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Black History Month: Salutes Black Owned Business On The Internet:

Soul-Patrol Newsletter

Hi, this is Bob Davis owner of Soul-Patrol and I have a special message for owners of Black Owned Businesses here on the internet.

Hopefully you will recall this statement I made in the last Soul-Patrol Newsletter with respect to one of the things we are planning for Black History Month...

A special focus on Black Owned Internet Business : This is the fourth of our special mailings during February to spotlight specific Black Owned Businesses here on the internet who are doing the right kind of things. If you are such a business owner, please feel free to contact me via email at: and find out how you can become a part of this program on a "first come first served basis"!

Well I was dead serious and today I am proud to present to you the fourth of these businesses to be be spotlighted during Black History Month 2004
We are doing this for three reasons:
1. We want to put a spotlight on Black Owned Businesses that are doing some good things that you may be unaware of right here on the internet.
2. We want to encourage YOU to support these businesses by going to their websites, learning more about their products/services and to STRONGLY consider making a purchase from them
3. If you are thinking about starting your own business, we want to encourage YOU to stop thinking about it, and to DO IT.

Lets see if we can make something good happen for TheFunkstore.Com

Just wanted to give out some props for one of OUR own!
As you are all aware, the BLACK MUSIC SUPERSTORE: TheFunkstore.Com, owned by longtime Soul-Patroller Daryl "Moonthangz" Moon was one of the sponsors of: The 2003 Soul-Patrol East Coast Convention. Well has been re-tooled and re-launched with additional capabilities and plenty of new product offerings. So even if you have been there in the past, click on the links and take a look at their new web design and when you do, tell Daryl I said hello :)

TheFunkstore.Com is yet another part of the ever expanding universe of 100% INDEPENDENT BLACK OWNED websites that are actually ACCOMPLISHING SOMETHING POSITIVE, against all of the odds.
We salute them not only for the accomplishments to this point in time, but also for the potential of what they can do in the future.

--Bob Davis

Black History Month: Salutes Black Owned Business On The Internet:!!!

 Products that FEEL, FUNK & FASCINATE!

Founded in the fall of 2000 by musician/entrepreneur Daryl Moon, The FunkStore has grown to become the internet's & the world's foremost authority on independent raw funk music. The son of Black radio pioneer 'the late' Donald C. Mullins, Daryl Moon has formed an alliance with the leaders in the raw funk community, as well as many members of the Parliament-Funkadelic AllStars. TheFunkStore has grown to become the premiere outlet for CDs & material from them as well other established & up & coming funk & rock artists.

As part of our new expansion (winter 2004) TheFunkStore has now become a full service CD , Books & DVD , Home Entertainment & Computer Outlet . Although you can now purchase all styles of music at TheFunkStore our mode of operation will remain hard-edged & rawfunky!

Visit our new department for often overlooked yet deeply meaningful & powerful music. It is also the place to discover artist & CDs that are deeply connected to the roots & origins of rock & roll (which through out history was sometimes known as race music). Music is the one true universal language & throughout all our departments you will find a vast selection of artist & styles of music & purveyors of funk & culture. Take a moment to ask your self, "What Is Funk?"....

Visit our new GypsyMart for our 100% rocksolid & fully guaranteed TFS COMPUTER SYSTEMS DeskTop Computers, Also in TheGypsyMart , TV's ,Printers , Scanners , Large Screen Plasma Televisions , Digital Cameras , DVD Players & much more.. In our funky online book department you will find a vast array of books & materials that FEEL, FUNK & FASCINATE!

Our pledge at is for your shopping experience to be fun, funky & secure! . We have been open for 3 years & have shipped thousands of orders all over the world. Our shipping prices are "One Price World Wide". If you have a very large 'domestic' order please contact us at for shipping discount/rebate information. We have teamed with one of the worlds foremost funds transfer companies "Pay Pal" & your transaction will be safe & secure. Once you've placed your order at you will be alerted by confirmation email that your order has been received. When your item ships you will also be alerted by email with carrier information & "tracking #" if necessary.

Daryl Moon

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    Hopefully you enjoyed this edition of the Soul-Patrol Newsletter.
    We will be back in about two weeks with the next edition, with any email alerts for
    local events, Soul-Patrol website updates/chat sessions or breaking news in between, as required.

    If you have any comments, questions, etc feel free to drop me an email and let me know what's on your mind.

    Bob Davis

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