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  CHECK OUT Black History Month ON SOUL-PATROL: Contains links to collection of 40 essays, chat transcripts, etc. Taken as a whole, it's an attempt to make some sense out of the legacy of where this music/culture that we love has brought us to, and more importantly of where we might be going in the future.

Soul-Patrol Newsletter Headlines (2/2/2004)

1. Jan/04 -Soul-Patrol.Net Radio Top 30 Shows
2. CD Review: Louise Perryman - 'Whisper My Name'

3. Editorial: Why Has Black Music Gone Negative?
4. B.T. Express: 'The Express Is Better Than Ever'
5. Concert Review: Koko Taylor, Bettye Lavette and Howard Tate

6. Book Review: 'A Memoir: David Ruffin--My Temptation'

Black History Month

1. A special focus on Black Owned Internet Business : We will be doing four special mailings during February to spotlight specific Black Owned Businesses here on the internet who are doing the right kind of things. It is our hope that when you get these mailings from us, that you will be sure to visit the websites that we have chosen to spotlight and check out what these African American pioneers have to offer!

2. The introduction of a new FREE information-sharing program called Soul-Patrol Network Feeds. This program will enable any website owner (large or small) to enhance the content of their site by receiving direct network feeds of some of the massive amount of Black Music/Culture data/information (current news, internet radio streams and access to our database of Black Music/Culture containing 550,000 entries) that Soul-Patrol has stored on the server. It also gives us the opportunity to put a spotlight on web sites around the Internet who chose to participate in our network (scroll down on the righ hand side to view the Soul-Patrol Network sites we are spotlighting in this issue)! In our opinion this is EXACTLY the type of thing that the internet was created for in the first place, before the damn profiteers got a hold of it!

If you own a website, large or small go to the following link to find out more and to sign up AT NO CHARGE ...

And as always feel free to share your ideas, thoughts and opinions with me.
Thanks in advance

--Bob Davis

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We call the concept...

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1. Jan/04 -Soul-Patrol.Net Radio Top 30     

Soul-Patrol.Net Radio This information is compiled from our server logs and can best be interpreted as a relative indicator of popularity among individuals who have tuned in to Soul-Patrol.Net Radio. As such it should be no surprise to any of you that a broadcast featuring our very own MIGHTY, MIGHTY DELLS should be holding forth at the NUMBER ONE SPOT this month!!! However a close inspection of the 1/04 -Soul-Patrol.Net Radio Top 30, reveals that there is much more to Soul-Patrol.Net Radio than just "old music".

NEW RELEASES: Mandrill, Louise Perryman, Miracles, Wade O. Brown, Tower of Power, Marlon Saunders, Children On The Corner (Micheal Henderson), Shelley Nichole's blakBushe', Ray, Goodman & Brown, Robert Baldwin, Persuaders, Soundoctrine, Earth, Wind and Fire, Average White Band (AWB), Soul Generation, Andreus, Jerry Butler, Gene Chandler, Bettye LaVette, Unified Tribe, Wilson Pickett, Ann Peebles, Hubert Laws, Vince Montana.

INTERVIEWS: George Clinton, Ruffin/Kendricks, Mandrill, Mary Wilson, Billy Cobham

LIVE CONCERTS: Rick James, Soul Generation, Original P (Parliment-Funkadelic), Will Hart/Delphonics

ARTIST CAREER RETROSPECTIVES: Dells, Jackson Five, Isaac Hayes, Barry White, Dells, Supremes, 5 Stairsteps, Jimi Hendrix

SPECIALTY SHOWS: Black Rock, Jazz, Blues, Slow Jams, Funk, Regional Soul, Nu Soul

Hopefully you all enjoy and appreciate this unique perspective on the past, present and future of BLACK MUSIC?

Here is the list for Jan/2004. The links all work, so check out these shows if you have a moment to spare online while you are surfing the web and let us know what you think. Feel free to share this email with your friends and family on the Internet, who like and appreciate this type of music/information. You will bring a smile to their face... .

