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  CHECK OUT Black History Month ON SOUL-PATROL: Contains links to collection of 40 essays, chat transcripts, etc. Taken as a whole, it's an attempt to make some sense out of the legacy of where this music/culture that we love has brought us to, and more importantly of where we might be going in the future.

Soul-Patrol Newsletter Headlines (2/17/2004)

1. Concert Review: Robert Randolph In Pittsburgh
2. 2003's Number One CD: Barbara Mason - The Greatest Hits

3. Editorial: Review: 2004 Grammy's - So- So
4. Janet Jackson At the Super Bowl
5. New CD Release: Terry Bello's 'The SoulLounge'

6. Concert Review: Heart and Soul - Ray, Goodman & Brown, Will Hart/Delphonics, Ted Mills, Legendary Escorts, Legendary Intruders, Meli'sa Morgan

Black History Month

The introduction of a new FREE information-sharing program called Soul-Patrol Network Feeds. This program will enable any website owner (large or small) to enhance the content of their site by receiving direct network feeds of some of the massive amount of Black Music/Culture data/information (current news, internet radio streams and access to our database of Black Music/Culture containing 550,000 entries) that Soul-Patrol has stored on the server. It also gives us the opportunity to put a spotlight on web sites around the Internet who chose to participate in our network (scroll down on the righ hand side to view the Soul-Patrol Network sites we are spotlighting in this issue)! In our opinion this is EXACTLY the type of thing that the internet was created for in the first place, before the damn profiteers got a hold of it!

If you own a website, large or small go to the following link to find out more and to sign up AT NO CHARGE ...

And as always feel free to share your ideas, thoughts and opinions with me.
Thanks in advance

--Bob Davis

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1. Concert Review: Robert Randolph In Pittsburgh     

Robert Randolph At The 2004 Grammies In the week proceeding his group's outstanding performance at the Grammies Funk "tribute", Robert Randolph and the Family Band came to Pittsburgh to give White youth and adults a Black History lesson. The only folks of color at the show I saw was the paramedic on duty and the performers on stage.

Why am I saying that Robert and the fellas gave a history lesson? The Family Band took the predominately White audience on a journey through various forms of Black music. Oh by the way…..did I say that I was the only Black person at the show with the exception of a city paramedic on duty?
All right, all right , let's talk about the music. The group came out smokin' with some fiddle (oh excuse me…violin) work by a member of the band (John Ginty?) who also plays the Hammond B3. It was reminiscent of the jamming' Papa John Creech would do back in the day with the Jefferson Airplane.
Oh yeah…this 49 year old Black Hippie was ready for some serious music this evening despite the lack of other Black folks in the audience. A couple more instrumental tunes came forth before Robert stated "What we need is more love!"

Robert and his cousin Danyel Morgan traded off vocals on "I Need More Love".
It reminded me of the Family Stone and their messages from the 60's. Everybody in the audience were nodding their heads and dancing to the thumping bass work( Danyell), B3 organ smoke, funky drumming (by Marcus his brother), and the blazing pedal steel guitar work.

By now we are four songs into the set and what happens? Robert gives tribute to his idol Jimi Hendrix and breaks into "Purple Haze" with the band. You can see all the older folks really noddin' those heads now! I caught a few glances my way like they couldn't believe this older Black man was getting into this show. They just had no clue that tha Funkoverlord was in the house.

The history lesson given this night gave examples of call and response, Rock & Roll , Blues, and Gospel. A journey through "Great Black Music". The Family Band did a ten song set altogether that also included: "The March", "Press On", "Billie Jean", "Nobody", and the Pentecostal church favorite 'I Don't Know What You Come To Do" (I Come to serve the Lord)

The group has been doing a lot of gigs with OAR, another jam band favorite. Perhaps expanding to more solo shows and airplay on other than non-commercial radio will bring in more Black folk to see them perform. It may also take some progressively minded Black promoters as well! BTW….the paramedic liked the show. He gave me thumbs up as I left. The Family Band got a standing ovation!

--Kevin Amos tha Funkoverlord

2. 2003's Number One CD: Barbara Mason - The Greatest Hits  

Barbara Mason - The Greatest Hits

This is the BEST Classic Soul release of 2003.
I'm certain that some of you are looking at this track listing and saying to yourself..."Your BS'ing me, this is a nothing more than a standard issue, greatest hits compilation..."

