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On 9/20/2005 guest host Chris Moore had Soul-Patrol's Bob Davis on for 3 hours to discuss the musical, cultural, social and political impact in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina with a cross section of his audience via telephone across 22 cities in the United States. We thank to the American Urban Radio Network for allowing Soul-Patrol to rebroadcast the three-hour program in it's entirety. Click here to listen...

Soul-Patrol Newsletter Headlines (10/5/2005)

* CD Review: Nadir - Distorted Soul 2.0 (Funk/Rock/Brain Food For the Neo/Organic Soul Generation)
* CD Review: The Best of James Brown, Vol. 3 James Brown & Friends (Stone Cold Funk)
* CD Review: Miami Funk At Its Best Volume 2 - Various Artists (Super High Octane Funk)
* CD Review: Mem Shannon - I'm From Phunkville (Blues)
* CD Review: MFA Kera/Mike Russell - Afro Soul (Black Heritage) (Afro-Funk)
* CD Review: Anthony Hamilton - Soulife (Nu Soul)
* CD Review: Sounds of Blackness - Unity (Funk/Gospel)
* CD Review: Will Hart (Formerly of the Delfonics): Fonic Zone (Urban/Slow Jams/Electronica)
* CD Review: Eban Brown - Restless Soul (Soul/Jazz/Neo Soul)
* CD Review: Pure Gold - 24K Dreams (Doo Wop/Pop/Slow Jams/Blues)
* CD Review: Bill Godwin's Ink Spots on Stage (Really Ancient Black Music)
* CD Review: Earth Wind & Fire: Illumination (2005 Pop Music)
* CD Review: Spirit of Life Ensemble: A Little Oasis (Straight No Chaser Jazz)
* CD Review: Nicole Wright: Fire (Soul/R&B/Gospel) Hip Hop
* CD Review: The Legendary Orioles - Live 2005 (Classic Soul)

Welcome to Soul-Patrol Newsletter:
That's right, you read it corectly, this is a special ALL REVIEWS edition of the Soul-Patrol Newsletter..... We have a whole bunch of CD Reviews, truly covering the totality of "Great Black Music From The Ancient To The Future". We also have two special events coming up in the NYC Area
1. The Doo Wop and Variety Show @ Queesborough Community College 2. Marlon Saunders and Angela Johnson (w/Jeremy James & April Hill) in Concert @ the Cutting Room

If you would like to hook up with Soul-Patrol offline at either of these two events, please contact our NYC Coordinador Cheryl Russell via email for discount tickets, to participate in our meet and greet with the artists and more at these events .

--Bob Davis

Doo Wop and Variety Show

NadirCD Review: Nadir - Distorted Soul 2.0 (Funk/Rock/Brain Food For the Neo/Organic Soul Generation)

Distorted Soul 2.0 is coming from a point of view that is totally and out of step with what is happening today in the world of music.

Distorted Soul 2.0 puts it in your face, right from the start, the first voice that you hear on the CD is that of Fannie Lou Hammer, followed more spoken word from word from the Civil Rights era in a song called "Prelude To Revolution". Then it rips into a mind blowing FUNK/ROCK groove that would have Lenny Kravitz peeing in his pants if he were to ever hear it, entitled "Slave" with the opening lyric that goes like this "I don't want to feel the pain anymore, and I don't wanna feel the whip across my spine"…

Song #3 called "Daddy's Cane" is a great song in tribute to Black fathers and how hard they work. When is the last time we heard a song with that theme? Especially done to a serious Funk/Rock groove, with stellar vocals to boot, which even quotes "Cosmic Slop" in it's lyrics??

And that's how it starts…

So who does Nadir remind me of????

LivingColour?, Lenny Kravitz with talent?, Prince on steroids?, George Clinton (back when he used to care?), Led Zepplin with a melanin injection (after a beating from the police?), The Last Poets (backed up by the Band of Gypsy's?), Bo Diddley freed of his shackles?, The Miles Davis Band (with Oscar Brown Jr. as their lead singer?), Malcolm X with a guitar?

I dunno, I just know this CD is badd...

