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  • Mandrill Welcome to the Official Mandrill Web Site. Now the record can finally be set straight. The righteous truth coming straight from the Mandrill's mouth' will clear up all the mystery and misinformation that has accumulated over the years.
  • FUNKADRILL! Pictures & Bio of the life and times of Neftali Santiago
  • Khandi Pages
    Are a collection of excerpts of writings by Rev. Khandi Konte-Paasewe and other multi-talented facits, dimensions, vibrations, activisms and frequencies of her creation.
  • PJz Web Designz: PJ Crowder
    'I have had the opportunity to go into business with people I have yet to meet here on the internet. One of my experiences was making an album cover for a legendary R&B group. So many celebrities, so many talented personalities on and off the airwaves...'
  • Bernie Worrell's W00Niverse The on-line home of the one and only Wizard of WOO, Mr. Bernie Worrell (P-Funk, Talking Heads and more). Here you'll find all kinds of great info about Bernie, his incredible musical career, and his current all-star band: The WOO WARRIORS.
  • Ralph Sirianni SirianniArt.Com Ralph is a longtime member of Soul Patrol who produces award winning art/designs inspired not only by his experiences in Vietnam, but also by the music of Miles Davis and Jimi Hendrix
  • DJCISCO.COM One of the ORIGINAL members of Soul-Patrol, DJ CISCO was in charge of the Today's R&B section of the Prodigy Urban Sounds BB. DJ CISCO owns and operate Overtime Productions, a mobile disc jockey service that has operated in Atlanta for twenty years. He also can be heard on WRFG 89.3 FM in Atlanta and and is the host of “The Remix” show.
  • The Mighty Dells This outstanding show-stopping act has been singing and performing for nearly 5 electrifying decades, sold millions of records, and are considered the most enduring and endearing vocal group in the history of Rhythm and Blues. They have also been members and supporters of Soul Patrol since we first started!
  • Collins Crapo - In memory of THOMASINA "TAMMI" MONTGOMERY TERRELL January 24, 1946-March 16, 1970
  • Mark Anthony Neal, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Africana Studies/English SUNY-Albany Neal is the author of What the Music Said: Black Popular Music and Black Public Culture (Routledge, Inc.). The book examines the relationship between the black popular music tradition and the social, political and economic changes that have affected the black community in the post-World War II period.
  • The The Oscar Jordan Blues Band "So if you want to hear heartfelt Blues for a new millennium, complete with scorching guitar and emotion soaked vocals, come hear the band. We will alter all your perceptions."
    Oscar Jordan is not only a Blues musician (as you see him pictured onstage at BB King's Club in Los Angeles) , but he is also one of the best friends that Soul-Patrol has. He is a writer, musician, a social commentator and more. Oscar has also been a key contributor to our website, writing several great articles and reviews on Jimi Hendrix. I can't thank him enough...
  • Byron Woods
    Go and check out longtime Soul-Patroller Byron Woods and his new CD called In The Land of Smooth.
  • Soul Generation (Featuring Cliff Perkins)
    We invite you to explore the world of Soul Generation. You will be transported to a different aspect of their career and to their wonderful and exciting future that stands before one of the most talented groups of our time.
  • Rock n' Roll Hall Of Famer: Harvey Fuqua
    Harvey Fuqua ... the world-class songwriter who wrote three of "The Moonglows" biggest hits "Sincerely", "Most of All" and "When I'm With You" (as well as dozens of other tunes that became hits for other singers on other labels).
  • Debra's Home Page
    Featuring a soulful look into the online world of one of our longtime members, Debra Walker!
  • Legends of Black Music Calendar
    Blues, Gospel, Jazz, R&B, Reggae, Ska and Soul birth dates and death dates. Enter either a date (or part) or an artist name to see what happened on the anniversary of today or search for artist information
  • "Audiences basked in the plush, red vlevet seats.During the 30's, 40's, and 50's, Chicago's night life sizzled. The fiery rhythms spread thru the nights searching for a home. It was found at The Regal Theater".
  • M'Echo is what you get when you take a Judo-Rican chic-chile from Bruklin, Raise her on a steady diet of 70's Disco, (P-)Funk, Folk, and Rock & Roll. Part Neneh Cherry, part Jill Scott, part Po-ette, part Rap-tress, with a full clip o' Funk, Soul, R&R, (and an occassional touch of Jazz),
  • Garrett Murphy....Writer He published his first chapbook, None Dare Call it Making Sense in an American Lesson, in 2001, and has won prizes in the International Black Writers and Poets, the National Library of Poetry, and the Dancing Poetry Festival. His second chapbook, Call 9-11 (and Mister Punch), was published in 2004.
    He has contributed much knowlege and wisdom to Soul-Patrol over the years and we are proud to be associated with Mr. Garrett Murphy
  • MIGHTY SAM McCLAIN "A serious contender for the title of Best Deep Soul vocalist, alongside such greats as Solomon Burke, Al Green, James Carr, and O.V. Wright". Living Blues Magazine

