Online Chat Session/Listening Party w/Lalah Hathaway (10pm est. 6/12/2008)

Lalah Hathaway - Self Portrait (Featuring: Rahsaan Patterson and Sandra St. Victor)

We will listen to a special braodcast of Lalah Hathaway - Self Portrait, during the the session for your enjoyment

Listen To a Soul-Patrol.Net Radio Exclusive:
Lalah Hathaway - Self Portrait
Nightrain gives us an exclusive audio preview of the new album. The broadcast features the songs "Let Go", "Breathe", "On Your Own", "For Always", "That Was Then", "Learning To Swim", "One Mile", "Little Girl", "Naked Truth", "What Comes Around", "UDO", "Tragic Inevitability" !!! Online Chat Session/Listening Party w/Lalah Hathaway (10pm est. 6/12/2008)

nightrain: I am located in the epicenter of funk jersey
nightrain: Lalah Hathaway - Hosts In the Soul-Patrol Chat Room tonight @ 10pm est (
nightrain: Self Portrait is the fourth overall album from singer Lalah Hathaway, daughter of soul legend Donny Hathaway.

nightrain: HERE ARE THE TRACKS FROM THE ALBUM THAT YOU ARE HEARING TONIGHT IN THE CHAT ROOM -"Let Go", "Breathe", "On Your Own", "For Always", "That Was Then", "Learning To Swim", "One Mile", "Little Girl", "Naked Truth", "What Comes Around", "UDO", "Tragic Inevitability"

nightrain: "...this is the first record that I've ever worked on from start to finish including developing the concept, styling, the sequence and selection of the songs, the musicians, the producers, the marketing, the way it sounds-everything. That's why I call it Self-Portrait because it's my fifth album but it feels like my first. " -- Lalah Hathaway

raq: hi LALAH!
carter: hey lalah
mamadute: hey lalah oh great one!!!
lalah: hey now!!!!
lalah: howdy!

raq: bang bang critty tang is here watchin the game with me and she says congrats
carter: whats good
gee: hello Lalah
mamadute: dont bring the purple & gold ova here
lalah: howdy!
carter: thats real nice
carter: real nice
raq: hey drea
raq: go lakers!
gee: looks like the cetics are getting crushed tonight
raq: crysties says where are you?
carter: drea
carter: all the lakers in the house
raq: why aren't you here watching the game with us
carter: lalah i think you should come on board
lalah: working on it...
lalah: i couldn't see my chat til just now...
soulgypsy: raq just got home, i was gonna come at half time. lol
lalah: i couldn't see my chat til just now...can yall see me?
raq: so, you got it now?
gee: Lalah, i saw you on wgn news yesterday morning. it was great seeing you
raq: crys said, can you bring a snack?
lalah: how is everybody?
raq: panda express, maybe
nightrain: Greetings Everyone
lalah: i was looking for chinese last night in chicago~!
lalah: no pink letters, huh?
lalah: still trying colors...
lalah: : )
gee: i really don't do chinese food. you get hungry a few hours later (lol)
lalah: thank u gee!
fsb: peace, everyone, and especially LALAH!
carter: hello
gee: i guess i won't be watching the rest of the game tonight (lol)
mamadute: gee thats the only i have when i go to the chinese buffet... im hungry again 2 s lata LOL

soulgypsy: So Lalah r u pretty happy about the chart position? I think it's great!!
nukeystik: hello Ms. Hathaway
nightrain: Can people hear the audio playing in the backround?
nukeystik: ah yeah that'sa lil bit mo bettah
gee: i hear you mamadute. i rather eat thai food. it's better,in my opinion
fsb: video's great! BEAUTIFUL, U R...

mikedavis: hello all
nightrain: I think that Lalah is making a few adjustments
nukeystik: them Lakers are sho nuff kickin dat Celtic a**!

