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Soul-Patrol Newsletter Headlines (3/9/2004)

1. Concert Review: Marlon Saunders @ Sugar Bar/NYC
2. Quickie Reviews: Acendant, Candi Staton, K.J Denhert, Soul Comes Home, Johnny Ingram, Lonnie Youngblood/Jimi Hendrix, Hill St. Soul, Tricky Dilemma, Afroskull, New Edition, Ozric Tentacles, Diana Ross and the Supremes, Waldo Weathers, Nestor Torres, Tad Robinson

3. Catching A Groove....Kozmic Funk 2004
4. Interview: Bobby Humphrey
5. Reflections: Lonnie Liston Smith

6. Soul-Patrol Event: Celebration For The Dells Induction In To The Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame

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1. Concert Review: Marlon Saunders @ Sugar Bar/NYC     

Marlon Saunders Some artists are naturals, while some are forced. Minnie Riperton was an artist who was a "natural". Not a note was forced. Not a lyric was forced. There is "purity" in "naturalness". When Marlon Saunders invites us to "enter his mind", he is inviting us to enter into the realm of possibilities and potential.

I went to see Marlon Saunders and his band Mood Control in early January at the legendary Sugar Bar nightclub in Manhattan. I had originally intended to post this review right after the show, But after seeing Marlon Saunders perform live, I decided to wait till Black History Month to share this summary of my experience in attending his live show.

That's because Marlon Saunders live in concert is much more than just your run of the mill "Stevie/Donnie/Marvin" neo soul clone. Marlon Saunders is an artist that understands his connection to those artists of the past and clearly means to not only take their music (and others) into the future, but also his responsibility to extend the legacy of Black music into the future. Now that is a pretty big statement to make, but in his case that is clearly one of his objectives. That much can be gleaned by listening to his CD called "Enter My Mind", however it's only when seeing him live does it become totally clear that the objective is well within his reach...

Take for example his performance on the title track "Enter My Mind".
Go to Marlon's website and take a listen to the song.
Nice cut, right????????

However that cut takes on a WHOLE NOTHER LIFE when Marlon performs it live...When he sings it live, it sounds pretty much like it does on the album, until he gets about 1/2 way thru the song, and then he does the impossible, he does the improbable. What he does with this song is so amazing, that I am tempted not to even tell you, because I really do want you to be just as surprised as I was. I would really like you to have the same smile on your face as mine did when I heard it.
(but I will tell you

About 1/2 way thru the song Marlon Saunders broke out into a

Now this is a song that we have had MANY discussions about here on Soul-Patrol. How many times have we come to the conclusion that..."Nobody can cover that song, nobody should even attempt to cover that song, hell even Phillip Bailey himself can't even cover that song..." (but Marlon Saunders did it and I saw and heard it with my own eyes and ears)
And guess what??
People ATE IT UP

Now I really don't want to spoil the surprise, but Marlon Saunders does the same exact thing with several other songs from the songbook that I like to refer to as...


And he doesn't do the one's that you might expect, he does the ones that NOBODY EVER TOUCHES (I won't spoil it for you)

Afro Blew My Mind
Love Serenade
Keep Doin What Cha Doin
Enter My Mind

He played a lot of other stuff as well, however my notes are jumbled and I don't remember. But that doesn't matter. The show was an hour or so of entertainment, enlightenment and SLAMMIN FUNK

So who will Marlon Saunders LIVE remind you of?????
Curtis/Gil Scott-Heron/EWF/Tom Browne/Fifth Dimension/Rotary Connection/Jon Lucien

However please don't think for one moment that this is a "retro show".
Far from it...The point here is to educate, stimulate and expand YOUR thinking. And Marlon succeeds in doing so. There are some other surprises here, but I really don't want to spoil them. You need to witness them FIRST HAND.

This was a profoundly enjoyable concert for me as well as the rest of the crowd in attendance. I will tell you this much...
In my opinion the "hype" that the mass media machine is currently applying to Alicia Keys, should really be applied to Marlon Saunders. He really does reach back into the 1970's for inspiration. He's old enough to have experienced the music firsthand, yet young enough to create original music that makes absolutely no excuses about it's inherent FUNKINESS and just where that FUNKINESS comes from.

And by "FUNK", what I mean is "FUNK" as the..."essence of Black music"
Marlon Saunders live is the living embodiment of all that Samuel L. Jackson was talking about during the Grammy awards last month.

