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Soul-Patrol Newsletter Headlines (7/29/2004)

1. 2004 Soul-Patrol East Coast Convention: Past/Future Legend of Black Music Award Winners
2. Some Radio Guys, Who Are Supporting The Soul-Patrol East Coast Convention
3. Robert Batista: Brooklyn Story
4. Rio Soul's California Soul/Funk Explosion Comes To Philly (Sun August 1 @ Cavenaugh's River Deck 5pm-10pm) & Pittsburgh (Mon Aug 2 @ Crawford Grill)

5. From Brooklyn To WBAI
6. Convention Update: Persuaders & Rais Wilson Live Saturday Performances, Eddie Holman and Gene Chandler will be in the house, Official Autographed Convention Poster Poster/Eddie Hazel Games, Dames and Guitar Thangs CD Raffle!
7. Media Alert: 9:30 am Saturday Press Conference At The Soul-Patrol Convention

A brief introduction to those of you who might be new to The award winning website has been featuring the best on the net in Soul, Jazz , Slow Jams , Black Rock , Funk , Doo Wop , Neo Soul and about the culture since 1996.

We call the concept...

The Soul-Patrol Newsletter is designed to keep you abreast of news and views regarding this music/culture on a bi-weekly basis. Our objective is to provide you with information (CD Reviews, Concert Reviews, Commentary, Online Events, Offline Events, etc) on a timely basis that will lead to your participation either online or offline in the many musical/cultural things that the great artists we love provide for us.

The Soul-Patrol East Coast Convention Is Coming July 30-31

Click on the link below for our official
SP Convention website . Tickets for our Star Studded Past/Future Legends of Black Music Awards Ceremony and Cabaret, are on sale right now for $40.00 ONLINE ONLY UNTIL MIDNIGHT THURSDAY JULY 29 . Tickets will be $50.00 at the door.

Call 609-351-0154 for information
Bob Davis

2004 Soul-Patrol East Coast Convention  

Sound like your kind of event?
Go to the site and check out the full agenda of activities we have on tap for the weekend. Or click on the link below and check out the full agenda (.pdf)

Click here to check out the detailed 3 page agenda for BOTH DAYS

Can't afford the 40 bucks for the Star Studded Past/Future Legends of Black Music Awards Ceremony and Cabaret, then come on out for our Black Music Film Festival, Seminars/Panel Discussions, and Artist Trade Show/Meet & Greet, which are all FREE TO THE PUBLIC!!!
(Bring your young people with you and let them interact with these past and future historical figures!)

We have secured the use of a fantastic multi purpose facility, the Kennedy Center in Willingboro, NJ (right outside of Philadelphia) and this year in addition to providing all of our artists FREE space to display and autograpgh their merchandice. (so bring some extra loot, so you can buy some GREAT CD's while you are there))

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--Bob Davis

1. 2004 Soul-Patrol East Coast Convention: Past/Future Legend of Black Music Award Winners


Here is the list of Award winners (in various categories) who will be presented with The Past/Future Legend of Black Music Awards at the: 2004 Soul-Patrol East Coast Convention on July 31 during our Awards Show.


* Internet Pioneer Award - Neftali Santiago, Greer Muldoon, Kevin Amos & Genna Sapia-Ruffin

* Best 2003 NU Soul CD Release - Marlon Saunders / Soundoctrine

* Best 2003 Jazz CD Release - Children On The Corner

* Best 2003 Blues CD Release - Mighty Sam McClain

* Best 2003 Slow Jam CD Release - Mandrill

* Best 2003 Funk CD Release - Clinton Administration

* Best 2003 Classic Soul CD Release - Legendary Escorts

* Best 2003 Soul Music CD Release - Barbara Mason

* Living Legend Award - Arlene Smith & Buddy Miles

NOTE: In addition ALL of our Soul-Patrol Artists will be honored during the Awards Ceremony and we will also have several LIVE musical tributes during the show...

