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Soul-Patrol Newsletter Headlines (01/10/2005)

1. Concert Review: Michael Henderson, Jean Carne, Marion Meadows @ Atlantic City/Tropicana/TSOP Club
2. Concert Review - Marlon Saunders, Monet, Alison Crockett @ Franks Lounge In Brooklyn
3. Micheal Jackson/Redemption Chat Transcript
4. Mandrill Comes To The Soul-Patrol Chat Room On 1/13/05 @ 10pm pst/7pm pst
5. Mr James 'Pookie' Hudson, Lead Singer of The Legendary Spaniels

  Welcome to Soul-Patrol Newsletter:While it may be easy to lament what is currently wrong with our culture, it's also fair to say that there are plenty of artists who are out there producing some great music. Artists like Micheal Henderson, Jean Carne, Marion Meadows, Marlon Saunders, Monet, Allison Crockett, Mandrill and others are out there producing GREAT original music on CD and TEARING UP stages all over the place with their LIVE performances.

Despite the fact that we are treated to some exceptional music here on Soul-Patrol, courtesy of the many artists and other entities here, that the music we are discussing here is so far outside of the mainstream, that it isn't even funny. The music we have been discussing here on Soul-Patrol, whether its done by older artists or younger artists has truly become "underground music". Keep in mind the artists we discuss here are by and large INDEPENDENT artists (ie: those without record contracts). Even the famous ones you read about in this newsletter are INDEPENDENT!!!!

On one level that intrigues me, because of the "rebel" in my, I like the idea that at the age of 47, I can be associated with something that is "underground". For example, some of you might recall that recently I posted Soul-Patrol's Top 25 CD releases of 2005. I can state without any remorse whatsoever, that the number twenty-sixth album on my list, is 10 times better than the #1 album on the "mainstream list".

However on the real tip, I am disgusted that the chances of the ANY of the new CD's from artists on Soul-Patrol released in 2005 finding a place on that "mainstream list" are about the same as finding a "snowball in hell". I'm disgusted, because I know that unless people (you and me) buy this new music in large quantities that these artists won't be able to earn enough money to stay in business.

And that if these artists don't earn enough money to stay in business, OUR culture will suffer. I think that we have to provide DIRECT SUPPORT to the classic artist and the new artists we claim to love so much. Lord knows that the KNEE-GRO RADIO STATIONS, Cathy Hughes, BET's, Tom Joyners, AOL's, Microsoft's, Clear Channel,'s, Yahoo's, etc aren't going to do it!!!

I think that quite simply you, me and everyone else reading this need to start thinking of ourselves, not simply as "music fans". I think that we have to start thinking of ourselves as...


And then I ask...

What can be done to improve this situation????

Well the answer is simple...
(Buy more CD's, and buy em directly from the artists, via their websites)

It really isn't a difficult thing to do at all. Think about it for a moment....

I realize that there are some people here who put some significant skin in the game. But I also realize that there are many folks here who don't!!!

My hope is that EVERYONE reading this will commit to purchasing at least TWO CD's here online DIRECTLY FROM AN ARTIST WEBSITE during 2005. When we tell you about some GREAT music here on Soul-Patrol and when you hear it, you like it, and we give you a link, then you should go to the appropriate site and BUY IT (isn't that what you do when you are in a record store??)

But for some of you out there I know it is? (Yall are just "talkin LOUD and saying NOTHING)

I know that for some of you it's no big deal at all for you to do this. But others seem to have a problem with it. I've heard all of the excuses, and quite frankly I'm tired of it. Don't have a credit card???
(most of the artists will accept a check/money order....hell, go to one of their shows & buy it from them and pay ca$h )

Don't even think twice about it, just do it. Your gonna buy some new CD's this year, why not COMMIT to buying at least two DIRECTLY FROM THE ARTISTS.

Perhaps in the larger scheme of things, it won't make much of a difference. I mean, this is not as high of a priority as finding a cure for AIDS or helping a friend to learn how to read, etc

However it is important to the artists. We claim to love them so much. Why not add a little skin in the game to all of that "love" as well?

If you hear some music that you like on the Internet, BUY IT It really is that simple....

Let us know what YOU think???
--Bob Davis

1. Concert Review: Michael Henderson, Jean Carne, Marion Meadows @ Atlantic City/Tropicana/TSOP Club  

Spaceman, Jean and Mike

Occasionally I am at a loss for words. Doesn't happen very often. But sometimes it does and when it does, it always causes me to reflect.