  • Black Rock Coalition - non-profit organization supporting the full spectrum of progressive and alternative Black music. One of the inspirations for Soul-Patrol!

  • Bruce Mack Check out the site of multi-instrumentalist, composer, and longtime Soul-Patroller Bruce Mack.

  • Soul Of America Our Website, E-newsletter and guidemaps are intended for anyone who wishes to explore Afrocentric culture and entertainment overlooked by mainstream guidebooks and maps.

  • Ken and Tommy Webb (Webb Internet Radio) Togethers these two dynamic brothas are taking Black radio to the next level. Major supporters of Soul-Patrol, right from the start, they provide coverage from NYC to the Caribbean...

  • Barbara Harris/the TOYS Former Lead Vocalist of that 60's Girl Group "THE TOYS" With Top 10 Hits "A Lovers Concerto" and "Attack"
    In September of 1965 a record was released on the DynaVoice label that was to become an international, all-time classic.

  • Tommy Hunt of the Flamingo's The legendary singer, Rock n' Roll Hall of Famer and R&B Foundation Pioneer Award winner.
  • Victor Wooten is one of the most celebrated electric bassists of all time. His secret seems to lie in doing his own thing, breaking boundaries and defying categorization along the way.
  • BUDDY MILES: Ahhhhhh My main man, Buddy Miles!...1/3 of the Band of Gypsy's. Now if yall wanna talk about someone who has truly LIVED THE FUNK... (this is the man!!!!!!!)
    "Well my mind has gone thru so many changes....."
  • PARLET "Sensual Satisfaction Guaranteed, that's what's this group is about, P-funk, Sex & Soul." - George Clinton

  • Patrick Adams Productions
    Patrick Adams wrote his first song when he was 12 years old. He has received the ASCAP SONGWRITER OF THE YEAR award three times. He has multiple Gold and Platinum record awards including one for the Worldwide POP HIT SINGLE - "TOUCH ME (ALL NIGHT LONG) as recorded by British Superstar Cathy Dennis. One of his best known songs is the 'infamous' disco classic - "PUSH PUSH IN THE BUSH".

  • Children On The Corner
    Michael Henderson (bass), Ndugu Chancler (drums), Barry Finnerty (guitar), Sonny Fortune (sax & flute), Badal Roy (tablas), Michael Wolff (keys). Five of these six men have a common bond : they played in Miles Davis' band between 1969 and 1975, his groundbreaking "electric years". That music remains not only ahead of its time, but timeless. Its influence across contemporary music spans genres - records like "Bitches Brew", "A Tribute to Jack Johnson", "Live-Evil", "On the Corner", "Dark Magus", "Agharta", and "Pangaea" have inspired artists from Public Enemy to Parliament-Funkadelic to Brian Eno to Radiohead to The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and hundreds of others.

  • RawFunkRecordsDotCom
    Home Of Daryl Moon, Sheila Horne, Michael Hampton, Detroits Rude Records, Atlantas MACK RECORDS, ANDRE FOXXE..

  • Official Web Site of Carl Carter
    Heavy grooves...extreme versatility...serious chops...deep musicality. These are just some of the ways that Carl Carter's contemporaries might describe what happens when this dedicated craftsman picks up his bass

  • Gene Chandler Welcomes you to The Dukedom
    Learn all about his struggles and rise to the top. Find out all about his secret for longevity. Listen to some of those top charting hits like "Duke of Earl" "Rainbow" "Groovy Situation" and more.
  • Black Music Collectors We Cover all the facets that BUILD Black Music, because actual stuff have their roots far by the 60's or 70's groovy funk tunes.

