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This compilation album has been out since last spring and I'm surprised nobody has been talking about it. This was one of the greatest FUNK bands of the 70s that nobody ever heard of . But EVERYBODY was diggin on their sound, since MFSB is who you hear behind nearly all of the Philadelphia International groups like OJays, Harold Melvin & the Bluenotes, Intruders, Archie Bell & the Drells and more. As a matter of facet .that MONSTER FONK you hear on the song "For The Love Of Money", is none other than MFSB They did however have a few hits on their own such as T.S.O.P which was of course much better known as the theme from Soul Train.

LOVE is the Message - The Best of MFSB

1. Interlude - nice big band funk/jazz cut, perfect intro to this album (only 51 sec.)

2. Love Is the Message The "Brooklyn National Anthem" is what we used to call this one, this song is still played in clubs in Brooklyn and Im sure all over the country. I hear it on the radio at least once/week in NY.its a sure bet to get people up on the floor anytime it comes on.

3. Poinciana - "muzak" (on a Barry White kinda tip !!)

4. Freddie's Dead - great instrumental cover of the Curtis Mayfield classic

5. My One and Only Love - beautiful jazz ballad, its one that could just be put on repeat", the whole night.. sounds like a smoky & funky Harlem bar in the 1950s

6. Sexy - disco, disco, disco,

7. Something For Nothing - kinda schlocky

8. Zacks Fanfare - oh yeah man.. reminds me of Cab Calloway, I like it .It make my toes tap !!

9. Back Stabbers - great instrumental cover of the OJays classic. I wonder if its really a "cover" since they played on the original ??

10. Bitter Sweet - ahhhh very nice cut. Another Jazz ballad that could be played all night long & then they change up toa smooth jazz/funk "city scape" kinda thing...very nice
11. T.S.O.P (The Sound Of Philadelphia) - Monster hit record everybody knows this one

12. Cheaper To Keep Her - This is one of the BEST cover versions of ANY song I've ever heard. True its an instrumental, but quite frankly Id rather listen to the MFSB version than the Johnny Taylor version. very bluesy & funky.

13. My Mood - "fusion music" in a Grover Washington/Bob James/CTI kinda mode.

14. TLC (Tender Lovin Care) - Oh yeah. I remember this cut jumpin right off the needle back in the day !!

15. Philadelphia Freedom - instrumental remake of the Elton John classic

16. Smile Happy - great instrumental cover of the WAR classic

I feel like dancing now

  • I was brought up on the sounds of the 70's. Of course any time I think of that era, the sounds of MFSB plays in my mind. Sometimes it seems like the music of today is missing that large band backing. I must pick up that CD to add to my collection.

  • Kenneth Gamble and Leon Huff were the architect's of the Philly Sound, but the contractors who laid down those vivid, erotic rhythms for the O'Jays, the Blue Notes and the stable of stable of stars at Philadelphia International Records was Mother, Father, Sister, Brother--better knows as MFSB. If love was the message, then MFSB were the masters of communication: a groove collective that burned with passion and romance, a sex machine that sizzled in the car, on the dance floor and wherever lovers turned out the lights.
    I haven't heard this compilation yet, but I'll certainly be on the lookout - it sounds like a winner!

  • Very well the readers of this board will recall I met "mrs. nightrain" when I asked her to dance on an MFSB record (Kay-Gee which unfortunately is not on this disc). She turned me down & the rest is well....(history)....LOL

  • Ok you made me look. i only have 3 lp's by them. the first is still my favorite... love is the message. i still remember jammin on cheaper to keep her and my mom coming in my room and asking me why i was playing that old song. but she liked it and stayed in there till it was over. of course making me turn it down some first( 40 watts RMS x 4 was a lot of sound for my little 10 x 7 room) MFSB was a little jazzy which is why i loved them so much. "theme of brooklyn" LMAO haven't heard that expression in a long time. wow that was 1973!! didn't realize it was so long ago. Philadelphia Freedom was a decent lp too and the third is universal love which has k-jee on it(note the correct spelling marc)

  • Yeah........I had a quad receiver back then also a LaffeyeteLR-440, with 40 watts/channel as well and I would kick out those MFSB jams too. I even got to see them perform live at the Felt Forum at Madison Square Garden, where they performed behind Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes and the Three Degrees and also did some of their own stuff. Now as far as your albums, just make sure you keep them in good condition for me, ok ????........LOL

  • "Kay-Gee was the joint........"