lalah: ok...
hellostranger: Hey lalah is in the room, let's get started

nukeystik: yo's eLP

gee: so Lalah,did you perform anyplace else in Chicago last night,besides WGN studios?
lalah: i did a radio show secret show... like Prince!
carter: chase is loving sp
lalah: sweet! wich songs does she like?
gee: oh i see, which station,if you don't mind me asking?
nightrain: I guess we are ready to start.... Hopefully a few of yall can hear the album streaming here in the chat room??
carter: for always because i play it to death
nukeystik: i hear it sounds pretty groovy
lalah: mac user here....
nukeystik: Hello Lalah i really dig your smoky seem poised to go in any direction you'd like musically
lalah: thank u
lalah: i'm listening to my record on itunes
carter: lalah is the bomb period
lalah: domo
raq: cwe can't really look at the menu on line
hellostranger: lalah, when are you coming to Cleveland
nightrain: I am Bob Davis of and I would like everyione here to welcome Lalah Hathaway to our chat room....
gee: ok,we have audio now (yay!)
lalah: on my site is a gig page!
nukeystik: Welcome lalah!

FunkyMoon: hello Lalah
lalah: it's called see me....
nukeystik: Lalah!
raq: lalah, how are you celebrating your status on the charts this evening?
gee: greetings again, Lalah
lalah: check back there often for gigs, updates....
Thirdeyeluv7: Lalah! Woo Hoo!!!!!
soulgypsy: Welcome Ms. Hathaway.
lalah: hi soul gypsy!
nightrain: eeverybody please say hello to lalah hathaway
mamadute: its hard to keep up with these convos
FunkyMoon: "The Ghetto"
nukeystik: Hello Lalah
carter: hey lalah
lalah: hey miss carter! kiss my baby for me...
fsb1: Lalah in 7...
nightrain: Lalah....can you tell us what inspired you to create this new album???
lalah: mostly- time....
raq: lalah, how are you celebrating your status on the charts this evening?
mamadute: hey there now ms. hathaway!!!
carter: lalah, how do you balance bouncing back from coast to coast?
lalah: these rooms were not built for macs....
Moses: I would not go near a mac.
gee: i have to make sure to pick up a copy of your latest CD,Lalah

fsb1: video's great, if you didin't read that the 1st time, Lalah.

nightrain: Hey Lalah......where does the title "Self Portrait" come from?

lalah: tonight i am in nashville
carter: gee, u dont have sp? please run and get it
carter: nashville?
hellostranger: Lahah, what is your favorite song to perform
lalah: -nighttrain- the title is actually what i intended the album to be. a portrait of me- as an artist
nukeystik: so are you carrying a trio or any horns?
lalah: i don't have a fave....
gee: i'm a little slow on new releases, but i will pick up a copy

lalah: raq- i'm not celebrating just yet...still work to be done!
Moses: In the seventies, it was not unusual for artists to release LPs entitled Self Portrait.
raq: lalah, how are you celebrating your status on the charts this evening?
nukeystik: damn this tune is BAAAAD!
nukeystik: nice horns really tasty...very cool
nightrain: And in words can you tell us what is that self portrait is???
lalah: no- thats why i made a record!
lalah: lololooolooloool
nightrain: lol
raq: lolololo
lalah: it is what you hear
lalah: hopefully i communicated my thoughts and ideas...
nukeystik: i really liked the way that one evolved
nightrain: Well the record certainly is tasty......and there are a lot of folks talking about it on the internet.......
ek24 : Lalah, you exceeding all expectations with this album! Thanks
nukeystik: nice vamp at the end

harrone: nice cd..well thought out
lalah: which song do u hear?
nukeystik: i wish I knew what it was
gee: any special guest or musicians you use on your latest CD?
nukeystik: a sexy sort of soft horn thing at the end
lalah: no special guests....this time
FunkyMoon: Does your sister sing on the album?
nightrain: Right now "Let Go" is playing for me
Thirdeyeluv7: Breathe
Slojam: Yes, you did communicate your where you are at the present time extremely well
lalah: sweet! i'll cue it up
nukeystik: wnooo
lalah: thank you slojam
mamadute: umm i just love "breathe"
lalah: thank you mama
nightrain: you consider yourself to be a Jazz artist?
lalah: no....
lalah: not really...
nightrain: Some places have u listed as such....why do you think that is???
lalah: i am an artist influenced by jazz

nightrain: What artists have influenced you???

