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  The Big Show Covers the East Coast With "Valentine Love" - Philly, Boston, Baltimore: Dells, Blue Magic, Bloodstone, Ray Goodman & Brown/Moments, Heatwave, Black Ivory, Soul Generation, Escorts, Persuaders, Softones, Harold Melvin's Bluenotes:
We are pleased to announce this series of special Valentines Day shows on the East Coast, presented by our friends @ Urbanland Music. As you scroll down and view the list of artists being presented in each city, I'm sure that you will agree that it's nothing less than an astounding value for your money.

You get an awesome line up of some of the very best "Sweet Soul" groups. A perfect way to kick off an evening of "Valentine Love"!!! If you live within 100 miles of Philadelphia, Boston or Baltimore, you have NO EXCUSE for not planning your Valentine's Day activities around one (or more) of these shows.

As you scroll down, if you click on the graphic for the show in each city, you will be taken to Urbanland Music's website, where you can check out their collection of DVD's/CD's from previous BIG SHOWS (also a great value for your dollar). After you get past the show graphics, read a review of one of the previous BIG SHOWS written by Soul-Patrol's own "ZIELOVE", to get an idea of what these shows are like.

Over the next several weeks we are going to be sending out several reminders about this great series of upcoming shows and as a part of those reminders we will also be giving you some additional insight into the past, present and future of Urbanland Music. They are an entity which is a strong supporter of Soul-Patrol and the things that it stands for. As we approach Black History Month , it never hurts to remind ourselves of just why we are here, how we got here and where we are going....

--Bob Davis

Soul-Patrol Newsletter Headlines (1/21/2005)

1. Big Show Comes To Philly - Dells, Blue Magic, Bloodstone, Ray Goodman & Brown (aka Moments), Heatwave
2. Big Show Comes To Boston - Blue Magic, Bloodstone, Ray Goodman & Brown (aka Moments), Black Ivory, Soul Generation, Escorts, Persuaders
3. Big Show Comes To Baltimore - Bloodstone, Ray Goodman & Brown (aka Moments), Black Ivory, Soul Generation, Softones, Harold Melvin's Bluenotes, Escorts, Persuaders
4. Zielove's Review of The DC BIG SHOW from 7/22/2004

1. Big Show Comes To Philly - Dells, Blue Magic, Bloodstone, Ray Goodman & Brown (aka Moments), Heatwave

Philly Big Show

2. Big Show Comes To Boston - Blue Magic, Bloodstone, Ray Goodman & Brown (aka Moments), Black Ivory, Soul Generation, Escorts, Persuaders

Boston Big Show

3. Big Show Comes To Baltimore - Bloodstone, Ray Goodman & Brown (aka Moments), Black Ivory, Soul Generation, Softones, Harold Melvin's Bluenotes, Escorts, Persuaders

Baltimore Big Show

4. Zielove's Review of The DC BIG SHOW from 7/22/2004

Urbanland Music On Thursday, July 22, 2004 Constitution Hall in Washington, DC opened its doors to 11 Living Legend acts. The show was a belated Father's Day Special remembering the late singer and song writer, John Whitehead ("Aint No Stoppin Us Now"). Our host were Natalie Case and Alvin John Wapples of Magic 102.3 Radio.

We were seated just as the lights were dimmed and I said to fellow Soul Patroller MoPillows and SP Lurker Dee, " Look! the orchestra has a string and horn section". I knew that I was going on a trip to a beautiful place called Soul Land. Our own Mr. Ron Foster came out in a black tuxedo to conduct the orchestra.

(Ron has arranged/charted scores and conducted the 30 piece orchestra for The Stylistics, McFadden & Whitehead, Tavares, Ebonys, Delfonics, Main Ingredient, Barbara Mason, Ray Goodman & Brown, Soul Generation, Persuaders, Escorts, Enchantment, Temprees, Heatwave, Intruders, Exodus 4:12 and The Singing Pastors.)

It was fitting that The Winston's including Joe Phillips, The Master Conductor, and Ronald Foster opened this Father's Day Special with their hit, "Color Him Father".

It was amazing to see the next act, Skip Mahoney and The Casuals. Skip had a mild heart attack after one of his Big Show performances and now he was back. Skip looked well and as his beautiful falsetto voice sang, "Wherever You Go" …. with Strings!!!! I was blown away. It was chilling. "Wherever you go … I will follow… You Cant Leave Me Now". They also sang "Bless My Soul I Found You".

As I went back to take pictures of Skip & The Casuals in their red jackets and white slacks, I ran into two D.C. Disc Jockeys Ron V. from Magic 102.3 and Captain Fly of WPFW. These two jocks are soul music historians. Both of their radio shows keeps the soul music from the past alive.

With an 11 act show, most of the artist could only sing one or two songs. I was able to speak with Gene McFadden briefly before he performed…….. With tears in his eyes, he said, "I am singing alone tonight but John is here with me - God needed him more." This was an emotional moment for me. I felt like I wanted to go on stage and sing "Ain't No Stoppin Us Now" with Gene McFadden, but Soul Generation came out to sing with him. I believe that this was the first performance Gene had done since John's death and he could only sing one verse of the song and then he sadly left the stage…..

