: when it's time for soft n wet hold on
nightrain: Welcome Blondie....
∑ pi~blondie68: hi room
FunkinNerd: hi blondie68
nightrain: hmmm
HALFjoy: don't do this to me again umf.....................
nightrain: lol
∑ pi~blondie68: thanx nightrain
HALFjoy: you WAIT
∑ Laser nights: HI
nightrain: 10. So Soft So Wet, 10. So Soft So Wet, 10. So Soft So Wet, 10. So Soft So Wet, 10. So Soft So Wet, 10. So Soft So Wet, 10. So Soft
∑ So Wet, 10. So Soft So Wet, 10. So Soft So Wet,
nightrain: (another one that sounds like O(+>)
FunkinNerd: yep
∑ Laser nights: why
nightrain: (Neb Love was the rapper on the previous song)
FunkinNerd: i don't know neb love from a hole in the wall
∑ Laser nights: see yea
nightrain: "When I'm between your soft & cramy thighs...."
nightrain: Time out
FunkinNerd: what's wrong
nightrain: Half is listening on a tape..
∑ yaDGM: hi
nightrain: 10. So Soft So Wet,
nightrain: hey Overlord...
FunkinNerd: welcome Funkoverlord
nightrain: we are on Track #10 right now
nightrain: (yes....open WIDE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
∑ Funkoverlord: this is a great cd
nightrain: "& let me FEEL the thrill..."
∑ Funkoverlord: but...
nightrain: yes it is Overlord...
FunkinNerd: but?
∑ Funkoverlord: is Rick getting the airplay he deserves??
nightrain: ...perhaps the BEST CD of the year (that nobody will hear)
∑ Funkoverlord: how is it in your towns??
nightrain: I have yet to hear any of these songs on the radio
HALFjoy: <-turnin' up volume and closing eyes..sheesh
FunkinNerd: he's got real horns of course he's not getting any airplay!
nightrain: "love me down.....GURL JUST BE MAH FREAK..."
HALFjoy: /u go to my head/
∑ Funkoverlord: that will determine how his next release will be
∑ marketed
HALFjoy: /now funk me/
HALFjoy: /funk me/
HALFjoy: /baby funk me/
nightrain: sooooo soft......soooooo wett
nightrain: NOW FUNK me..."
HALFjoy: whew...
nightrain: hee hee hee
HALFjoy: /baby funk me/
nightrain: ya like this one.....eh ??
HALFjoy: <-sliding.......
∑ Funkoverlord: i'm watching all this???
HALFjoy: down in mah chair..
nightrain: yeah...
HALFjoy: o
HALFjoy: my
nightrain: ....this is the JOINT !!!!!!!
∑ Funkoverlord: well....
HALFjoy: shit..i can moan better than her..
nightrain: really....HALF ??
nightrain: ROFL
HALFjoy: yes..really
FunkinNerd: another child shot dead
nightrain: 12. Mamaís Eyes
HALFjoy: i thought this was bring on the love???
∑ Funkoverlord: I don't have the cd...
HALFjoy: rofl
nightrain: yes....this song is dealing with the reality of the Ghetto
∑ Funkoverlord: let me go get it
HALFjoy: {s stump}
nightrain: yes.....Overlord.....LOL
FunkinNerd: what a shame
HALFjoy: omigawd
HALFjoy: <-choking on my water..
HALFjoy: lol
nightrain: "where is the love..."
HALFjoy: yes, night...not mama's eyes
FunkinNerd: all the loney people, where do they all belong
HALFjoy: (that's next)
nightrain: "down on the corner.....brothas are standing.....'
HALFjoy: /bring on the love/
HALFjoy: u know..
nightrain: oops
nightrain: :)
HALFjoy: in a lot of ways..the way he sings in this song..he reminds me of the beatles..eleanor rigby
FunkinNerd: yep
FunkinNerd: that's the one
nightrain: Your correct HALF......
HALFjoy: that was the first thing i thought when i heard this
nightrain: ....I agree with you
HALFjoy: whoa!