(cuz there ain't nothing new about it, and Marlon says as much over and over again during the show)

At this point, I'm certain that there are a few of you out there who might be thinking that I am overstating the point here? Well if you are, then you are entitled to your opinion, however I would invite you to see & hear what I am talking about for yourself...

If you go to Marlon's website at: you can view some video clips from this very show that I attended at the Sugar Bar last month. Go there and see for yourself if I am overstating the case. In short, Marlon Saunders flips the entire idea of something called "neo soul" and uses it to make quite a compelling point about the future of Black music.
If there is an artist out there who will be able to bridge the very serious generation gap that we have in Black music today, I would bet my money on Marlon Saunders. There is a sense of integrity in what he is doing that makes me very enthusiastic and optimistic.

All of this and a band that is SLAMMIN and includes former members of Digable Planets and the Ivan Neville Band. We will be talking quite a bit about Marlon Saunders as he takes this journey!

stay tuned...

"Who said that a Soul Band can't play FUNK...."

--Bob Davis

2. Quickie New CD Reviews: Acendant, Candi Staton, K.J Denhert, Soul Comes Home, Johnny Ingram, Lonnie Youngblood/Jimi Hendrix, Hill St. Soul, Tricky Dilemma, Afroskull, New Edition, Ozric Tentacles, Diana Ross and the Supremes, Waldo Weathers, Nestor Torres, Tad Robinson  


* Where Are You Now - Acendant
(Nu Soul/Real Soul)

This is an outstanding CD release from some longtime Soul-Patrollers. Like much of the best of what the music industry classifies as "neo soul", it really sounds more like it would easily find a home on the play list of a "progressive Black radio station circa 1975". It's just plain good music and you will be hearing much more about this group on Soul-Patrol.

* Candi Staton - Candi Staton
(New release featuring her legendary Fame Studios recordings)

This is the legendary CD that we have heard so much about from "culture bandits" over the years who were either looking to buy/sell the bootlegs. These are studio recordings from the 1960's, produced at the legendary FAME studios, that have been unreleased due to legal reasons. Hearing them will make you quickly forget all that you think that you know about Candi Staton. You will be taken to school here!!!! This CD is almost certain to be among the picks for Soul-Patrol's top 20 albums for 2004. It's a automatic classic right from beginning to end and deserved to become a big seller. Stay tuned for more on this OUTSTANDING CD.

* "girl like me" - K.J Denhert
(Nu Soul/Folk/Jazz)

This CD is very unusual. It's unusually good (and if you don't belive me, ask tha Funkoverlord) and I'll have more on it later :) It kinda sounds like Pheobe Snow meets India Arie meets Tracy Chapman meets Odetta meets Ricky Lee Jones meets N'Dambi meets Flora Purim. Sound "eclectic" enough for you?

* Soul Comes Home - Al Green, Isaac Hayes, Solomon Burke, Sir Mack Rice, Mavis Staples, Jean Knight, Booker T & the MG's, Barkays, Chuck D and others
(Memphis Soul Live Concert)

Another winner. The two cuts on here by Booker T & the MG's (Green Onions) and the Barkays (Soul Finger) w/Chuck D on vocals alone are worth the price of admission for this CD. Of course there is much more about this CD to talk about (and no doubt I Don't even think twice, buy this CD as soon as you see it.

* The Love Messenger - Johnny Ingram
(Slow Jams/3am Funk)

I was prepared not to like this. And then I was surprised. A very good "Quiet Storm" type of CD. More later...

* Lonnie Youngblood Featuring Jimi Hendrix (Two Great Experiences)
(Extra Terrestrial Blues/Funk/Rock/Soul)

This is music that all Hendrix fanatics have heard before on various bootlegs and poorly produced albums in the past. Largely "poo pooed" in the past by "Hendrix purists", because they mostly felt that ANYTHING Hendrix did outside of the Experience doesn't count. When I first heard the CD the first thing that I did was to play it over again. And then i played it again:)

Listening to this CD made me feel that I had never even heard Lonnie Youngblood & Jimi Hendrix before. It's a fine CD that stands the test of time well and after listening to it you will be exposed to yet another dimension of Jimi Hendrix that you thought that you knew, but will quickly realize that you didn't. If you are a Hendrix fan, don't hesitate to buy this CD

* "Copasetic & Cool" - Hill St. Soul
(Nu Soul/Today's R&B)

This is a pop album that tries to disguise itself by using the trappings "underground soul". This is not to be negative about it at all, but there isn't anything groundbreaking here. It's a nice CD that could actually be a commercial success because it defiantly has a 2004 pop music feel to it.

