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Soul-Patrol Newsletter Headlines (4/11/2004)

1. Will Wheaton @ Stevie's Creole Café/Los Angeles
2. Rio Soul @ Sams Town Casino/Las Vegas
3. Roy Ayers * Jean Carne * Michael Henderson * Angela Bofill *Jon Lucien @ Dar Constitution Hall/Washington, DC
4. The Big Show Comes To The Beacon/NYC: Jerry Butler, Russell Tompkins Jr & the Stylistics, Ray,Goodman and Brown, Soul Generation, Legendary Escorts, Eddie Holman, McFadden and Whitehead, Persuaders, Winstons, Skip Mahoney and the Casuals

5. Concert Review: Sony Boy Funkmatizes the Temple Bar/LA
6. Concert Review: Prince "Musicology" tour in Oklahoma City
7. Concert Review: Funk Family Affair (Original Family Stone musicians) Tears Up The Bay Area

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1. Will Wheaton @ Stevie's Creole Café/Los Angeles     

Will Wheaton Come on out and witness Soul-Patrol's resident love man, in his own natural habitat", Stevie's Creole Café located on Ventura Blvd in Encino. Will will be doing songs from his CD "Consenting Adultz", which has been featured here on Soul-Patrol.Net Radio and which quite a few of you have discovered.
--Bob Davis

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2. Rio Soul @ Sams Town Casino/Las Vegas  

Rio Soul

Well it seems that our friends from the west coast, Rio Soul is coming up in the world!! After their FUNKY east coast tour last fall (which we covered here on the Soul-Patrol Newsletter), I was wondering what they would come up with next.. And now I see that they are going to be playing Vegas, in a major concert facility.
At least I'll be able to say the "I knew them when…J

RioSoul's Single off their upcoming new CD THE CURE - "FREE" is in rotation on KCEP 88.1 in Vegas (The Top Radio Station there). KCEP 88.1 is also promoting the Show!!
You can listen to some clips from the upcoming Rio Soul CD (including "FREE") at the following link…

I understand that Soul-Patroolers from all over will be making the trip to Vegas to see Rio Soul.........YOU need to be there also if you are willing and able!
April 23rd in Las Vegas
3,000 Seat Concert Venue
Excellent SOUND. LIGHTING, SEATING and a funky good time for sure!

--Bob Davis

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3. Roy Ayers * Jean Carne * Michael Henderson * Angela Bofill *Jon Lucien @ Dar Constitution Hall/Washington, DC

Michael Henderson Come on out and see the superstars of "KOZMIC FUNK" as they TURN OUT Washington DC on Saturday, April 23.
I'll be there, this is gonna be one hell of a show. For all of you "neo soul" fans out there, go to this show and you will really be able to see where the roots of YOUR music lie.
What is "KOZMIC FUNK"?
Well it's "grown folks music", but with a twist…

It's sophisticated, yet raw at the same time.
Tough for me to describe, but it's easy to understand when you listen….

Sat, Apr 24, 2004 08:00 PM
Roy Ayers * Jean Carne * Michael Henderson * Angela Bofill *Jon Lucien @ Dar Constitution Hall/Washington, DC

--Bob Davis

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4. The Big Show Comes To The Beacon/NYC

Urbanland Music

April 30 NYC - Jerry Butler, Russell Tompkins Jr & the Stylistics, Ray,
Goodman and Brown, Soul Generation, Legendary Escorts, Eddie Holman, McFadden and Whitehead, Persuaders, Winstons, Skip Mahoney and the Casuals
This upcoming show at the Beacon Theatre in NYC (being promoted by our friends at Urbanland Music) has 10 artists on the bill...



* Jerry Butler (SP Member)
* Russell Tompkins Jr & the Stylistics
* Ray, Goodman and Brown (SP Member)
* Soul Generation (SP Member)
* Legendary Escorts (SP Member)
* Eddie Holman (SP Member)
* McFadden and Whitehead
* Persuaders (SP Member)
* Winstons
* Skip Mahoney and the Casuals

Of the 10 artists, 6 of them are members of Soul-Patrol.
Plus Urbanland Music is a member of Soul-Patrol!

Think I'm gonna be at THIS show?
(u betta believe it!!!)

--Bob Davis

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5. Concert Review: Sonny Boy Funkmatizes the Temple Bar/LA

Sonny Boy

Hello Soul Patrollers,

We out here on the West Coast we want to spread some joy and send some love to Sheldon "Sonny Boy" Riser . As you all know Sheldon was out here on the West Coast in March, and performed a gig at the Temple Bar in Santa Monica. What can we say, the man jammed. It is very unusual for an artist to play a set of his own music and have the whole crowd bumpin, but this man did it, the club was rockin. They were Funkmatized, is that a word ? Well, if not it is now ! It has Sonny Boy's name written all over it. Yes Funkmatized….

