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Soul-Patrol Newsletter Headlines (1/8/2003)

1. Soul-Patrol's 20 top CD releases of 2003
2. Soul-Patrol Best In 2003 By Genre (Classic Soul: Barbara Mason, Funk: Clinton Administration, Jazz: Marcus Miller, Blues: Mighty Sam McClain, Nu Soul: Marlon Saunders)

3. The Best New Artists of 2003 On Soul-Patrol.Net Radio
4. 52-Hour 'Webb-A-Thon' (1/9 - 1/11)
5. Concert Review: The Original Lowriders (WAR) - Seattle, WA 11/15/03

6. Concert Review: Brian Auger in Columbus Ohio
7. Upcoming PBS TV Special: My Music - 70's Soul Legends in Atlantic City (Chi-Lites, Commodores, Sister Sledge, Manhattans, Bloodstone, Jean Terrell, Delfonics, Tavares, McFaden & Whitehead)

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1. Soul-Patrol's 20 top CD releases of 2003

Soul-Patrol Newsletter

Please don't let the title of this poorly named CD fool you. This is NOT a compilation!
This CD represents EXACTLY the type of NEW CD that our classic artists should be releasing today. If you are looking for an album that not only can you put on at "3am", but one that you can put on and then press the damn REPEAT BUTTON on your CD player, because you won't need another album for the rest of the night....
(Then this is the one that you need)

Barbara Mason - 'Greatest Hits'

Very phunky indeed. I understand they have another CD on tap for 2004 (did someone say 'Sly Stone'?). I dig the concept, and I dig the end result. In my opinion we need
more efforts like this to help extend OUR music into the future!

Clinton Administration - One Nation Under A Re-Groove

We have been getting some GREAT feedback here on Soul-Patrol on this CD.
The Wilson Brothers of Mandrill have reminded us that they can deliver THA BOMB quietly as well.

Mandrill - 'Sunshine'

Bout time that this under recognized group got some major props. People forget that after
Smokey left, the Miracles were initially more successful than he was as a solo artist. This CD release finally gives the fans of the "Smokeyless Miracles" the Renaissance album plus the best of the 70's Miracles. With liner notes by Pete Moore of the Miracles this CD is sheer delight.

Miracles - 'Love Machine: The 70's Compilation

The passing of Barry White this past year truly marks the end of an era in Soul Music, but fortunately we have this CD to give the uninitiated just a taste of what the
"MAESTRO" was like.

This CD proves that Tower of Power hasn't lost a beat over the years. Great songwriting and some STANK FUNK is delivered as ONLY Tower of Power can do it.

This amazing CD from the Putamayo World Music should be something that you should strongly consider for your collection. This incredibly diverse compilation CD of artists from around the world offers us a glimpse into the future of what FUNK is going to
evolve into on an international level.
Artists - 'Global Soul

"Jamaica Boy" (Queens) and Miles Davis band alum Marcus Miller turns in a great 2 disc collection of live performances that just won't quit (perhaps he was inspired by his buddy
Victor Wooten?). The Phunked up cover version of "SO WHAT" alone is worth the price of admission.

This overlooked documentary movie contains an outstanding soundtrack featuring the likes of Isaac Hayes, Chi-Lites, Mary Wilson, Ann Peebles, Wilson Pickett, Sam Moore,
Carla Thomas and Rufus Thomas. All of these artists are presented singing some of their all time great songs in live recent concert performances.
Various Artists - 'Only The Strong Survive' (Soundtrack)

Score another winner for our own super producer Harry Weinger as he takes this CD and makes it even better than the original by including more Marvin Gaye.
Marvin Gaye - 'I Want You' (CD Deluxe)

Sometimes when a great artist passes away, their legacy dies with them. Our own Michael Henderson refused to let that happen in the case of Miles Davis. He reformed the Miles Davis band from the 1970's and in tribute to the spirit of the original band expanded on the original content of the legendary 1972 On The Corner LP and brought it
straight into the next century.
Children On The Corner - 'Rebirth'