Oh but I don't want to take you down a you down a certain path……This album isn't wholly on a "political/social" tip. Song #4 is a badd azz slow jam; Song #5 is a hypnotic stank azz funk groove called "Sanctified". And so on and so fourth…Hell this CD even gets into a jazz groove before it's all over

I could write about this album all night long if I had enough space...I have been listening to it for most of the year and now that I have started to finally write about it, I damn near can't stop.... lol

Distorted Soul 2.0 is the type of album That P-Funk used to make. This is the type of album that Sly Stone used to make. It DEMANDS that you pay attention. This is the type of album that made us dig Living Colour in the first place. Hell this is the kind of album the Temptations used to make. This is the type of album that some of these Neo/Organic Soul people need listen to actually provide them with some REAL SOUL. It's the kind of album that makes you think that Black music, culture and people truly have a future...

It's got everything that Funkateers/Black Hippies need plus the Wheaties and milk to go with it….

It's totally out of step with today's music scene…

…It's STONE COLD FUNK, it makes you DANCE, it ROCKS your world, it's got GREAT LYRICS, it's got POWERHOUSE SOUL SINGING, it's got GREAT MUSCIANSHIP, it makes you THINK about the world and it makes you SMILE. This isn't a CD in search of a market; it's a CD that demands the marketplace find it. We need Distorted Soul 2.0; we need it REAL bad...

EVERY SONG ON THIS CD IS GREAT (Hell, even white people would like it if they heard it)

So what is it in a word??? (It's a modern day iteration of the album "STAND")

Ok, I'll stop now. Just go and buy it. Save Your Soul before it's too late….

--Bob Davis

James Brown, Marva Whitney, Lyn Collins, Bobby Byrd, and the JB'sCD Review: The Best of James Brown, Vol. 3 James Brown & Friends (Stone Cold Funk)

The 1970's James Brown Organization at their peak, featuring prime cuts from James Brown, Marva Whitney, Lyn Collins, Bobby Byrd, and the JB's. Simply stated, this CD is an instant party in a box. Put it on for a room full of people, roll back the rug, move anything breakable out of the way and let the party begin...

Now this is a good example of a MUST HAVE compilation that you won't have to pay an arm and a leg for. As I recall every single one of these songs were hits on the radio stations that used to exist down on the far right hand side of the dial. These are classic songs of the FUNK movement, which should have your booty shakin within seconds of when each song starts......Click here to read the rest of the review....
--Bob Davis

** Ty Causey - Love Notes
(Super Hellified Baby Makin Slow Jams)

I've been listening to this CD off and on for the past few days. And while I have been enjoying the hell out of it, I have also been racking my brain trying to figure out who Ty Causey reminds me of. Well it just hit me. Ty Causey reminds me of Terrence Trent Darby, if he were fronting a Jeffrey Osborne's band (instead of Jeffrey Osborne), singing hard core Marvin Gaye/Isley Bros. type slow jams of truth. In other words this guy is the REAL THANG. It's the type of record that you know within the first 60 seconds that the whole album is going to be badd. Each successive song simply reinforces that belief within the first few seconds. In other words it's really an album of erotica that when played under the right circumstances, will have your lady down to her panties, pretty quickly...

** Miami Funk At Its Best Volume 2 - Various Artists
(Super High Octane Funk)

Ahhhhh so you say that you dig funky music? Well you can't go wrong with this compilation. Anyone here remember the old TK Records label from back in the 1970's? Well Henry Stone went DEEP into the archives and pulled out songs by Freddie and The Kinfolk (w/Freddie Scott), B. B. Brown, Funky Nassau, Mona Lisa, Miami, Little Beaver (w/Jaco Pastorious), Famous Chromes, Sam Early, Johnny K, The Hot Stuffs, The Funky Bunch (Clarence Reid, Willie Clarke, "Chocolate" Perry and other studio musicians). I'm sure that our boy FATS GALLON knows these people, but I have never heard of most of em before. KILLER GROOVES, STANK FUNK here my friends. The album is full of these NASTY 3 min. CHUNKS OF FUNK. look for this on Soul-Patrol.Net Radio soon...

