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Soul-Patrol Newsletter Headlines (5/12/2004)

1. New Funk For the Open Minded: Stones, Zootzilla, Stozo, Clinton Administration, Jimy Bleu, Da Phatfunk Clique, Slapbak, Dodge, Seven Eleven
2. RIP: John Whitehead (McFadden & Whitehead)
3. Disco Lady (The Making Of The First Platinum Single)
4. Concert Review: A Journey To Soul (Marlon Saunders LIVE at Philly's Intermezzo Cafe 5/1/2004)

5. Soul-Patrol Events: Mandrill/Roy Ayres In Philly and The BRC/Stevie Wonder Salute In NYC

A brief introduction to those of you who might be new to The award winning website has been featuring the best on the net in Soul, Jazz , Slow Jams , Black Rock , Funk , Doo Wop , Neo Soul and about the culture since 1996.

We call the concept...

The Soul-Patrol Newsletter is designed to keep you abreast of news and views regarding this music/culture on a bi-weekly basis. Our objective is to provide you with information (CD Reviews, Concert Reviews, Commentary, Online Events, Offline Events, etc) on a timely basis that will lead to your participation either online or offline in the many musical/cultural things that the great artists we love provide for us.

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2004 Soul-Patrol East Coast Convention  

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1. New Funk For the Open Minded: Stones, Zootzilla, Stozo, Clinton Administration, Jimy Bleu, Da Phatfunk Clique, Slapbak, Dodge, Seven Eleven     

Soul-Patrol Radio You may not quite understand why I am reviewing the first album here, hopefully by the time you reach the end of this you will...


Still one of my very favorite live albums. Starting out with the 30 seconds of Duke Ellington's "A Train", before "Under My Thumb" comes in to damn near blast the needle right off the groove, to the SLAMMIN cover of Smokey Robinson and the Miracles "Going To A Go Go" (which sometimes I put on repeat and let it go for like 15 straight more great covers of "Time Is On My Side", the Temptations "Just My Imagination" and this album, which gets mixed reviews from so called "rock critics" has been one of my secret pleasures for many years. I know that some folks want to think of the Rolling Stones a "culture bandits", but for my money they have always acknowledged the true roots of their music.


I was fully prepared not to like this CD. I figured that here we go again, yet another "p-funk clone experiment gone horribly wrong in the laboratory". However "P'n All Over The Place" takes the basic P-Funk thang and rises above the crowd of the typical "p-funk clone experiment gone horribly worng in the laboratory". Normally with these efforts I find myself hitting the fast forward button long before the first song is over and within 5 minutes I have heard just enough of each track to know that the entire CD sucks. What caught my attention was the fact that the CD starts out with something quite unexpected (much like Still Life does) with some classical music before segueing in to the title track "P'n All Over The Place", a seering piece of "funk/rock". Next up is some Frank Zappaish stuff entitled appropriately enough "BullSh*t". At this point I am just about ready to condem this CD to my "P-Funk Clone Waaayyy Too Much Guitar Pile" and then comes track #3 called "Hot Spank (Pimp Stew and Monkey Woo)" which is an awesome track that would make Bootsy proud! Next up is an instrumental song called "11125", which is a serious homage to late 1970's Parliment Funkadelic and could easily be a dance floor hit right now if club DJ's were bold enough to play it. The next song is called "Wolf Whistles and Cat Calls", which features Micheal Hampton joining Zootzilla and taking us straight into Maggot Brain Territory" only they are joined by a young lady who sounds kinda like one of the Mary Jane Girls, and takes this slow/funky/guitar driven ballad into a hypnotic-erotic zone. Anyhow, without reviewing each and every track here I think that I've given you enough that if you are a P-Funk fan, that you can safely buy this CD and know that when you get it home, you won't have to worry about which pile to put it in.