carter: and my i add if you dotn have it wun and get it
mamadute: lalah... how do u feel about ur pank roomers...***clears throat** especially the youngest!!
lalah: joni mitchell, stevie wonder, chaka,
lalah: journey, eric clapton, asia,
lalah: steely dan, mavis staples......
lalah: timabaland, the neptunes, sting...
nukeystik: Journey? really? interesting
nightrain: That is an interesting mix.....Lalah
FunkyMoon: Who would you like to work with in the future?
mikedavis: all my fav artists...including you....
Sally: Hi Lalah...thanks for being here!
gee: i was about to say the same thing, nightrain
gee: and i thought my taste in music was all over the place.
mikedavis: Lalah...Thanks for hanging in there........we all love your music and you....
harrone: oh no she didn't
lalah: domo!
nightrain: So how is the album doing so far......on radio???.....on the charts???
lalah: very well! we are in the top 100!
lalah: which is a great start!
harrone: WOO!!!
ek24 : Let's get it in the top 2
carter: yeah
BIFAITH: awesome start
Thirdeyeluv7: Lalah do you ever write in tears? I ask because sometimes I listen and end up there. Sometimes Happy, Sad, Greatful, but tears no less.
lalah: i can be sad.
ek24 : Don't be! you have us!!
lalah: you know....sad makes great songs!
ek24 : I agree! Your second albums still chokes me!
harrone: music therapy
Thirdeyeluv7: Kudos for conveying such emotion in your songs! It's definitely a gift
mikedavis: living make great songs...and you have great songs
nukeystik: this is a hit that WONT be played on the radio...this stuff is very nice
nukeystik: they don't play anything like this on the radio anymore. nice moody kind of stuff
nightrain: Is that the r&b charts or pop charts??? And how important are the charts for you in terms of the way the industry is changing???
lalah: charts are tricky. you want 1meeeelion people to buy the record, but I am just as happy (kinda...) in here talking to the 29 of you.
hellostranger: that's very sweet of you
raq: yaaay
raq: that's very sweet of you
BIFAITH: self portrait will be played on the radio, satellite, commercials, movies ... name it and claim it
nightrain: We appreciate the nice words
Thirdeyeluv7: Hey..I know there are folks here who bought more than one!!!
nukeystik: thank you Lalah
gee: this same college station i'm listening to in the background is playing the live version of "what's going on"; by Donny Hathaway
Sally: It's being played in my office!!!
nukeystik: my favorite version of that song
lalah: have you guys been to ?
mamadute: yea im there almost everyday
raq: have you check out LALAHTV on her website?!?!?
Sally: Of course @ Lalah
raq: it's amazing!
Sally: I will do that. There was a guy at the BB Kings show last Wednesday who said he was gonna put something up there
gee: how often are you on your myspace page Lalah? i have you as a friend,but haven't been to your page in a while
gee: got it
harrone: lalahtv is tight!
raq: sally, you got to check you out.
Thirdeyeluv7: Yup the site is cool...just dont lurk!