Now I am supposed to be writing a concert review of a show that I attended last night in Atlantic City. I took about 3 pages worth of written notes, took tons of pictures, conducted many interviews and gathered up a lotta "inside stuff" and a lotta "outside stuff". So I think that I did what I was supposed to do? Yet right now I am unable to truly organize and compose everything that I took in last night into something coherent to share with the rest of you...

It was an evening so filled with joy and wonder that all I can do is list some words right now to give you an idea of what I experienced. In short I guess these words will simply have to serve as an outline, until I can get my act together to actually compose a review.

Music, Culture, History, Artistry, Youth, Age, Family, Legacy, Mainstream, Out Of The Box, Jazz, Funk, Soul, Old Stuff, New Stuff, Vocaleese, Victory, Adversity, Miles Davis, Sly Stone, James Brown, Rick James, Jimi Hendrix, Chaka Khan, Gamble/Huff, Phyllis Hyman, etc

I suppose that if I were a "real reporter", I would just give you the facts & nothing else...

Spaceman, Jean and Mike* Art Sherard Jr: Opened the show with a tribute to Earth, Wind and Fire

* Marion Meadows: Did a few "smooth jazz" cuts from his new album

* Jean Carne Did: "This Christmas", "Love Don't Love Nobody", "Don't Let It Go To Your Head", "Then Came You", "What You Won't Do For Love", "Sweet Thing", "Ain't No Stopping Us Now", "Closer Than Close".

* Michael Henderson Did: "At The Concert", "Be My Girl", "Valentine Love"(w/Jean Carne), "You Are My Starship", "Hot Dog", "Wide Receiver", "You and I", (along with a whole bunch of Miles/Jimi/Sly/Sun Ra/JB/P-Funk style "brotha from another planet type stuff").
And that would be my review...

However this show was a WHOLE LOT MORE THAN THAT
It was actually a...


You see, it would be really easy for me to describe this concert was as a "once in a lifetime" kinda thing. But it really wasn't, it was on many levels simply a manifestation of what OUR culture used to really be all about. On another level, it was a manifestation of what OUR culture can never be again.

It was the past, present and future all rolled together at the same time.

**To say that the music was unbelievable/mind blowing would be an understatement

**To say that the atmosphere was mind/mind blowing would be an understatement

**To say that the effect on me as a fan was mind/mind blowing would be an understatement

Just to make sure that I wasn't dreaming, I went back stage after the second show just for a reality check. All of the musicians were drenched in sweat, jumping up and down in exuberance. They knew that they had accomplished something of greatness together onstage.

It was one of those rare moments in time when ALL of the elements of what we refer to as:
"Great black music from the ancient to the future"
…Were on display, front and center, right in front of my eyes.

A few weeks ago, Michael Henderson left me a voice mail saying that he was "coming my way" and bringing Jean Carne with him to do "the R&B thang" ...
When we spoke later, he told me that the show would be Dec 10/11 in Atlantic City at the Tropicana and that I could attend the show as his guest. I said cool that works out perfect for me, since it was just a few days after the birthday of "mrs. earthjuice" and therefore I would be a "hero" in this house for at least a few days...:)

**You see, when you tell your spouse that you are gonna take her to see "Children On The Corner" at a small, cramped jazz club in NYC for her birthday, you get one type of reaction.

**However when you tell your spouse that you are going to take her to see Michael Henderson and Jean Carne at the Tropicana in Atlantic City, you get a completely different type of reaction.

During the timeframe between the concert and that first telephone conversation, Michael Henderson and I spoke on the phone many times. During those conversations, he told me the following...

Spaceman, Jean and Mike***Hey Bob, It's gonna be at a new club inside of the Tropicana, owned by Gamble/Huff and it's their opening night
**Hey Bob, Jean Carne is gonna be tha bomb
**Hey Bob, I'm putting together a STANK band
**Hey Bob, I'm bringing Billy "Spaceman" Patterson with me (remember I just saw him with Children on The Corner)
**Hey Bob, I'm bringing some young background singers from Maryland with me
**Hey Bob, I just added Marion Meadows to the band and he's gonna do a "solo tip"
**Hey Bob, ............

So now I'm primed, right??? lol

Once I got there and went backstage I learned that...

**Spaceman and Marion Meadows were roommates at the Berklee School of Music back in the 70's
**Jean Carne discovered Phyllis Hyman
**Art Sherard Jr has a new CD coming out soon
**The two young background singers (Therron Rowler and Shaquan Eubanks) are from Baltimore and are 17 & 15 respectively

Also while backstage, I handed Jean Carne a copy of the CD D-Erania - "Offerings Of Love". She said thanks, and I started telling her "The CD is from a young lady out of Chicago who plays sax and together with her husband...."