HALFjoy: really?
HALFjoy: shocker!
FunkinNerd: it's probably on purpose
HALFjoy: :>
HALFjoy: yeah nerd..i would think so..
HALFjoy: /bring on the love/
∑ Funkoverlord: ok
nightrain: yet another sign of the diversity of this album
HALFjoy: /bring on the love/
nightrain: we are on song #11
nightrain: almost at the end....Overlord
∑ Funkoverlord: yea yea
nightrain: "bring on the love..."
nightrain: "Black on Black this time..."
HALFjoy: /love/love/
HALFjoy: mama's eyes
∑ Funkoverlord: social consciousness
nightrain: next up...."Mama's Eyes"
HALFjoy: damn kids need to be in here listening to this again...
HALFjoy: little shyts
FunkinNerd: you got good kids, i just know it
HALFjoy: but...i don't wanna be bothered :>
nightrain: "sitar" ??
HALFjoy: /mama's eyes/
nightrain: 12. Mamaís Eyes
FunkinNerd: lol
∑ Funkoverlord: I like the horn work and arrangements throughout the cd
HALFjoy: well..one is real sweet
nightrain: "Rick inspiration has always been his mother Betty..."
FunkinNerd: yes, good horns throughout
nightrain: was that Robin Leach ??
FunkinNerd: didn't hear
∑ Funkoverlord: no...that was me
HALFjoy: /ever since the first day/i heard my mother cry/
∑ Funkoverlord: LOL
nightrain: ROFL....Overlord
HALFjoy: /i didn't understand/what my mama was going thru/
nightrain: "see the greatest love of all.."
HALFjoy: /i didn't understand with no man she felt all alone/
HALFjoy: /mama's eyes/
nightrain: yet another pretty deep song
HALFjoy: /u can see the greatest love of all/
nightrain: Rick is a pretty deep brotha
∑ Funkoverlord: I'd play it on my show
nightrain: Welcome ALA..
HALFjoy: (or u can see her ready to toss yo azz out DA DO')
∑ pi~ALAZAY: thanx
∑ Funkoverlord: but i'm the music director
HALFjoy: hee hee hee
∑ pi~ALAZAY: u can call me zay
nightrain: you have played this song on the air ???
nightrain: what was the response ?
nightrain: cool....ZAY..
FunkinNerd: this one should be played on the air!!
HALFjoy: /mama's eyes/
∑ Funkoverlord: i have been playing Somebody's Watching You
nightrain: (yes HALF)
∑ Funkoverlord: I first played the uncut version of Players Way
nightrain: (guess that answers the question.....lol)
∑ Funkoverlord: it's different that the cd
HALFjoy: <-stretching fingers..for singing...
nightrain: did people complain.......Overlord...??
nightrain: it's kinda ....ville
∑ Funkoverlord: it's my show train
nightrain: true....lol
FunkinNerd: no more ville than what's already out there
∑ Funkoverlord: I used finese
HALFjoy: sssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
FunkinNerd: drums
HALFjoy: surf...
nightrain: "listen when your mama calls..."
nightrain: Africa ??
∑ Funkoverlord: Soul Sista
nightrain: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
FunkinNerd: yep
nightrain: now
HALFjoy: this song..
HALFjoy: ..is beautiful
nightrain: itís my favorite
FunkinNerd: uncomplicated
∑ Funkoverlord: great guitar work
HALFjoy: /girl have i told u how i really feel/
nightrain: acustic
nightrain: surf
HALFjoy: /and if i showed u would u be for real/
HALFjoy: /and take these words of love from my heart/
HALFjoy: /and hold them forever/baby/
HALFjoy: /i'm not ashamed to give u anything/
HALFjoy: /even this song of love to u i'll sing/
nightrain: this song is totally "devoid of funk"...
nightrain: ...except for Rick's voice
HALFjoy: /girl your'e the queen of my soul/the queen of my heart/
HALFjoy: /u are my soul sistah/sistah/
∑ Funkoverlord: there has been a big shakeup at Mercury records
HALFjoy: /could this be destiny or just our fate/
HALFjoy: /girl all i really know is i can't wait/
∑ Funkoverlord: no one knows what is going to happen with the major Black acts
nightrain: "oooooh baby your my soul sista.."