1. SOUL-PATROL'S TRIBUTE TO 2004 ROCK N' ROLL HALL OF FAME INDUCTEES - THE MIGHTY DELLS. Introduced by Soul-Patroller and Rock n' Roll Hall of Famer, Terry Johnson of the Flamingos. With commentary analysis and perspective on the 50 year career of black music legends Mighty Dells Featuring music from the Dells Anthology (HIP-O Records) Be sure that when you listen, that you share it with your children I have :)

2. Ruffin/Kendricks Interview & Temptations Music

3. Victor Wooten - Live In America

4. Will Hart formerly of the Delphonics Live Concert

5. Rick James - Live In Santa Monica (1980)

6. 60's Supremes Anthology

7. Listen To: New Mandrill CD Sunshine + Wilson Bros Interview

8. INTRODUCING: LOUISE PERRYMAN Dubbed "the white woman with the black voice", she is impossible to truly categorize. Some will classify her as "Jazz", some "R&B", some "Neo Soul", some "Pop".However my feeling is that most of you won't care about the category and just dig on the music...This charismatic singer/songwriter with echoes of Laura Nyro, Minnie Riperton and Anita Baker, explodes the stereotype of conventional R&B with her vibrant stage presence and richly textured voice. Louise is of that rare breed of singer/songwriter who actually embraces her audience, inviting them to join her on a journey of the soul.

9. 2003 TOP FIVE NEW ARTISTS: * WADE O. BROWN (COMPLETE): If You Love Somebody Set Them Free, Are You Feelin Me, * ANDREUS (STREET TROUBADOUR): Hustla's Theme, Mississippi, LOUISE PERRYMAN (WHISPER MY NAME) Whisper My Name, Play Your Game, * MARLON SAUNDERS (ENTER MY MIND): Keep Doin What You Do, Afro Blue My Mind, * SOUNDOCTRINE (PERSEVERANCE): Every Knee, Incipience. In my opinion these artists are the best examples that we had in 2003 of new artists who are 'going against the grain' to try and extend OUR music into the future. These are types of INDEPENDENT artists, producing music that Soul-Patrol wants to get behind and do what we can to help them to become sucessful. There are of course many others, but in our opinion, these are the TOP FIVE FOR 2003.

10. 70's Supremes Anthology

11. INTERVIEW WITH THE 'SUPREME' MARY WILSON A Soul-Patrol.NET Radio exclusive interview. In a wide ranging and candid interview, Mary Wilson tells us about her career as a founding member of the SUPREMES, her views on the evils of culture banditry and fake groups, on the possibilities that the Internet gives artists and other related issues.

12. 2003 RELEASES (MESSAGE SONGS): - (New Releases): Jimi Hendrix, Marlon Saunders, King Britt Sylk 130, Digable Planets, Shelley Nichole's blakBushe', Robert Baldwin, Dells, Miracles, Persuaders, Unified Tribe, Soundoctrine

13. Will's Place: Show #1 - Featuring music/commentary from Will Chill (aka Master of the Slow Jams) for all of you POWER GRINDERS out there featuring music of: Isley Bros, Delfonics, Intruders, Unifics, Al Green, Roy C, Ambassodors, Mad Lads, Dramatics, Marvin Gaye/Tammi Terrell, Rose brothers, Whispers, Spinners, Riff, Holidays, Ohio Players.

14. Gary Tyson's 5 Stairsteps Tribute

15. Gary Tyson's Jimi Hendrix Tribute

16. Ray, Goodman and Brown - A Moment With Friends

17. Jackson Five Sampler

18. Soul-Patrol Barry White Tribute

19. MR C ON THA FUNK SHOW # 3: - Featuring the commentary of 'Mr. C' and rare LIVE CLASSIC FUNK from: James Brown, Earth, Wind and Fire, Kool & the Gang, P-Funk, Commodores, Jean Luc Ponty

20. Original P Live in Boston (1999)

21. Smokey Robinson and the Miracles - Going To a Go Go/Away We a Go Go (360 Degrees of Love)

22. Soul-Patrol Isaac Hayes Tribute

23. Children On The Corner - Rebirth (1970's Miles Davis Band Reunion)

24. Intruders, Harold Melvin, Billy Paul, O'Jays, Creations, Delfonics, Stylistics, Labelle and more ..Learn all about the history of the PHILLY SOUND, from the LEGENDARY 'Giant' Gene!

