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Soul-Patrol Newsletter Headlines (05/6/2005)

1. 4 Kings of R&B Hit NYC - Jerry Butler, Lloyd Price, Ben E. King, & Gene Chandler

2. R.I.P. - The Viewing of Ray Davis (P-Funk)

3. The Continuing Legacy of Payola (Frankie Crocker, Alan Freed, Sony, etc)

4. New York Soul-Patrol Event: Barbara Mason

5. Live 8 - From The Perspective of an African Musician

6. R.I.P. - Bill Moss (Capsoul)

Welcome to Soul-Patrol Newsletter:
We have been going thru quite a time. Seems that we have people dying every week. The recent deaths of Luther Vandross, Ray Davis, Obie Benson and Eugene Record came in rapid fire. Yesterday we learned of the passing of Bil Moss (Capsoul Records) and we have a tribute to Bill here in this newsletter. A few hours ago we learned of the passing of legendary Bluesman Little Milton. Recently writing on Soul-Patrol has felt very much to me like I am an obituary writer. With the age and health of many of our artists, this is a trend unfortunatly that is bound to accelerate.

However on the positive tip, we have some good stuff to talk about in this issue. Soul-Patrol is having a special event in NYC, a rare club appearence featuring our own Barbara Mason down in the Village @ Joe's Pub (come on out and hang with us). The 4 Kings of R&B (Jerry Butler, Ben E. King, Gene Chandler and Lloyd Price) are still going strong and have a big show coming up in NYC. We also have some commentary in this issue on the recent payola ruling and on the recent Live 8 show.

And best of all we are introducing the music of a NEW ARTIST from Chicago, named D-Erania that we think will blow you away, in the tradition of Bobbi Humphries on the Jazz-Funk-Soul tip. that offers us the hope of seeing the music we love, extended far out into the future, in the face of all of this death we are currently experiencing. Take a listen by clicking on our D-Erania banner, as you scroll thru the Newsletter (listen while you read) and let me know what you think of her music.

My hope that you will find this issue of the Soul-Patrol Newsletter informative and share it with your friends and family on the internet.

Thanks in advance….

--Bob Davis

1. 4 Kings of R&B Hit NYC - A Show for Today, Tomorrow, & Yesterday 


NEW YORK - On August 12th, 2005, Live at the world-famous Apollo Theatre, four (4) of the greatest Rhythm & Blues Kings to ever take the stage will make their New York area debut as the '4 Kings of Rhythm & Blues'. Collectively, Jerry Butler, Lloyd Price, Ben E. King, & Gene Chandler have sold more than 100 million records worldwide.

The 4 Kings of R & B has played to sold out audience wherever they perform. Their show is high energy, with a DJ scratching, a complete full band, and a set of female background singers. Get ready for a treat from Jerry Butler (the Ice Man) songs like 'Only the Strong Survive', 'Your Precious Love', 'Western Union Man', and more.

Lloyd Price (Mr. Personality) will rock you all night with his hit songs like 'Lawdy Miss Clawdy', 'Personality', 'Stagger Lee', 'Just Because', and so many more.

Ben E. King is standing by to throw down on his mega hit 'Stand By Me', and 'There goes my Baby' and more. Gene 'The Duke of Earl' Chandler will take you up and over the 'Rainbow', and bring it home into the Kingdom as the 'Duke of Earl'. He is the Showman of Showmen.

The 4 Kings will also perform on stage together singing songs from Today, Tomorrow, & Yesterday.


4 Kings

Incidentally, of newsworthy note: The 4 Kings of R & B Stage Show is produced by another Music Icon, the famous Chuck Jackson ( hit song 'Any Day Now')

For further information on tickets go to:
Contact The Apollo Box Office:
Call: (212) 531-5305/ 531-5304

Ticketmaster™ Sales:
Click to purchase tickets to Apollo events !!
The Apollo Theater is a Ticketmaster™ venue. You can purchase tickets for Apollo shows and events through Ticketmaster™.

