Disc - 1 Disc 2
1.Dark Magus - Mojk 1.Dark Magus - Tatu
2.Dark Magus - Wili 2.Dark Magus - NNE
Miles Davis - Trumpet & Yamaha Organ Azar Lawrence - Tenor Sax
Pete Cosey - Guitar Dominnique Gaumont - Guitar
David Liebman - Tennor/Soprano Sax Al Foster - Drums
Michael Henderson - Bass James Mtume - Percussion

A Couple Of "MF's" (Miles Fans) Talking About The Album !!

nightrain: Dark magus would be cool
nightrain: :)
HALFaTrip:'s rewinding
HALFaTrip: :>
nightrain: I'm getting the CD
nightrain: Dark Magus - 1974 LIVE recording of the Miles Davis Band at Carnegie Hall
HALFaTrip: ready?
nightrain: k
HALFaTrip: I'm-turning it on now
nightrain: go
nightrain: "high hat drums"
nightrain: turn the volume UP real LOUD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HALFaTrip: loud?
HALFaTrip: i can do that
HALFaTrip: :>
nightrain: .....this is some KILLER music.....!!
nightrain: it's SLAMIN.......HALF
HALFaTrip: well..i'm bout to see..aren't i?
nightrain: wait....(I'm getting a glass of wine also for this one)
HALFaTrip: tell me when.......
nightrain: ok...GO !!!!!!!!!
HALFaTrip: lol
nightrain: hih hat drums.....
nightrain: STANK.....bass!
nightrain: guitar goin .....
HALFaTrip: afropolyrhythmic
nightrain: there's that SLAMIN trumpet.....
HALFaTrip: he loves to throw those weird riffs in
nightrain: yesh
HALFaTrip: damn.. spacey shit
nightrain: he does....did you know that he is also playing a little organ at the same time as the trumpet ?
HALFaTrip: kewl
nightrain: *spacy*, *spacy*, *spacy*, *spacy*, *spacy*, *spacy*, *spacy*, *spacy*, *spacy*, *spacy*, *spacy*, *spacy*, *spacy*, *spacy*, *spacy*, *spacy*, *spacy*, *spacy*, *spacy*, *spacy*, v
HALFaTrip: (well..he ain't playin nothin' right now...he's dead..)
nightrain: spaceFUNK
HALFaTrip: yup
nightrain: hell yeah
HALFaTrip: this trumpet is just..trippin
nightrain: I---think it's incredible.....
nightrain: first blush this all sounds like *noise*...
nightrain: but when you listen closely....
HALFaTrip: interweaves nicely
HALFaTrip: I'm-puttin headphones on ..missin' stuff
nightrain:'s actually VERY smooth....and it all blends together
HALFaTrip: shit is SCREAMIN"
nightrain: trumpet
nightrain: wild
gizelle x: bye girl..
pi~lipstx02: byebye
nightrain: killer shit
nightrain: "mind expanding"
nightrain: This shit is STANK
HALFaTrip: I'm-glad i waited to listen to this
nightrain: Screammmmmmmmming GUITAR
HALFaTrip: bass comes up.... from nowhere..
HALFaTrip: it's almost so discordant..that you can't stand it..but then it just grabs you..and pulls you much to listen for..
nightrain: deep shit
nightrain: yes it does
nightrain: over & over again
HALFaTrip: I-would go nuts listenin' to this if i was high
nightrain: This thing was recorded 25 yrs ago.....sounds like it was invented yesterday
HALFaTrip: yup
HALFaTrip: really?..wait..that long?
nightrain: 74
HALFaTrip: sheesh..i was 13
nightrain: same band as on...."On the Corner"
HALFaTrip: ah
nightrain: I saw them concert
HALFaTrip: kewl
nightrain: "mind expanding"
nightrain: "mind blowing"
HALFaTrip: to put it mildly
nightrain: "afropolyrythmic SUPERNASTYGHETTO STANK ASS FUNK"
nightrain: "afropolyrythmic SUPERNASTYGHETTO STANK ASS FUNK"
nightrain: "afropolyrythmic SUPERNASTYGHETTO STANK ASS FUNK"
nightrain: "afropolyrythmic SUPERNASTYGHETTO STANK ASS FUNK"
HALFaTrip: trumpet just..kicks in..then goes out
HALFaTrip: miles davis fire...
nightrain: mid 70's band....(one of the FUNKIEST of all time!!)
nightrain: *burnin funk*
HALFaTrip: "dark magus"
Ltfire: yall have fun
HALFaTrip: (we always do)
nightrain: *shit* burns like *gohnereea*
HALFaTrip: uh..
nightrain: lol
HALFaTrip: I never had a STD
nightrain: ROFL
