You may want to print out a copy of this for later refrence.

These files can ONLY be heard if you have Windows 95 or Windows NT !!!

Some of you have asked if the FUNK & SOUL .wav files that we use up on the web site and in chat in the Music Urban Sounds
FUNK chat room can be made available to you so here they are.

NOTE: These are low fidelity sound sample files (True Speech Format 8mhz 1 bit mono) that will take up a very small amount of space on your hard drive we decided to make a trade off between fidelity and your ability to download these files quickly and not take up much real estate on your hard drive.
If hi fidelity is what you are after.....we suggest actually purchasing the material of these GREAT artist.......they need the cash too !!

Click here and the download of a zip file containing all of the .wav files will commence. The .zip file ( ) is 1.3 mb and should take about 35 min to download with a 14.4 modem.
After downloading you will have to unzip To do this you will need a zip program like Win Zip 95 (or similar program). You can download Win Zip 95 for free from the web site at
After you get this program then you can use it to unzip or zip any files you may need to in the future, its handy utility to have anytime you want to compress the size of a file that you need to distribute.
Here is the list (as you can see the files are small, but they average about 1 min in length !!)

1. Race - AFKAP Race1.wav 110,284
2. Dazz - Brick Dazzl.wav 88.810
3. New Generation - Malcolm X Newgenl.wav 85,567
4. Emancipation Medley - AFKAP Emedy1.wav 74,758
5. Angel Dust - Gil Scott Heron Angeld1 wav 76,077
6. Power - EWF Power1.wav 67.934
7. Time Bomb - Crusaders Timebl.wav 68,616
8. Night Train - James Brown Ntrain1.wav 65,268
9. P-FUNK (Wants ta Get Funked Up) Pfunkl.wav 63.251
10. Rev. Will Not Be Tel. - Gil Scott Rev tel1.wav 51.782
11. So I Can Love You - Emotions Loveu1.wav 51.446
12. Philly Groove - Delfonics/Blue Magic Phgv1.wav 49.824
13. Sexy Mama - Moments Sexml.wav 48.213
14. I Dont Want Nobody - James Brown Myself1.wav 46.908
15. Flashlight - P-Funk Flash1 .wav 46,387
16. Same Beat - JBs Samebt1 wav 46.075
17. Chocolate City - P-FUNK Ccl.wav 45,284
18. Make It Funky - James Brown Makeitl.wav 43.373
19. Think Twice - Donald Byrd Ttwcel .wav 41.061
20. Mothership Con. - P-FUNK Momconl.wav 40.923
21. Dropped a Bomb On Me - Gap Band Bombl.wav 39.810
22. Girls - Moments Girls1 wav 30.327
23. All Day Music - War Allday1.wav 27.983
24. Doin It To Death (intro) - JBs donl,wav 26.035
25. Doriella DuFontane - Jimi Hendrix Dor1.wav 24.965
26. Me & Baby Brother - War Babybrol.wav 23,124
27. Freedom - Jimi Hendrix Freel .wav 19.778
28. Superbad - James Brown Superl.wav 11.243

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