Are you looking for an "oldies collection"?
(Look elsewhere)

I realize that a few of yall thought I was CRAZY when you first read this statement?
So...I'd like to give you all a "sneak preview" of this OUTSTANDING CD: Barbara Mason - The Greatest Hits

1. Yes I_m Ready
2. Girls Have Feelings Too
3. I Need Love
4. Oh, How It Hurts
5. Sad Sad Girl
6. Bed And Board
7. Give Me Your Love
8. I'm In Love With You
9. Shackin' Up
10. Make It Last
11. I Don't Want To Lose You
I2. I Am Your Woman, She Is Your Wife
13. I'll Never Love The Same Way Twice
14. She's Got The Papers (But I Got The Man)
15. Another Man
16. You Can Be With The One You Don_t Love
17. Who Will You Hurt Next
18. Don't I Ever Cross Your Mind

Yes I'm Ready, Girls Have Feelings Too, I Need Love, Oh, How It Hurts, Sad Sad Girl, Bed And Board, Give Me Your Love, I'm In Love With You, Shackin' Up, I Am Your Woman, She Is Your Wife, I'll Never Love The Same Way Twice, She's Got The Papers (But I Got The Man)

Take a listen and let me know what cha think?

--Bob Davis

3. Review: 2004 Grammy's - So- So

Grammy PRINCE - would have been better performing SOLO!! It has been a long time since we've since Prince on such a program and he has the Chops, Stage Presence and Hits to Pull it off on his own.. Beyonce (although talented in her own respect and best when performing with her Group) - did nothing to enhance Prince's Performance!! But PLEASE don't tell me that the POST I read about PRINCE looking for a MAJOR LABEL DEAL is TRUE??? WHY??? With the current state of the Music Biz - I can't understand for the life of me what would be his motivation???? I know it can't be money - because he has said numerous times that he made more money Independently than his entire Warner Bros career!!??

OUTKAST - I love the fact that ANDRE (not as much as Big Boi) tries to do something different than the usual HIP HOP fair - and I think OUTKAST is talented and creative. However - I bought the Speakerboxx/Lovebelow CD - and although there are a few cool songs (mostly on Andre's CD) - I don't know if I would consider it ALBUM OF THE YEAR!! Out of 18 or 20 or so songs on the Disc - for it to be "Album OF The Year" - there should be more than a few good cuts!! I love them and love what they do (nix some of the language) - but give me more than 4 or 5 cool cuts on a DOUBLE CD and let's talk about it!!

ALICIA KEYS - and the Luther Tribute. Why do I sense a Clive Davis - orchestrated moment for this one??!! As another Soul Patroller mentioned - I would have loved to see Patty LaBelle or Gladys or someone of that stature perform on that Tribute. Even how about Cheryl Lynn (we haven't heard from her in a while)..BTW - Patty looked classy and beautiful!! Not to knock Alicia - I wish her success - but for a Luther Tribute - I would have loved to see a little more thought put into the performers and performances..

WHITE STRIPES - I haven't listened to their Music much - they don't really reach me - but they must have something going because I hear a lot about them and they seem to be on David Letterman or Jay Leno at least once a month - so more power to them - they are doing something right!!

EARTH, WIND & FIRE - Just to see them all together (Maurice, Verdine, Philip & Ralph) and on the Grammy Stage is great - if for no other reason than the fact that they have influenced some of the Artists of Today - and it is always great to see a group who has had such an influence be a part of the spotlight!!
They deserve it!!!

PARLIAMENT and the gang up there.. Well again - P-Funk has been the influence behind so many Hit Records over the last few decades - that it is good to see them get some props. The Sound may not have been the best - ALTHOUGH - I can say that I have seen Queen Funk Mallia Franklin perform recently (at B.B. KINGS) when she jumped up on stage with SlapBak during "The MotherShip Connection:" and Sista looked and sounded FANTASTIC!! I was so proud to see her and to be her friend!!
And BOOTSY - I love his new cut "Groove Eternal" he still sounds and looks good!!

--Rio Vergini

4. Janet Jackson At the Super Bowl

Janet Jackson - Good Times

The hypocrisy in this country about what is currently allowed on TV and in the movies! When does it stop, and what ridiculous offensive lewd stunt can we expect next? The Powell's who do the Master's (Bush and the Republican philosophy) bidding, Puleeeese! What ever happened to talent?
Ms. Jackson is an entertainer not a major talent, in my opinion. She works hard with her dancing routines, but her voice lacks range and is not very strong.

