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  LISTEN TO: Soul-Patrol.Net Radio Interview with Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame CEO Terry Stewart Featuring: Soul-Patrol.Net Radio (Kevin Amos - Funkoverlord) interviewes Terry Stewart (President/CEO of the RRHOF Museum) during this past monday during the 2004 inductions. Terry covers topics such as the roots of African American Rock n' Roll, the long overdue induction of the Mighty Dells and tells us about some of what you will see on a visit to the museum...

Soul-Patrol Newsletter Headlines (3/21/2004)

1. Review: Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame Inductions (NYC 3/15)
2. Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame Door Kicked in For The Mighty Dells! We Should All Be Proud!

3. Prince Burns Down The Waldorf Astoria @ 2004 Rock n' Roll Hall Of Fame Inductions
4. Concert Review: Prince (The Afterparty) At Club Black - NYC (3/15/04)

5. Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame Inductions: Is It Racism Or Memorex?
6. Soul-Patrol Event: Pictures and Commentary From Soul-Patrol's Celebration For The Dells Induction In To The Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame

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1. Review: Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame Inductions (NYC 3/15)     

RRHOF *****
"Rhythm and Blues, are part of "the national genius", of the Black Man, of the Black nation It is the direct, no monkey business expression of urban and rural Black America. Black Music is African in origin, African-American in it's totality, and its various forms (especially the vocal) show just how the African impulses were redistributed in its expression."
----Leroy Jones (Amiri Baraka) Black Music ,1967

I've also heard Little Richard say ..."Rhythm and Blues had a baby and they called it Rock and Roll."

This music is also part of the African tradition. Some would like for us to have no memory of that, a cultureless people without a memory. No History.

Monday morning, March 15, Bob Davis the CEO of and myself embarked on a historical journey. Our mission was to go out and document our musical legacy for our children, future generations and you.

BET did not cover the Rock and Roll Induction Ceremonies, neither did Ebony, Jet, or Vibe. What does that tell you? Are they feeding into the concept of a cultureless people without a memory?

I was there as a friend of the Dells representing We have lobbied for quite a number of years to finally get them in the Hall of Fame. It was wonderful being there providing support in any way possible.

A big thanks also goes out to Terry Stewart, the President and CEO of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We spoke to him about the importance of the organization, and the significance of the African-American contribution in relation to this music that changed the world.

The Late Night Band from the David Letterman show were in attendance, up a little early (9AM),but sounding great. They have served as the "house band" at the induction ceremonies with Paul Shaefer's musical direction for quite some time now. They accompanied the Dells on OH WHAT A NIGHT. In speaking with Felicia Collins and Will Lee they stated that their participation at the induction's has been at least nine years. These musicians are some of the most versatile players on the scene.

I spoke briefly to Dusty Hill from ZZ Top and congratulated him on his induction. He was absolutely blown away by the whole ordeal and promised to talk to me later after rehearsal about it. Unfortunately, his road manager felt intimidated by our presence and decided not to let us talk to the purveyors of Texas Blue Boogie Funk Rock. He (the road manager) did everything to avoid us after ZZ Top's rehearsal.

I have listening to the music of Traffic and Steve Winwood for over 30 years. I have even had the opportunity to interview his good friend Brian Auger some time ago. The voice of Steve Winwood still sounds great as I listened during the rehearsal session. It has aged like a fine wine. His guitar playing hasn't suffered any either as he put out some licks won't see on TV. The induction speech given by Dave Mathews was great as he related
his experiences listening to Traffic's DEAR MR FANTASY "under the influence". I saw a lot of folks in the audience nodding their heads in approval.

While cruising around the ballroom at the Waldorf I met the author of SOULSVILLE USA ,The Story of Stax Records. Back when I was producing talk radio at WCXJ-AM I had booked Rob Bowman as a guest for the late Dave Scott. It was great finally meeting him face to face and talking to him about all kinds of things. He is currently working with the folks who will be distributing the 1971 film SOUL TO SOUL. It will be made available on DVD this summer.

Since I am a radio producer and a events coordinator, I was particularly interested on the technical and logistical aspects of the show. One disturbing observation was the lack of a significant number of Blacks and other people of color on the set. I think I might have seen 5 or 6 folks on a possible crew of perhaps 150 working for VH1/MTV.
Chuck Barksdale of the Dells commented to us that he was glad we were there; otherwise there would be nobody to talk to. Perhaps the powers that be can look in the future to increase participation since we all know there are skilled and talented folks to do these jobs. It also would have been nice to have the Dells do more than their one song and be a part of the finale. The other artists performed at least two songs.