A lot of people have been asking me just who the award winners will be. However this list was possibly the worst kept secret on the Internet, since I actually announced the award winners for best CD's of 2003, at the end of 2003 :-)

If you haven't heard some of these 2003 recordings...
(we have been writing about these recordings all thru the past year)

You can actually hear most of them on our Internet radio station at:





All 2004 releases, living legends and Internet pioneers are eligible for consideration for next year's awards, so stay tuned. (In 2004 we will probably add some more categories)

--Bob Davis

Click for the Soul-Patrol East Coast Convention

2. Some Radio Guys, Who Are Supporting The Soul-Patrol East Coast Convention  


I just wanted to take this moment to thank the following radio hosts:

These DJ's allowed Soul-Patrol to invade their airspace over the past few days to discuss the upcoming 2004 Soul-Patrol East Coast Convention. This has resulted in a tremendous number of phone calls and emails from folks near & far who otherwise would not have known about the event.

* Tony Ryan (WBAI 99.5 - NYC)

* Joe Kelley (WVOF 88.5 Fairfield, CT)

* Tim Marshall (WBZC 88.9 FM Burlington Co. NJ)

* Al Knight (WKDU 91.7 FM Philadelphia)

I know that a number of you here also checked out all or part of these broadcasts as well. And I thank you for supporting these broadcasters, all of whom by the way will be participating in the Convention itself...

--Bob Davis

Click here for the Soul-Patrol East Coast Convention

3. Robert Batista: Brooklyn Story

Brooklyn Story

I realize that more than a few of you out there are sick and tired of me reminiscing about growing up in NYC, but you will have to bear with me, for just a moment or two longer :-)

I'd like to take this moment in time to introduce you to fellow Soul-Patroller, Robert Batista who is the author of a new book called BROOKLYN STORY. The book is awesome and I can relate to it quite well because of the fact that it deals with young people of color coming of age during the late 1960's in Brooklyn and it has an AWESOME musical backdrop.

The book won't be commercially available till 2005, however since Mr. Batista will be one of our seminar panelists at the 2004 Soul-Patrol East Coast Convention, he will have "special edition copies" of the book available at the Convention.

Take a listen to this interview/broadcast (with an AWESOME MUSICAL BACKDROP) that I did with Robert Batista a few weeks ago and let me know what cha think?

Robert Batista: Brooklyn Story
Click here to listen to an inteview (featuring the commentary of Robert Batista and music of: Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, Five Stairsteps, Mandrill, Escorts, Ray, Goodman & Brown, Silver Star, Elinor Grant ) with Brooklyn Story Author, Robert Batista

'Brooklyn Story' is an exploration of a community, a country and a generation in the 1960's. After the 'Great Migration' to "The Promised Land" by their parents and grandparents, these offspring, these "Children of Change", found themselves caught in the middle of a social revolution. Living in the so-called ghettoes of America: Harlem, Southside Chicago, Watts, and in this case, Brooklyn's Bedford-Stuyvesant, which then was the second largest Black community in the country. And living in the multi-cultural, yet sometimes-notorious place we call 'The Projects' --Robert Batista

--Bob Davis

Click for the Soul-Patrol East Coast Convention

4. Rio Soul's California Soul/Funk Explosion Comes To Philly (Sun August 1 @ Cavenaugh's River Deck 5pm-10pm) & Pittsburgh (Mon Aug 2 @ Crawford Grill)

Rio Soul

In addition to playing at the 2004 Soul-Patrol East Coast Convention, RIO SOUL will also be doing shows in PHILLY (August 1) and Pittsburgh (August 2)


Check it out yall.
Wanna get FUNKED UP?????

Do you wanna get FUNKED UP...


Do whateva you have to do to get to Cavenaugh's River Deck on Sunday August 1, from 5pm - 10pm. And when you come, bring a friend, so that you can...ROCK THEIR WORLD!!!!

And when you come, bring a friend, so that you can...



(now check out the background and reviews, from our friends out in Pittsburgh....)


RioSoul, the L.A. based funk band is coming east again to do gigs in New Jersey, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. The group will be making an encore performance to introduce their new CD, "The Cure," one night only, on Monday evening. August 2, 8 p.m. at the Crawford Grill on the Square @ Station Square, 125 W. Station Square Drive (in the heart of Station Square).

RioSoul's music has been described as SOPHISTICATED FUNK! It's reminiscent of some of the Soul & Funk of the 70's and 80's - while still sounding FRESH and ORIGINAL. RioSoul has maintained their vow to bring back REAL MUSIC and put on incredible LIVE SHOWS. RioSoul continuously receives rave reviews from fans, along with many professionals in the industry.