Jean interrupted me and said...

I said yes
Jean said...
"Thank you so much Bob"
I said...
"They are one of our current sponsors on Soul-Patrol and yes, to me both the sound of the album and their collaboration together remind me of a modern day version of what you and Doug Carn did back in the 1970's on the old Black Jazz label".
(remember Jean Carne has been "lurking" on Soul-Patrol since 2001)

TSOP Club in Atlantic CityDuring the course of the evening I also got to meet Chuck Gamble (yup brother of Kenny Gamble). For me that is of special note, coming on the heels of the review I recently wrote of the new book "A House Burning" - Philadelphia Soul. The TSOP club is owned by Kenny Gamble/Leon Huff. The TSOP club is one of the most luxurious nightclubs that I have ever seen that caters to Soul music.

The show itself was AWESOME. It unraveled itself before my eyes in a manner that reminded me of an old James Brown revue. Each artist would come out and do their thing and then either stay on the stage and join the rest of the festivities or leave and then come back later onstage.

While they were performing, Michael Henderson, Marion Meadows & Art Sherard Jr, roamed around the club with their instruments, playing/singing to the crowd. Jean Carne had her daughter sing for a bit. She also TORE UP the cover songs that she did, with a fury that damn near makes the originals "obsolete".

Young Therron Rowler joined Michael Henderson as "co lead" on the song "Be My Girl". Michael introduced the song, by saying that it was in tribute to the Late Lenny Mayes of the Dramatics. He explained that he had written the song for the Dramatics when he was around the same age as Therron Rowler. Jean Carne had young Shaquan Eubanks from Baltimore assist as "co lead" on "Don't Let It Go To Your Head".

These two young people were off the hook!

Then to end the show EVERYBODY was onstage for "HOT DOG", "WIDE RECEIVER" and "YOU & I" (in tribute to Rick James) and for about 15 min we were treated to an exhibition of RAW FUNK (featuring a bass/guitar/sax duel between Michael Henderson, Marion Meadows & "Spaceman") that was truly of another world.

Sure they did the songs, but they took off into "Miles/Jimi/Sly/Sun Ra/JB/P-Funk" style brotha from another planet territory and I just lost it. For a "funkateer" (like me) this was truly just like being in heaven! This was a performance that would certainly deserve consideration for the...


So it was a historical event, it was a killer show, and right now I am probably too close to it. After all, it just happened less than 12 hours ago :)

NP: "Gonna Make You Wet, Gonna Make You Sweat, Just To See How Funky You Can Get...."


--Bob Davis

Click on the image above to listen to this seminar, as Kevin Amos, Ric Wilson (Mandrill), Mighty Sam McClain, Darrell McNeil (BRC) take us to school on just why Black Radio stations WON'T play the music we love and what WE can do to change that...

2. Concert Review - Marlon Saunders, Monet, Alison Crockett @ Franks Lounge In Brooklyn

Marlon Saunders, Monet, Allison Crockett On Saturday night I went to see Marlon Saunders, Monet, Alison Crockett @ Franks Lounge.
It wasn't just any show. And it wasn't just anyplace.

It was in Brooklyn (my old hometown), right in shadow of "the clock". Everybody from Brooklyn knows exactly what I am talking about when I mention "the clock". It's the clock, which is at the top of the old Williamsburg Bank building, which at one time was (and perhaps still is??) the tallest building in Brooklyn. I believe that the old Williamsburg Bank building is 32 stories high.

"The clock" can be seen from most parts of the borough and for generations has provided Brooklyn mothers with a ready answer for their children who were late "because they didn't know what time it was". See, because of the presence of "the clock"...


(How's that for a segue???)

Last night, for those who were previously unaware of just what "time it is" as far as the future of Soul music is concerned, got their "clock cleaned" last night at a truly "sweet spot" called Franks Lounge @ 660 Fulton Street near Downtown Brooklyn (really Ft. Franks Lounge is a cozy little neighborhood type of spot (not at all unlike Showmans Lounge in Harlem) that provided a perfect vibe for this acoustic set by three emerging artists who are all members of Soul-Patrol.
Franks Lounge In Brooklyn
Here is a synopsis of the show...