(Funk/Rock/Latin/Blues/Rap/Slow Jams from another planet)

I dunno if this CD will ever be commercially available, because of some of the obvious legal issues. However if you ever see it anywhere, you should automatically pick it up without even thinking about it. It's one of the best & most creative CD's I have heard this year. A cat named "Jimy Bleu", who performs a Hendrix tribute show in NYC, sent it to me. What he does here is to take some of the most famous songs in the Hendrix catalog and completely destruct/reconstruct them in ways and styles that could only have come from someone with a totally twisted mind :). For example, he takes WHO KNOWS, gives it a super badd "gangsta rap" spoken word intro and then proceeds into a raw funk tribute to the original. Or how about the cover of CAN YOU SEE ME, which in the hands of of "Jimy Bleu", sounds like it's being played by Santana. Or how about STRAIGHT AHEAD, done in such a way to make it sound like it belongs on a Doobie Brothers album? Other covers are more straightforward. VOODOO CHILD, FREEDOM and others are straight covers demonstrating that "Jimy Bleu" is quite a bit more competent than the average Hendrix imitator. In fact I would say that he is an excellent guitar player, however the vocals are a little weak. All total there are 27 Hendrix covers here, some are full songs, some are 1 min versions. On the CD cover it says that it's intended to be the soundtrack to a movie. One can only wonder....


Imagine if you could combine the sound of the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Bootsy Collins, Blackbyrds, Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five and Noel Pointer? Well you don't have to imagine it, you can just check out Da Phatfunk Clique. I'll have much more about this NY based Funk band in the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned...


Well, well, well Ronald 'Stozo' Edwards the world famous P-Funk artist, sometime NYC promoter and probably the biggest Shuggie Otis fan on the internet (this side of yours truly) has been promising this CD for quite a while now and I finally have it in my hands. I open up the CD and see that Stozo has written me & Soul-Patrol a very nice message and also hand drawn one of his famous Stozo logos right on the label of the CD itself and I smile. Then I put it into the CD player and say to myself....."whoa this is some wild sh*t, that sounds like the Temptations on acid..." Next song "sounds like James Brown fried, dyed and laid to the side in a pool of blood".
Then I pull out the liner notes and it all starts to make sense to me.... It's Electronica!
And much like another surprising CD of Electronica I recently reviewed (Tricky Dilemma) it requires at least two listens to make sense. And when I get to song #4 STO ZODIAK (Digi Donz), all is right with the world because now I realize that right here Stozo is doin his own version of INSPIRATION INFORMATION, and that is kinda what this CD is all about. Another look at the liner notes reveals that on song #1 RONALD WUZ A ROLLIN STONE, Stozo uses "Shuggie's original funk box" and that makes me smile as well. The lower center of the "gatefold liner notes" reveals a computer running a sound editing program, revealing the true roots of this album which does an excellent job of combining original electronic music, samples and live instrumentation. In the liner notes Stozo credits artists like Shuggie, James Brown, Miles Davis & Public Enemy as inspirations and I can certainly hear them all in this well crafted CD that while not for everyone, will certainly be on my playlist in 2004.


This is the latest CD from the Clinton Administration and after the success of their last CD of P-Funk covers, they decide to tackle the legacy of Sly & the Family Stone on their next outing. The big difference between this one and their first CD is stylistic. On their first CD called "One Nation Under a Re-Groove", the Clinton Administration takes the P-Funk legacy from a Jazz-Funk perspective. For this tribute to the legacy of Sly and the Family Stone, they view Sly's greatest hits from a Funk-Rock perspective. It isn't as immediately accessible as "One Nation Under a Re-Groove", if you don't like Funk-Rock, then you won't like this CD until you take your second listen thru and then it will start making sense to you...