It was unfortunate that the Temple Bar had him on as the first artist, so the majority of the folks hanging out only got to enjoy the end of his set, but everyone wanted to know who the artist was after the show, and the grove of the Temple Bar was that of folks hanging out, grooving to the funk of this artist. Need I say anymore Sonny Boy has two CD's that are off the hook. His music is everything you need to get the mood right for a funky groove type of a thing. We welcome him anytime to the West Coast, and if you don't know who he is and just like good music check out his stuff, you will be pleased, its like a breath of fresh air and something new and different.

Check him out "Sonny Boy" a man wit a hole lotta funk. Ya hear what I'm saying, Peace out from the West Coast

--Vernon Wright
Soul-Patrol West Coast Coordinator
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6. Concert Review: Prince "Musicology" tour concert review for Oklahoma City

Prince DVD

For those who do not know, school is now in session. Your teacher for this session is none other than PRINCE himself. The session is called "Musicology LIVE", and it ranges in price from $67 to $125 each depending on the market. The description of the session includes the study of the art and science of combining vocal and instrumental sounds and tones in varying melody, harmony, rhythm, and timbre in jazz, rock and funk in a live instrumentation setting. In other words, it's a lesson on "how to bring the house down!!!" This is a must see as Prince pledges that this tour will be the last time he perform his hits live. So do yourself a favor, and be a part of this historical event.

Before the 4-6-04 OKC date, I just happened to be in Dallas for business, and visiting my nephews the weekend prior. While there, Prince was in session at the American Airlines Center (AAC) on 4-2-04. So after putting the nephews to sleep, I got to the AAC just at the end of the concert as Prince was finishing up "Purple Rain". When I got down to the stage to holla at my boys Mike Phillips (sax) and John Blackwell (drums), they invited to the after-party at Rocafellas. So I immediately left for Rocafellas to a packed house in anticipation for Prince. For those who don't know, Rocafellas is a two-story club, and the top level was the actual reception for Prince for invited guests and VIP only. So as a guest of Mike and John's, I made it to the top. Once I got up to the top, Prince was just sitting up talking to Erykah Badu. People were trying to get close to Prince, but no one could get through the bodyguards, who to me weren't intimidating at all. There, I was able to get acquainted with Prince's other musicians, and informing them of how much we are ready for them for OKC.

So now after two strong months of heavy promotions, April 6, 2004 has FINALLY come!! People of all colors were starting to line up at 3pm to see what Mike Phillips informed me of this tour being "the hottest tour out, PERIOD!!" 6:30 arrived and the doors finally open for the event slated to start at 7:30. At the doors, there are signs stating "Cameras and recorders of any kind are not permitted." Going through the doors felt like going through checkpoint at an airport. There were contracted security performing full checks to make sure that no weapons and cameras were being brought into the buildings. Once entering, each fan received a copy of Prince's new CD "Musicology", as a part of the ticket purchase.

Let me interrupt real quickly, and discuss the camera issue. For those who are unaware, Prince is being sued by a college student in Minneapolis named Anthony Fitzgerald, after one of his bodyguards (unintimidating to me) identified as "Trevor" lunged at Fitzgerald "in an aggressive, threatening manner" after Fitzgerald took a picture of Prince as he was getting off a flight at the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport back in December 2003. Fitzgerald claims that the incident left him "stunned and humiliated", and that the distress left him anxious and unable to sleep. Stay tuned for details. Now to the concert regarding the camera issue, some people made it past checkpoint with their cameras. So when flashes lit up around the arena, both Prince's crew and the contracted out security literally hunted people down to either delete images from digital cameras, and to confiscate disposable cameras. So if you go to the PRINCE concert and able to sneak your cameras, use at your own risk!!

Now, let's get back to the concert itself. Once arriving in the arena itself, the first thing that one noticed is the beauty of the stage. The stage is located in the center of the arena with instruments located on all four corners. Most noticeably, particularly since I play drums professionally, were John Blackwell's drums being decorated with two spinners.

Once concert time arrives, people were flocking to their seats, while instrumental music of Prince's band was being played. I was joking with John Blackwell before the concert telling him that "I'm sitting behind you taking notes."