25. 2003 RELEASES FROM SOME OF THE GREATEST ARTISTS IN THE HISTORY OF SOUL MUSIC: Earth, Wind and Fire, Tower of Power, Average White Band (AWB), Soul Generation, Jerry Butler, Gene Chandler, Bettye LaVette, Dells, Wilson Pickett, Ann Peebles, Hubert Laws, Vince Montana.

26. Miracles - Love Machine 1970's Anthology

27. George Clinton Interview

28. FUNKOVERLORD (KEVIN AMOS) INTERVIEWS JAZZ-FUNK LEGEND BILLY COBHAM Features insights into the art of drumming, past present and future as well as the evolution of Billy's career with the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Miles Davis and Billy's legendary solo work including his latest release.

29. JAZZ ON SOUL-PATROL.NET RADIO: Monnette Sudler, Phillip Bailey, Dale Fieldler, Jonathan Butler, D-Erania, Leroy K. Wofford, Digable Planets

30. RADIO BRC @ Soul-Patrol.NET Radio: Show #12 Black Rock Coalition: - Covers Part 2: Stevie Wonder, Isley Bros, Living Colour, Los Lobos, James Blood Ulmer, Nina Simone, N'Dea Davenport, Alana Davis, Nona Hendrix, Ben Harper, Mark Anthony Thompson. Hosted by Earl Douglas (Exec. Director), Darrell McNeill (Director of Ops) and LaRonda Davis (President) of the BRC.

--Bob Davis

2. CD Review: Louise Perryman - 'Whisper My Name'  

Louise Perrtman - 'Whisper My Name'

What's in a label?
Is this a jazz album or is it an R&B album?

I have mentioned this CD as one of the best releases I heard during 2003. My opinion of it has grown since that time....

There is a long history of white women singing R&B music that Black people have automatically accepted when they have heard the music. Australian Louise Perryman fits neatly into that tradition!

Sometimes Louise Perryman's voice reminds me of Anita Baker, sometimes she reminds me of Laura Nyro, and sometimes she reminds me of Maria Muldar. The music playing behind her sweet and sultry voice is kinda in a '70's Jazz-Funk' mode, not unlike that of Minnie Riperton's 'Adventures In Paradise'. All of these tracks are original compositions; so obviously Louise is quite talented. That is obvious from the first song, "Whisper My Name"...

'Whisper my name, I know you want it
My name, my name, over and over
Can you say it to me the way you say it when it's just you and me
The more I see, the more I want it
The more I need
It's more than just a breeze
Carrying you and me
This love is like a hurricane chasing the wind
Hush now baby, we can have it all
If you hush now baby, listen to your heart
Oh, hush now baby, ain't no need for words
Nothing's been the same'

This is some STRONG, SERIOUS and SENSOUS songwriting here folks...

Here is the track listing...

1. Whisper My Name
2. Play Your Game
3. Everybody Need a Little Love
4. Stay
5. Thinkin' Too Much
6. Prayer For You
7. This Is Heaven
8. You Can't Stop Me Now

'Whisper My Name' is flat out the most erotic CD I heard in 2003 and would make a perfect CD to follow the CD 'Consenting Adultz' by our own resident lover man, Will Wheaton. So be sure to clear out a place in your stack of CD's. Are you looking for something a little bit different to throw into your '3am Mix', right after Will Wheaton and just before Barry White?

And at "3am", does it really matter if you want to call it a "jazz album" or an r&b album?

You can't go wrong with Louise Perryman - 'Whisper My Name'

JUST STICK IT IN (the CD player) and do yo thang :)
Listen to it at Louise's site at the following link and let us know what cha think?

--Bob Davis

3. Editorial: Why Has Black Music Gone Negative?

Coon I agree TOTALLY with the people who wrote to call new urban music basically classless. In my opinion the music of today lacks class because basically we as a people are no longer looking to each other as brothers and sistahs.

I am 39 yrs old and remember as a kid Black people greeted one another by saying "What's happening BROTHER" or "Hello my Sistah." Now it's common to hear us say, "What's up N*ggah!" and it doesn't matter if we are addressing a male or female. Despite the gains made during the past decades to be greeted and treated with R-E-S-P-E-C-T we now seem to have taken on the stereotypes that we fought to prove wrong.