To order tickets from Ticketmaster™ by phone, please call:
(212) 307-7171 Monday - Friday: 10:00 AM - 5:30 PM Saturday: 12 noon - 5:30 PM.
You may also purchase tickets to all Apollo Theater events through the Ticketmaster™ web site.

--Bob Davis


2. R.I.P. - The Viewing of Ray Davis (P-Funk)

Ray DavisToday I attended a wake for Ray "Sting Ray" Davis with Bob Davis and I must admit... we all should have our lives celebrated, as Ray's was this afternoon.

First off, I have known George, Ray, Fuzzy, Grady & Calvin my entire life and I have been blessed to see the Darksides/Parliment/Parliment-Funkadelic/ PFUNK/PFUNK Allstars/OP/Original P come together, collide, evolve and dissolve up close and personal. But today I watched 40 years of FUNK come back alive before my eyes. Ray's brought out a Plainfield who's who of the foundation of the sound.

Ray's oldest son and heir to his voice, Derrick Davis, set the tone. Derrick called me at 4pm after a private family viewing and told me that all was well and we were gonna do this thing today the way Ray would want it. We were gonna celebrate Ray's life and legacy. I looked up and saw Amp's huge smile coming down the street. And then I saw the miracle... I saw the past come alive. I hugged and introduced Bob to close to 100 musicians and singers who had a direct connection PFUNK Bob met FUNKIN, former members of Cabinet, former members of Ace & the Soul Serenades, Richie Rich & 24 Karat Funk ... just to name a few of the local bands that have been feeder bands for PFUNK. Bob got to hear all of the stories of the weekly battle of the bands back in the day. He also got to hear all about the Rock Steady Ray... everybody's voice of reason. It was an overflow crowd and true to tradition as it drew to a close the crowd really swelled. Folks talked about getting instruments from Sears & Roebucks, shopping at thrift stores and sweating Settles Furs for fur scraps to make early costumes. Hanging out at George's Hairshop, "Mr Hair" (where Sarah Dash's fine brother was one of the hairstylist) and them opening for Joe Tex when Testify began climbing the charts.

About sneaking past the National Guard during the riots to go see the guys at The Apollo in Harlem and not being able to get back in town until the next morning. About the pain of the deaths of Frankie Boyce, Ace Darren, Eddie Hazel, Glenn Goins... but for some reason we never thought about the impact the death of one of the Original Five would have on us. George was touring and Calvin was in Canada but Fuzzy and Grady had hugs and laughs for everyone and I caught myself looking for Ray. And ever so often we'd catch site of the casket that held Ray remains... but not Ray's spirit. To be honest, this should have been held at the Mohawk Lodge with an open jam, which could have gone on all night long.

I know I am rambling and in a few days I'll actually write something that makes sense and is not the trip down memory lane this posting has turned into but I am slightly emotional and heart broken and in the same breath elated over seeing so many of my friends from my past. I am so proud to have met the Internet folks who came out to show their loyalty and love for Ray.

Peace & Blessings

--Bob Davis


3. The Continuing Legacy of Payola (Frankie Crocker, Alan Freed, Sony, etc)

Frankie Crocker I am in somewhat of a quandary for this Op-Ed. My last one, as you may recall, was about some reading material that I think should be in every beginning/Independent Recording Artist's personal library. I had intended to follow it up with some "Food for Thought" and encouragement to at least give deeper consideration to my recommendation. Initially I intended to take a "101" approach but over the last couple of weeks we have been privileged to receive information from the "Indie Family" about some goings on in the "mainstream" of the Record Industry. No doubt many of you have heard of the "whistle blowing" of SONY/BMG and their "Play for Pay" scandal. There have been expressions of outrage, vindication for claims stated over a long period of time ("see! I told you so!!) and various other expressions relative to ones position in the Industry.

