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1. Don't Be Afraid, 2. Motions, 3. Get On, 4. Touch My Body, 5. Are We Lovers, 6. Maybe I, 7. Time 2 Be in Love, 8. After Life, 9. Give Me Your Money, 10. Wait 4 U, 11. Lose Your Friends
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Welcome to this special edition of the Soul-Patrol Newsletter:This time out we are going to be focused on a new Soul Music release from an artist named COOLY'S HOT BOX called "DON' T BE AFRAID-GET ON".

Here is what the press release says about the album….

"The 11 track CD features lead vocals on seven cuts from the highly acclaimed ANGELA JOHNSON and lead vocals on the remaining tracks from drummer and founder CHRISTIAN URICH. This project also showcases the ever-expanding production and writing skills of Angela and Christian. "DON' T BE AFRAID-GET ON" is a versatile, melodic, infectious hybrid of r&b, neo-soul, funk, dance, soulful house and rhythmic jazz, fused into a sound that is familiar, but yet unique. This project can only enhance the band's rapidly growing reputation for being among the very finest exponents of funky, jazzy, danceable music anywhere in the world…."

Now of course on Soul-Patrol we don't expect you to take a press release as the "gospel truth". We know that people here would prefer to discover things for themselves about NEW music, so therefore we are going to give you several such opportunities with the new CD "DON' T BE AFRAID-GET ON".

1. Scroll down and check out my review of the CD
2. Click on the audio links contained in this email and take a listen to the CD online for your self.
3. Join us in a special ONLINE Listening Party we will be having for the album in the Soul-Patrol Chat room on 1/26/2004, where we will be streaming the CD into the chat room for your listening pleasure and we invite your commentary on the album tracks
4. Go to Cooly's Hot Box Website, where you can listen to some of the album tracks and leave your commentary there.

Let me know what your thoughts are for using these types of mechanisms for introducing a new album. Feel free to drop me an email with your thoughts…

--Bob Davis

1. Don't Be Afraid, 2. Motions, 3. Get On, 4. Touch My Body, 5. Are We Lovers, 6. Maybe I, 7. Time 2 Be in Love, 8. After Life, 9. Give Me Your Money, 10. Wait 4 U, 11. Lose Your Friends
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Soul-Patrol Newsletter Headlines (01/24/2005)

1. CD Review: Cooly's Hot Box - "Don' t Be Afraid-Get On"
2. Online Listening Party: Cooly's Hot Box - "Don't Be Afraid-Get On"
3. Purpose Records

1. CD Review: Cooly's Hot Box - "Don' t Be Afraid-Get On"  

Cooly's Hot Box -

"Don't Be Afraid-Get On" is the first new music in three years from NY based soul band Cooly's Hot Box. It's a duo; with lead vocal duties being split between Angela Johnson and Christian Urich.

One of the things I hate doing is making comparisons or analogy's between older artists and emerging artists (this CD reminds me of the grooves of Creative Source, Soul II Soul, Loose Ends, Chic, Narada Micheal Walden, Club Nouveau, Brand New Heavies, with just a hint of CTI/GRP records). The reason why is that I always feel that I am shortchanging both. By doing so, the older artist appears to be locked into some sort of a permanent "time capsule of "categorization" and the emerging artist becomes "pigeonholed". However sometimes I am compelled to do so, because of the sheer limitations of text in trying to explain the basic idea of the music that I am listening to. This music is what you would call "nice". Nothing super heavy going on here, just some super nice original grooves, behind some nice group and individual singing, that you can dance to or cruise down the road in your car with. However when is the last time that you heard an album like that??? 10 years ago? 20 years ago???

Isn't that a damn shame?
What does that say about the current state of Black music?

I realize that I am presenting perhaps more questions than answers, however I'll leave the answers to Cooly's Hot Box. I have listened to this CD at least 4 times and each time at the end I always walk away with the same thought about this album and that it's kinda like "ear candy for the masses". I haven't heard a CD like this in a while and it makes me think of some of the "good stuff" from the 1980's. Angela Johnson's voice is appropriately sultry in a way that sounds like a refined gospel singer singing behind some slow burnin jazz/funk. Some might be tempted to call this "acid jazz", however this music is far too earthy to use that term.

The song "Lose Your Friends" is my favorite song on the album; this song should be playing all over the radio and should be burning up the clubs right now. It's got a serious dance groove that you can't help but tap your toes to.

You can check out Cooly's Hot Box at the following link and listen to some of the sound clips there for yourself.

Take a listen and post your opinion of what you hear right on their site...