** Mem Shannon - I'm From Phunkville

Anyone here remember the old Funkadelic song called "Music For My Mother"?? I have never heard of Mem Shannon before, but he sounds like he could have been one of the folks singing on that song. Musically he reminds me of Mighty Sam McClain (although his singing isn't as strong as Mighty Sam's). One of the things I like best about Blues are the stories contained within the songs, songs about real life, as lived by real people. And that is exactly what you get with this CD. For example there is a tasty cover version of the Beatles "Elanor Rigby". If your looking for a nice slice of modern day Blues then Mem Shannon - I'm From Phunkville is a good bet.

** MFA Kera/Mike Russell - Afro Soul (Black Heritage)

This is the type of CD that all of the "psuedo hip white folks" @ places like the Village Voice who are constantly writing about all of this music they like that originates from the "motherland" would like if they ever heard it. MFA Kera/Mike Russell is a funk band from Africa, now residing in Berlin Germany that has a true sense of what 1970's American funk music was all about. And I'm not just talking about the James Brown inspired grooves, I mean from a political/cultural sense as well. The title of the album Afro Soul (Black Heritage) is no joke and tells you what you need to know about the world perspective and view of the artist. In MFA Kera's biography it says: "In the meantime she formed the "Black Heritage Orchestra" working with US Jazzman Mike Russell, telling the story of black music in music (from Ethnic-African music through Blues, Afro-beat, Salsa, Gospel, Reggae, Jazz, Funk and Rap)." There are no apologies to political correctness here. My favorite song on this CD is the song "soulfood". Check out MFA Kera/Mike Russell online at their website
(Even their url is no joke)

At the site you can listen to the music from Afro Soul (Black Heritage) and you can also view video clips of the group live. See how educated I have become? I had never heard of this group until they signed up for the Soul-Patrol Times a few months ago. Since that time not only have I become hip to the music of MFA Kera/Mike Russell, but MFA Kera herself has helped me to expand my own "world view" by writing some very heavy commentaries on today's music scene (a few of which I have re-published on Soul-Patrol)

Marlon Saunders and Angela Johnson

** Anthony Hamilton - Soulife
(Nu Soul)

I really like Anthony Hamilton's singing and I like the songs on this CD. Soulife is an album that is full of potential hit records and its worth buying, however I almost wish that there was an alternate version of this CD. A version where they forget about the studio tricks and just let this brotha sing straight up. If they did that, he really could be like another Al Green, or Lou Rawls (or something similar?).

** Sounds of Blackness - Unity

During the 1980's Black folks substituted actual political/social consciousness with a type of fake political/social consciousness that always left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Culturally this was manifested with a type of fake post civil rights afrocentricity in everything from clothing, greeting cards, language and more. True afrocentricity was pushed aside, as the artifacts from our freedom movement were re-packaged into commercialized/symbolic icons.

In music this was true as well and the group Sounds of Blackness was one of the manifestations of this trend. It became sort of politically correct to like them. I knew lots of people, who purchased their music, but these people never really liked them, they just brought the albums because they felt that they were supposed to. People would buy it almost as if under some type of peer pressure to do so. During this period of time I pretty much ignored the Sounds of Blackness. So when I first put the album into the CD player, I figured that I wasn't going to like it. Well, I was wrong, this CD is funkier than hell. Sure it's "preachy", but its also got a non stop infectious funk groove that continues for track after track. The album has a gospel feel to it, but it isn't religious. It's kinda like the group Sounds of Blackness is using funk music as a tool to get back to the essence of Blackness. And if that is what they are doing, I applaud them because it's working. Who knows, perhaps a rediscovery of funk music is a method for Black people in general to shake ourselves out of the malaise we currently find ourselves in? This is a good album, buy it, listen to it and absorb it and perhaps you too will be "healed of what ails you"...

Will Hart (Formerly of the Delfonics)Will Hart (Formerly of the Delfonics): Fonic Zone (Urban/Slow Jams/Electronica)

If you aren't an open-minded music listener, then you should stop reading right now because this isn't an album that is easily explained or listened to. In fact it requires multiple listens before you begin to understand the genius at work here.