This CD originally came out a couple of years ago under the title "Return of the Fast Food Funkateers". I never got around to writing a review of the CD back then, but I liked it then and I still like it now under it's new title. It's exactly the same CD and it's well worth buying. Back in the early 1990's when I heard Slapbak's first CD called "Fast Food
Funkateers", I thought that they sounded about 10-15 years behind the times. Which was great for me, because I thought that they sounded like the late 70's - early 80's P-Funk Mob. Ghettology also sounds like it's about 10-15 years behind the times. Which is also great for me, because they incorporate just enough rap to sound like the "G-Funk" of the early 1990's.
So depending on just how you like your funk, I can easily recommend "Ghettology".

These two CD's were so similar to each other both musically and in the design of the CD covers, so I decided to do a little research and discovered that they are both put out by the same European company and share some of the same musicians. Let me say this much.... If you are looking for some serious party music in the mold of Kool & the Gang, Crown Heights Affair, Fatback Band, Heatwave, Bootsy Collins, etc then you could do far worse than these two CD's. They even feature guest stars like Fred Wesley and Slapbak's Jara Harris. Are you having a party at your crib anytime soon? Put these two CD's on and keep your friends dancin

So does all of this sound like some good stuff?
Last year was a relatively weak year for new FUNK music.
So far this year looks like a plethora of riches!!!!

--Bob Davis

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2. RIP: John Whitehead (McFadden & Whitehead)   

John Whitehead

Philadelphia-AP -- The man best known for the 1979 hit song "Ain't No Stoppin Us Now" has been shot dead in Philadelphia. Police say John Whitehead was shot in the neck while working on a vehicle with another man. The attacker got away. Whitehead and partner Gene McFadden were discovered by Otis Redding in the 1960's. They performed together and wrote several hit R-and-B tunes performed by others in the 1970's. Those hits including "Back Stabbers," "For the Love of Money," "Bad Luck" and "Cold, Cold World." "Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now" went to number-one on the R-and-B chart and reached number 13 on the pop chart.

I met John Whitehead for the first time at the taping of the PBS 70's Soul special last year in Atlantic City at the Bogata Casino. I can tell you this, he was a heck of a nice guy, who had one of those type of personalities that lit up a room when he entered it. He was nice to me and was genuinely interested in Soul-Patrol. We exchanged contact information. He was on my list of people to contact about the Soul-Patrol East Coast Convention. However, I never spoke with him again :(

So there isn't much that I can tell you about him on a personal tip.

However on the musical/cultural end of things I can tell you that John Whitehead was a GIANT. I'm all but certain that the "black music experts" at places like Rolling Stone magazine would think of McFadden & Whitehead as "a one hit disco wonder"?


The song "AIN'T NO STOPPING US NOW" is one of the lasting anthems of the 1970's. The song itself sounds like a "party song" on the surface, but in reality it serves as a metaphor for the Civil Rights Movement. In the Black Community, this song has become one of OUR STANDARDS.

Much like we no longer sing the traditional version of the song "Happy Birthday"....
(We sing the Stevie Wonder version instead).

We use the song "AIN'T NO STOPPING US NOW" as a call to action and as a song of congratulations when a person has done something well. It's always played at family & neighborhood functions. I can remember the song being BLASTED by boxer Larry Holmes as he entered the ring during his heyday as World Heavyweight Champion and I think that is where the community at large picked it up.

In fact, the song "AIN'T NO STOPPING US NOW", was the very last song played at the 2002 Soul-Patrol East Coast Convention


And it will certainly serve as a legacy for John Whitehead...

Ain't No Stoppin Us Now!
We're on the move!
Ain't No Stoppin Us Now!
We've got the groove!

There's been so many things thats held us down.
But now it looks like things are finally comin' around.
I know we've got, a long long way to go,
and where we'll end up, I don't know.

But we won't let nothin' hold us back,
we're putting our selves together,
we're polishing up our act!
If you felt we've been held down before,
I know you'll refuse to be held down anymore!

Don't you let nothing, nothing,
Stand in your way!
I want ya'll to listen, listen,
to every word I say, every word I say!