Many of today's entertainers resemble Bucwheat and Stymie with the way they wear there hair and speak. Most of these kids are educated kids, many are suburban kids that have never had a struggle in their lives but, they are recording what they THINK people want to hear and what people hear is not always what Radio/Record execs want to give us. Sex sells and always has. Bling Bling and expensive cars and champagnes are what many people want. Nothings wrong with that but, the ends doesn't justify the means. To sell your SOUL and your people out cannot be compensated with no amount of money. Lets not give out kids the money to buy that kind of music and let's see what happens then. Hit em in the pocket! We see what happens when people download music or buy it off the streets, the execs and artists don't get paid!

Stop them by refusing to by their music or listen to "their" stations. There are "positive" artists out there. They just aren't given a chance to be heard!
--Rome Watkins

4. B.T. Express: 'The Express Is Better Than Ever'

Brian Auger's Oblivion Express

Brooklyn New York's B.T. Express zoomed onto the music scene in the early 1970's and quickly distinguished itself as one the premier dance/funk bands of the era. Whether tying a dance groove around a popular catch phrase or simply jamming while repeating an infectious hook B.T. knew how to get people onto the dance floor.

On their debut LP "Do It ('Til You're Satisfied)" B.T. had two number-one R&B and Top Ten pop hits. The funky, irresistible title cut "Do It" cleverly captured the mood of the nation with sly lyrics. The whistle at the beginning of the Grammy nominated "Express" signaled to the world serious groove was on its way. Both songs were million sellers and the album was a certified gold record as well. The group also received more recognition at the Grammy's, being nominated for Best New Artist. Subsequent LPs yielded two more R&B Top Ten singles, "Give It What You Got/Peace Pipe" in 1975 and "Can't Stop Groovin' Now, Wanna Do It Some More" in 1976.

The music of B.T. Express has shown up in the music of not only advertising campaigns of major companies - perhaps most notably for Burger King, but also has been used by many of today's leading artists, ranging from the rapper DMX, "Get at me Dog" to Kid Rock, "Ya Keep On" and most recently, Truth Hurts' "Addictive", a top ten r&b smash hit in 2002. Several movies over the years have used the music of B.T. Express, the most recent being 2002's "Serving Sara", featuring Elizabeth Hurley and Matthew Perry.

For the last several years BT has performed with a lineup consisting of original members Jamal Risbrook (bass, lead vocals) and Dennis Rowe (percussion). To keep the group fresh and innovative, they have infused the creative artistry of new members Valerie Adams (an amazing, dynamic vocalist that simply has to be heard), Sam Manigault (keyboards), Charmel Rogers (guitar), Neil Edwards (horns), Julian Meyers (horns) and Peter "Renaissance" Mitchell on drums. The band put out its first live CD on the Collectables label in 1998, and since that time has thrilled audiences around the U.S. and in Japan.

By all accounts B.T. Express is back on track to continued success.

All Aboard!!

5. Concert Review: Koko Taylor, Bettye Lavette and Howard Tate

Every Tone a Testimony: An African American Aural Tradition

This past Friday, I attended a very affordable concert that was sponsored by the City of Chicago and the Mayor of Special Events. The event was "Paint the Town Blues Weekend", as part of Chicago's Winter Delight series. On the bill was Koko Taylor's Blues Machine,(Koko's backup band) Bettye LaVette and Howard Tate. Joining me for this event was my dear friend and music partner Debra Walker. This concert was for the very low price of (GET THIS... $10.00) THAT'S RIGHT $10.00 for a wonderful night of entertainment. The show started on time with Koko Taylor's Blues Machine. As some of you might know, Ms. Taylor is recovering from a serious illness, but her band (lead by musical director and guitarist Vino Lourdin) represented her well. In Koko's presence, were three local Chicago Blues vocalist that paid tribute to Ms. Taylor. Katherine Davis, Deitra Farr and Zora Young took turns singing Koko's material and did a well job honoring the "Queen of the Blues".