The traditional 1970's slow jam is something that is sacred to people from my generation, however the whole concept could probably use some updating. A few years ago when I visited the studio of one of the "East Coast Slow Jam Masters", he played a demo for me of a rap song where his group was singing harmony in the background. At first this sounded strange to me, but after the second listen, it made perfect sense as a way to update the traditional 1970's slow jam sound.

Most "old farts" my age, be they male or female have a certain expectation when they see the name "Delfonics". We tend to think of syrupy love songs, with French horns in the background, sung in perfect harmony by the most masculine of high pitched male singers, while grinding with a young lady in a hot sweaty basement in 1971 rancid with the combined odors of cigarette smoke, fried chicken, Sulfur 8 and cheap wine that was spilled on the floor stuck to the bottom of your playboys....Click here to read the rest of the review....

--Bob Davis

** Eban Brown - Restless Soul
(Soul/Jazz/Neo Soul)

Native New Jerseyan Eban Brown was actually one of the first members of Soul-Patrol. I met him back in 1997, when he was at that time a member of Will Hart's Delphonics. In some ways you could say that Eban Brown has done more to carry the whole notion of carrying "Classic Soul" into the future than any other single individual. In addition having served as the lead singer of the Delfonics, Eban Brown has also been a member of the Manhattans, Ray, Goodman & Brown (Moments) and is currently the lead singer of the Stylistics. However his new CD is showing us a completely different side. Sure you still hear his classic high tenor on these songs, but instead of being accompanied by 3-4 singers, you hear the voice accompanied by one of the sweetest/funkiest guitars this side of George Benson. Eban Brown began his interest in studying jazz guitar with the influences of Wes Montgomery, George Benson, Larry Carlton, Grant Geissman, and Bobby Caldwell while playing guitar and singing with several gospel groups at the age of seven. So basically what we have here is someone talented enough that he can sound just like legendary slow jam lead singers like the late Harry Ray (Moments), Russell Tompkins Jr (Stylistics), William Hart (Delfonics), etc (whenever he wants to) and who also accompanies himself on guitar. Most of the songs here are original and have a running theme of "New Jersey" running thru them (take that Bruce Springsteen.... lol), except for the MONSTER cover version of the Moments "Lucky Me" (which is destined for Soul-Patrol.Net Radio). When you put it all together this CD is really something of a "chameleon". You can listen to it as a jazz album because of the great guitar work here, or you can listen to it as a "classic soul" album because if you didn't know better you would think that it was the Moments, Delfonics or Stylistics singing or if you listen to those two perspectives simultaneously, it sounds like it's in a similar mode to an artist like Anthony David or perhaps even John Legend.

Standout cuts on this CD are "My Father's Groove" and "Lucky Me". This is a perfect album for those of you who usually don't take a chance on buying a CD from someone that you have never heard of. If you have attended a "Classic Soul" concert at any point in time over the course of the past 15 years, there is a VERY good chance that you have heard Eban Brown singing lead for one of your favorite groups. Chances are also pretty good that you were singing right along with him. So you already know him and know him well, you just didn't know his name...

** Pure Gold - 24K Dreams
(Doo Wop/Pop/Slow Jams/Blues)

Pure Gold is straight outta Pittsburgh...With signature acappella vocals and four-part harmonies, Pure Gold delivers diverse sounds and musical styles with a stage presence that transcends audience ages and backgrounds. They perform 50s, 60s, and 70s, as well as a blend of blues, standards and original material to highlight their unique talents and range. You have heard them before, even if you didn't know it on the nationally televised PBS specials Doo Wop 50, Doo Wop 51, Rock, Rhythm & Doo Wop, Soul Spectacular, Rhythm Love & Soul, Red White & Rock, Rock & Roll 50.