Ain't No Stoppin Us Now!
We're on the move!
Ain't No Stoppin Us Now!
We've got the groove!

Ain't No Stoppin Us Now!
We're on the move!
Ain't No Stoppin Us Now!
We've got the groove!

R.I.P. John Whitehead

--Bob Davis

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3. Johnnie Taylor's Disco Lady (The Making Of The First Platinum Single)

In 1976, the RIAA (Recording Industry Association Of America), launched a very rare and precious metal called, " Platinum'. This became a milestone as a new form of identification for records that sold over the one million mark. Disco Lady would make music history, becoming the first single to be certified platinum, selling over one million copies. Johnnie Taylor signed with Columbia Records in 1975, after his 9-year association with the Stax label, filed for bankruptcy.

Harvey Scales, a former singer with His group, the 7 Sounds (who regional hit on the Magic Touch label entitled, " Get Down" in the summer of 1967), presented a demo marked, " Disco Baby" to Detroit producer, Don Davis. Don wrote and produced many of Johnnie Taylor's hits at Stax from 1967-1975. The demo track featured music from members of George Clinton's Parliament- Funkadelic clan. Bernie Worrell on keyboards, Ramon "Tiki" Fulwood on drums, and Bootsy Collins on bass. After hearing the hot track, Don began immediately incorporate the lyrics. His inspiration was drawn from an African dancer he had seen on a trip he took to Spain. The dancer would get out on the middle of the floor and the whole place mesmerize with her moves. The crowd would make room.

While writing the lyrics, another inspiration came to mind of an classic Curtis Mayfield
1961 composition hit, " Gypsy Woman". In the song, a dancer would hypnotize everyone with her gyrations around the campfire, including Curtis. Don would later add horns arranged by legendary Motown producer, David Van DePitte, who in 1971, produced Marvin Gaye's landmark LP, "What's Going On". A session group called, Brandy, along with Telma Hopkins, from Tony Orlando & Dawn, added the background vocals. Telma was a studio session vocalist in Detroit, with a group called the Debornaires in the 60's and throughout the 70's. They back up such artists as, Spyder Turner On his 1967 B side hit classic Stand By Me, " You're Good Enough For Me", Jerry-O's "Karate Boogaloo", Issac Hayes' " Theme From Shaft", and session background work for all of the aritists featured on Holland-Dozier-Holland's Hot Wax/ Invictus label.

Afterwards, Johnnie laid down his vocals. Disco Lady was recorded at the United Sound Studio, in Detroit. Released in early January of 1976, the song hit No 1 on the R&B
Singles charts on March 13, for 6 weeks and No 1 on the Pop Singles on April 3, for 4 weeks. His LP "Eargasm" hit No 1 on the R&B LP charts and No 5 Pop LP. Various radio stations around the country , banned the song, because some dee jays thought the lyrics were too suggestive. It didn't matter to the public because Disco Lady sold two million copies worldwide, making it the best selling single in Columbia's history!

Johnnie reportedly was disappointed after the final mix was released, but after becoming the first artist in recording history to receive a platinum award on April 25, he quickly changed his mind. Disco Lady paved the way for Johnnie's label mates, the Manhattans who's " Kiss And Say Goodbye", received a platinum award for the best selling single in music history. During this time, there was a backlash in pop radio for not including R&B records on their play list, claiming that it was not accepted on pop level but songs like "Disco Lady", helped break the mold of the listeners ear for the acceptance of good music, no matter what race the artist happens to be.

To Johnnie Taylor and P-Funk, we music fans are forever in your debt for blessing us with a great hypnotic track, transforming our eargasms to a mind blowing musical Extravaganza! And as for all of you disco ladies in tow, continue to keep shakin' it up, shakin' it down, movin' it in and movin' it around…………Owwwww!!