Call the Grill at (412) 281-2885 for reservations or send me e-mail let me know you are coming so we can hold seats for you. We're expecting a full house with friends & supporters coming in from New York, New Jersey, Cleveland, Youngstown, etc.

So come on out, bring your friends, and show our guests from L. A. some "Love".

The cover charge is only $8. There will be a "Meet and Greet with RioSoul at 7:00 p.m. For more information, call Stephan Broadus at 412-481-8301 ext 129 or Tom Burley at the Crawford Grill at
-- Bob Davis

Click here to order tickets to the Soul-Patrol East Coast Convention

5. From Brooklyn To WBAI

Brooklyn Story
Hey Nozo,

Thanks for checking out the broadcast...

Bob and Blanche did a superb job of promoting the Soul Patrol Convention to the WBAI listeners AT 2:00am. LOL From what I gather it seems SP will havegotten a whole new slew of members.

Well I dunno about that, but the phone lines were lit up like a Christmas tree the whole time we were there. We gave away two pairs of tickets to the listeners and had a LOT of fun talking about the Convention and about Soul-Patrol in general. We were there on the air in NYC for 2 full hours.
(For a little colored boy from Brooklyn, it don't get much better than

Since Tony Ryan (host of Soul Central Station) mentioned he's coming, I'll have to chide him. I've called in twice over the years to make a request to play the Moments' "Look At Me..." and neither time did he have it available.

I'll have to talk with Tony about
(maybe I'll play it for u

Tony was very cool, he's been a member of Soul-Patrol for about two years and he confessed on the air that we helped him to discover Marlon Saunders. We gave him a copy of Rio Soul's CD while we were there, so be sure to listen for it on some future broadcast!

Bob, just make sure the rowboats are available to tackle the floodwaters in Burlington County. LOL

Speaking of Brooklyn...
(How's that for a segue???)

Our appearance on Tony Ryan's show was only one part of the evening.
Prior to our arrival at WBAI's studios we had been over in Brooklyn passing out flyers and PARTYING DOWN over in Brooklyn at a joint called "THE LAB" (on Fulton St. between Brooklyn Ave and Tompkins Ave). The event was hosted by local legend Felix Hernandez.

Blanche and I arrived at the club at around 10:30 and checked in with Felix and asked if it would be cool if we promoted the Convention there and he was cool with that Blanche and I split up, passing out flyers and talking up the event to the crowd. There was a HUGE crowd there and I was busy trying to talk with as many people as I could, in this atmosphere of GREAT music. A few moments later, I felt a tap on my shoulder, and turned around.
Blanche was there and she said...

"Bob, this lady says that she is a friend of yours..."
I looked at this lady and said to myself...
"Dayum she's SUPER FOINE, but I don't know her. If I knew her, I'm certain that I wouldn't have EVER forgotten about HER..."

I stared at her for a few more moments and then admitted that I didn't know

Then she said...
"Bob, it's me OSANDRA from the Soul-Patrol Mailing List...."
(we both smiled and hugged each other)
We talked for a few minutes and then I said...
"Well you KNOW what I'm gonna do now, don't u"?

OSANDRA said...

"I sure do, you are going to put my azz to work passing out flyers..."
The three of us laughed, split up and went to
We saturated the place with flyers to the point that later, I had people coming up to me asking me questions in the courtyard area of the club about the event. I soon found myself "holding court" with several people as if it was a live chat session, answering questions about the event, talking music and talking about

I spoke with a number of people who were natives of Brooklyn, who talked (with much Nostagia in their voices and hearts) about all of the old clubs in Brooklyn where we used to hang out at. One lady told me that it was truly sad that all of those places were gone, but that it was even more sad that it seemed that all of the people who used to hang out back in the day now seemed to be gone as well. She said that the times when she could talk to Black adults who were natives of Brooklyn and who had participated in the "70's FUNK MOVEMENT" (my term, not hers) were few and far between. She wondered what had happened to all of these people and wished that there was some way to communicate with them.