Alison Crockett - I reviewed her new CD here on Soul-Patrol, so right now I am pretty high on her, plus I am still in love with the sound of her voice from the GREAT King Britt/Sylk 130 CD called "When The Funk Hits The Fan". I was standing outside when she arrived at the club, she lives nearby and I told her that I needed to exchange my copy of her CD "On Being A Woman", because it had a manufacturing defect (which she did later). She hit the stage within 5 minutes of her arrival and explained to the crowd that she was late because she had a cold, plus her new baby had run her ragged all day long. . I think that Alison Crocket knew that she was going to be a little off of her game voice wise during this performance and so that was simply her way of letting folks know this beforehand. Ok, so Alison's voice wasn't what it should have been at the start of the performance (although it did improve as the show went on), however I learned something new about Alison Crockett during the performance. See, this was an "acoustic set" and Alison had no band, she accompanied herself on the electric piano and she is awesome. She really threw down on the piano and it just conjured up visions of Patrice Rushen/Roberta Flack (or dare I say "Aretha"???) early in their careers and whetted my appetite to see her perform live again when she isn't quite so "harried"...

Monet - The first thing (the supa foine azz) multi instrumentalist (guitar/flute) and singer Monet said to me with a smile as we greeted each other prior to her performance was...."Oh man you are here, I'm scared of your review". I said, there's no need to be, I'm sure that you will be just great. See although I had never sen her live before, I already knew that she would be great, because I have heard tapes of her live performance in the past and she is badd. You see, Monet is one of those rare artists (kinda like our friend Ty Stephens) who is truly a "multiple threat". She has a commanding (one lady sitting at the table used the word "SPELLBINDING") stage presence both with her rapport with the audience (she could easily host her own talk/variety show) as well as her musical virtuosity. The sight of Monet switching off effortlessly between the flute, the guitar and singing reminds me of people like Lou and Carlos Wilson (of Mandrill). I am always amazed when I see someone alternate between singing and playing a powerful wind instrument like a flute. Even given this type of overwhelming stage presence, Monet also knows when to slip in to the background and just play the flute and let her background singer (sorry but I didn't catch this lady's name but she was like a combination Bessie Smith/Big Mama Thorton/Mahalia Jackson type singer) take center stage. A very entertaining set from an artist who in a different time & place would probably be the host of her own talk/variety show and playing concerts around the country on weekends?

Marlon Saunders - This is the fourth time that I have seen Marlon Saunders live in concert. And just like the best jazz artists, he shows a different face every single time. No concert has been the same. This time out it was like being in the "Marlon Saunders Church of Acoustic Funk", with a sermon entitled "The Sanctity of Soul Music". The more times that I see Marlon Saunders perform live, the more he reveals not only about his music, but also about his worldview. Folks I gotta tell ya, this brotha is on a serious mission to do nothing less than to save soul music from itself. And as we sit here in the year 2004, this is nothing short of doing "God's work" as far as I'm concerned. You see, brotha Marlon sings about the glory of the music itself and challenges the audience to take accountability for it's future. He says all of this with a smile, but the power in his voice is dead serious and the audience is paying attention. Then when he jumps up from behind the keyboards and moves closer to the audience, he is bring every ounce of strength to the surface when he sings lines like "I wish there were some people up in here who could sing some SOUL MUSIC..." Near the end of the show, Monet joined Marlon on stage and added the power of her majestic flute to the proceedings. I closed my eyes and imagined that I was hearing Donny Hathaway and Bobbi Humphrey on stage playing in front of me. And then I realized, "I will never see Donny Hathaway and Bobbi Humphrey on stage together". And you know what, it doesn't matter, because now I have seen Marlon Saunders and Monet onstage together and better yet, I can & will see them many more times in the future...

At the conclusion of the show I thought to myself...
1. Marlon Saunders was the "voice" of Jazzhole, one of the pioneers of the so called "acid jazz" movement.
2. Alison Crockett was the "voice" of King Britt/Sylk 130, probably the last great "acid jazz" record produced
3. Monet comes from a jazz background and has participated in many "acid jazz/hip hop" remix projects

(Perhaps "acid jazz" has morphed into SOUL right before our eyes????)

One last thing, I gotta talk just a bit about the "vibe" at this show. First of all, I walked into the place and I was warmly greeted by brotha Selah, among others. There were several "movers and shakers" of the "underground soul scene" in attendance. George Littlejohn from Purpose Records, the world famous "Ish" from Bondy's/Nouveau Soundz (who served as the emcee) "everything man" Kevin Harewood, along with several emerging artists. There were also a few "lurkers" from Soul-Patrol there and a few others who I had never met before who came up and introduced themselves to me. There were others that I didn't know who came up to me and thanked me for writing that "Open Letter To Cathy Hughes". There were even a few "Brooklyn old headz" that I knew from "back in da day" in the house. All of that was pretty cool, but what was most comforting of all was to see that nobody left the show after the conclusion of each artist performance. This was literally "music to my ears", because one of the complaints that I have had in the past about some of these types of multi artist club dates is that many of the audience members seem to leave the venue after "their artist" performs.

