NEWS FLASH: LIVE-EVIL, BLACK BEAUTY, AT FILLMORE EAST, IN CONCERT, and DARK MAGUS have been reissued on Compact Disk……all MF’s should take out second mortgages & purchace these disks.
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  • I was in the store today & actually had 3 of them in my hand & was on my way to the cash register & then I stoped & said to myself (how can I possibly justify spending this much money for 3 albums that I've already heard ??)
    I put them back & kept on stepping...... Perhaps I'm not as big a fan of Miles Davis as i thought I was ???
    I suppose I'll go back & pick them up eventually.....maybe there will be a sale or perhaps after a few months or maybe someone will make me a tape or maybe I'll go back & buy... ......just one (Miles- Live At The Filmore for sentimental reasons).
    I dunno......but I just can't see why the prices need to be so high for this stuff.....yes I do realize that these are japanesee imports ........but who do they expect to buy this stuff ???

    I mean....."Miles Live At The Filmore" is 20 bucks !!!
    "On The Corner" was 17 bucks !!
    I paid $9.99 for the CD of "On The Corner" that I have now...could this possibly be 7 bucks better ??

    I mean....if you have never heard this GREAT music.....this STANK NASTY VOODOO FUNK that will turn you completely inside out & thinking about the Ghetto & Africa......& remind you of James Brown on an "acid trip"..... or .....Sly Stone "flipped over" ............or Sun Ra "making sense" .......or Jimi Hendrix "with a REAL band" or.........
    It may take me a while to aquire all of them.......but eventually I will !!....:) and so should ALL of you.....
    Miles Davis damn near destroyed his career to give us his take on something I call:

    "afropolyrythmic SUPERNASTYGHETTO ribshack eatin basketball rim SHAKIN STANK ASS FUNK"

    This music is fantastic.......go to the store & buy it...take it home......pour yourself a glass of whatever
    your favorite beverage is......make sure nobody is around to disturb you.....put your headphones on.......crank up the volume........and groove to some of the finest music be dropped down on wax.....(only the sound will be better !!)
    If you already have this stuff don't buy it !!! advice to you would be to "pull it out" and then "stick it in" (your CD player) and rekindle your memories of how GREAT this man was...:)

  • "afropolyrythmic SUPERNASTYGHETTO ribshack eatin basketball rim SHAKIN STANK ASS FUNK"
    ...well THAT'S descriptive..

  • This term doesn't even begin to describe the music of Miles Davis. During the late 60's and mid 70's his music was literally a branch of FUNK unto itself, sort of an "alternative" to some of the pop music that was being played on the radio for "mass market consumption" at that time.
    It was "afrocentric" long before that term came in to popular usage. Deep & intellectual, yet "gut bucket/raw" at the same time. In some ways it was the perfect type of music for a "young funkateer" such as myself to be involved in at the time.
    My parents thought that the music that Miles was laying down at that time was quite bizarre as did many jazz fans. It was quite different that what he had produced earlier in his career. he seemed to be mixing "African music" with "rock n' roll".
    Some people thought it was just plain noise.
    The thing about his music that got to me was the fact that I could also hear elements of James Brown, Sly Stone & Jimi Hendrix in the mix as well. Somehow in my own mind this all made sense to me and to many of my friends and sometimes we refered to ourselves as "MF's" (Miles fans).

  • I can't recommend this music highly enough for anyone reading this topic here on the board !!!
    You already have DARK MAGUS? I picked up that and BLACK BEAUTY last week--best purchases I've made in a long while. MAGUS is a particularly essential purchase for fans of the true, uncut funk. An astounding force of nature, it is....
    I am now totally convinced that the '74-75 Miles Davis band was simply the greatest, the deepest, the most pure & burnin' voodoo funk band of all time. DARK MAGUS and PANGAEA are just a tip of the recorded proof.
    Funkateers who don't already own MAGUS need to go get it quick. It will add a whole nother level of rewarding experience to your life....

  • I just picked up Live Evil and Dark Magus I haven't listened to Magus yet but live evil is the most energetic music I've heard from Davis since brew. I can't wait to listen to Magus tonight. I already have Filmore East that’s great Filmore West seems the same I won't get that. And I don't care for on the corner enough to get in concert.

