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Daniel Austin

Soul-Patrol Newsletter

Soul-Patrol Newsletter

Hi, this is Bob Davis and I wanted to take this moment in time and space to introduce you all to a new artist that I'd like you to give yourself a chance to experience. DANIEL AUSTIN and his new CD called "CONFIDENCE IN YOU" (available online at his web site: www.danielaustin.comYou may have noticed that we have been featuring Daniel Austin here on the Soul-Patrol Newsletter for the past few weeks. However I'd like you to take a few moments of your time to focus on him and his music a little closer in this special edition of the newsletter

--Bob Davis

Daniel Austin:

Soul-Patrol Newsletter

Soul-Patrol Newsletter

Get ready for a powerful combination of funky jams and progressive jazz, fused by an exciting pop sensibility. Daniel 'Dano' Austin's Confidence in You is a fresh, totally original arrival. His music offers unwavering faith in the power of love, while never losing the ability to make listeners stand up and party. Laying down top-notch songwriting, honest lyrics, outstanding musicianship, and tight harmonies over lethal beats, Confidence in You, offers a new direction. An electrifying new sound that transcends genre boundaries - classy but not easily classified. Evoking influences ranging from Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye, to the Neptunes and Timbaland, Confidence in You is one of the standout releases of 2004.

Daniel began his musical journey digging through crates of soul, jazz and rock LPs belonging to his older brother James and mother Elaine. As a classically trained pianist and singer, he progressed to playing keyboards and singing with the best of LA's R&B and fusion bands, which included players associated with The Gap Band, Rose Royce, Prince, and Aretha Franklin. This fostered friendships and collaborations with the stellar crew featured on Confidence in You. Most recently Daniel was the lead singer and keyboardist with Tyghtship, known as the funkiest band in Southern California. The stellar musicians featured in Tyghtship and on Confidence in You will be performing with Daniel in much anticipated upcoming shows.

On Confidence in You Daniel Austin successfully carves out a unique musical niche. Artfully combining the best of jazz, funk, R&B, and pop, with a singular vision. Listen… This new voice has found a way to fill a long-standing gap in the musical collective.

Daniel Austin's New CD:

Daniel Austin and Confidence In You

A few weeks ago I posted this review in the Soul-Patrol Newsletter...

(Nu Soul/Dance/Funk)

"Confidence In You", is a very interesting and diverse CD from Daniel Austin . "Confidence In You" actually has two very distinct personalities. It starts out with a Stevie Wonderish/Donnie Hathawayish type of 'neo soul' type groove for the first half of the CD and then all of the sudden BUSTS out (starting at track 7) with a Funk Groove called POINT & CLICK which is reminiscent of the song by Prince from Emancipation called 'E-Male'. "Confidence In You" then takes off into a seriously Funky groove that could easily be played non stop at a house party or a club. So therefore if it was an LP some people would love the first side and some people would love the second side. Put on one side to chill with on a Saturday night before going out and put on the second side once you get to the party.What more could you want?

But don't take my word for it....take a Click here and listen to stream of all of the songs from CONFIDENCE IN YOU by DANIEL AUSTIN

--Bob Davis

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Bob Davis

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