  • Capital Entertainment The three founders (Bill Carpenter, Robert Shanklin and Vincent Young) came together during the Million Man March. The firm reaches into the pop, country and urban music markets with ease and finesse.

  • Candi Staton After a career spanning more than three decades of popular music, Candi Staton -- former '70s disco diva-turned gospel star -- is not only still standing but soaring like never before.

  • Bettye LaVette Whenever Bettye LaVette walks on stage, whether it is performing at a world famous concert hall, a plush nitery in Las Vegas, or at a popular club in her hometown of Detroit, there is a sudden hush of silence that besets the audience.

  • CLASSIC SOUL MP3'S Gerald's classic soul website every two days he will provide a free download of a classic soul or disco mp3. He will also provide you with a list of mp3's which are available on my FTP server.

  • Dawn Silva Funk mastermind, George Clinton spun off a side group called the "BRIDES of FUNKENSTEIN", consisting of Dawn Silva and vocalist Lynn Mabry.

  • The Tams
    The Tams have recorded 13 albums and have been performning for over 37 years.The bands first hit "Untie Me" came about in 1962. They have had 1 Platinum & 2 Gold records

  • Billy Paul - Grammy Award Winning Soul Music Legend
    Welcome to Philly Sounds a Production of Billy Paul Management & Productions.

  • The Soul Of Bobby Womack

    Stop on…..stop on……stop on ……..stop on by this site done by Soul Patrol' member "Nancy". It's well done, featuring a RealAudio interview with Mr Womack himself

  • P Funk News Across One Nation
    George Clinton and the P Funk Allstars tour info, original photos, news and more.

  • Soul Search - A tribute to the legends of R&B and SOUL music and the legacy they have left us. One of the best SOUL MUSIC sites on the internet!

  • Jazzhole Circle of the Sun, Jazzhole’s fourth studio recording, finds founding members Warren Rosenstein, John Pondel and Marlon Saunders exploring the new hybridity of modern urban soul: a sound that incorporates downtempo grooves and acoustic R&B, with hints of ambient electronica and bossa nova. As much a neo-soul as a nu-jazz release...

  • SISTA FACTORY - A forum that brings together diverse performing artists who are powerful in voice and spirit. We are committed to providing a platform where artists can perform bringing harmony and enjoyment to others.

  • Trip Reynolds: Reynos - Music, Art, Film, Human Resources Consulting, Health Insurance, Original Afrocentric cartoons, Adult Roller Skating, and more! Check it out, a diverse series of web pages from a Soul "Renaissance man" including original (& copyrighted) artwork on Smokey Robinson, the Dells and more. This site goes wayyyy beyond ANY description or categorization that I could give it...

  • Mike Boone: The Chancellor of Soul Native New Yorker Mike Boone is a key contributor to both the Soul-Patrol.Com website and to the Soul-Patrol.Net Internet Radio station. He's got a vast and diverse knowlege of the history of OUR music, but most importantly, he is a friend who has shared that knowlege with our community....

  • Giant Gene Philadelphia’s Legendary 'Giant' Gene Arnold (WIFI-FM, WEEZ-AM, WCAM-AM, WCAU-AM,WIBG-AM, WZZD-AM, WTAF-TV-29, WPHL-TV-17). Gene has become a key member of Soul-Patrol (where we host his internet radio broadcasts). Gene and his wife Teri are a pair of Soul-Patrol's biggest boosters around the world, helping to spread the good news, peace and positivity that is at the core of the music we love ...

  • Whitetoast's Planet FUNK - A tribute to the legends of R&B and SOUL music and the legacy they have left us.

  • Sound Spectrum Entertainment - We offer all aspects of the "HOTTEST" DISC JOCKEYS, VIDEO DISC JOCKEYS, MC'S, PARTY HOSTS, ELABORATE LIGHTING, SPECIAL EFFECTS, SPECTACULAR LASER LIGHTS, RAPPERS, and DANCERS with dazzling costumes, and much more.

  • Bernie O'Brien's SoulCity
    British site featuring Northern Soul, 60's Soul, 70's and Modern Soul

    A personal tribute to the 50's New York Doo Wop group from Soul Patrol member ZIELOVE

  • Official Billy Griffin Website of the New Millennium
    Billy Griffin is a producer, vocal arranger and singer who, as the lead vocalist of the Miracles in the 1970's gave the group a second unprecedented popularity following the departure of Smokey Robinson. In modern day pop history this is an unparalleled feat.