My favorite tracks on here are Life Is But A Dream, 10 Commandments of Love, Island Of Love, Just Because, and Since I Lost My Baby, So Much In Love. I am a sucker for great cover versions of songs that I love and this CD fills the bill

More than just a compilation doo wop covers, there is a great "blues" cheating song on here composed by Soul-Patrol's own Ron Crowley that is off the chain. However it's mostly slow jams that would fit in nicely with that stack of CD's that you are loading up into the CD player for a romantic evening

** Bill Godwin's Ink Spots on Stage
(Really Ancient Black Music)

The Ink Spots are an quartet that became famous for hit songs like "If I Didn't Care," "The Java Jive," and "I Don't Want To Set the World on Fire." The original group was formed in 1932 and sang four-part harmony arrangements of various popular songs. Like other acapella and harmony singing ensembles in the 1950s, the Ink Spots sang a varied repertoire for both listening and dancing. Through the 1930s and 1940s the group had many successful songs, even breaking records with their sales. Here in 2005, none of the original members of the Ink Spots is still alive, however there are a number of artists who are carrying on the musical tradition of the Ink Spots. One of those is led by Soul-Patroller Bill Godwin. Now I am not going to try and kid yall, my first exposure to the music of the Ink Spots was as a result of listening to Redd Foxx singing Ink Spots songs on the old Sanford and Son TV show, so I am hardly an expert. But I can tell you that as a result of Sanford and Son (and other sources) all of the songs on this CD are very familiar to me, as I am sure they are to many of you as well. All of the songs on this CD are excellent and will make you smile when you hear them, however my personal favorites from this CD are: "If I Didn't Care", "Java Jive", and "I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire". So where does an album of Ink Spots songs fit into here on Soul-Patrol or elsewhere in 2005?

Well the music of the Ink Spots falls into the same category as any of the other music we have been discussing here on Soul-Patrol for the past 9 years. It's "Great Black Music from the Ancient to the Future" and it fits in perfectly with Soul-Patrol. For those of you who don't quite understand that concept, just think of it as either Doo Wop or Vocal Jazz. This is a CD of classic/timeless music performed with precision. What more could you possibly want in a CD???

Earth Wind & Fire** Earth Wind & Fire: Illumination (2005 Pop Music)

Earth, Wind and Fire is one of the most legendary performers in the history of Black music. The very first concert I ever attended was in 1972 at Hofstra University with Earth, Wind and Fire and Zuleema. And subsequent to that I have seen them many times in concert. Therefore they are one of my all time favorite artists (along with millions of other people). However their music has been a source of continuing disappointment for me since the 1980's. Yet I still continue to root for them, because I'm an "old fart" and I remember when they were truly a force to be reckoned with.

When I first heard about this album, I wasn't quite sure what to make of it. This latest effort by EWF called "Illumination" has guest stars like Black Eyed Peas, Raphael Saadiq, Big Boi, Kelly Rowland and Sleepy Brown, Floetry, Brian McKnight, Kenny G, I was at a loss to understand what EWF was trying to accomplish.....Click here to read the rest of the review....

--Bob Davis

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**Spirit of Life Ensemble: A Little Oasis
(Straight No Chaser Jazz)

Formed in 1975, Spirit of Life Ensemble (SOLE) is under the leadership of multi-percussionist Daoud-David Williams. I happened to spend an afternoon recently with Mr. Williams during a North Jersey recording session and during the course of the afternoon he gave me a copy of the latest CD from the Spirit of Life Ensemble entitled "A Little Oasis".

This is a really nice Jazz CD. I listened to it with my headphones on and just like the title implies, the album provides you with an "audio oasis". It's a very relaxing CD, the type of thing that you want rolling thru your head, while you are reading a book or working at a computer. The music itself is straight ahead with a tinge of Latin. A few of the standout cuts on the album are "It's Raining", a funky little joint called "Baila Plena (Plena Funk)" and the Miles Davis flavored "Baku & Bismarck".

The Spirit of Life Ensamble was established in 1975 and is a is a multi-cultural collective of some of the world's greatest jazz musicians, many of whom have performed with the likes of The Ellington Orchestra, The Basie Orchestra, The Hampton Orchestra, Clark Terry, Dizzy Gillespie, Kenny Barron, John Hicks, Nancy Wilson, Ahmad Jamal, Charles Mingus, Horace Silver, Buddy Rich, and many others.

Well worth checking out if you are looking for some nice (non smooth) Jazz.