7:30 hits, and no concert!! 8:00 hits, and no concert!! But at 8:19pm Sprint PCS time, lights off, and the crowd starts cheering and yelling as a sigh of relief as the concert is feeling beginning. The show kicked off with a video of Alicia Keys speech inducting Prince into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. During the video, Prince and his entourage were being escorted to the stage. Prince opens up his show with a BANG with the title track of his new CD "Musicology", which consisted of a slamming bass solo from Rhonda Smith. Then next, it really felt like a party with "Let's Go Crazy", particularly with the falling confetti. Now, let's slow it down after a mad crazy drum solo from John Blackwell, Prince tell everyone to "Shhh, and break it down".
After performing hits after hits, Prince takes an intermission. During the intermission, pianist Renato Neto breaks out into a sensual satisfying solo. Then my boy, Mike Phillips aka "Mike Philly" comes on stage, and literally had the crowd on their feet with his solo. His solo consisted of him holding ONE note for over three minutes walking to all four sides of the stages acknowledging the crowd, and the crowd was very receptive to him. I was holding up his CD during his CD, telling everyone "That's my boy!!"

Intermission for Prince is over, and he starts off the second set with "Do You Want Me", and "Nothing Compares To You". After Prince continues performing hits after hits, he tells Mike Phillips to bring some audience members on stage to show off their moves. There, Prince literally jammed "U Got The Look", "Life 'O' The Party" from the new CD that consists of some crazy horn parts, "I'm A Soul Man" that was led by keyboardist Chance Howard, and "KISS". Prince begins to wind down the concert with him performing "Little Red Corvette" w/ his playing his guitar, and with "Purple Rain". At 10:43 Sprint PCS time, the concert ends. The second after, crew members make a mad dash to clear arena and to tear down stage, as they prepare to rip po' ol' Omaha, Nebraska the following night.

In conclusion, this is a once in a lifetime event that the all of the serious musicians and music enthusiasts should attend. If standing up for two and a half hours and extremely loud crowd noise bothers you, well this event is not for you and would strongly suggest in doing the second best thing in purchasing his latest DVD "Live At The Aladdin Las Vegas". His shows are quickly selling out; so more tour dates have been added that will last until the end of August. He is also on tap to be the main act for Friday July 2nd's main stage set at the Essence Festival. To me, this concert is "the concert of all concerts", and will cherish this moment for the rest of my life.

--Colin Chatman

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7. Concert Review: Funk Family Affair (Original Family Stone musicians) Tears Up The Bay Area     

Funk Family Affair The flame was rekindled Easter weekend in San Francisco as the Funk Family Affair caught everyone smiling again. Original Family Stone musicians, Cynthia Robinson, Jerry Martini, & Greg Errico, rejoined Little Sister; Vet Stone, Tiny Mouton & Lisa Stone and "toe up" the historic Broadway Studios.

Ably assisted by Grammy recipient Skyler Jett on vocals, former MCA recording artist Tony Yates on keyboards, Larry Graham alumni Wilton Rabb on guitar and an astounding Jaco Pastorius lookalike on bass, Uriah Duffy, these people came to funk and the audience loved it. Some were moved to tears. No, Sly wasn't there, but his vibe, his funk stamp was all over the joint.

The lead vocals were shared by Vet, Skyler and Lisa and all were outstanding. Lisa, the newest vocal addition to the group, happens to be the daughter of Rose Stone and sings with power and range that has to be heard to be believed.

The Group did one show on Friday night and 2 sets on Saturday. The band was tight. Cynthia and Jerry have that trademark fat sound. Tony Yates ministered to his keyboard stack and they testified in melodic tongues. Uriah Duffy passed the acid test on bass. Anybody who plays bass in this band better have super skills. Ditto the guitar and Wilton Rabb.

Original Little Sister members Vet & Tiny did things with the tambourine that made the roof shake. People camped on the dance floor and the group did encores both nights. If you missed this train back in the day, its rolling again with big PHONKY freight.

Here is the set list...

1. Dance to the Music
2. Stand
3. Don't call Me N**gger, Whitey
4. Sombody's Watching You
5. Your the one
6. Sing a Simple Song
7. Everyday People
8. You Can Make it if you Try
9. Hot Fun in the Summertime
10. Every Body Is a Star
11. Thank You ( Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)
12. Family Affair
13. If You Want Me To Stay

Next stop--The KBLX Stone Soul Picnic featuring, Rick James, Teena Marie, The Isley Brothers & Cameo, Monday May 31, Memorial Day Weekend. Cal-State University @Hayward Amphitheater

--Tee Watts

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