When I explained what we were doing online with Soul-Patrol, she thought that she had died and gone to

Quite a few folks from back in that courtyard told me they were planning to make the drive down to Willingboro.
(we shall see how many show

As it approached 2am, I knew that I had to leave soon in order to hop on over to Manhattan to WBAI's studios.
The song "Girl You Need A Change Of Mind" - Eddie Kendricks was playing (bout 1/2 over), so I grabbed OSANDRA, and said....
"Lets go" ….With that we went on the dance floor....

None of that "hand dance crap" going on up in here, I mean THIS IS BROOKLYN WHERE FREESTYLE RULES

We "rocked & freaked" all over the

Next up was the classic song "TIGHTEN UP" - Archie Bell and the Drells.
(no biggie, right????)

awwwwwwwwww hell no

The two of us were into a SERIOUS GROOVE and as the song ended...
Felix did the unbelievable, he did the unreal
He flipped the record over and played...

:::TIGHTEN UP (pt 2):::

I was like.........
oh sheeeeeet
(now I was in my freakin zone, doin the TIGHTEN UP with quite possibly the best looking woman in a club of 1,000

The song ended, said my good bye's to OSANDRA, said my goodbye's to Felix and all of the other nice people I met at the club, found Blanche and we went to Manhattan.

On the way over Blanche said...

"I will NEVER doubt yall again when yall, start talking about partying in Brooklyn..."
"I have been partying in Manhattan since I was a teenager, but you folks from Brooklyn truly put Manhattan to shame..."

She said...
"For example, some dude asked me to dance and I told him no. He told me that considering what it cost me to get in here, that every moment that I spent NOT DANCING was like wasting money..."
"And then all of the sudden I found myself dancing with him"

I said...

(that sounds just like what a brotha from Brooklyn might

Last Saturday night was a GREAT night for Soul-Patrol!!!!

--Bob Davis

Click for the Soul-Patrol East Coast Convention

6. Convention Update: Persuaders & Rais Wilson Live Saturday Performances, Eddie Holman and Gene Chandler will be in the house, Official Autographed Convention Poster Poster/Eddie Hazel Games, Dames and Guitar Thangs CD Raffle!  


A few quick Convention Updates for yall….

* Soul-Patrol's own Legendary Persuaders will perform a LIVE set of some of their hits and our own Rais Wilson will perform a LIVE Spoken Word Set, during our Saturday Seminar session (just to break up some of the conversation). Look for other surprise performances by our artists during the two day convention (sorry ya gotta be there to find out who they will be)

* Legendary Soul Music Superstars Eddie Holman ("Hey There Lonely Girl") and Gene Chandler (Duke of Earl") are added to our official roster and will be in the house for the 2004 Soul-Patrol East Coast Convention (expect a few more surprise guests)

* Each year it has become our tradition to raffle off a small number of OFFICIAL Soul-Patrol East Coast Convention posters, that have been autographed by ALL of the artists in the house. This money goes to the Open Up My Heart Foundation. This year we continue and extend the tradition by letting you buy raffle tickets during BOTH days of the Convention (just stop off at the Soul-Patrol Information Table and pick up your ticket) and as a bonus all raffle winners will also get a copy of the LEGENDARY and RARE album "GAMES, DAMES AND GUITAR THANGS" by the late Funkadelic guitarist EDDIE "magotbrain" HAZEL. This CD has been reissued in a limited quanity of just 2,500 and is supplied by Rhino Records.

--Bob Davis

Click here for the Soul-Patrol East Coast Convention

7. Media Alert: Press Conference At The Soul-Patrol Convention  


If you are a member of the press (print, tv, radio, etc) and you will be attending the 2004 Soul-Patrol East Coast Convention, we have made some special provisions for you.
On Saturday July 31 at 9am we have scheduled a press conference. The Soul-Patrol Convention artists, authors and other dignitaries will be in attendance for questions and interviews. If you are interested in participating contact me via email at the following link with your information.
--Bob Davis

Click here for the Soul-Patrol East Coast Convention

If you have a news item, update, review, commentary, etc that you would like to submit to the Soul-Patrol Newsletter, please send them via email for consideration to:

Hopefully you enjoyed this edition of the Soul-Patrol Newsletter.
We will be back in about two weeks with the next edition, with any email alerts for
local events, Soul-Patrol website updates/chat sessions or breaking news in between, as required.

If you have any comments, questions, etc feel free to drop me an email and let me know what's on your mind.

Bob Davis

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