HALFaTrip: wouldn't know
HALFaTrip: :>
nightrain: lol
HALFaTrip: drums...damn
HALFaTrip: slow...fading
HALFaTrip: now..coming back
nightrain: yes....the drums
nightrain: Al Foster is the drummer
HALFaTrip: nfi who he is
HALFaTrip: but he's good
nightrain: great drummer (as you can hear)
HALFaTrip: sax
HALFaTrip: I once-dated a sax player
nightrain: Azar Lawrence on sax
HALFaTrip: it's spacey..and got that african beat to it too
nightrain: Our friend James Mtume.....on percussion
HALFaTrip: i heard 'juicy fruit' again last nite
nightrain: (Of Jucy Fruit ...fame)
HALFaTrip: that song is kinda erotic
nightrain: very erotic....(to say the
HALFaTrip: lol
nightrain: We had James Mtume as a chat guest last year
HALFaTrip: kewl
HALFaTrip: whoa..i have this up LOUD
HALFaTrip: SCREAMIN' in my ears
HALFaTrip: you know what..
HALFaTrip: miles' music reminds me of modern art
nightrain: Micheal Hendrson on the the *glue* that holds it all together
nightrain: yes......modern art is a good way to describe it
HALFaTrip: or minimalist art
nightrain: more "space shit"
HALFaTrip: i think more minimalist
nightrain: it's on the trumpet
HALFaTrip: yeah
nightrain: lol
nightrain: every song on this album is called "Magus"
HALFaTrip: mtume...bongos n' shit..?
nightrain: I have nfi what "magus" is
HALFaTrip: i know..can't think right now
nightrain: yes.......Mtume on bongo's, congas, etc
nightrain: "voodoo Stuff"
HALFaTrip: shit's gettin' nasty again...
HALFaTrip: those drums....WHEW
nightrain: oh yeah
HALFaTrip: i could phuck all nite to this shit..god damn
nightrain: takes ya DOWN & then back UP again !!!!!!!!!!
nightrain: (yes the music of Miles is VERY good for certain *activities*)
HALFaTrip: lol
nightrain: rythmic
nightrain: groovin
nightrain: jammin
HALFaTrip: I have a habit of *moving* to the rhythm of the music playing
nightrain: trumpet again...
HALFaTrip: now it sounds like a rainforest..or a jungle
nightrain: yes
nightrain: it does
nightrain: "a hard rain"
HALFaTrip: yeah
HALFaTrip: midafternoon...
HALFaTrip: makes you want to go out and dance naked in it
nightrain: ....."the naked truth"
HALFaTrip: yeah
nightrain: this music will make ya think as well
HALFaTrip: oh yes
HALFaTrip: you got that right
nightrain: "slo funk"
nightrain: oh yeah
HALFaTrip: bass
nightrain: Michael Henderson...
HALFaTrip: reachin DOWN with it
nightrain: ...most people just know him as a singer...
nightrain: He is my favorite Bass player
HALFaTrip: now where the hell do those cowbells come from...ROFL
nightrain: Mtume
HALFaTrip: he's playin them with a stick
nightrain: lol
HALFaTrip: i know
HALFaTrip: lol
HALFaTrip: now this shit is BADD
HALFaTrip: this one really makes your whole body move..
nightrain: Miles Davis = "afropolyrythmic SUPERNASTYGHETTO STANK ASS FUNK"
HALFaTrip: get that "neck swivel action" goin'
nightrain: yes....I'm *movin & groovin* in my chair RIGHT NOW
nightrain: this is why I make some of the comments I make about some of these "pretenders"..........(THIS IS
THE REAL FUNK !!!!!!!!!!!!)
nightrain: people just don't know about it
HALFaTrip: hell yeah
nightrain: Miles, Jimi, James & Sly ....are the TRUE originators.....
nightrain: Miles is a badd mf
HALFaTrip: mm hmm
nightrain: reaching *climax*
nightrain: organ
nightrain: spacy.........funky
HALFaTrip: very spacy
nightrain: I love this...groove
nightrain: there are many different *moods* here
nightrain: all to be exploited
HALFaTrip: very much so
nightrain: damn near totally acustic here now
nightrain: slowly burnin guitar
nightrain: bells
HALFaTrip: wait..i gotta turn the tape over...
nightrain: sounds like a ship coming in thru the fog
HALFaTrip: ran outta music?