--Bob Davis

1. Don't Be Afraid, 2. Motions, 3. Get On, 4. Touch My Body, 5. Are We Lovers, 6. Maybe I, 7. Time 2 Be in Love, 8. After Life, 9. Give Me Your Money, 10. Wait 4 U, 11. Lose Your Friends
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2. Online Listening Party: Cooly's Hot Box - "Don't Be Afraid-Get On"

Cooly's Hot Box - Album Listening Party: Usually held in a nightclub or other facility. Featuring dj sets from a new album, music reviewers and "tastemakers" are invited to preview the tracks from the new album and offer up commentary and guidance to the artist on what they feel are the possibilities for the new release.

This Wednesday evening @ 10pm est. the Soul-Patrol Chat Room:
will be hosting an online listening party for the CD: COOLY'S HOT BOX: DON'T BE AFRAID - GET IT ON

I strongly urge that everyone here attend. Here is what we will be doing...

1. We will be streaming the entire CD directly into the chat room, via our Internet radio station (, so that everyone who is in the chat room can listen to the entire CD simultaneously.

2. We will ask everyone to make comments into the chat room as they listen to the album

3. At the end we will have a record of everyone's commentary (a meta group review of the CD)

We are inviting Soul music fans from all over the country and around the world to participate in this special event. If folks like the concept we will do more of them...

I don't think that anything like this has been attempted before on the Internet, combining internet radio technology with chat technology, to create an album review including the comments of many different music fans from many different geographical areas.

I invite everyone here to participate in this event, even if you have already heard this new CD. I am particularly interested in not only your feedback on the album during the 1 hour session, but also on your feedback on using these technologies in concert to help launch a new independent CD (not heard on commercial radio) to the general public.

Thanks in advance...(Feel free to invite your friends)
Your LIVE comments in the chat room about the CD will comprise the review
It's simple, just come to the chat room and listen to the CD we will have playing in there and give us your commentary about the CD during the chat session. The CD will start playing (via Soul-Patrol.Net Radio) as soon as you enter the chat room. Invite your friends to come to the Soul-Patrol Chat Room on 1/26/2005 10pm est. who want to be a part of reviewing some BRAND NEW MUSIC, from a NEW SOUL MUSIC ARTIST.



--Bob Davis

1. Don't Be Afraid, 2. Motions, 3. Get On, 4. Touch My Body, 5. Are We Lovers, 6. Maybe I, 7. Time 2 Be in Love, 8. After Life, 9. Give Me Your Money, 10. Wait 4 U, 11. Lose Your Friends
Listen Here

3. Purpose Records

Purpose RecordsPurpose Records is an independent record label with offices in Brooklyn and Newark founded by George Littlejohn and Russell Johnson. The initial goal of Purpose Records was to provide an outlet for quality adult soul music, but has actually evolved into showcasing the diversity of the spectrum of soul music. We strongly believe that there is an audience that commercial radio is ignoring and that audience who grew up listening to EWF, STEVIE WONDER, SADE, Tribe Called Quest, RUN-DMC, etc is seeking and is craving for that type of diversity.

Our artists range from the live soulful dance music of 3 piece band TORTURED SOUL, the jazzy soul intimacy of singer/ songwriter /flautist MONET, the timeless classic soul of producer /singer /songwriter / multi-instrumentalist ANGELA JOHNSON to the band that combines funk, pop, R&b , and dance COOLY's HOT BOX.

Purpose Records in its short history has been blessed to have their artists recognized by the television world. ANGELA JOHNSON 's " No Better Love" been heard on THE SHIELD and KEVIN HILL and " Sad Days" on ROSWELL ( DVD year 2) , TORTURED SOUL 's " Fall in Love " on the SHOWTIME series HUFF, MONET's " Stand" on ROSWELL (DVD year 3), and " Vibacious" on the Weather Channel and COOLY's HOT BOX's " Maybe I " also on KEVIN HILL.

We are hoping that with these and future projects that we can reach that lover of live music, strong songs, that untapped market that the mainstream has ignored for so long.

Upcoming projects:

* 2nd solo CD from ANGELA JOHNSON
* 25 STRONG (soundtrack - various artists)
* The debut of TRICHIA ANGUS
* BRAID JOB ( soundtrack - featuring MONET)

--Bob Davis

1. Don't Be Afraid, 2. Motions, 3. Get On, 4. Touch My Body, 5. Are We Lovers, 6. Maybe I, 7. Time 2 Be in Love, 8. After Life, 9. Give Me Your Money, 10. Wait 4 U, 11. Lose Your Friends
Listen Here

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Hopefully you enjoyed this edition of the Soul-Patrol Newsletter.
We will be back in about two weeks with the next edition, with any email alerts for local events, Soul-Patrol website updates/chat sessions or breaking news in between, as required.

If you have any comments, questions, etc feel free to drop me an email and let me know what's on your mind.

Bob Davis

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