Other aspects of the rehearsal that I saw included the performance by Jackson Browne . The crew at VH1 seemed particularly concerned that this performance went off well. During the show my good friend Bruce Springstein gave the induction speech. I had met Bruce years ago when I was operations manager at Rainbow Kitchen in Homestead.
The performance of Jackson Browne was lackluster. Some audience members were visibly bored with the performance of Jackson Browne in the evening. Will someone please nudge Chris Rock?
A tribute to George Harrison is something else I witnessed at the rehearsal. Again I noticed more attention to detail by the crew. George's son was one of the many guitarists featured along with Tom Petty on a couple of tunes.

One thing that stood out for me were the induction and acceptance speeches.
Alicia Keys was eloquent in her tribute to Prince. "There are many Kings, but there is only one Prince". She talked about how his music and search for creative freedom influenced her. Prince spoke on how he wanted to be able to express freedom when first starting out with Warner Brothers at age 19 and how the label gave him that opportunity. He also talked about his emancipation and how "A real friend and mentor cares for you and them".

Prince had opened the show earlier to give a lesson in how to Rock and Roll. I like to call this segment of the show "Rock 101".

Yes folks…they all were there. Record industry executives, Lenny Kravitz, Yoko Ono, Puff Daddy, Fox News critic Roger Friedman, George Clinton, Mick Jagger, members of the Soprano's cast, Chris Rock, Keith Richards, Sean Lennon, and many more. All in attendance to pay homage to the Dells, Prince, Bob Seeger, Traffic, ZZ Top, George Harrison, Warren Zevon and others.
From the very moment Prince and his band hit the stage, the ballroom attendees at the Waldorf Astoria were on their feet. The extraordinary aggregation of musicians turned the place out and this was only the beginning of the evening's festivities. The Purple one and NPG came out slammin' with LET"S GO CRAZY featuring Maceo Parker and Candy Dulfer. They then proceeded into SIGN OF THE TIMES. If you glanced toward Lenny Kravitz, who was sitting right up front by the way, he was squirming in his seat right about now. The band started playing SOUL MAN as an introduction and slipped into the tune KISS. P Diddy's mouth was agape at this point and I swear I saw him taking notes! All joking aside, this reminded me of the TAMI SHOW and how no one (The Rolling Stones) wanted to play after James Brown.

Robert Townsend gave the induction speech for the Dells as George Clinton rose from his seat and gave a personal tribute when they came on stage. The daughters of the late Johnny Funches joined Marvin, Johnny, Mickey, Verne, and Chuck. It was a moment to behold as everyone in attendance gave them a standing ovation.

Chuck Barksdale in his speech said "that his group was accepting for "The O'Jays, the Whispers, and the Chi-Lites. They're not going to wait 50 years." After that the stage was set up for them to sing OH WHAT A NIGHT. I saw Yoko Ono dancing by herself. George Clinton was dancing with his granddaughter. Other's were also dancing in the crowd. I watched the tears and smiles of Dells family members as the quintet got their statues. It was unfortunate that Sean "Puffy" Combs and his entourage did not have the dignity or respect to stay for the Dells induction to the Hall of Fame.

Contrary to the belief of Jann Werner, the non-musician who got a Lifetime Achievement Award , Rock and Roll does not begin with the Beatles as he stated in his acceptance speech. Musical appreciation is based on what music you are turned on to. This contributes to your experience. You can't appreciate Little Richard or Beethoven if you are not turned on to them. The same goes for Zydeco, Reggae, Jazz, Soca, Blues, Gospel, and other music's.
Once you start listening many times you want to explore more and learn about the history of the music. That also adds to your appreciation and knowledge. As we stated earlier ,some would like for us to have no memory of any musical history, a cultureless people without a memory. No History. This goes for whatever color you may be.

Oh yeah by the way…..the Beatles first signed to a Black record label here in the states. Vee Jay Records.

Without the African American influence in music there would be no R&B, Rock and Roll, or a Hall of Fame. Just think….LaVerne Baker, The Flamingos, The Clovers, The Dells, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Curtis Mayfield, Betty Davis, Ruth Brown, Chuck Willis, James Brown, Big Joe Turner, The Coasters, Ray Charles, Ike Turner, Jesse A. Stone, Willie Dixon, Fats Domino, Parliament, Isley Brothers. Of course there are many, many others. Our history….. our national genius. Let's not forget. I won't let you.

--Kevin Amos tha Funkoverlord

2. Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame Door Kicked in For The Mighty Dells! We Should All Be Proud!  


Yes it was indeed…
Tonight I felt like I was watching living and breathing Black history tonight with the Dells. I have a thousand & one stories about what happened during this historic day.

Here is but one...
At the Waldorf just before the honorees come on stage they are in a staging area, which is really inside of the kitchen area. I watched as the brothas working in the kitchen of the Waldorf treated the Dells as if they were African kings, while somehow at the same time joked and played with them as if we were all sitting around an inner city basketball court or a backyard BBQ. It was a scene full of respect & admiration, combined with a sense of 'normalcy' that I have come to experience on a regular basis in my own dealings with the Dells.