The best way I could describe it would be to say that if Beoncye Knowles were to make a "serious soul" album (you know, like if she tried to imitate Jill Scott), it might sound something like this? Or perhaps what En Vouge might sound like if they tried to go the "underground soul" route? Of course, En Vouge doesn't have to go "retro soul", since of course they never tried to say that they were anything else but 100 percent pure soul.

In short it stratles the fence between "Today's R&B" and "Underground Soul", hedging it's bet on which would prove to be more popular in the marketplace. Who knows, this CD might grow on me after a while and I might actually like it.

* "The Howling Neccessity" - Tricky Dilemma
(Black Rock/Electronica featuring our own Bruce Mack)

The very last thing that I would expect from someone (Bruce Mack) who is the former President of the Black Rock Coalition would be an album of "electronica". However the CD is kinda "Sun Raish" and is growing on me!

* Afroskull - 'Monster For The Masses
(Supa Dupa Monster Jazz/Funk/Rock/Soul)

Well, I am listening to it as we speak, and there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this is the very best album I have heard so far in 2004. Impossible to place into a category, for Soul-Patrollers the reference point would be Victor Wooten - 'Live In America'. For the rest of you it's kinda like Passport, Weather Report, Band Of Gypsy's, P-Funk and the Meters all rolled into one. I predict that this CD will have trouble getting commercial airplay because of it's sheer diversity and high quality. It simply won't fit into ANY commercial radio format, that I am aware of. However I can also safely predict that we will PLAY THE HELL out of it on Soul-Patrol.Net Radio, because of it's sheer diversity and quality :) I know that Victor Wooten will be releasing a new CD soon and of course Prince has his new one on the way as well. All I can say is that they had betta BOTH come with some buttFUNK kickin stuff to beat this one :)

* New Edition - 'New Edition Hits'
(Classic Soul/Pop)

As you all know I really like New Edition. I am a self admitted addict of what I sometimes lovingly refer to as 'bubblegum funk'. All of the great songs they did during the 1980's are here, during that period when they not only continued the 'bubblegum funk' legacy of the J5, Five Stairsteps, Sylvers and others, but also are possibly the very last in the line of great Black male vocal groups in the tradition of the Dells, Temps, Impressions, Bluenotes, Intruders, Persuaders, Escorts, Moments, Harptones, Jive Five, Delphonics, Cadillac's, etc. In my opinion a disc like this represents essential music to own, if you consider yourself to be a fan of Soul music. If you don't already own these songs, this would be a good place to start with New Edition...

* Ozric Tentacles - 'Spirals In Hyperspace'
(Progressive Jazz/Rock/Funk)

This is what we used to call back in da day a FREAK OUT ALBUM.
(all of you 'ex. headz know what I'm talking about)
Think about a combination of Frank Zappa, Miles Davis, Return To Forever (No Mystery), Hocus Pocus (by Focus), Sun Ra, and Tubular Bells and then imagine that it's 1975 in a dark room lit only by the tip of a burning incense stick and you have got the complete picture of where the album 'Spirals In Hyperspace' is coming from :)

* Diana Ross and the Supremes - Diana Ross and the Supremes The No. 1's
(Classic Soul/Pop)

As most of you know, my relationship with this group is somewhat 'twisted'. I have gone back and forth between 'love and hate' with the Supremes for about as long as I can remember. However for those of you who for whatever reason do not currently own any Supremes music, this CD contains music that is absolutely essential for a soul music fan to own. It contains all of their biggest hits, both with and without Diana Ross, the solo hits of Diana Ross, and a bonus track. The bonus track is an alternate take of 'You Keep Me Hanging On', a song that I initially hated, then when Vanilla Fudge covered it I loved it, and now with this remix featuring some AWESOME drumming and bass playing (Benjamin & Jamerson?) I'm diggin this song all over again. (see I told yall I was confused about the
If you are new to the Supremes this CD would be a good place for you to start and then you can go deeper and hopefully you won't become as confused about them as I have made myself in trying to analyze their career :)