The next act was Bettye LaVette and her wonderful band with a 3 piece horn section (from Chicago that played with her for the first time tonight and they represent Chicago well. lol ) You know how I feel about Ms. LaVette. She always put on a excellent show, so this Friday performance was another great moment to post in my memory bank as wonderful. In the audience were a few people I know that never saw Bettye live and they were thrilled. Eli Reed and James Porter ( who both work at WHPK and have shows that are excellent to hear) Bettye perform both her hits and her new material from "A Woman Like Me" CD.

Bettye also mention of her hit "Let Me Down Easy" and thanking the late E. Rodney Jones for being responsible for playing her song on WVON and bringing her to the Regal Theatre. She ended her set with "The Closet Way I'll Get to Heaven" from her latest CD and mentioned that this was the first time she performed the song in Chicago. Of course, she nailed the song and received a standing ovation from the audience. I also must add, that I believe she won over some new fans. :-)

The final act of the evening was from vocalist Howard Tate. Howard hasn't toured Chicago in over 35 years. Judging from his performance with his 8-piece band (including a 4 piece horn section) Howard Tate hasn't missed a beat. He took us all to memory lane by performing all of his old hits and a few sections from his latest CD. To me, his "Rediscoved" CD doesn't do the man justice from his live show. It was as if, I was taken back to the year 1967 at the Regal . He played hit after hit and I was simply blown away. From "Stop", "Look At Granny Run", "Nobody's Home" and of course "Get It While You Can" sound just as good, if not better that the actual recording. Again , I must say that this was a great way to open up 2004,in regards to live shows.

After the show, a group of us were able to meet Bettye backstage along with her manager Robert. Bettye was delighted in seeing us, and it was a pleasure seeing her again. Both Bettye and Howard are nominated for W.C. Handy awards this year and I hope the both bring home some awards for their fine talent. If either Bettye LaVette or Howard Tate are in your city, do yourself a favor a see their show. You'll thank yourself later in doing so. :-)

--Gary Tyson

6. Book Review: 'A Memoir: David Ruffin--My Temptation'

'A Memoir: David


A Hey everyone!!!

''A Memoir: David Ruffin'- My Temptation (Genna-Sapia-Ruffin) is one of the most fascinating stories I've ever read!!! Guarenteed it'll keep you on the edge of seat.

Read Genna-Sapia-Ruffin's heartfelt story of her relationship with on one greatest lead singers of all time, David Ruffin, from one of the world greatest R&B/Pop groups, The Temptations!!!!! Read about Genna's trumatic relationship with David, as he stuggles with his own demons!!!! Just click here or on the cover of Genna & the book to download the Free Sample Chapter from 'A Memoir: David Ruffin'- My Temptation (in .pdf format)!!! It's as easy as that!!

We all saw the Temptations TV movie.

Our soul world ended when David departed to soul heaven on June 1, 1991. Let's continue to keep his memory alive and purchase this magnificent book !!!!!

Great work Genna !!!!

Mike Boone
(Chancellor of Soul)

Now Available Online:
"A Memoir: David Ruffin--My Temptation" by Genna Sapia-Ruffin
(Electronic Book)

  • "A Memoir: David Ruffin--My Temptation" by Genna Sapia-Ruffin (Electronic Book)
    The book, "A Memoir: David Ruffin--My Temptation", authored by his former ("common-law") wife, Genna Sapia-Ruffin, weaves a riveting, heart-wrenching story of her life with the world-famous Temptations lead singer.

    Here, for the first time, Sapia-Ruffin offers rare insight into the childhood, and other significant periods of the legendary Motown singer whose lead vocals on such enduring R & B hits as "My Girl", "I'm Losing You", "Since I Lost My Baby", "Ain't Too Proud To Beg", "I Wish It Would Rain" and many others, infused hope in the Black American Culture during the critical civil rights movement of the 1960's.

    This 170 page, enhanced electronic version of the original critically acclaimed book, is a real bargain at just $15.00. It utilizes some of the multimedia/technology capabilities of the Adobe .pdf format, and the Internet. As such, it allows you, the reader, to "see, hear and read" the story (featuring many previously unpublished pictures and audio) as opposed to only being able to "read" the story.

    Click here to download a free copy of a chapter from "A Memoir: David Ruffin--My Temptation" and also to purchase it.


    Click here to download a free copy of chapter 2 from "A Memoir: David Ruffin--My Temptation"

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