--Mike Boone

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4. Concert Review: A Journey To Soul (Marlon Saunders LIVE at Philly's Intermezzo Cafe 5/1/2004)

Marlon Saunders

Let me tell you about some soul I was into this weekend. How many of you remember the old PBS show called SOUL? It used to be hosted by brothers Ellis Haislip, and (NY DJ Gerry B to y'all ) Gerry Bledsoe.I saw almost as many acts on that show as I used to see at the Uptown,and the Apollo. These acts were (IMO) at their rawest-most-funky best then. Al Green with a three-piece suit...and no shirt!!!! Lookin all the world to be stankin up a storm (unshaven and all that)...but WHAT A PERFORMANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love And Happiness has YET to be performed that way again!!!!

Ditto for Stevie Wonder (I believe Denice Williams was with him in Wonderlove at this time) doin Superstition; Earth ,Wind ,and Fire (with Jessica Cleaves) absolutely DESTROYING 'Time Is On Our Side',and all of that Last Days In Time material. There were many others that I know you all can point here is on Saturday night I experienced ( the only word for it) the sounds and SOUL of a man that with his piano ALONE could have been in the SOUL TV show mix.

I speak of the incomparable musical stylings of Mr. Marlon Saunders. Upon hearing this cat on his recordings I must say that initially I wasn't exactly knocked out. However the Internet live snippets got me buzzin. Then this performance for the Soul Patrol Philly chapter (y'all better watchit..Philly's comin up in the least in the Soul Patrol world) was nothing short of awesome. This New York native has captured most of the nuances of late-sixties-early-to-mid-and-late-seventies-soul without compromising himself one bit! Sound strange or difficult? Well unknowingly this cat has basically met most of the requirements (not the best word, I know) of Bob's mission here at Soul Patrol.

He has taken the best of our musical (and recent) past; fused it with his 'self' of today; and prepared a stew that will be good eatin for a long time in the future. Let's not get it twisted: the brother is definitely not be taken out of the mix of his peers and contemporaries like Joe, Donnel Jones, Donnie, Eric Benet, D'Angelo, and a few others whose names escape me right now. However there is something about him that simply levitates his being to another plane altogether! It is his CREATIVE PROCESS'. In my lifetime there are only three singers who have absolutely moved me with the way they approach and interpret material ( whether their own or someone else's) ...they are Phyllis Hyman, Jill Scott ,and now Marlon Saunders.

Now there are better singers to be sure. This is not to spur comparative debating ...this is just one 'soul's' humble opinion. He brought a simple KORG electric keyboard; small amp; and his able-bodied background friend/singer Arif (who you KNOW is a great background singer cause his backgrounds on somebody else could/would be cold-blooded leads...or as I like to say per George Clinton -frontground vocals). One cat and a keyboard.

Another well appreciated touch that is reminiscent of soul men past. They would come with a guitarist or piano player when all else failed. None of this 'track 'crap. You know I always say Hire A Band.... and what's missing is 'or play or bring your own accompaniment'. Almost anyone can sing over a track (karaoke anyone?)...but the real measure of ones musical mettle is how they handle with a full band ...and even more so with sparse accompaniment (of course accapella tells it all every time!)

He opened with Quincy's 'Everything Must Change', and had me basically leaving the song in his hands whilst I 'left-the-building' in my own mind to reflect (yet again) on the lyric. Great singers/artists/performers can do that. Leave the driving to them...let them worry aobut notes ,feel, and ad-libbing, while you just drift away in the enchantment of their gift. Needless to say he crushed it! Then he hit a funky little tune called 'Love Serenade'. Let me say here that he isn't a killer keyboardist, but he is an excellent accompanist...especially for himself ( much like Aretha...except she IS a killer player).His playing with his expressive singing brought a certain level of funk to the proceedings that had the entire house finger-popping and swaying to the groove created. He also has perfectly captured Donny Hathaway's technique of wrapping his entire self (mouth, voice, nose, gut, BEING) around a lyric. This makes a sound like a hum at the end of a word or phrase. Listen to Some Day We'll All Be Free for perfect example of this skill. It aint easy, and NO everybody can't do it! The best I can describe it is :you sing a lyric and whether it ends in a consonant or a vowel you close your mouth around it and you basically hum the note out to it's conclusion. The caveat here is that instead of the note diminishing it actually resonates and gets LOUDER as the person breathes around it. The only things I can compare this technique to might be a horn player's circular breathing or Harvey Fuqua's 'Blow' vocalizing. Yup Marlon got this thing DOWN!

