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Soul-Patrol Newsletter Headlines (6/3/2004)

1. Reflections: Lonnie Liston Smith
2. CD Review: Teena Marie - La Dona
3. Get Funk Stamped For the 2004 Soul-Patrol Convention By Sly Stone
4. Black History: Hendrix/Isley Bros - Testify Part 1

5. Website Update:

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1. Elvis Has Left The Building (Bob Davis On The BBC)

St Elvis

Last Monday (7/5) I was given the opportunity to be a part of a discussion on the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) World News Service about the 50th Anniversary of the recording of 'That's Alright Mama' - Elvis Presley. Here in the United States, this event was celebrated as being the occasion of the 'BIRTH OF ROCK N' ROLL'. Soul-Patrol DISAGREES WITH THAT STATEMENT and we were glad to appear on the BBC to make that abundantly clear….

Unfortunately Elvis Presley has been turned into an icon (deity?) that is far beyond the reality of what he actually accomplished. He was a "culture bandit" of the highest order, only exceeded by the white men who took what he did and used it as the foundation to create a multibillion dollar business that excluded the people who originated it.

To complete the circle of crime, these same white men went on to create the "national knee-gro network" of radio stations, which exist mostly for the purpose of brainwashing Black people into thinking that they aren't supposed to participate in the multibillion dollar business that they created.

Take a listen to this short interview/discussion from the BBC w/Soul-Patrol's Bob Davis

Thanks for taking the time to listen to the broadcast...
(and let us know what you think about this issue?)

--Bob Davis

Below are some comments from some of you out there who have already listened to this broadcast

Right On Bob!!

Those folks still can't except that Elvis was biting from the brothers.
Then the lady host says: "In The Ghetto!" was his what acknowledgement of black artist or something like that? WTF?? Even that old cut of "That's Alright Mama!' to me was almost identical! They have been and always will be looking for the great white hope in anything that has Black people at the helm of the creative source.

That cat from England.. Please!!! Sun Records knew what they were doing taking a black sounding hip swinging young white dude and making him a big hit. Remember the old white folks didn't like Elvis in the beginning because he was acting TOO BLACK!, and playing that jungle music!! And let us not forget the late great OTIS BLACKWELL!! Economics and Politics becomes the stew in which racism is formed; that is how Slavery began with us on this side of the world, if ya git my drift!

It is there fear for survival, of becoming extinct in their own minds that compels them
to just take their so called heroes and raise them to Iconic levels. Remember a time when they thought Vanilla Ice was the second coming? Now he is considered a joke.

Eminem is alright, but come on now!! Then this D12 whatever they are.. looking like complete idiots onstage. We have got to stop playing the Stepin Fetchit just to get paid!! Stop these Ass Wiggling, Big Money.. Bling Blinging videos, and start to appreciate our classic masters of music. If we don't Elvis, The Beatles, (I do dig The Beatles & Elvis, but they are not MUSIC GODS!!) Rolling Stones, Eminem, Britney Spears (ARGGH!!) will become legendary, and Janet Jackson will only be remembered for her WARDROBE MALFUNCTION!!!



Bob--great job! I enjoyed all the comments and the exchanges. Too bad there wasn't more time, but those the kind of discussions that I have been part of my whole life, and actually enjoyed every minute of them.
You made an excellent comparison with "Trying To Get To You", where every inflection of the Eagles lead singer was copied perfectly by Elvis. I wish they had followed up the Arthur Crudup clip of "That's All Right" with Elvis' from the same spot in the song as his was also identical in that part of the song. Here's a little trivia for you--another very famous white artist put "Trying To Get To You" on the flip side of his first single in 1955--and he learned the song from Elvis--not from Elvis' recorded version which was not released until 1956 by RCA--but from Elvis himself. The artist was Roy Orbison.

You were obviously debating an avid Elvis fan--many of his English fans are rabid rock-a-billy fans and have kept the genre alive in England and Europe.

I must admit that growing up I loved Elvis in the 50's and early 60's, and looked forward to each of his albums as he always (In my mind) paid tribute to blues and r&b artists by doing songs by everyone from Chuck Willis to the Spiders. Unfortunately, I was always one of the few who even knew that artists before Elvis had done these songs. The only reason that I knew these things was because of Alan Freed, who would always play the original version, and I would go out and find it. Ironically, one of Elvis' greatest songwriting contributors was Otis Blackwell, a black man, who would give Elvis demos sung by him, and Elvis would build from them.
So because I was a young fan and not being black myself, I always looked at these renditions as tributes to the original artists, and I figured that at least they were benefiting in many cases as they were receiving money for their songwriting credits. I always felt sorry for the artists who were copied note for note by white artists who had bigger hits, but they did not write the records themselves.
Interesting how a perspective can be from another cultural viewpoint. That's why I enjoy the program "American Dreams" so much and I'm glad it's returning in the fall.
Anyway, great job once again, and thanks for sharing it with me.


Hell Bob...I listened to the broadcast, man that dude was skating all around that the question of where and how things have or didn't evolve in the attitude of the white America with regards to the royal legacy of black creations...