It's a cool and crisp Jazz-Funk CD, with some STRONG vocals that will remind folks here of Donny Hathaway or perhaps Jon Lucien. (Although I am certain that the "mainstream" will refer to it as "neo soul"). There are several SLAMMIN songs on here, with a MEAN Jazz-Funk groove.
There are also some badd azz slow jams here that make this a nice CD to throw into the mix when you are going to do a "Saturday night road test" :). Most importantly Marlon Saunders shows us that he has a "social conscience" on this CD.
Marlon Saunders - 'Enter My Mind'

This CD was totally overlooked by all of the "black music experts" on the Grammy committee. I guess they will never put me on that committee? Well their loss is our gain
because we know how great this CD is. In fact it's a revolutionary CD as Mighty Sam uses this CD to escape from the 'genre prison' that many of these "soul music experts" had him locked into. But let me not be too harsh of these "black music experts", maybe it's really the "message in the music" that scares them the most...
Mighty Sam McClain - 'One More Bridge To Cross'

Someone recently asked me the question...."Where is the next Curtis Mayfield"? Well Andreus is the answer to that question. Screw the damn 'neo soul' tag, this is the REAL
DEAL. Plain and simple, nuff said!

For those of you out there who think that 'Southern Soul' is the only worthwhile form of 'soul music', Earl Thomas might just be your ticket. However I don't think of him
quite that way. For me this album screams out to me much the same way that Al Green's music hit me back in the early 70's for the very first time. It's full of great emotional stories about the up's and downs of life, love and people.

Australian Louise Perryman fits neatly into the tradition of white women singing R&B music that Black people have accepted when they have heard the music! Sometimes
Louise Perryman's voice reminds me of Anita Baker, sometimes she reminds me of Laura Nyro, and sometimes she reminds me of Maria Muldar. The music playing behind her sweet and sultry voice is kinda in a 1970's Jazz-Funk mode, not unlike that of Minnie Riperton's 'Adventures In Paradise'.
Louise Perryman - 'Whisper My Name'

Rediscovered is one of the best CD's that I have heard in 2003. I noticed that this CD was announced as a Grammy Nominee. That would make the first time that ANY of my selections was ever nominated for a Grammy Award. The music here is not only great, but the story of Howard Tate's re-emergence after a 30 year absence is just as inspiring as that of Mighty Sam McClain.

If one ever needed proof that Dennis Edwards was a more than able replacement for David Ruffin, then one would need to look no further than this wonderfully produced 2 disc compilation which covers the Temptations career from the late 1960's thru the 1970's. This is SUPER FUNKY stuff that you could just put on at a party and let it rip!

This is some 'natural born funk' with a slow cookin groove.

Great comeback CD from this 'legendary' group. Hopefully this CD will find a wide audience. Independently produced, this is an excellent CD that works in the best tradition of the Escorts past with several 'covers' of their classic material and some brand new original tunes which update their sound and make this a great CD. Perhaps some of those 'black music experts' on the 2004 Grammy nominating committee will find the time to take a listen to this CD?
Legendary Escorts - R&B Menagerie

--Bob Davis

2. Best In 2003 By Genre

Soul-Patrol Newsletter (Hell, I don't know nuthin bout no 'categories', but I figure that I can't butcher em up any worse than all of the "black music experts" who work at Billboard, Rolling Stone or who sit on the Grammy Committees?)

Anyhow, this is the stuff that I listened to OVER AND OVER thought the year during the year 2003. Hopefully if you decide to check out these CD's you will also find yourself doing the same thing!

Barbara Mason - 'Greatest Hits'

Clinton Administration - One Nation Under A Re-Groove

Mandrill - 'Sunshine'

Marcus Miller - The Ozell Tapes

Mighty Sam McClain - 'One More Bridge To Cross'

Marlon Saunders - 'Enter My Mind'

--Bob Davis

3. The Best New Artists of 2003 On Soul-Patrol.Net Radio    

Soul-Patrol.Net Radio I announced this list a few days ago. In my opinion these artists are the best examples that we had in 2003 of new artists who are 'going against the grain' to try and extend OUR music into the future. These are types of INDEPENDENT artists, producing music that Soul-Patrol wants to get behind and do what we can to help them to become successful. There are of course many others, but in our opinion, these are the TOP FIVE FOR 2003. Listen to them here

Now we have two songs from each artist playing on the net contained in a single internet radio broadcast at the following link...