"Hey There Lonely Girl, Lonely Girl, Don't You Know This Lonely Boy Loves You"
Minister Eddie Holman graced the stage and thanked the audience for all of the support that they have given him over the past 35 years. He also sang, "All In The Game". Peaches (mopillows) and I were able to speak with Eddie for a moment. We had a beautiful moment when he prayed with us backstage and he wanted me to be sure to tell Bob hello. God is good all the time….and all the time God is good…

The Persuaders remembered us from the 2003 Soul Patrol Convention and The Dells Induction Party at Showmans in New York. They seemed a little disappointed that Bob wasn't there but understood that Bob had to attend "The Big Party." They really were handsome in the yellow and black suits. They sang, It's A Thin Line Between Love and Hate" with so much style.

Harold Melvin's Bluenotes were the next performers in the spot light. I spoke with Harold Melvin's wife, Thea briefly. Harold taught this group: Darrell Gillespie ("Big Daddy"), John Morris, Rufus Throne and Anthony Brooks (who I think resembles Harold Melvin) the choreography as well as the songs. For a second, I thought Harold Melvin was on stage. They sang, "If you Don't Know Me By Now…. You Will Never Never Never Know Me Oooooooo". Big Daddy's voice epitomized Teddy Pendergrass and he brings the incredible Sharon Page out who sang the original, "I Hope That We Can Be Together Soon" with The Bluenotes. Sharon was a Diva dressed in a gold flowing gown with head scraf. She was beautiful. The Bluenotes show ended with the song, "Bad Luck….That's What Cha Got, That What Cha Got" Their steps were off the hook.

As the lights were dimmed and the orchestra plays once more, Soul Patrol's Cliff Perkins and The Soul Generation graced the stage wearing Black Suits with Rhinestone Collars. Cliff's beautiful daughter, Crystal, sings with him along with Candice, Veda and Samantha. They sung their hit "Money Cant Buy Love and their 1972 Platinum hit, "Body and Soul." Their look was fresh and appealing.

Intermission gave me a chance to find Paul Kyser, founder of Urbanland Music who had promised me an interview. I could not find him but I was able to talk with Soul Patrollers Harold and Ron Foster. Paul wrote the song, "Body & Soul" for Soul Generation. This was the 9th Big Show that Harold and Ron had done. The first Big Show was in Boston, with The Boston Symphony Orchestra in 2001. I was interest to know what had motivated them to be a part of The Big Show.

Harold told me about the years he spent with the Marine Core band playing drums. He said the band was like the United Nations with such a diverse group of people. They appeared on the Art Linkletter Show, Truth or Consequences and they also performed for Queen Elizabeth and the Emperor of Japan. He seemed to really favor the time he spent in Hawaii.

Aside from conducting, writing and transcribing for the Soul Legends, Ron has written many gospel songs and he will be on the panel at the 2004 Soul Patrol Convention.


I have never covered a show with this many artists before. Am I tired….Hell No lol

As the lights were dimmed once more The Delfonics (Wil Hart's brothers group) started the second half of the show singing, "La La Means I Love You", and turned it into a medley with "Lets Fall In Love". They also sang, "Love I Give To You" and combined it with "Over and Over Again". I thought this was smart being that they could sing more songs this way. They wore silver jackets and black slacks.

Although William Harts falsetto was good, The Delfonics Sound was missing without Randy Cain and Wil Hart. I did get a chance to ask William if he was planning a reunion tour and believe it or not, he said "YES". They closed their performance with "Didn't I Blow Your Mind".

The highlight of this show for me was Jerry Butler who performed next.. Jerry had on all white from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet. The Ice Man looked so distinguished and suave…..I gasped for breath. "Busy Rushing To and Fro…. "Coolin Out" Jerry's first song had the audience clapping and singing. He went right into, "Thank God For You". . Teresa Griffin sang this song with him. She has a beautiful voice with a range that is awesome. Jerry thanked Curtis Mayfied and The Impressions for being a part of "Your Precious Love" , When he started to sing it the ladies were screaming. Jerry closed his show with "Your Precious Love". Everyone in the audience was on their feet. This was the only standing ovation of the night so far. As Jerry left the stage, the audience went into a rage saying, Jer Ry Jer Ry Jer Ry Jer Ry. It seemed that everyone was disappointed that Jerry did not close this show. Jerry did not come back for an encore because the show was on a tight time schedule.

Jerry's show included his brother, Billy who plays guitar and wrote one of my all time fav songs by Gene Chandler, "God Bless Our Love" and his sister, Mattie who sings background.

Next up was original member Sonny Bevins' and His Manhattans. They came on stage with a variety of suit colors, lime, blue, orange, green and gold.

Jer Ry Jer Ry Jer Ry… The audience still wanted more from Jerry Butler.

The Manhattans sang "Kiss and Say Goodbye". Their lead singer, whose name I don't recall, went to church on this one. They closed with "Shining Star". Sonny Bevins told me that he wrote songs for the Manhattans including, "There's No Me Without You" and "Follow Your Heart". Sonny's group is currently performing in a Play.

Our last act was Russell Thompkins Jr. and The New Stylistics. Russell had been ill for the past three years but has recovered and is now back on the scene. When I asked Russell if he would reunite for a reunion tour, with the other original Stylistics, he flatly said, "NO". He seem quite bitter and admitted that his wife was by his side with this decision.

Russell opened with "Rock & Roll Baby". As he went into "Stop, Look and Listen" … "Your Love All The Time…. Does It Ever Puzzle You…" with the strings in the background I got those chills again. This is my favorite Stylistic song and it bought back many memories of an earlier time in my life. "Stone In Love With You" was next and they closed with "Betcha By Golly Wow" .

The Big Show was full of fantastic music and Original Living Legends. My trip to Soul Land was Wonderful. Be sure to catch The Big Show when it comes to your area.


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Bob Davis

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