BOY! It's so hard to believe that you still have this stupid ass Elvis fans not wanting to give it up. That mf DID NOT create Rock & Roll. Hell, every hit he had has a cover of some black artist. But you broke 'em off beautifully. Good Job.


Peace Bob,

They don't want to give it up, do they (laughing)?


I remember going to the Apollo on several occasions and before the show would start, we would see an Elvis Presley movie. I never did go out to buy any of his music, but he was all right, but it did seem like a long wait for the show to begin. I saw when he was on Ed Sullivan, but I did not get excited because in those days it was a really big deal when someone black was going to be on tv. We had one phone in the house
and a long distance call was a big deal and kids did not touch the phone when it rang unless you were home alone.

To this day, I still feel something special when a call is long distance. Thus, you talking to someone over in England is really special and long distance. It was a treat to listen to the interview and I kind of suspect that the moderator was on your side. Even though you did not change the mind of the English guy, the mere fact that it was broadcasted gave
a foreign audience a view from the black perspective. Keep up the good work and continue to spread the word about culture banditry to the world......


I checked it out and you were on point Bob. I particularly liked the way you pointed out at the end "It would have been AWFULLY NICE if..." ;-) You did a great job of putting Elvis in context of the great music that influenced him without coming across as overbearing.



For Elvis to come on stage and do as you proposed there would have had to been a significant depth of character on his part as well as that of the music industry moguls of the time (stop laughing!). Also, don't forget that Elvis was dealing with a drug problem towards the end was he not?

Bottom line, if they cannot profit from it, why would they do it? 'cause it's the right thing to do? It's not as if these guys had accepted Jesus Christ as the head of their lives and the shepherd of their actions or any thing. And let's not forget the mindset of the US then and even now. Remember it's only recently been "okay" to be a black male to any degree with or without obligatory dreadlocks. To have the black image in the media at that time and in a positive presentation was again, unusual.

"There are thieves in the temple tonight."
--Prince Rogers Nelson

Darrell Da Phatfunk Clique


that was outstanding!! Oddly enough, I was home watching cable...old movies and the Jerry Lee Lewis story came on with the same thing with "white" bands like Led Zeppelin, whom I love. Ya know I'll never forget when Herb Alpert stood up in front of a predominantly black audience and said, "there's no question that American music has its root & is founded in the Afro-American experience. No question." Holla atcha boy!!

-Keith (a/k/a/ Pontificator of the Funk)

Hi Bob

I just listened to the short BBC world service talk you participated in. You put the points over well and I for one agree with you, but then I always have had the same view as you on the origins of Rock and roll. I hope that one day I can meet up with you and we can get a co presenter show recoded with you for my Soul Show on Swindon FM in the UK. That would be a blast and maybe I could co present a show with you, with me putting the British appreciation of Soul in the 60's point of view that could be placed on Soul Patrol radio.

Again, Well done

--Alan UK

Take a listen to this short interview/discussion from the BBC w/Soul-Patrol's Bob Davis

Thanks for taking the time to listen to the broadcast...
(and let us know what you think about this issue?)

--Bob Davis

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2. CD Review: Teena Marie - La Dona  


Ascending Into The Future...(what is FUNK #344?)

Here is what I wrote about Ascendant's new CD a few months ago, right here on the Soul-Patrol Newsletter...

* Where Are You Now - Ascendant
(Nu Soul/Real Soul)

This is an outstanding CD release from some longtime Soul-Patrollers. Like much of the best of what the music industry classifies as "neo soul", it really sounds more like it would easily find a home on the play list of a "progressive Black radio station circa 1975". It's just plain good music and you will be hearing much more about this group on Soul-Patrol...

One of the perpetual questions that gets asked here all of the time on Soul-Patrol is...


Now although there are those who will attempt to provide a definition, I am not among that group of folks and the reason is pretty simple. (I actually don't know the answer to that question)

So therefore, I'm NOT gonna try and front...

However what I am more than capable of doing is discussing the aspects of funk music and culture from within the aesthetic of my own life and the people, places and events that have shaped it. For me, FUNK is more than just a "musical category", it's actually a way of thinking. It's a mindset generally rooted in the Black experience and more specifically it's rooted in my own personal experiences in and around the landscape surrounding the years between 1968 to 1980 or so. Today it's reflected in a manner of thinking and approach that holds firm to my beliefs nurtured during the 1970's that continue to evolve to this day.

All of which brings me to the music of the Chicago based group known as ASCENDANT. Musically they sound like a mix of Earth, Wind and Fire, Stevie Wonder, Fifth Dimension, Rotary Connection or if I had to give it a tag line, I might be tempted to describe the music of ASCENDANT as "flower power funk".

Here is the track listing for their CD...


1 Power
2 We Can Work It Out Somehow
3 Give It Up
4 Can't Help Myself
5 Illusions
6 Friend fa Sho'
7 Hard Times
8 Make It So
9 Where You Are Now
10 Happy
11 10-D
12 We Are Ascendant

Just from the song titles alone you can kinda see where this is going. However there is more...(much more)

Much of it brings to mind the element of the "black hippie" and the early 1970's during the timeframe where some folks were truly trying to ASCEND INTO THE FUTURE.