nightrain: What cities are you currently touring???
lalah: nashville, chicago, vienna va, philly, omaha
lalah: but all my dates will be posted at my site
nukeystik: love the drummer
raq: nukeystik, you love lalah's drummer?
nukeystik: no, I haven't heard him raq
nukeystik:'re really FOINE Ms. Hathaway
nukeystik: I was talkin bout the drummer on her pop's What's goin on Live
nukeystik: yeah,yeah!!!!
raq: you're funnt mam!
nukeystik: AAAYYYY!!!!
nukeystik: you're comin to Philly next month
gee: wasn't that Freddie White? (Maurice's brother)
lalah: YUP
nukeystik: down Penn's Landing Train
FunkyMoon: are you coming back to the Bay Area?
lalah: not anytime soon, but i hope next year
nukeystik: waitaminnit...that was Freddie white on that What's Goin on?
lalah: i love yoshis
mikedavis: I'm on yur site now, and the sounds are off the chain......
lalah: we chat in there too!
gee: i have the album, but it's not in front of meat the moment
mamadute: i just really want an atl show.... im still heart broken
carter5: can you come back to ny.nj on a weeknight
nukeystik: wow...thanks I didn't know that
ek24 _: Sept 19 for the ATL
raq: mama, it's coming
hellostranger: I'm checking out, lalah, it was wonderful talking to and chatting with you. everyone have a good night
nukeystik: it'll be nice seeing you live ,Lalah
nightrain1: Lalah.....are there any cities that you enjoy performing in more than others???? (yes i'm trying to get u in trouble)
lalah: me too harron...prejudice against the mac!
raq: so, lalah, is this a dream come true for you?
lalah: not really nighttrain...we get the best audiences!... DC ESPECIALLY...
nightrain1: DC......which venues in DC?
mikedavis: lalah...we going to work on a special version that works on the mac....just for you....
mamadute: what was the inspiration behind "breathe"
gee: i wish i would have known about the Chicago show,last night
gee: which radio station was hosting the secret show?
Thirdeyeluv7: Wooo Hooo!!!! DC!
carter5: now if she told that would it be a secret? lol
lalah: V103 chicago- which used to be WBMX when i was a kid
BIFAITH: lol @ carter

Sally: Lalah, I introduced myself to you & Rick after last Wed's show in NY. Any updates on you coming out to LA for a show?
gee: but the show already took place
lalah: loololololoololoololollo
lalah: i'm playing the greek theatre july 26th
nightrain: Lalah....are there any artists that you would like to work with that you haven't yet???
lalah: but again- my dates are posted at my website
gee: ok,i'm very familiar with V-103. WBMX was the station, back in the day
Sally: Great!!! I'll give Rick a call and see if we can work something out. Who will you be playing with?
nukeystik: now I know...what up Sally?
carter5: lalah, i would like to see you and rah do a joint together
mamadute: me too carter
harrone: me 3
lalah: me too carter!
gee: thanks Lalah
FunkyMoon: I'd like to take a road trip to LA
Sally: Nukey, just hang in there!!
ek24 _: I triple that emotions!
gee: hopefully you will be back in Chicago again before the year is up
Thirdeyeluv7: Dang....How many times have I Learned to Swim??!!! I'm feeling the song!
lalah: Chicago was so awesome....great weather!
nightrain1: Lalah.......I heard the shows at BB Kings were great.......(i'm surprised u didn't mention NYC???)

ek24 _: Truly feeling "Little Girl";
raq: lalah, knowing what you know about your fahter and his music, which of your songs from self portrait do you think he would enjoy the most
gee: its starting to get kinda hot now
SonOfMoses: On Your Own
carter: great question raq
lalah: good question......... ; )
raq: i knooooooooooooooooooooooow
raq: lololololololo
nightrain: One of our readers who was there at BB Kings wants to know if there was any special significance to all of the folks there wearing the Donny Hathaway T-shirts???
Slojam1: I think he would be proud of them all
ek24 _: Let me guess?
SonOfMoses: ...and which track is your mom's favorite?
lalah: we don't have favorites....
carter: bifaith!!! i need tee's
lalah: maybe little girl- since i'm talking about her fried fish!
FunkyMoon: have you gotten any feedback from Roberta Flack?
SonOfMoses: ..but On Your Own almost sounds like your dad composed it.