Nobody's doing this today on the pop/r&b scene. It's too hot to handle! lol!
The brotha singing background (Arif) swooped, and glided all in and out of this stew created by Marlon...alighting here and there dexterously playing a tag-like game with Saunders solid vocalizing. Meeting for moments of pure harmonic bliss...only to separate again for call-and-response tactics. These cats were rolling!
Closing the show (and excuse me for not recalling everything verbatim. this a review not a tape dammit!...LOL!) was a slick little groove called 'Keep On Doin' where he got the audience in on the call-and-response thang. You know, there something that vocalists do that always sends chills up and down my spine and turns me on immensely (Stevie, Phyllis, Dianne Reeves...and of course Patti-who does it all the time)....they take a phrase and substitute YOUR name or the venue name or the town name into a tune...right in stride, no effort or thought applied- right into the lyric of the tune. Marlon did all that in 'Keep On Doin'...a nice touch.

We struck up quite a relationship through conversation. A real gracious and friendly fellow, as you all will see at the 2004 Soul-Patrol East Coast Convention. there is no pretense here. There is no material here designed with the listening public in mind...this is all meant to be a EXPERIENCE' and from there let the chips fall where they may. Some times talent (soul) has a way of totally obscuring one's need for mass appeal. The soul handles ALL of that. In the case of Marlon Saunders it is the work of the soul that gets him over.

Hire HIM and His Band
--Lawrence Perry

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5. Upcoming Soul-Patrol Events: Mandrill/Roy Ayres In Philly and The BRC/Stevie Wonder Salute In NYC

Soul-Patrol Radio

Friday, May 21 8:30PM
The Black Rock Coalition Presents

Performing Music From
At Symphony Space, NYC
(Leonard Nimoy Thalia)

Sat, May 22, 2004 8:00 PM

The Liacouras Center, Philadelphia, PA

Sun, May 23 at 3PM
Willingboro NJ Library/Amphitheatre
Soul-Patrollers, come out and meet and greet the Funk music legends as a part of their east coast tour
Call 609-351-0154 for information

May 30, 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm ( EST )

Location: Cleveland Ohio
There will be live entertainment by Cleveland's own Zero, Soul-Patroller and Lockwood Records Recording Artist Jerome Hawk Freeman, and Doug Green & Green Rich Records.

For more information or tickets contact Tony Owens at (440) 725-6286, Tonda Gant at (216) 857-0600 or Nicole Lawrence from E City at (216) 373-7802

--Bob Davis

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    * Rio Soul  
    Rio Soul
    * Mandrill: 'Sunshine' (2003 Soul-Patrol Top 20 Pick)  
    Billy Paul
    * New Pittsburgh Courier: one of the oldest and most prestigious Black newspapers in the United States 
    New Pittsburgh Courier
    * Black Rock Coalition (BRC)  
    Black Rock Coalition (BRC)
    * Soul of America Travel  
    Soul of America Travel
    Soul-Patrol Magazine
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    1. 'A Memoir: David Ruffin My Temptation 
    2. New Pittsburgh Courier 
    3. Its Here! Ethnic Embroidery  
    4. Legendary Escorts  
    5. Chancellor Of Soul  
    6. Truly Amazing Fashions  
    7. Forever Temptin': Paul Williams
    8. Urban Biz Ads  
    9. Big Walker Blues
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