They have been around for 51 years as an entity, AT THE TOP OF THEIR GAME.
(and we all respect that historical longevity and contribution intuitively)

L-R: Johnnie Carter, Mickey McGill, Chuck Barksdale, Vern Allison and Marvin Junior holding their LONG overdue stutues which singnify them as members of the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame!

They are also as approachable as a member of your family or a lifelong friend.
(and somehow we respect that contribution even more)

....the fabulous
........the insurmountable
..............the incomparable
.................the MIGHTY MIGHTY DELLS
....................lets give them a great big round of applause

Listen to the Mighty Dells spokesperson CHUCK BARKSDALE, MICKEY MCGILL (MMDells) and ROBERT TOWNSAND address the following topics with the mainstream press: Five Heartbeats movie, Lack of radio airplay for Classic soul artists, current artists, other artists that should be in the RRHOF, their 50 years of longevity as a group and more...

--Bob Davis

3. Prince Burns Down The Waldorf Astoria @ 2004 Rock n' Roll Hall Of Fame Inductions

Prince Live Hey Yall,

I just got back from the RRHOF induction ceremonies at the Waldorf in Manhattan, and Prince did a mini concert that burned thru the hallowed ballroom of the Waldorf-Astoria hotel like a gonorrhea epidemic inside of a convent.

I watched Lenny Kraviz sitting there if full "rock star posture', and I'd be willing to bet that by the time Prince was thru, Kravitz was under his chair, quivering in the full knowledge that he will NEVER ON THE BEST DAY OF HIS LIFE match the intensity of what Prince displayed for all of the 'industry rock music establishment' who have been trying to hype the creatively unsuccessful career of Lenny Kravitz with their money machine for the past 10 years :)

In one fell swoop, just in case anyone in that 'lilly white audience' forgot that Rock n' Roll music was invented by African Americans, Prince reminded them of that during his incendiary set.

--(guess who)

--(guess who)

--Bob Davis

4. Concert Review: Prince (The Afterparty) At Club Black - NYC (3/15/04)

Prince Live

EYE was finally able to get inside Club Black 2 check out Prince at 1:45am (the show started at 1:15am). Prince performed D.M.S.R. (Dance, Music, Sex, Romance) among a fan crowd of approximately 2,000 people......the club was ridiculously packed! (The low point was the outrageous prices 4 drinks.....cola is $5.00??!! WHAT??!! Don't even bother trying 2 get cash 4 their ATMs....$5.99 fee 4 withdrawals??!!! This is definitely one place EYE'll never visit again!! And the way the owners packed the venue was outrageous.... EYE spent the first 25 minutes trying 2 find a spot 2 view Prince and the band...EYE was standing at the bar (away from the viewing area) trying 2 get 2 the main floor area, amidst a crowd of 150 or so people packed in like sardines!!)

The band threw down with Fred Wesley's "House Party", featuring the Purple 1 on some vocals! "Controversy" and "The Beautiful 1s" were good, especially the latter with Renato on beautiful piano and Maceo Parker on good saxophone. "Nothing Compares 2 U" was great with the amazing drumming of John Blackwell!! "Insatiable" was good and "Sign O' The Times" featured some intense drumming & percussion and some funky keyboardisms by Renato! "Question of U" had some serious lead guitar edge (by the 1 and only Prince).....that song segued into "The One"! "Let's Work" was a great funk workout 4 all the fans! "U Got The Look" was followed by a James Brown groove called "Hot Pants". Following that was Maceo Parker's "Uptown Up", featuring the amazing horn players, Maceo, Greg Boyer, Candy Dulfer (??) and another sax player!! Another vocalist came out and performed the classic "Soul Man".......great vocals and some frightening power bass riffs by Rhonda Smith!!!! "

Kiss" was the funky rhythm guitar ending 2 the afterparty event at 3:15am. People were still waiting 4 some more of the Purple 1, but it didn't happen.

--David Brooks

5. Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame Inductions: Is It Racism Or Memorex?


Once again I have to remind everyone here that when we discuss the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame, there are really two distinct entities at work here and you have to keep that in mind:
1. The people who run the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame Inductions (ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE AND VH-1) do a terrible job of selecting the artists to be inducted and treat the ones they do induct terribly.
2. The people who run the great museum in Cleveland, which accurately documents the truth about the evolution of rock n' roll music as an American art form.

Dealing with these two entities is actually like night and day. They are both connected and disconnected with each other, and that seems to be a tragedy, since there is much good that would result if things were different

Before I get started with this, I need to furnish you all with a definition of the word MEMORY. Please bear with me on this one, I really am going someplace with this...