nightrain: U ready......Disc 2 of "Dark Magus" - Miles Davis
nightrain: (let's do it....I'm all set)
HALFaTrip: I'm-hittin' play
nightrain: Mtume on percussion
HALFaTrip: building...
nightrain: smokin gutair/bass combo
HALFaTrip: hell yeah
HALFaTrip: gaumont?
HALFaTrip: lucas?
nightrain: yes.....building....& building
HALFaTrip: cosey?
HALFaTrip: lol
nightrain: Pete Cosey on STANK AZZ FUNK Guitar !!!
HALFaTrip: that bass is all pervasive
HALFaTrip: driving the music
nightrain: "The genius of Michael Henderson"
nightrain: "space bass"
nightrain: ----bouncing in his chair now
nightrain: ----bobing his head
HALFaTrip: damn..i need V O L U M E
HALFaTrip: too
nightrain: slightly tilted to the side
HALFaTrip: much betta
nightrain: "slamin & jamin"
HALFaTrip: as rock would say.."neck swivel action" goin'
nightrain: yes indeed
HALFaTrip: man..that bass..
HALFaTrip: (thank god for headphones)
nightrain: hear that organ ?
HALFaTrip: OH HELL YEAH...turned it up to 15
nightrain: 15 ??
HALFaTrip: goes to 20
nightrain: (I hope she has medical
HALFaTrip: guitar
nightrain: Mtume on percussion
nightrain: *tear it up*
nightrain: yes guitar
nightrain: screeching
nightrain: screeching
nightrain: (her ears might be BLEEDING now)
nightrain: building again
HALFaTrip: mmm hmmm
HALFaTrip: miles be blowin' his AZZ off
nightrain: yes
HALFaTrip: he is nasty with this horn...
HALFaTrip: wild n'
nightrain: STANK NASTY
nightrain: startin to get ...*erotic*
HALFaTrip: "bellybutton nasty"
nightrain: sax
nightrain: drums
nightrain: very mellow sax
nightrain: congas
HALFaTrip: hmm..
HALFaTrip: i think i a few beats ahead of you
HALFaTrip: sheesh
sthrnblkmale: loving it
nightrain: "we gonna blow................BLOW!"
HALFaTrip: yes
nightrain: organ solo ?
nightrain: bells ?
HALFaTrip: yes…… yes !!
nightrain: space chit….. I love it
nightrain: congas again
HALFaTrip: spacey spacey spacey
nightrain: *kozmic*
nightrain: wild
HALFaTrip: 'dancing naked in the rain wild'
nightrain: trumpet, bass, guitar, percussion, trumpet, bass, guitar, percussion, trumpet, bass, guitar, percussion, trumpet, bass, guitar, percussion, trumpet, bass, guitar, percussion, trumpet, bass, guitar, percussion,
HALFaTrip: lol
HALFaTrip: those drums...
nightrain: the way he does that organ and plays the trumpet is WILD

HALFaTrip: afropolyrhythmic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nightrain: "afropolyrythmic SUPERNASTYGHETTO STANK ASS FUNK"
nightrain: "afropolyrythmic SUPERNASTYGHETTO STANK ASS FUNK"
nightrain: "afropolyrythmic SUPERNASTYGHETTO STANK ASS FUNK"
nightrain: "afropolyrythmic SUPERNASTYGHETTO STANK ASS FUNK"
HALFaTrip: :>
nightrain: now slowing down again
HALFaTrip: (a pause..catch our breath)
nightrain: yes......s u p e r s l o w
HALFaTrip: mmmmmmmmmmmm
xIcePrincess: ive gotta get that cd!!
nightrain: this is GET ALL UP ...into it ……s u p e r s l o w FUNK !!