Listen To The Best New Artists of 2003 On Soul-Patrol.Net Radio

Take a listen and let us know what you think of the music of these artists?

* WADE O. BROWN (COMPLETE): If You Love Somebody Set Them Free, Are You Feelin Me
Check out Wade O Brown's Debut CD Called 'Complete' from our friends at GrooveUnited

* ANDREUS (STREET TROUBADOUR): Hustla's Theme, Mississippi

* LOUISE PERRYMAN (WHISPER MY NAME): Whisper My Name, Play Your Game
Check out Louise Perryman's new CD Whisper My Name

* MARLON SAUNDERS (ENTER MY MIND): Keep Doin What You Do, Afro Blue My Mind.
Marlon Saunders - 'Enter My Mind'


Listen To The Best New Artists of 2003 On Soul-Patrol.Net Radio

--Bob Davis

4. 52-Hour "Webb-A-Thon" (1/9 - 1/11)  


Webb Internet Radio, created by Ken "Spider" Webb and Tommy Webb, will host its first 52-hour "Webb-A-Thon" beginning Friday, January 9 through Sunday, January 11.

This live, 52-hour, interactive web broadcast will feature music, discussions, contests and live listener interaction. Streaming live from the WIR studios in New York, online listeners will hear an eclectic mix of R&B, jazz with Ken "Spider" Webb, the latest Reggae and Calypso from the Caribbean with Choc-Thunda's "Saturday Night House Party," and Tommy Webb's "Smooth R&B and Classic Soul." Listeners will have the opportunity to register for gifts and prizes, as well as interact personally with the broadcasters throughout the broadcast via telephone, email, chat rooms and instant messaging.

Of special interest to listeners will be two timely community service-based talk radio segments: "Domestic Violence: The Ugly Family Secret" and "Community Servers: A Global Look." The "Mind Your Business" talk segment will also be featured. Like the music segments, these forums will also be opened up to listeners' participation.

Click here for more info and to check out the broadcast

5. Concert Review: The Original Lowriders - Seattle, WA 11/15/03

The Original Lowriders Though many people only know them as "War", Lee Oskar, Howard Scott, B.B. Dickerson and Harold Brown have been denied the right to use the name of the band they founded. The legal situation is so sticky that the band cannot even include statements such as "founding members of War" or "formerly known as War" in advertisements for their shows. Instead, promoters are forced to reference the names of their hit songs so that people will make the connection. But even though they have been denied the right to use the name they are known by, the founding members of War have chosen to stay together and continue the legacy of the music they created together.

Last Saturday night at the Experience Music Project in Seattle, the Original Lowriders wasted little time before launching into "Cisco Kid" and other classic jams from their repertoire. The band was in fine form as they romped through extended versions of "Low Rider", "Why Can't We Be Friends" and "Slippin' Into Darkness" among others. During "Slippin' Into Darkness", singer/guitarist Harold Brown extended the intro of the song and spontaneously testified about having seen men throwing fish (at Seattle's Pike Place Market) and dropping the fish on the ground! Clearly the band was having fun and the crowd reciprocated. The grooves, on the other hand, were dead serious.

With a foundation of drummer Harold Brown's pocket, bassist B.B. Dickerson's solid bass lines and Howard Scott's crisp rhythm guitar, you just can't go wrong, but the contributions of legendary harmonica genius Lee Oskar were worth the price of admission alone. The band was filled out with newer members Chuk Barber (percussion), Lance Ellis (tenor saxophone) and another gentleman on keyboards (possibly Keith Vinet, who is listed as the band's keyboardist on their Web site).

In addition to the expected classics, the Lowriders' set also included the ultra funky "Wild Rodriguez" (from the 1994 "Peace" album) and a new slow jam called "Ordinary Man (9-5)" about the pains of working a day job to pay the bills. They wrapped up their near 2 hour set with the classic "Me and Baby Brother" as the grand finale.