I won't labor the matter this is not news. Allen Freed and Frankie Crocker were both guilty of this when it was called Payola and others got slapped on the wrist. Yet another has been exalted as a Rock & Roll icon and has amassed quite a bit of wealth doing something that was a step further. That SONY/BMG has been practicing this age old and time honored business practice doesn't surprise me in the least. It only emphasizes the need on the part of artists, writers and performers to take/make "some" time to study business elements. Many Indie Artists still have aspirations of signing a deal with a major record label or at the very least, be distributed by a major.

Let's get real! We love what we do. We enjoy the performing and the reactions from our audiences. We relish the "spotlight" and the "stardust", but we are NOT altruistic!! We are NOT a benevolent order! We do this for monetary compensation! As much as we have the desire to share our gifts, and expose talented people be it through live performance or through recordings, we ARE looking for a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Realistically, we know we probably won't end up like Sony or Universal or Warner Bros., but we are seeking at least sufficient lining to our pockets for our efforts. To be able to carve out our own niche, we need to understand the parameters at the very least, the fundamental level. Certainly as performers and promoters and record company "executives", as Independents, we can't necessarily afford to have "all" of our "red tape" covered by others, but as we develop and the need arises, we need to understand the jobs/tasks so that we can engage someone that can carry out our needs and know that they are capable and qualified. How can we fulfill this without knowing at a basic level ourselves? The history of this industry is full of stories of people who bought into the "schpeal" and when the smoke cleared, they were "hosed". They were playing "Spades" and the game was "Bid Whist". Granted, as artists and writers and performers we don't have time to attend to "all" of the business. It would take away from what we "do", but we have time to get a grasp of fundamental properties that make the wheel turn.

In closing...a final thought or question, if you will.
"Who" initially blew the whistle on SONY/BMG? Could it have been a "little guy"? Or was it a "big guy" who felt he wasn't getting a large enough slice of the pie?

I have stated in other correspondences that the big boys took control of the radio stations back in the 70's so that what was done by the little houses in Detroit would never happen again. It worked for them. They have exercised that control over the last 10 years soundly, but there seems that there is truth to the expression...."There is no honor among thieves."

Just a thought........

Earl Gregory
Communications for Nouveau Soundz & President/CEO for Musart Enterprises LLC

--Bob Davis


4. New York Soul-Patrol Event: Barbara Mason!!!!!

Barbara Mason
Hello Soul-Patrollers!!!

Yes, I've been missing in action (life throws curveballs at you sometimes), but I'm back!! "Happy belated birthday" to those who've recently celebrated their new year! My condolences to those who've lost loved ones and my respect to our artists who have recently passed on.

I am so looking forward to seeing everyone really soon!! Which brings me to the next New York Soul-Patrol event: Barbara Mason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, Soul-Patrol's very own Barbara Mason!!!!

On Friday, August 12th, Philadelphia Soul Legend, singer/songwriter Barbara Mason will make a rare club appearance at Joe's Pub to celebrate the release of her latest CD on StarPower Entertainment Group Recordings. In a career spanning four decades, beginning in 1964 with her self-penned all time classic ballad, "Yes, I'm Ready". Ms. Mason has been credited as the originator of the famed "Philly Sound". Her vocal style has been a major influence of many of today's leading female R&B artists such as: Alicia Keys, Angie Stone and Mary J. Blige. Her music explores of the joy and heartbreak of adult relationships and encompasses all the elements of "Soul music".

Joe's Pub 425 Lafayette Street.
New York NY 212-539-8778
7:30 p.m. show, we will meet at 6:30 p.m for dinner.

There is a two-drink minimum or a twelve-dollar food minimum per person. You can purchase tickets at Joe's Pub or through Telecharge.

Please RSVP with me a.s.a.p. (even if you're not having dinner, so that I can hold a seat for you), as Joe's Pub is a small venue.