As we have discussed, "black hippies" weren't just people who might be willing to die for their beliefs. They actually tried to implement their beliefs by taking some positive action and led by example. Ascendant has dared in this age of Terrorist Fear Driven Materialism and to challenge that mode of thinking that has infected the masses like maggots. To some folks I realize that in the year 2004, this type of thinking may appear to be "hokey", however in my opinion this is EXACTLY the recipe for the troubled times in which we live.

Folks this music is THOUGHTFUL in it's content and TOE TAPPIN in it's presentation...
And it takes me back to a time and place in our society when to was actually acceptable to do both. I suppose that the "black music experts" at Rolling Stone will call this CD "Neo Soul", if they were to review it. Of course that means VH-1 and BET will ignore it completely.

But that's ok, because for the rest of us we will get the chance to take a journey with a group of talented artists who truly "KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS". They know that the time is right to continue that journey begun back in the early 1970's. That's because they have already figured out one of the most difficult parts of making the trip. And that is the part where it's most important to ASCEND to heights and take the journey that others won't dare to risk.
Because if you don't, then you will surely fail.

and that it truly is...

.....the journey
.........the destination
..........that counts the most


See I told you that you would be hearing much more about them
(and I ain't done yet...)

Concerts in the Park Series:
Wednesday July 14
Meyering Park, 7140 S. King Drive
7PM Free Admission

*Friday July 16*
WGN Morning News Channel 9

Sunday July 18
Douglas Park, 1401 S. Sacramento
3PM Free Admission

*New Download - Happy "Live"
In anticipation of our Concert in the Park Series, we thought we'd give you a taste of what it sounds like live. This track is taken from the Nov 29, 2003 Lyon's Den show, Phunksway vol. II and is direct from the soundboard. Like Aleata says, "enjoy!"
Go here
Then go to the Music link...

Select stores:

World Records: 719 S. Western, Chicago, IL, The Music Experience: 1959 E. 73rd St., Chicago, IL, Dusty Groove America: 1120 N. Ashland, Chicago, IL, Dr Wax: 5136 S. Harper, Chicago, IL

--Bob Davis

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3. Get Funk Stamped For the 2006 Soul-Patrol Convention By Sly Stone

Sly Stone

I have been authorized to extend the following offer by the Stewart Family (Sly and the Family Stone) to all attendees of the 2004 Soul-Patrol East Coast Convention, July 30-31 in Willingboro NJ:

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We not only talk about OURstory here on Soul-Patrol, we actually are willing to give you a chance to OWN just a little piece of it as well...


--Bob Davis

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4. RIP Cookie Holley

Isley's and Hendrix

Sorry to have to report this news, Soul-Patrol's own Cookie Holley passed away of a heart attack

I didn't always agree with Cookie Holley on certain issues. But I can tell you this; she truly loved Soul-Patrol. I spoke with her as recently as 3 weeks ago and at that time she was putting me in touch with artists who wanted to donate CD's to our Convention.

At least two of those artists will be giving us their CD's to use during the Convention. After I heard the news one of the first people I called was funk guitarist Gemi Taylor (Graham Central Station), who had been introduced to me by Cookie Holley. Gemi was in shock when I told him of this news. Cookie Holley was one of a kind and Gemi and I talked about her for about 1/2 hour. She was truly one of a kind...

I'm not really surprised that she has passed away. Cookie Holley was very ill, in fact she has been very ill since I first met her about 5 years ago. Many times when you saw her writing here on the Internet, she was bedridden.

For Cookie Holley, the Internet was a way to communicate outside of her sickbed.
And communicate she did...

Hopefully you all got a chance to get to know her while she was here, but just in case you

She was one of those rare people who tried to make a difference.
In my book that is a rarity.
And it was indeed my pleasure to know her...

-- Bob Davis

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5. RIP Syreeta Wright

Louise Perryman

Syreeta Wright, the former wife and collaborator of Stevie Wonder, has died at the age of 58 after a long battle with cancer.

Syreeta was a recording artist for Motown Records. She started at Motown as a secretary before producers Ashford & Simpson put her in the studio. At one stage, she was considered for the job of lead singer of The Supremes, replacing Diana Ross who had gone solo. Syreeta's biggest hit was 'With You I'm Born Again' with Billy Preston in 1980.

Over the years she had sung on many albums including Michael Bolton's 'Soul Provider', Billy Preston's 'It's My Pleasure' and Quincy Jones 'Back On The Block'. With Stevie Wonder, she was heard on his 'Fullfillingness First Finale' (1974), 'Songs In The Key of Life' (1976), 'Hotter Than July' (1980), 'In Square Circle' (1985), 'Jungle Fever' (1991) and 'Conversation Peace' (1995).

She released her first album 'Syretta' in 1972' but it was 'Stevie Wonder Presents Syreeta' which launched her career. The Wonder produced album is considered one of the great 'lost' soul albums of the 70's and a companion piece to Stevie Wonder's classic 'Talking Book'.

--Paul Cashmere

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