A coworker brought to my attention something I had not thought about regarding Ms. Jackson's publicity stunt. That was the symbolism involved in the incident. During the period of slavery in this country when African-American men, women and children were sold on the auction block, black women were often stripped and viewed naked by white men. Fast forward roughly 139 years later, is this our ancestors suffered, prayed and hoped for? So untalented performers and others can trash their sacrifices and the dignity they strove and longed for? Our children and some of their fathers and mothers need to be reminded of what our forebears suffered so that they can act with the insolence and total lack of respect that they do today! Particularly during this month called "Black History Month." We need to remember the past and the bridges that brought us over. Read your history Ms Jackson and be humbled! What will your legacy be?

What deposit will you leave on the earth to help others? You are where you are because performers went through HELL to kick down doors enabling you the privileges you enjoy today in so-called show business. And they did it for the most part with dignity, elegance and grace recognizing that what they did affected the success of those that would come after them. I am afraid of who will come after today's performers, businessmen, teachers etc. We all need to look in the mirror! How long will we as a people tolerate this type of behavior from our people? Everyone myself included should be held accountable for our actions. If we can't help we should not hurt!


5. New CD Release: Terry Bello's 'The SoulLounge'

Soul Lounge Vol 1

Soul-Patrol has been around in one form or another for quite a while and as many of you know, it takes its inspiration from those pioneers both on and off the Internet who came before us. One such visionary is a brotha by the name of Terry Bello. Terry is a brotha who used to hang out with us on the Prodigy Online Service back in the days (mid 1990's) when I was in charge of something called Urban Sounds (Prodigy's Black Music Department). Before that Terry was known primarily in NYC for his on the air broadcasting skills at CD-101.9. Back then Terry spent a LOT of time trying to explain two significant trends that he felt were going to change the face of Black Music. One of them was Satellite Radio and the other was a new form of Soul Music that combined jazz, soul, funk, spoken word and more. This style of Black music is to day known as "neo soul" in the general marketplace.

Today Terry Bello not only hosts the SoulLounge syndicated radio program around the country, but he's also got a HOT new CD compilation out called 'The Soul Lounge Vol 1'

Here Is The Track Listing for Soul Lounge Vol1:

"If" - Heston
"Past Paradise" - Eric Robertson
"The Beginning Of Never" - Marlon Saunders
"Sunshine" - Antoinque
"Heaven - Nuwbama
"Something Real" - Seek
"Spirit - Monet"
"Heaven Help Us All" - Urban Ave 31
"Just Because" - Conya Doss
"How We Were" - Freestyle Nation
"Keep It Real" - Queen Aaminah
"Mary Ann" - Andreus
"Maysa" - Ascension
"Time" - Big Brooklyn Red
"Simply U" - Mothersfavorite Child
"Situation" - Jonz

Click here and watch a video preview of the new CD; THE SOUL LOUNGE VOL 1
--Bob Davis

6. Concert Review: Heart and Soul - Ray, Goodman & Brown, Will Hart/Delphonics, Ted Mills, Legendary Escorts, Legendary Intruders, Meli'sa Morgan

Ray, Goodman & Brown

Folks this was one of the more interesting events that I have covered since I started Soul-Patrol.

1. The event took place at the Manhattan Center's Hammerstien Ballroom, which is a large facility located right across the street from Madison Square Garden. This facility which started life as the Manhattan Opera House during the early part of the 20th Century has a 1600 sq ft dance floor, a huge stage and seating for about 3,000 people.

2. Most of the artists featured at this show are connected with Soul-Patrol in some way...
- Ray, Goodman & Brown, Will Hart/Delphonics, Legendary Escorts are all current or former sponsors of Soul-Patrol
- Our exclusive audio interview with the legendary former lead singer of Blue Magic Ted Mills has been running on Soul-Patrol's Internet Radio station for over a year.

As I moved around backstage, people I didn't know came up to me and thanked me for creating Soul-Patrol. Now when things like that happen, it's somewhat embarrassing.

I mean when someone like Al Goodman says to me...
"I heard that thing you did on Barbara Mason and it was nice..."
Someone like Lenny Green (the "Quiet Storm" DJ on 98.7 KISS) comes up to me and says...
"You are doing a good job, keep it up..."