* Waldo Weathers - 'Love Groove'
(James Brown/Chuck Brown Style Soul/Jazz/Blues/Funk/Rap)

Wow, what a surprise from our man Waldo Weathers, this CD starts out with an early 90's 'G-Funk' style song. Now that's not a criticism, cuz I always dug that 'G-Funk' thang, just a surprise!! Next up is a 'DC Go Go' type of jam, later there are love songs, then instrumental jazz/funk, a song that sounds a bit like a Shuggie Otis song and more. I have been diggin Waldo's stuff for a while now as yall already know, but I think this is his best CD. It's VERY diverse and may not find a home on commercial radio either, however I think that folks who consider themselves to be true connoisseurs of DA FUNK will regard this one as a secret pleasure!

* Nestor Torres - Sin Palabras (without words)

Very nice CD if you like 'Latin Jazz'. Kinda reminds me a little of Hubert Laws. Funky in spots, it's basicly a 'CTI ish' kinda album updated and designed to appeal to a younger audience (it has some rap's done in Spanish along with some hip hop beats on some songs). And in my view anything that gets younger people to listen to jazz is a good thing :)

* Tad Robinson - 'Did You Ever Wonder'

This guy sounds like a white version of Mighty Sam McClain, which means to say that he's pretty damn good.

How's that for those of you who keep telling me that there isn't any good NEW music out there?
more to come...

--Bob Davis

3. Catching A Groove....Kozmic Funk 2004

Grammy I'd like to take a quick break in the action to tell you all about a very special event I attended last night just outside of Baltimore in a suburb called Randallstown, MD. I was invited by our friend & sponsor Michael Henderson as sort of a last moment thing to this sold out event otherwise I would have made an announcement here so that some of you could have attended as well.

Mike has been talking with me for quite a while, about putting together a series of events that would combine live concerts with student oriented music workshops, will 100 percent of the proceeds going to the educational institution that hosted the program.

Here was the program last night...

* Tanya Williams (Organizer of the Event & quite a dynamic sista)
* Introduce the workshop participants & read certificates
* Randy Dennis of radio station 104.3
* Bobby Humphrey (Performance)
* Intermission (line dance) Door Prize
* The Randallstown 5 (Performance)
* Lonnie Liston Smith (Performance)



(well Mike didn't perform, but he was there, bursting with pride at the accomplishment of putting the whole thing together)

Now I gotta tell you, I was also bursting with pride myself just because I was there...This was an event that casued me to think about quite a number of things:

* Randallstown, MD is a "middle class" suburb of Baltimore that is 76 percent Black.
* Attendance at the SOLD OUT concert was about 100 percent Black
* The musical performances by Lonnie Liston Smith and Bobby Humphrey were OFF THE HOOK
* The musical performances by the students were OFF THE HOOK

However the most impressive thing about the event was the overall "groove" exhibited by the people (young and old) that I met last night.

This was not so much a musical event, but an event about EMPOWERMENT.
* It was all about individuals making a choice to EMPOWER THEMSELVES.
* It was about a community EMPOWERING THEMSELVES
* It was about artists EMPOWERING THEMSELVES
* It was about young people EMPOWERING THEMSELVES

All too often we tend to look towards OTHER PEOPLE to blame for our problems.
Sometimes that is justified and sometimes it;s not. However what is becoming more and more clear to me with each passing year is that the solution to many of the problems that we very often look to others to solve for us is most times


As I looked at the people in the audience, I saw a reflection of myself in the adults in attendance. Most were between 45-60 so they were contemporaries of mine. They were people who dug the "Kozmic Funk" music of the 1970's and obviously were there to check out some of their musical heroes of the past. However this wasn't an event to celebrate the nostagia of the 1970's.

These people had a purpose, and were united not only by their love of the music, but because of the love of the "groove" of that period had made a conscious decision to utilize that "groove" in order to effect a POSITIVE CHANGE right here in the present!!!

And THAT was what the event was all about...

I haven't felt so good about "MAH PEOPLE" as I did last night in a VERY long time. And it was for me just what BLACK HISTORY MONTH is supposed to be all about!!!

The show was taped and hopefully we will be able to play some portions of it on Soul-Patrol.Net Radio so that perhaps even more of you can "catch the groove of Kozmic Funk 2004".