Cheryl Y. Russell - Soul-Patrol NYC Coordinator
917-750-3472 or 212-497-4146


5. Live 8 - From The Perspective of an African Musician

MFA KERA/Mike RussellThis message comes from MFA KERA.
MFA KERA is an African artist, living in Berlin who has a SLAMMIN new FUNK CD entitled of all things "Black Heritage".
(Look for a review from me soon on this CD...)

Here is her take on Live 8...
He's also DEAR BOB; YES; THERE WERE A LOTS OF "this and that" in that story.... I tried
to follow and just got pieces of it as we were ( unfortunately?) playing someplace else that same day ...BB King was also playing someplace else...that I definitely regret!!!

Peter Gabriel was on BBC as he demonstrated his disagreement. He had called Geldorf asking him:"how come there were no African musicians on stage", and Geldorf answered that "there were not well known enough and the public would shut off their TV!!!!!". Still Gabriel got a little stage someplace, as far as I saw, with not that many people...I saw a cut where he is on stage with a brother from Africa, they joined for a song. And I guess African groups then played...Nobody fought for us in Berlin...

We talked about this with the musicians, of course, we were outraged, we encounter constantly these kinds of consistent and inconsistent "manipulations" here...but my last thought was..."after all, we should turn it to our advantage.(he he!).it is good to see all these "white" stars playing for" help us"....I have no idea where the money collected goes it is dispatched. Let's follow another " thank you, thank you Bwana".??

The all thing in Berlin and London gave "good conscience" to those folks, even if WE know that it would not stop the sales of weapons by "developed" countries (for example)..One sells to the "good ones" of course...the ones who "obey".... and one makes reductions on the dated tanks
and so on too...for anyone, including ...ambulances.

I saw the cuts of Mariah Carey, Madonna, and Stevie...why this white guy tried so hard on his side?, I do not know..but may be Stevie invited him...hum!

Geldorf...comes from :Geld ( money) Dorf: (village) German language....funny.

and it is sooo true what you say about Betty Wright (why wasn't she there instead of Joss Stone?)...Why...But it is a "question-answer" isn't?


--Bob Davis


6. R.I.P. - Bill Moss (Capsoul)

Soul-Patrol RadioI never heard of Bill Moss till about a year ago. I first learned about him from our friend
E.Norman. He can fill in the blanks for us about Bill Moss.

Bill Moss of course was the founder of the legendary 1970's Capsoul label. Some of you may recall that we featured a new compilation of recently un-earthed Capsoul material last year here on Soul-Patrol?

You can still listen to our Soul-Patrol.Net Radio broadcast, the show (done beautifly by
E.Norman) is still playing on Soul-Patrol.Net Radio at the following link...
Take a listen and you will hear 1970's CLASSIC SOUL & FUNK at it's best.

Yet before a year ago, I had never heard of this great music. (Shame on me)

Bill Moss leaves behind a great musical legacy, which can be heard on the broadcast. However more importantly he leaves behind a great legacy as a man. I never met Bill Moss. In fact I only had one telephone conversation with him. However I have talked about Bill Moss extensively with our friends Dean Francis and of course E.Norman. You know how when you are talking with a person on the phone and they are discussing someone that you don't know, trying to describe that person to you?

That is what Dean Francis and E.Norman have done with me about Bill Moss. And after those telephone conversations I quickly came to the conclusion that Bill Moss was simply a GIANT among men.

In addition to founding a GREAT (unknown) record label, Bill Moss was a broadcaster, community activist and more in Columbus Ohio. And he was an inspiration/role model for two men that I deeply admire.

So he had an impact. And apparently a big one on the people whose lives he touched. And those people will remember him for that.

So in the end, Capsoul never became as successful as Motown. Of course you won't see much (if anything) in the mainstream media about his passing. In fact, I doubt that even the people who profited off of the re-issue of the compilation last year really even give a damn about Bill Moss. That really matters little.


We know this because the evidence is right in front of us. All we need do is to look at the people he influenced and observe them making sure that Bill Moss continues to live on by following his example.

And 100 years from now, that will really be all that matters...


--Bob Davis


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Bob Davis

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