Instead what I observed last night was UNITY among not only the performers, but more importantly the audience. I observed many small/large "acts of kindness" performed during the course of the evening, which all contributed to making the show a big success! This my friends is a big part of what is needed to create a true music scene that will have longevity and spawn an audience that will grow right along with it.

Williamsburg Bank BuildingI don't know what the capacity of "Frank's Lounge" is (maybe 150???), but this place was PACKED and as I, left the club and started walking down Fulton Street, I looked up at the enormous clock at the top of the old Williamsburg Bank building and thought to myself....

"If they didn't 'KNOW WHAT TIME IT WAS' Before they arrived,
EVERYBODY who was in Franks Lounge tonight

(Just like all kids who grow up in Brooklyn do...)

--Bob Davis

Click on the image above to listen to this seminar, as Kevin Amos, Ric Wilson (Mandrill), Mighty Sam McClain, Darrell McNeil (BRC) take us to school on just why Black Radio stations WON'T play the music we love and what WE can do to change that...

3. Micheal Jackson/Redemption Chat Transcript

Micheal Jackson/Redemption View the transcript of our special online chat session, featuring author/lecturer Geraldine Hughes (REDEMPTION: The Truth Behind the Michael Jackson Child Molestation Allegations). We had over 100 folks in attendance for this chat session on tuesday 12/14 with author Geraldine Hughes to discuss these allegations with Geraldine Hughes.

In addition to listen to some BRAND NEW MUSIC FROM THE JACKSON FIVE on the transcript page, from the previously un released 1973 live concert in Japan CD, courtesy of our friends at HIP-O Select, via Soul-Patrol.Net Radio.


--Bob Davis

Click on the image above to listen to this seminar, as Kevin Amos, Ric Wilson (Mandrill), Mighty Sam McClain, Darrell McNeil (BRC) take us to school on just why Black Radio stations WON'T play the music we love and what WE can do to change that...

4. Mandrill Comes To The Soul-Patrol Chat Room On 1/13/05 @ 10pm pst/7pm pst

Mandrill LiveMandrill legends: Dr. Ric Wilson, Lou Wilson and Neftali Santiago will be LIVE ONLINE in the Soul-Patrol Chat Room to discuss their brilliant career, their philosophies on music, society, etc and of course their....


(yes we will be playing the CD LIVE in the chat room) SPREAD THE WORD ALL ARE WELCOME ON 1/13/05 @ 10pm est/7pm pst Sign into the chat room here:

Pick up the CD/DVD package at the OFFICIAL MANDRILL WEBSITE at:

--Bob Davis

Click on the image above to listen to this seminar, as Kevin Amos, Ric Wilson (Mandrill), Mighty Sam McClain, Darrell McNeil (BRC) take us to school on just why Black Radio stations WON'T play the music we love and what WE can do to change that...

5. Mr James 'Pookie' Hudson, Lead Singer of The Legendary Spaniels

Soul-Patrol RadioFor those of you who may not be aware of this, our friend JAMES "POOKIE" HUDSON, founder and lead singer of the Spaniels, has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Pookie found out about his diagnosis in June when he turned 70.
As many of you know, Pookie has a very limited income and has been receiving assistance through Medicaid and the kind donations of groups like the United in Group Harmony Association, the Doo Wop Society of Southern California, and his many friends in the R&B/vocal group harmony world. For those of you who know Pookie, have met him through the years or enjoy his music, now is the time to let him know.
Please drop a card, letter, or possibly a donation to him in appreciation of all he's done for our music. Checks should be made payable to Thornton J. Hudson (his real name).

He can be reached directly at :
6939 Aqua Marine Court
Capital Heights, Maryland 20743

--Bob Davis

Click on the image above to listen to this seminar, as Kevin Amos, Ric Wilson (Mandrill), Mighty Sam McClain, Darrell McNeil (BRC) take us to school on just why Black Radio stations WON'T play the music we love and what WE can do to change that...

If you have a news item, update, review, commentary, etc that you would like to submit to the Soul-Patrol Newsletter, please send them via email for consideration to:

Hopefully you enjoyed this edition of the Soul-Patrol Newsletter.
We will be back in about two weeks with the next edition, with any email alerts for local events, Soul-Patrol website updates/chat sessions or breaking news in between, as required.

If you have any comments, questions, etc feel free to drop me an email and let me know what's on your mind.

Bob Davis

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