HALFjoy: /to lay your brown skinned body down/
HALFjoy: /an dtaste all your sweetness/
HALFjoy: /u are my soul/sistah/sistah/
HALFjoy: /u are my soul/sistah/sistah/
∑ Funkoverlord: ic you really like this one Half??
nightrain: "could be destiny...or just our fate.....all i know is I can't wait..."
nightrain: "cum like the raging waves on the sand..."
HALFjoy: /i have searched my life for u/
HALFjoy: /now you're here/so lay by my side/
FunkinNerd: what's up with the record companies closing?
nightrain: I love this song
HALFjoy: /it's my fate that you're my soulmate/
HALFjoy: /u are my soul/sistah/sistah/
nightrain: It reminds me of....."Ebony Eyes"
nightrain: beautiful
∑ Funkoverlord: the acts being spared are....
HALFjoy: /ooh baby/you're my/soul/sistah
nightrain: it's a masterpiece
nightrain: "now your here so lay by my side.....it's my fate....that you are my soulmate..."
FunkinNerd: couldn't you just see youself rolling on the beach at night to this one?
HALFjoy: lol
nightrain: <-----swaying back & forth.....side to side........:)
∑ Funkoverlord: my Favorite Flava...ummmmm
nightrain: Next Up....
nightrain: "Favorite Flava
HALFjoy: /you're my favorite flava/
∑ Funkoverlord: i wanna play in your sweet milky way
FunkinNerd: this is my least favorite on the cd
nightrain: "can I taste you for a while..."
nightrain: "can I taste you for a while..." ?
nightrain: "can I taste you for a while..." ?
nightrain: "can I taste you for a while..." ?
nightrain: "can I taste you for a while..." ?
FunkinNerd: there's something missing
nightrain: "can I taste you for a while..." ?
nightrain: <---likes this :)
HALFjoy: rofl..funk likes this one.
FunkinNerd: the kiddies would love this one
HALFjoy: so does nite
∑ Funkoverlord: I think it was a left over jam for filler
HALFjoy: /you're my/favorite flavor/
HALFjoy: (they don't like it tho funkin...it ain't puffy...)
nightrain: "lick ya like a lolipop..."
HALFjoy: {s stump} s
∑ Funkoverlord: I can see them doing some sort of remix on this
HALFjoy: ooo!
HALFjoy: yeah..they will
nightrain: "do it to me good"
nightrain: "your my favorite flave...."
FunkinNerd: ok, so what's 'puffy'?
∑ Funkoverlord: i'm you taste tester
nightrain: "the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice..."
HALFjoy: hmmm
∑ Funkoverlord: your
nightrain: "I want to lick U like a lolipop..."
HALFjoy: *racist*
Funkoverlord: Ilike that one too
nightrain: "wrap you up like a tootsie roll..."
HALFjoy: hmm
nightrain: This is like ...."freindly rap"
nightrain: lol
nightrain: next up...
HALFjoy: very *friendly*'
HALFjoy: lol
nightrain: 15. Urban Rapsody (reprise)
Funkoverlord: what's your favorite color baby.....living color!!!
HALFjoy: yes
nightrain: This is a pretty cool "jazz type" cut
HALFjoy: always
FunkinNerd: puffy is unfriendly
HALFjoy: puffy...is an idiot
Funkoverlord: i don't like him either
Funkoverlord: not creative at all
nightrain: This song sounds like the C I T Y
nightrain: well that's it
FunkinNerd: by the way night
nightrain: thanx for coming
nightrain: yes Nerd ?
Funkoverlord: sorry I was late
nightrain: it's ok....Overlord
HALFjoy: IF i have the music i'll cum..
Funkoverlord: but it was cool the parts i shared with you folks

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