  • Central Ohio Jazz Festival/MLH Enterprises
    MLH Enterprises is a member of the Greater Columbus Chamber of Commerce and has been successfully active in the concert promotional field since 1974. To date, MLH has been responsible for the facilitation of such Internationally known Artists as: Pearl Baily, Dionne Warwick, Charles Earland, Natalie Cole, Lola Falana, Ray Charles, The Temptations, Grover Washington, Jr., Joe Sample, David Sanborn, Najee, Gato Barbieri and The Jazz Crusaders to name a few.

  • Joe Vincent's:
    Help us return the music to the rightful artists, & educate the fans about the bogus acts out there, make this someones day, turn in a bogus act now!

  • Cookie Holley's: bumpNgrind
    bumpNgrind Records is an independently owned and operated record label, founded in 1999 by Cookie Holley. For the purpose of serving independent musical artists, writers, promoters, agents, and record labels. To change the way they are viewed and treated in the music business as a whole. Also to provide a way to ensure that NO member of bumpNgrind will end up without the basic necessities of living or medical care when they are too old or too disabled to work. One dollar from every product sold goes into a fund for that purpose.

  • Terry Johnson's Flamingos
    Terry Johnson's Flamingos, of 'I Only Have Eyes For You' fame, are still performing and wooing audiences.

  • Ray, Goodman and Brown (aka THE MOMENTS)
    The performing longevity of Ray, Goodman and Brown is remarkable, but check the singles this group, a.k.a. THE MOMENTS, has collected. Ever since 1969's "Not On The Outside But Inside Strong", they have charted consistently with classics like "Look At Me I'm In Love", "Love On A Two Way Street", (covered by Stacy Latisaw), "With You", "Happy Anniversary", and "Special Lady", one of B.M.I.'s most performed songs of 1980.

  • Jeff Hofman's: DUSTIES WEBSITE
    Sit back, listen and learn as we explore the dimensions of Soul music-- most of which you won't find on commerical radio. Not only do you get to hear the greats of Soul music, but also the unknown artists as well.

  • soulwalking
    UK site for lovers of real soul music.

  • R. Bentz Kirby
    This is the website of R. Bentz Kirby, a Soul-Patrol list member. Go to his site and you will find not only some great music links, but also a number of useful links to some other areas of interest on the internet. "Bentz" is someone that I have never met in person, but I feel like he is a "kindred spirit" to me in many ways. We became aquainted many years ago as a result of our mutual love for the music of Jimi Hendrix. His was one of the very first websites to ever link to Soul Patrol (long before it ever became Soul Patrol!) Whoever would think that a white lawyer from South Carolina and a Black "city slicker" from Brooklyn could become friends? Only in "cyberspace"? (I hope not….)

  • Official Website of Edwin Starr
    ..a true Soul Master, will be remembered forever...As his legendary song "25 Miles" states, "He's gonna keep on walking..."

    Lester fuses the spirit of rock's early roots with the energy of today in a compelling blend of articulate yet uniquely original and cover material. As a member of the Chambers Brothers (whose landmark hit, "Time Has Come Today" became an integral part of the soundtrack of the '60s), he helped create the psychedelic soul genre that spawned Jimi Hendrix and Sly & The Family Stone.

  • Carl Gardner - The Coasters
    Aren't you sick of reading Coasters liner notes that begin "This is the story of two jewish teenagers from New Jersey"? Carl Gardner is the undiscovered master of big band vocals. You can hear Yakety yak and Charlie Brown anytime; now hear the real stuff.

  • The Mystery Lady
    Besides making good music, the Joliet, IL native focuses on other talents like playing bass and lead guitar, keyboards, drawing, and painting. In her spare time she still enjoys listening to greats like Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, B.B. King, Bobby Bland, Etta James, and a host of other great artist who inspired her to be who she is.

    And his band, ROMANTASY, is an electrifying mix of hot R&B, cool JAZZ and stone-cold FUNK, featuring some the best, most accomplished musicians and vocalists on the scene today!.

    This unique and highly talented group of artists is collectively known as LISA GAY & THRILL. The band is based in Los Angeles, CA. They have a new CD out in the marketplace called "WATCH WHAT HAPPENS". It's a soulful, classy, exquisitely performed and produced set of tracks that are very personal for Lisa...