"Think Global...Act Local..."
--Richard Daley

-- Bob Davis

4. Interview: Bobby Humphrey

Bobby Humphrey

Bobby Humphrey has been lurking around Soul-Patrol for several years now.
She is of course a good friend of our own AAdamsRib (Blanche Valentine) but I had never met her in person before last night. She is very familiar with what we are doing and what we are all about.

I interviewed her and she told me the following:

* She's got a new CD (which she gave me a copy of so that means you will be hearing some tracks on Soul-Patrol.Net Radio) that she is releasing on her own INDEPENDENT label.
* She is just about to launch a new website ( in a few weeks.
* She still lives in NYC, but splits time between there and the Caribbean
* She's planning on attending our party in Harlem for the Dells on 3/13/2004, so I will get to speak with her more then.
* Her performance was off the hook (nah let me take that back.....SHE TORE IT UP) and when she did "Harlem River Drive" a group of dancers jumped up on the stage in what looked just like a scene from the 1970's.
* At one point during the performance one of the young student joined her on stage with his sax and the two of them did a duet together.
* From the stage she made several statements about just how proud she was to have been asked to participate in such a great event that was truly community based and all about EMPOWERMENT.

If you get a chance to see her live, do not miss it!!!

--Bob Davis

5. Reflections: Lonnie Liston Smith

Lonnie Liston Smith

Ya know, sometimes life can take a funny turn....

Last Saturday night while I was at the show in Randallstown, MD I went backstage and entered Lonnie Liston Smith's dressing room. I introduced myself to Mr. Smith and instead of thinking of something witty, profound or intelegent to say, all I could think of at that moment was...


I spoke to him for a few more moments and then walked away, feeling somewhat embarrassed because I hadn't thought of anything witty, profound or intelligent to say. I thought to myself...(what must he think of me???)

Later that evening Micheal Henderson more formally introduced us by saying..."This is Bob Davis, from Soul-Patrol, this is the brotha I was telling you about..."
Of course that made me feel better and then we got down to a conversation about his music. I said, maaaaannnnn...You don't know...

We talked about the buttFUNK-kicking groove of the song EXPANSIONS and the whole concept of "KOZMIC FUNK"...

Lonnie said..."The whole point was to first get people moving and grooving on the dance floor and then to get them to think...To think about the world around them and expand their minds to open up to the possibilities for the future..."

I said..."That was kinda what I thought, I was a college student at the time and to me and for my partners, we thought that the whole experience was kinda designed to "suck us in with the mean FUNK grooves" and then force us to first listen to the melodic jazz and then finally to THINK..."

Lonnie said..."You got that right..." :)

I said..."That's what the groove called KOZMIC FUNK was all about, it was "afrocentric" before the word "afrocentric" had even been invented, combining the funk, jazz & afro-egyptian sounds together in a way that was inspirational and forced you to pay attention to the mind expanding messages of love and positive energy expressed in the songs...."

And then I realized...How foolish I must have sounded...
Here I was trying to provide a "two dolla" definition about the term "KOZMIC FUNK", when I had standing right in front of me the man who INVENTED THE DAMN TERM COSMIC FUNK, back in 1974 on the LP called.... "COSMIC FUNK"

The concert was OFF THE HOOK. Mr Lonnie Liston Smith played his butt off.
Awesome keyboards. The whole show was a serious "flashback" in time for me.
The audience certainly dug it as well, people got up and started dancing on the fast songs.
And on the slow songs, people just sat as if they were in a trance, as they "nodded/bobbed" their heads along with the beats of the music. The music was sooo damn melodic it made one think of a clear night in Egypt, at the base of the pyramids.

I was caught up in a deep melodic and nostalgic tip. It felt just like 1976, here I was listening to live music that was by design introspective....

And then suddenly the clock fast forwarded to 2004 as Lonnie Liston Smith reminded uas all of the true reason why we had all gathered there on this evening... He introduced the young musicians from Randallstown, MD who had by now joined him on stage. They joined right in and kept that serious "KOZMIC FUNK" groove going. And THAT was a truly impressive thing for me to bear witness to.

There it was, laid out in front of me, clear as day...