The mental faculty of retaining and recalling past experience.
The act or an instance of remembering; recollection: spent the afternoon lost in memory.
All that a person can remember: It hasn't happened in my memory.
Something remembered: pleasant childhood memories.
The fact of being remembered; remembrance: dedicated to their parents' memory.
The period of time covered by the remembrance or recollection of a person or group of persons:within the memory of humankind.
Biology. Persistent modification of behavior resulting from an animal's experience.

Now that definition and the examples come straight from the dictionary so take it for what it's worth, but I can certainly buy that as a comprehensive definition for the word...

Lets examine the primary definition: 'The mental faculty of retaining and recalling past experience.'

Now lets take one of the examples and see if we can apply it's usage correctly...
'All that a person can remember: It hasn't happened in my memory.'

I can remember that during the 1980 election Ronald Reagan made the following comment...'When I was a boy in Dixon, Illinois, there was no racism'

My take on this comment by Ronald Reagan was that either there were no Black people in Dixon, Illinois or that the Black people of Dixon, Illinois were 'unseen/unheard' when he was a boy.

Either way, the statement is still legitimate because from the perspective of Reagan he has no MEMORY of racism, when he was a boy in Dixon, Illinois. Memory is a concept that stays with a person their entire life and it is a concept that guides their behavior, until a 'new memory' is created that supercedes the prior memory and thus dictates some new behavior.

Thus MEMORY is something that REINFORCES BEHAVIOR.

In the past I have documented some of the behavior of the people who run the Rock n' Roll Hall Inductions (ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE AND VH-1), which could be interpreted by some people as being RACIST. This is behavior that I have observed directed at me personally and behavior that I have observed directed at various inductees of color over the years that I have covered this event.

Don't worry, I'm not going to list all of the ones I observed this year at the 2004 Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame Inductions. The list is LONG and I don't feel like typing them all out right now.

Perhaps I will do so at some point in the future when I have time...
If you are interested in the types of behavior you can read what I have documented in the past.

Now the word RACISM is a word that I don't use lightly, in fact I rarely use it at all.
Here is what the dictionary says about the word RACISM:

RACISM n 1: the prejudice that members of one race are intrinsically superior to members of other races 2: discriminatory or abusive behavior towards members of another race.

As you can see from the definition, RACISM is mostly about BEHAVIOR.
My belief is that BEHAVIOR is mostly about MEMORY THAT IS REINFORCED OVER TIME.

For example...

If I ask the people who run the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame Inductions (ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE AND VH-1) questions like...

1. How come so and so and such and aren't in the Hall of Fame, they were a great artist who put out some great music?

I will be told something like...

2. How come the Black inductees always seem to be seated at a table close to the hotel's kitchen door?

I will be told something like...

3. Why is it that I am constantly stopped by security while I am walking around here, asked what I am doing and where am I going, even though my credentials are in plain sight?

I will be told something like...

4. Did you notice that when you do a Google search for the term 'Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame', Soul-Patrol's index of previous Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame Induction coverage comes up as the #2 listing, however when you read that index there is no entry for 2003, because Soul-Patrol boycotted the inductions since NOT A SINGLE INDUCTEE WAS A PERSON OF COLOR?

I will be told something like...

5. Wasn't the INCENDIARY performance by Prince to open the 2004 awards, that had the entire lilly white crowd on it's feet for well over 20 minutes, really his way of saying 'FU' to the rock n' roll establishment?

I will be told something like...

etcetera, etcetera, etcetera....

All of this is to say, that I (Bob Davis) is also a person whose 'behavior' is usually dictated my his 'MEMORY' and I will behave accordingly....

On Soul-Patrol's Index page about it's coverage of the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame inductions it says...

Although there is no definitive date for the actual start of Rock n' Roll, we do know that it started to become popular in the mid 1950's, shortly after the famous Brown vs. Board of Education US Supreme Court decision, declaring that SEGGREGATION was against the law in the United States. If you think about it, Rock n' Roll as a popular form of culture may not have been possible, were it not for that decision. During the 1950's Rock n' Roll itself became a force for integration of the races and it was the music bringing people together.

So where does that leave us???
Well, I don't have a real answer; I just have the question....


(You can answer it for yourself....)

NP: 'Come and Get These Memories'
--Martha Reeves and the Vandellas

--Bob Davis

6. Soul-Patrol Event: Pictures and Commentary From Soul-Patrol's Celebration For The Dells Induction In To The Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame


375 W 125th St, HARLEM, NYC.

That's right, the MIGHTY, MIGHTY DELLS (Marvin, Chuck, Mickey, Vern and Johnnie) were on hand in NYC to party with us as we celebrate their long awaited INDUCTION INTO THE ROCK N' ROLL HALL OF FAME. This historic event would not have happened without the efforts of Soul-Patrollers. Click here to check out the story of what happened at the festivities...

--Bob Davis

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