Throughout the evening, I couldn't help but notice the incredible chemistry that these musicians have on stage. It's no wonder that after nearly 35 years they're still playing together. The lead vocals, mostly performed by Howard Scott and B.B. Dickerson, were heartfelt and soulful. The grooves were solid and inspired. What more could you ask for? It was a solid show from an incredible band.

After witnessing THE ORIGINAL LOWRIDERS in person, it's perplexing to think that keyboardist Lonnie Jordon has been touring with a group of young musicians and billing his gigs under the name "War". The fact is that the "War" we all know and love was a GROUP of musicians whose COLLECTIVE contributions created the unique, funky, soulful sound they are known for. You'll get to hear this sound when coming to see Lee Oskar, Howard Scott, B.B. Dickerson and Harold Brown, but if you see "War" billed at a venue near you and you don't see their names listed I suggest you ask questions before laying down your money to buy tickets!

You can keep up to date with the ORIGINAL Lowriders by visiting their site

-- Mike Theiss

6. Concert Review: Brian Auger in Columbus Ohio

Brian Auger's Oblivion Express

So, since the public opinion in response to my decision between seeing John Scofield or Brian Auger was an overwhelming 3-0 vote for Auger, I went to his show last night, and I was not disappointed! The Thirsty Ear is a small bar with a very nice stage setup, and usually hosts blues shows. There was definitely not more than 100 people there, but there were pretty raucous and supportive, so it was cool.

The band was smokin', with Brian tearing up the keyboards, his son Karma D on the drums, a very good touring bassist (his name was Chris Golden, I think), and Brian's daughter Savannah singing very sexy lead vocals. Since I was there by myself and sitting at the bar, I decided to write down a setlist, so I think this should be pretty accurate, except when I didn't know song titles.

Set 1
Troubleman (Very strong opener, good funky warmup)
Freedom Jazz Dance
Straight Ahead
Season of the Witch (Great groovy jam in the middle, good stuff!)
???? (Long funky jam with a tune reminiscent of James Brown at times, it encompassed a song I'm sort of familiar with, with the lyrics "There was a time..." and about doing the boogaloo, I'm sure someone out there knows what song I'm talking about. There was a great solo breakdown in the middle, I was really impressed with the bassist's "Clarke-esque" funk!)
Bumpin' on Sunset
Brain Damage (first instrumental, so Savannah could take a break before the end of the set)

They said it would be a short break between sets, but that didn't end up being the case. Brian got out his merchandise and talked to everyone, so that took time. Of course, it was fine with me, because I ended up getting to meet him and buy a copy of his "Befour" album with his Trinity group that he autographed for me (I'm listening to it right now, it's great, especially what he did with classical stuff like Faure's Pavane). I was very impressed with the selection of CDs he brought around, as I think he had basically his whole catalog with him, a far cry from the merchandice available at most shows. I mentioned Soul-Patrol to him and he perked up, and it was very nice to meet him. The other main factor in the long set break was that the bar turned the TVs back on, and all the rabid OSU fans, who seem to be even worse this year after the national championship, soon turned their focus to the West Virginia-Miami game, rooting loudly against Miami. I'm getting tired of these OSU
idiots. So anyway, they basically had to wait until the game was over and the break ended up being over an hour long. But they came back, and the focus was soon back on the funk!

Set 2
??? (Instrumental opener, kinda light funk)
It Burns Me Up
Take a Look Around
Light My Fire
Whenever You're Ready
Happiness is Just Around the Bend (this really got the
crowd going, great grooves!)
??? (Another instrumental jam, with a huge, blistering drum solo from Karma D, exciting!)
Real Compared to What? (Great finale, the crowd was singing and dancing like crazy, and the band was feeding off the energy. Wow!)