(I have no idea what to say to them, except thank

Yet at the same time it's also quite fulfilling to know that what we are accomplishing here has gained some manner of recognition from the artists & their families, the road crews and even the folks from the "established media". That is a testament not only to me, but to the commitment that all of you have shown and continue to show to the past, present and future legacy of OUR music.

3. The promoters of the show were a company called Chandler and Associates. They are INDEPENDENT Black promoters and are also members of Soul-Patrol.

4. The crowd for this event was truly a Soul-Patrol type of crowd. Whatever the number of folks that were permitted by the fire marshal must have been there and more. It was PACKED TO THE GILLS. There may have been some folks from here on the mailing list there in the crowd, but if they were, I didn't see em because the joint was just that packed. However I did run into a dozen or so folks that I knew from "back in the day" and had not seen since then.
The crowd was comprised mostly of Black folks between the ages 35 - 60. Folks were dressed in "1970's regalia", suits & ties, high fashion dresses, "business casual", etc. Prior to the start of the show, the crowd was rockin to the sounds of the DJ pumping out 60's, 70's & 80's Classic Soul on a packed 1,600 sq ft dance floor. In short this was the crowd that ABC radio networks failed to capture during their ill fated attempt to bring the Tom Joyner Radio show to NYC last year. The overwhelming REJECTION of that show by the NY audience is proof that if your coming to NY, you betta ....

"come correct, or DON'T come at all..."

The performances in brief...


Ooh Baby Baby, Look Over Your Shoulder, A Song For You, Let's Make Love At Home Sometime.
One of the things that I like best about the Escorts is the fact that La'Grant, Billy and Reggie alternate leads and also harmonize well with each other. They truly are a group in the sense that we used to think of a group. They put on an excellent show. Their new CD "R&B Menagerie" is available here online at the Legendary Escorts website.

My recommendation of course is that when you go there, you should order multiple copies of the CD.
You will need a minimum of three
One for your home, one for your car and one for the home of your "significant other".
(and if your "significant other" lives in the same house as you do, then just give that extra copy to a friend :)


When You Get Right Down To It, LA LA Means I Love You, Hey Love, Alfie, Didn't I Blow Your Mind.
We all know these songs. We all have the lyrics memorized.
What was amazing to me was the performance.
They had the moves, the steps, the vocals, the females going nuts, the whole 9 yards. Since I have seen the "other delfonics" perform live twice in the past six months, I can report to you that it was like "night and day". The difference between this show and the "other delfonics" is STARK and apparent to ANYONE who is a fan of the Delphonics. If you get a chance to see this group live, please do not hesitate for one moment to do so. Maybe they aren't legally allowed to use the name "Delphonics", however the quality of their show should really be all that matters to us as fans. (theirs is the group to go and see)


Just "so so" in my opinion
(although she did get a "slight rise" outta me when she sang he famous cover version of
Prince's "Do Me Baby")
Her voice still resembles that of Chaka Khan, however something felt like it was missing...


Can someone please figure out a way to get him back together with Blue Magic?
He did a 35 min show of Blue Magic hits that was just "off the hook". In some ways he is such a powerful and charismatic performer, that he doesn't really even need the rest of the group in order to captivate the audience. However, wouldn't be a great thing for the fans if they could somehow work it all out?


I dunno if this is the same group I saw in Atlantic City, that put on a shameful and embarrassing performance. If it was they have certainly come a long way. They did the standard set of Intruders songs and did a good job with them.


As usual, a great show comprised of their hits from back in the day as the MOMENTS (including an ULTRA FONKY rendition of "SEXY MAMA"). They ended the show with their signature tune & biggest hit, "LOVE ON A TWO WAY STREET"....I spoke with the group at length backstage and I would like to pass along their heartfelt appreciation to everyone here on Soul-Patrol AROUND THE WORLD for your support of their new CD called "A Moment With Friends". Yall have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, that if the CD is good and it gets enough exposure on the internet, that folks will buy it online.

In short this was a GREAT EVENT....

A great dance party/sweatbox; a great concert, a night of great camaraderie. a night that EVERYONE who was there will remember and cherish for the rest of their lives!

Anyone who thinks that Classic Soul is dead in NYC, had betta think again. It was alive and well last night at the Manhattan Center and the people were: ON THE ONE

And ANYONE (ex: Tom Joyner) who thinks for one moment that they can come into NYC and try to take over, without understanding the "pulse of the city", had better be prepared for a rude awakening.


(that's cuz New Yorkers know the difference...)

--Bob Davis

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Bob Davis

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