  • RioSoul
    Rio put together the Band "RIoSoul" feeling that Music is best expressed by Live Musicians. RioSoul's sound truly captures that Classic Soul and R&B feel that is missing in much of today's Music...

  • Will Wheaton
    Blessed with a sensual baritone bass voice, Soul-Patroller Will Wheaton Jr. is an extraordinarily refreshing singer/songwriter. His fertile gospel background helps him cultivate his own unique sound that is rich and gritty. With a deep resonant voice, reminiscent of his earlier influences Barry White and Teddy Pendergrass, Will strips away the veneer of a traditional ballad with vocal prowess and perfection usually reserved for such contemporary artist as Luther Vandross or Maxwell. ...

  • SonnyBoy
    SonnyBoy was founded in 1993 by Shel Riser, a song writer and multi-instrumentalist from the Mid West, who gained his roots writing and producing music in the gospel/R&B tradition. Shel Riser has written, composed, arranged and produced for SonnyBoy among other artists as well as paying his dues playing and touring with bands from the Prince circle, the Parliament Funkadelic camp and many others....

  • Official Website of Sly and the Family Stone
    Perhaps the GREATEST Funk band of all time. Go here and learn more about them...

  • The Official Arlene Smith Website
    Of course i am too young to have actually been a fan of the Chantels during their heyday, however I remember listening to their music on oldies stations while I was growing up and to me her voice on those songs is about as erotic as they come...

  • Funk All Yall Entertainment
    The internet home of Soul-Patroller Mark E. Lockett (aka "Mr. Lock). Mark is CEO/President and Senior Writer and Producer, as well as a funk artist himself. Mark is also a former member of the Reddings (children of Otis Redding), R&B group!

  • JD Blair (the GROOVE Regulator!)
    Yawl mugz R the best thang since Bootsy on gitN the werd out 2 da Bruhz, & Sistaz! MEGA THANX!!!!! We R CN a diff'! ;0) Have a FUNky deyo! Gotta eat! ;0) Innaminnit, Psa150!=tgr

  • DMusic
    Aside from being the oldest online digital music community, DMusic is a hosting platform for artists.

  • Armadillo Music
    Blues Music, roots, boogie woogie by Eugene Bridges, Larry Johnson, Daryl Davis, Micky Moody, Out of the Blue, The Nimmo Bros

  • New Birth
    the official website for the internationally known recording artists NEW BIRTH, featuring original members, Melvin Wilson and Leslie Wilson "Wildflower" .. "It's Been A Long Time" .. "Dream Merchant" .. "I Can Understand It"

  • New Pittsburgh Courier
    The New Pittsburgh Courier is one of the oldest and most prestigious Black newspapers in the United States, with a rich and storied history.

  • D-Erania
    She's been called the "goddess of sound", understandably so, EverLove Music recording artist D-Erania not only plays saxophone, piano and sings; her music captivates audiences to the point of being nearly hypnotized..

  • Ron Tyson
    Ron Tyson has been The Temptations' first tenor for the last 19 years

  • GrooveUnited
    GrooveUnited is Canada's source for 'the groove'. It's roster of artists include everything from Classic Soul, Jazz, Blues, Nu Soul and more...

    Musically they sound like a mix of Earth, Wind and Fire, Stevie Wonder, Fifth Dimension, Rotary Connection or if I had to give it a tag line, I might be tempted to describe the music of ASCENDANT as "flower power funk"...

  • A Memoir: David Ruffin--My Temptation
    (by - Genna Sapia-Ruffin)
    A story of personal/spiritual redemption and an epic tale of our society. It's the story of a woman who has emerged victorious after spending much of her life as a victim of abuse, poverty and neglect. Yet it is also the story of "the sound of young America", first during the 1960's, when all seemed possible and how that dream turned into a nightmare in the 1980's.

  • THE BASSPLAYERS' BALL!!! One Band!!! All Superstars!!!
    Ray Parker Jr! George Johnson! Michael Henderson! The Nose!......NUFF SAID....

  • The Legendary Escorts
    The story began in 1968, behind the walls of Trenton State Prison, when a young Reginald Haynes started a singing group. Little did he know then that the group he named THE ESCORTS would become a legend in their own right...