s u p e r s l o w
HALFaTrip: :>
nightrain: ::::::::::::::::::::::whew:::::::::::::::::
nightrain: that was a GREAT song....:)
HALFaTrip: (yes, *it* was great)
nightrain: wild chit going on in this one too
HALFaTrip: yup
HALFaTrip: mtume
nightrain: yes......Mtume
nightrain: bells & bass
nightrain: trumpet
HALFaTrip: yes...
nightrain: some kinda wild azz middle eastern chit
HALFaTrip: yah..i like that
nightrain: nice s l o w groove
HALFaTrip: mm..slow :>
nightrain: but still wild
nightrain: organ
HALFaTrip: always....building
nightrain: at the foot of the pyrimyds
HALFaTrip: lol!
HALFaTrip: good!
nightrain: a clear night......& this is the only sound we hear
nightrain: yes!
HALFaTrip: oh man..
nightrain: the *ancients* have joined us
nightrain: from the past to the future
HALFaTrip: you're starting to sound like me now.
HALFaTrip: "the ancients have joined us"
HALFaTrip: (omigawd..yes!)
nightrain: "kozmic FUNK"
nightrain: I'm---bobing his head again
HALFaTrip: lol!!!
nightrain: crowd appluse
nightrain: nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty,
HALFaTrip: dude's from another world
nightrain: ULTRA FUNKY!
HALFaTrip: i'm serious
nightrain: he is
nightrain: Miles is NOT of this earth
HALFaTrip: this is shit from beyond the stars we know
nightrain: "a brotha from another planet"
HALFaTrip: like..from the earliest part of the universe
HALFaTrip: where the funk is PRIMAL
nightrain: Like I said..............
nightrain: …………....................."the ancients"
HALFaTrip: mm hmm
nightrain: primal
nightrain: raw
HALFaTrip: yes
nightrain: <---is waving BOTH arms in the air as he BOB's & ROCKS !!
nightrain: trumpet solo
HALFaTrip: (eye to eye..during)
HALFaTrip: feel it
nightrain: yes .....I feel it.....for sure
nightrain: trumet blares!!!!!!!!!!
nightrain: sweet guitar
HALFaTrip: this is.. ..some funk....... and then some.... ..and back again
nightrain: yes.......down at the core.....
HALFaTrip: yes... deep
nightrain: here it comes...
nightrain: .....guitar.....bass......percussion .......sax .....everyone..........guitar.....bass...... percussion.......sax.....everyone ..........guitar.....bass......percussion .......sax.....everyone....
HALFaTrip: yes
nightrain: tearin it up
nightrain: they stopped
HALFaTrip: bigtime
nightrain: started again
HALFaTrip: yes
nightrain: lol
HALFaTrip: damn...... guitar
nightrain: yes guitar
nightrain: silly funk
nightrain: lol
HALFaTrip: silly :>
nightrain: here they come again...
nightrain: ......guitar.....bass......percussion.......sax.....everyone....
nightrain: lol
HALFaTrip: so much..
HALFaTrip: at once
nightrain: this is really some tremendous talent
nightrain: all assembeled
HALFaTrip: drums..... bad ass
nightrain: Miles knew what he was doing
HALFaTrip: well..
HALFaTrip: he had to bring it to us
HALFaTrip: :>
nightrain: & so he did just that
nightrain: (not for the people in "jazz conservitories")
nightrain: The man was SO far ahead of his time
HALFaTrip: DAMN!......... DAMN!
nightrain: hell yeah
nightrain: badd chit
HALFaTrip: whew!
nightrain: wild
wild .... fast...wild ....
fast...wild .... fast... wild .... fast...wild ... wild ... wild wild ....
fast... wild ...wild ild ...wild
nightrain: mind blowing
nightrain: mind expanding
HALFaTrip: understatement
HALFaTrip: !
nightrain: :)
HALFaTrip: :>
nightrain: slowing down again
nightrain: super funky
nightrain: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

nightrain: The crowd is going WILD !!
HALFaTrip: lol
HALFaTrip: lol
nightrain: as the album comes to an end
nightrain: a great album
HALFaTrip: damn yes it is
HALFaTrip: oh shit..i do need a cig
nightrain: lol
HALFaTrip: lol

nightrain: We just got thru listening to one of the GREATEST FUNK albums of all time>