Nicole Wright** Nicole Wright: Fire
Soul/R&B/Gospel/ Hip Hop

NYC native and Indy artist Nicole Wright's new CD called Fire is a mixed bag that fuses together Soul, Dance, Gospel, Hip Hop and Neo Soul in a very listable pop music mix. For example the album gets off to a rousing start with a slamin song called "Do It" which is modern day update to 70's classics "Do It Anyway Ya Wanna" (Peoples Choice) and "Do It Fluid" (BlackByrds). Other strong tracks on this album include: We Can Share the Love, Ladies Anthem, Something About You, Long Ride, Lift Them Up, Here Comes the Sun. Reaching back to the "old school" for inspiration should come as no surprise since Nicole is the daughter of Ernest Wright of the legendary Rock/Soul/Doo Wop pioneers Little Anthony and the Imperials. Overall this music is uplifting and positive, frequently bouncing back and forth between the secular and the sacred. In addition on her website Nicole counts artists like Earth, Wind & Fire, Chaka Khan, Hall & Oates, U2, Sade, Prince, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and Whitney Houston as her influences.

(In the interest of full disclosure Nicole Wright is the cousin of both the owner of Soul-Patrol and the Los Angeles Soul-Patrol Coordinator. We believe strongly in "nepotism":))

Take a listen to some of the sound bytes at her site
(And let us know what cha think???)

** The Legendary Orioles - Live 2005

There's been a lot of noise being made recently in the Classic Soul community both on and off of the Internet about the volume and velocity that we seem to be losing our artists. In the past month or so we have lost Luther Vandross, Obie Benson, Ray Davis, Little Milton and Eugene Record. In addition every day we hear news of this one, that one or the other one, with a serious illness. All of this brings home the reality that many of our legendary artists are aging rapidly and perhaps even more to the point, WE (the fans) are aging just as rapidly.

Enter the Legendary Orioles, members of both the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Rhythm and Blues Foundation Pioneers. Their 1953 hit "Crying in the Chapel" was a multi-million album seller. Celebrating their sixth decade, the Legendary Orioles are among the most influential rhythm and blues singing groups of the twentieth century. In fact, most historians generally acknowledge the Orioles as the FIRST R&B group, dating back to the late 1940's. The Orioles introduced America to the doo-wop style that fuses pop music with older gospel harmonies and arrangements.

A few weeks ago I had a chance to see the Legendary Orioles and watch them perform at the Vocal Group Hall of Fame Inductions. In fact I interviewed them and at the end of that interview (soon to be on Soul-Patrol Radio), they handed me a CD titled "The Legendary Orioles - Live 2005".

This CD is great, but not because it breaks any new musical ground. It's great because it's a document of just how much plain old fun this music is. The Legendary Orioles put on as good a Classic Soul show as anyone. Not only do they sing their own songs, but they do some GREAT covers in concert. For example at one point during this CD the Legendary Orioles do an extended medley of "Ooh Baby Baby" (Miracles), "Tears on My Pillow" (Little Anthony & Imperials), "Spinning" (Moonglows), "Since I Fell For You" (Lenny Welch), and "Oh What A Night" (Dells - 1969 version). Let me tell you, the Legendary Orioles TEAR THESE SONGS UP, of course done in their own style. Other covers they do on the CD include, "Don't Let The Green Grass Fool You" (Wilson Pickett), "Sherry" (Frankie Valli), Baby Please Don't Go" (Hank Ballard) and more.

This CD is a reminder that we are indeed losing many of our greatest artists, and that is likely only to accelerate, we really owe it not only to ourselves but most importantly to them, that we GIVE THEM THEIR PROPS BEFORE THEY PASS ON.

Whenever your favorite artist comes to town, please go and see them (& bring your kids), buy their CD's, etc. Give them their props NOW. After they are dead, it won't matter anymore.

And please, by all means, go to see the Legendary Orioles.
I guarantee that you will leave the show smiling….


On 9/20/2005 guest host Chris Moore had Soul-Patrol's Bob Davis on for 3 hours to discuss the musical, cultural, social and political impact in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina with a cross section of his audience via telephone across 22 cities in the United States. We thank to the American Urban Radio Network for allowing Soul-Patrol to rebroadcast the three-hour program in it's entirety. Click here to listen...

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Bob Davis

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