  • Persuaders
    In 1965, renowned songwriters/producers, Richard Poindexter, Jackie (Members) Poindexter, and Robert Poindexter recruited James (BJ) Barnes, and later Randy, Tony, and Billy to form a group named The Internationals, later known as THE PERSUADERS...

  • drylongso
    News, political and cultural commentary, fiction, poetry, essays, interviews, contests, and events for thinking people of color

  • Mary Wilson
    Mary Wilson is a living legend. It was her dream of musical stardom as a Detroit teenager that led Mary Wilson to join her friends, Florence Ballard, Diana Ross and Betty McGlown in forming a singing group, The Primettes....

  • David Ruffin of Berry Gordy's Motown Temptations
    A tribute to the professional life and the music of the late, great David Ruffin--lead singer of Berry Gordy's Temptations out of Detroit (via Mississippi, Alabama, and Arkansas), and Solo Artist in his own right.

  • Louise Perryman
    Blessed with a voice that glides effortlessly over music of many styles, Louise Perryman's dynamic expression and often awe-inspiring versatility has made her one of Sydney's busiest and certainly most prolific singer/songwriters.

  • Purpose Records
    Purpose Records is an independent record label with offices in Brooklyn and Newark founded by George Littlejohn and Russell Johnson. The initial goal of Purpose Records was to provide an outlet for quality adult soul music, but has actually evolved into showcasing the diversity of the spectrum of soul music.

  • Vocal Group Harmony Website
    The purpose of this site is to provide information about the rhythm & blues vocal groups of the 1930s, 1940s & 1950s and their recordings.

  • Michael Wolff Online
    My formative years were the '70s," says Wolff, "Groups like Return to Forever, the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Herbie Hancock's Headhunters, electric Miles...that's the music I grew up with. I remember the first time I heard Bitches Brew on a juke box at this place in Berkeley, California. It blew my mind and I'll never forget it. When you're young, whatever it is that draws you in, you never get over it. And that was some of the music that initially drew me in."

  • Barry Finnerty
    Guitarist Barry Finnerty, who is known for his work with Miles Davis (The Man With The Horn), the Brecker Brothers (Heavy Metal Bebop), and the Crusaders (Street Life).

  • MFSB
    MFSB is the famous Philadelphia band that ruled Dance music worldwide in the 1970's. Back together again, showcasing a few new members (for a contemporary appeal) and a few old-school members (for that very special feel)...

  • Ear Wax Records
    At Earwax we carry a broad selection of Vinyl, CDs, DVDs and magazines and can special order most items not currently in our stock. Special order items may take a week to arrive, so we ask that you place your orders accordingly. If you don't see your selection on our website, feel free to send us an email with your list...

  • Live Music in America, Inc.
    Arts and education that educate, entertain, enrich, and empower students using America's art of music that promotes diversity, history, tolerance, and "Do Music, Not Drugs"!

  • New England Informer
    Run by a dynamic sista named Doreen Wade, the New England Informer disseminates information, which allows an awareness and exposure to People, Resource Information, Arts & Entertainment, History, News and Finance & Investments, and much more that affects and empowers Communities of Color.

  • Bo Diddley - The Originator
    1955 to Today Celebrating 50 Years In Music. BO DIDDLEY - The Originator!! A Celebration of his unique contribution to Popular Music. The most detailed and accurate source of information about BO DIDDLEY on the Internet.

  • Edclectic Entertainment
    Among the artists that Edclectic has worked with are Les Nubians, Tom Scott, Marlon Saunders, Les Nubians, Jimmy Sommers, Phat Cat Players, Shaun Escoffery, Rhonda Smith, Donnie, Eric Essix, Marcus Johnson, Bobby Lyle, Nelson Rangell, Alyson Williams, Julie Dexter, Seek, Cooly's Hot Box and others.

    Chris Rizik's cyber warehouse of Soul music reviews, links and more

    The return of Funk, Inc., one of the most popular soul-jazz combos of the Seventies, is a remarkable story...

    Run by Soul-Patroller Robert Daughtry, this site aspires to be "the place where music is celebrated" and when possible in the context of a 360 degree Experience...

  • Chicos Radio
    Chicos Radio is an internet radio station where You Can Hear The Latest In Southern Soul Blues, Oldies, Jazz, And Gospel music.

  • JAZZPLAYER.COM, the jazz player's connection, is brought to you by Symphony Publishing, publisher of JazzEd Magazine.

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