(right on stage)

One of the things that was also made clear to me are the "synergies" of some of the artists of the "underground soul" (ex Marlon Saunders, Ascendant and others) movement and the ideals and aspirations of 1970's "KOZMIC FUNK". That pretty much explains for me why I like some of that music so much

Anyhow...the following Monday morning as I was getting ready for work, my phone rang.
I picked it up and heard a voice say..."I'm trying to reach Bob Davis, this is Lonnie Liston Smith..."

(that blew my

And then he said...

"Bob, I just wanted to let you know that I visited your site and read the things that you wrote about me, so I had to call you to thank you for putting up that web page about me..."

"As soon as I went to the main page of your site and I heard the voice of Malcolm X, I knew that I was in the right place..."

We then went on to discuss a myriad of topics such as: Smooth Jazz, Miles Davis; Stax Records, Afrocentric ideas, Sam Moore, The 1970's, Clear Channel, Why American Blacks don't support their own music, etc.

Needless to say I was late for
(and of course I have been on a "high" all week long)

We will be hearing more from and about Lonnie Liston Smith here on Soul-Patrol
(I have a feeling that he wouldn't want it any other way)

--Bob Davis

6. Soul-Patrol Event: Celebration For The Dells Induction In To The Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame



That's right, the MIGHTY, MIGHTY DELLS (Marvin, Chuck, Mickey, Vern and Johnnie) will be on hand in NYC to party with us as we celebrate their long awaited INDUCTION INTO THE ROCK N' ROLL HALL OF FAME. This historic event would not have happened without the efforts of Soul-Patrollers. Therefore we feel it only right to invite all of you to celebrate together.

Special Invited Guests:

* THE MIGHTY DELLS (Marvin, Chuck, Mickey, Vern and Johnnie)
* Hal Jackson
* Gil Noble
* Ray, Goodman and Brown
* Soul Generation (featuring Cliff Perkins)
* The Legendary Escorts
* The Persuaders
* Badal Roy (Miles Davis Band)
* Bobby Humhprey
* Raoul Cita/Harptones
* And others to be announced…

I have a limited number of tickets that I am making available to the general public, so I am making them available at the price of $30.00 first until they are gone.



1. Tickets for this event are now open to the General Public...
2. The price is $30.00
3. The web page to place orders is now accessible from the main page of the
Soul-Patrol Website
4. We will take orders untill the VERY limited number of slots we have are sold out


--Bob Davis

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Bob Davis

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    * Children On The Corner - 70's Miles Davis Band Reunited (2003 Soul-Patrol Top 20 Pick)  
    Children On The Corner (70's Miles Davis Band Reunited)
    * Mighty Sam McClain: One More Bridge To Cross (2003 Soul-Patrol Top 20 Pick)  
    Mighty Sam McClain
    * Prince: Live in Las Vegas (DVD)  
    Prince: Live in Las Vegas (DVD)
    * Sound Spectrum Entertainment  
    Sound Spectrum Entertainment
    * Donna Summer: Bad Girls (CD Deluxe) 
    Donna Summer: Bad Girls (CD Deluxe)
    * Clinton Administration - 'One Nation Under a Re-Groove' (2003 Soul-Patrol Top 20 Pick)  
    Clinton Administration
    * Ray, Goodman And Brown (aka The Moments)  
    Ray, Goodman and  Brown - A Moment With Friends
    * Jazzhole 
    JAZZHOLE - Funk, Jazz, Soul, Neo Soul, World Music
    * Marvin Gaye - I Want You: CD Deluxe (2003 Soul-Patrol Top 20 Pick)  
    Marvin Gaye - I Want You (CD Deluxe)
    * Dells - Open Up My Heart 
    Dells - Open Up My Heart
    * Will Wheaton 
    Will Wheaton
    * Harptones 
    Vocal Magic Of The Harptones, doo wop, Willie Wingfield, Raoul Cita
    * Rio Soul  
    Rio Soul
    * HIP-O Records - Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues: A Musical Journey  
    HIP-O Records
    * Groove Doctors 
    Groove Doctors
    * Mandrill: 'Sunshine' (2003 Soul-Patrol Top 20 Pick)  
    Billy Paul
    * New Pittsburgh Courier: one of the oldest and most prestigious Black newspapers in the United States 
    New Pittsburgh Courier
    * Black Rock Coalition (BRC)  
    Black Rock Coalition (BRC)
    * Soul of America Travel  
    Soul of America Travel
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