A great concert indeed. Of course, it didn't let out until about 12:30 or so, but I definitely got my 12 dollars worth (a very reasonable price, might I add). Brian is a great keyboardist, and I'm glad I finally got to see him in concert. He had some awesome solos, and the rest of the band supported him very well. Savannah is a very talented vocalist and definitely makes the band accessible without being cheesy or over the top. The band was very appreciative of the crowd's presence, and it was great to be there. I hope they come again soon. So at the end, I think I made the right choice.

--Funky D

7. Upcoming PBS TV Special: My Music - 70's Soul Legends in Atlantic City (Chi-Lites, Commodores, Sister Sledge, Manhattans, Bloodstone, Jean Terrell, Delfonics, Tavares, McFaden & Whitehead)

Just a quick note to let you all know that I participated in a different type of an event on 12/18/2004. I was invited to attend the second day of taping for the upcoming PBS special: My Music: 70's Soul Legends in Atlantic City. This show will be broadcast on PBS on 1/19/2004.

It was hosted by Patti LaBelle and the artists who performed were...

* Chi-Lites : They were awesome, with Eugene Record returning on lead vocals. There is big news coming up soon for the Chi-Lites so stay tuned...

* Manhattans : Featuring Gerald Alston and Blue Lovett. Of course Gerald Alston has been a member of Soul-Patrol for a long time and I was finally able to pin Gerald and Blue down for a long overdue interview. You will hear that interview during Black History Month on Soul-Patrol.Net Radio. The Manhattans have a new CD out, that is getting some airplay in both New York and in DC.

* Bloodstone : One of my all time favorites. I also did a short interview with them. Their performance of 'Natural High' remains a classic. I have seen them perform it many times, yet that song still never fails to stop me dead in my tracks. They gave me a copy of their new CD and we will be featuring it on Soul-Patrol.Net Radio soon!

* Tavares : My first time meeting these brothas. They provided the highlight of the evening concert when Chubby Tavares dove into the crowd at the end of "Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel". These guys are a LOT of fun to be around and made me fell like I had known them for 20 years.

* McFaden and Whitehead: These brothas had the crowd 'testifyin' to 'Ain't No Stoppin Us Now', a truly GREAT anthem!

* Commodores : The Commodores brought their entire self-contained band. As a result they did the last sound check in the afternoon and were also the first to perform during the evening concert. They were off the hook and came back for an encore. After their performance I had an interesting conversation with Walter 'Clyde' Orange, which I will transcribe at some point and post here. We talked about 'selling out the FUNK', Lionel Ritchie, and more. It was the first time I had ever met Walter and the conversation was quite revealing...

* Sister Sledge: Didn't get to speak with them. For some reason there were only two of them there (and Kathy Sledge wasn't one of They did a nice job on the songs anyway

* Jean Terrell: I didn't get a chance to speak with her either. She performed a couple of
70's Supremes songs and did a good job with them.

* Delfonics (William Hart's version): They didn't sing any Temptations songs this time :)

I got to meet Bobby Eli (pictured above w/Blue Lovett & Gerald Alston)who was hanging out backstage with me for most of the day during the rehearsals, along with his wife for the first time. He's quite a character) and it turns out that he lives nearby, so I'll hook up with him again soon...

I also did a short interview with TJ Lubinski on the topic of FAKE GROUPS, which I have on tape. I'll put that up as well so that you can hear what he's got to say on that topic.

This was quite an interesting type of an event for me to cover. It was the first time I ever covered the taping of a TV special. Even though it will appear to you as a viewer to be a concert, it was far from being a concert. It was a TV show and unlike a concert, there was a LOT of "hurrying up to wait around". It was a LONG day that started for me at around noon and didn't end to 1am.

The other thing that I would like you all to keep in mind when you watch this on TV is that the artists all got paid a minimal amount of money. They were there for purposes of potential exposure to the millions of people who will watch the show on TV. That really shouldn't come as any surprise to you but I just wanted to make mention of it here.

Being able to meet and communicate with these folks never ceases to amaze me. Although many of these artists have taken me in and made me a part of their extended family, I am still amazed at being able to be a direct participant in all of this.


I'll have more on all of this, but I wanted to just write some of this down, before I forgot some of it :)

--Bob Davis

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