  • Well my friend...........I was fortunate enough to see "On The Corner" in concert back in 1974. It was an experience that changed my life....!!!
    The likes of that band will NEVER be seen again.......Miles & Co. freaked me the hell out that night and to think they were just the "opening act".........:)
    My only regret was that I never got to meet him that night...

    "the energy was POWERFUL & the voodoo was STRONG...."

  • Btw,: the five double-CDs that just came out (LIVE-EVIL, BLACK BEAUTY, AT FILLMORE EAST, IN CONCERT, and DARK MAGUS) are new American reissues priced between $20-25. A pretty fair price for double-CDs these days. The other CDs you're seeing in cardboard sleeves (like ON THE CORNER) are new Japanese imports, I guess intended for people who are desperate to have the albums remastered in 20-bit sound RIGHT NOW. In the next few years, Columbia will get around to reissuing domestically the whole Miles catalogue in 20-bit sound, too. So the prices for most of those titles will be coming down to the $10-14 range, eventually

  • LIVE-EVIL is another high point of the electric voodoo funk period. Lots of funky and memorable vamps and themes, and great playing by Miles and John McLaughlin in particular. My only nitpick is that the band occasionally tends to indulge their fondness for the free avant-garde and noodle around a bit. To my ears, the '74-75 band, powered by the Henderson- Foster-Mtume rhythm section, doesn't have this problem. Even during the quiet passages of PANGAEA and DARK MAGUS, you can feel the groove always moving forward
    Like you, I wanted to get either BLACK BEAUTY or FILLMORE EAST, but I don't think I really need both. I chose BEAUTY. I guess the main difference is that FILLMORE has two keyboards, Jarrett and Corea, while BEAUTY only has Corea. I like BLACK BEAUTY especially because Miles' trumpet sounds
    so strong here.
    How does he play on the FILLMORE EAST gig?
    Do the two dueling keyboards work well together?

  • All of the reissues are US pressings. Some of the albums were originally released in Japan and are making their US debut for the first time. Take a look at a compact disc guide and look under Miles Davis. You'd think the man was raised on a diet of Tonkatsu and sake! LOTS of music!
    But I went to the store last week looking for something else and I saw all these "far out" covers and was like sh*t, they're out! I saw "LIVE EVIL", which was an album my uncle was totally into when I was 5 and 6. But I was low on cash so I'll have to wait another week or two. I have been getting into jazz more and more as I get older although I can safely say I've been listening to it since I was a kid, thanks to my dad. Herbie Hancock, Wes Montgomery, Ramsey Lewis, all of that mixed in with the Ohio Players, Led Zeppelin, Steel Pulse, and Judas Priest. OUCH!
    But, I definitely want to pick up some of these reissues one by one. Can someone tell me, besides "LIVE EVIL", which ones are really good.

  • If I'm not mistaken, Miles davis himself did the artwork for some of these covers himself, perhaps someone else knows ?

  • Get DARK MAGUS. It is absolutely essential '70s Miles. The energy and groove of that band is incredibly burnin' .Funk just doesn't get any better....

  • After reading some of the responses here I suppose I gotta pick up "Dark Magus". I've never heard it !!!
    What other Miles album does it resemble ?
    "Shame on me...."

  • First of all 74 was after on the corner and a different much harder and more focused music for miles. Dark Magus reminds me of Agharta maybe Pangea (I don't have Pangea) except with more guitar solos by Cosey and Domanqie.
    On The Corner is the absolute only Miles fusion album I don't agree with and I tried! I can't get on how few solos and repetition drum beat.

  • The band that Miles toured with in 74 is the same band that made "On The Corner"
    The "repetition" that you dislike so much on the album is precisely what draws me back to it time & time again.
    This is the "Africa meets the Ghetto" aspect that I love....clearly Miles is being influenced by both James
    (same beat) Brown and Sly (Sex Machine) Stone throuought "On The Corner".
    I guess the merits of this album will continue to be ......
    ....debated by MF's forever !!!
    This was the one which completely ailienated Miles from the Jazz establishment at the time.
    They thought he had lost his far as I'm concerned it stands as a kind of "bookend" with "A Tribute To Jack Johnson" being at the other end.......

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