soulgypsy: Lalah have you started thinking about what song you want for your next single?
lalah: well, we get a lot of great feedback on that was then
carter5: what can the pank folks do other than email, buy cds?
nukeystik: Lalah...did you write all of these lyrics?
lalah: tell a friend! that is my summer mission everywhere!
gee: Lalah,my sister is a fan of your music. she's in LA right now. I wish she was in the chat room tonight. she would be thrilled
raq: gee, call her and tell her.
raq: she still has 7 mins
SonOfMoses: That Was Then snuck up on me - that yoddle is great
lalah: I am also an ambassador for the circle of promise- which charges me to do the same thing
soulgypsy: My vote is also for That Was Then.
lalah: i stole yo pink soulgypsy!
raq: lalah, do you have a favorite venue or city to perform in?
lalah: lolololoololoololooolol
raq: better yet, what is your ideal "crowd" to perform in front of?
nightrain: good question
carter5: that was then is a good look
lalah: i love a drunk crowd best!
Sally: hahahahaha
raq: ME too!
lalah: but not rowdy
nukeystik: lol
raq: i like to be drunk in the crowd, that is
Slojam1: I hear that, less inhibited
Sally: Lalah, who will you be performing with at the Greek?
nightrain: can we quote u on that Lalah???
lalah: indeed~!
mikedavis: drunk and rowdy....that sound good to me
mikedavis: awww sucks.
raq: no, NOT rowdy
raq: NOT rowdy mike
SonOfMoses: This song gets all in your business.
nightrain: Which song Moses???
SonOfMoses: On YOur Own
ek24 _: Lalah, always wanted to know if someone was the inspiration for the second album? Sounded like real emotions!
nightrain: So where do u want to go for album #5???

raq: OK, one last question from me:
raq: you obviously have an affinity for boston, yet you live in LA
lalah: yes...
raq: ..................LALAH?!?!?!?
lalah: CELTICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lalah: or maybe lakers...i love phil jackson...
nukeystik: celtics...and that's hard for me to say
raq: lalah, thank you for spending time with us!
raq: lalah will have the best selling record though!
SonOfMoses: Raq sho did a lot of talkin.
nukeystik: peace everybody...Lalah...thank you for your time and a great cd!
carter: thanks lalah!!!nite all

nightrain: Isn't it more important to have the BEST record?

SonOfMoses: bye.
gee: thanks Lalah and hope to see in Chi-town again soon
Sally: Nite,
DPatterson: Is Lalah in here?
Sally: WB, ek
DPatterson: Thank You!
mikedavis: I think you just missed her
ek24 _: I think they all left!
Thirdeyeluv7: nighty, night!
Sally: She left???
nightrain: I think she split before we had a chance to say goodbye
raq: doubt she'd leave without at least saying goodbye
DPatterson: Oh I missed it?
gee: hmmmmm
Sally: No wonder!!
nightrain: I certainly appriciate the fact that she was here for the time that she was
nightrain: Or perhaps [...] having a technical problem?
harrone: yeah it was nice of Lalah to chat
nightrain: I think that this is a wonderful album
gee: same here. i hate i missed the Marcus Miller chat session last week
Sally: me 2 @ gee
gee: i have to buy her CD soon
Sally: Lalah never said who she'd be performing with at the Greek
nightrain1: Perhaps she doesn't know yet??
Sally: Could be. I'll check the site

harrone: I read a little of the liner notes, but not compared with other cd
Sally: I just started listening to the CD this morning!
harrone: Yeah I like that. Liner notes is a dying art
nightrain: That's true, but perhaps for many folks, READING itself is a "dying art"???
Sally: True @ train
harrone: @nightrain so true
Sally: CD liner notes are too tiny. I can't read them!
harrone: yeah lalah left @ 11
nightrain1: You missed lalah.......but you can tell us your thoughts on her new album if you have heard it??
Sally: You're not late - we're all here... Lalah isn't though
gee: i'm a vinyl junkie and vinyl is making a comeback
tanyashia: I love it. It has been the only thing playing oin my car since it came out
nightrain1: We have been listening to it here in the chat room tonight
kiki: the cd leaves me speechless

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Lalah Hathaway - Self Portrait (Featuring: Rahsaan Patterson and Sandra St. Victor)

We will listen to a special braodcast of Lalah Hathaway - Self Portrait, during the the session for your enjoyment

Listen To a Soul-Patrol.Net Radio Exclusive:
Lalah Hathaway - Self Portrait
Nightrain gives us an exclusive audio preview of the new album. The broadcast features the songs "Let Go", "Breathe", "On Your Own", "For Always", "That Was Then", "Learning To Swim", "One Mile", "Little Girl", "Naked Truth", "What Comes Around", "UDO", "Tragic Inevitability" !!! Online Chat Session/Listening Party w/Lalah Hathaway (10pm est. 6/12/2008)