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LISTEN TO Click here to listen to Skip Martin's (of the Dazz Band & Kool and the Gang) SLAMMIN NEW JAZZ CD called "Miles High" ... , Do Da, Smooth Sailing, Apopos, Are You Ready, I Give My Heart, Miles High, You Are My Starship, Are You Ready (spoken), Old School Rules, Moon Splash, Monster Bites, Apropos(spoken), Careless Whisper

Soul-Patrol Newsletter Headlines (04/21/2005)

1. Quickie CD Reviews: Hugh Masakela, Cassius White, George Duke, Sir Joe Quarterman and Free Soul, Tim Terry, Leela James, Bee Note, King Powell, Paul Jackson

2. Marathon Old School Chat/Listening Party: FRIDAY NITE April 22 2005 @ 8pm est in the Soul-Patrol Chat Room (Impressions, Joe Tex, Jackie Wilson, Dells, Sam Cooke, Arthur Conley, Jr. Walker, Miracles, Sam Cooke, Betty Wright, Jimmy "Bo" Horne, Gene Chandler, Mary Wells, Carla Thomas, Ikettes, Freddie Scott, Coasters, Bettye Lavette, Jackson Five, Sam and Dave, Miriam McKeeba, Joe Cuba, Jimmy Castor, Flamingos, Cliff Nobles, Shorty Long, Soul Survivors, and more...)

3. Commentary: Album Covers?

4. Online Listening Party: Skip Martin's Miles High (Hosted By Skip Martin of Kool & the Gang/Dazz Band) SATURDAY NITE April 23 2005 @ 8pm est in the Soul-Patrol Chat Room

5. Soul-Patrol.Net Radio: Mid April Rankings

Welcome to Soul-Patrol Newsletter:
We have quite a bit going on with Soul-Patrol as winter turns to spring. We have live music events featuring Victor Wooten going on all over the country, we have reviews of NINE NEW CD's, we have TWO mega chat sessions/listening parties coming up this weekend (one hosted by Skip Martin of Kool & the Gang/Dazz Band) and we are pleased once again to present you with the lastest and greatest rankings for Soul-Patrol.Net Radio.

Plus we still need all Classic Soul artists who are reading this to send in two copies of their NEW CD's to us for our "offline radio project"...
Soul-Patrol is going to be participating in a special "offline radio project". We need BRAND NEW CD's from any/all CLASSIC SOUL/FUNK artists. Remember we are talking NEW stuff here, from Classic artists.

I am requesting that you send us TWO copies of your NEW CD to contribute to this project.

Here is the address…

Bob Davis - CEO Soul-Patrol
798 Woodlane Rd
Suite 10264
Mount Holly, NJ 08060

Thanks in advance….

--Bob Davis

1. Quickie CD Reviews: Hugh Masakela, Cassius White, George Duke, Joe Quartermaine, Tim Terry, Leela James, Bee Note, King Powell, Paul Jackson 

Cassius White

Cassius White - From The Inside Out

When I first met Philadelphian Cassius White he described his new instrumental CD as "Smooth Jazz". I can certainly understand why he did that. After all I understand that from a marketing perspective, damn near anyone who has an instrumental album has to label it as "smooth jazz" in order to have any hope whatsoever of getting commercial airplay in the year 2005. However upon closer inspection and some serious listening, it's obvious to me that it's quite a bit more than the overused and poorly understood phrase "smooth jazz". As I listened to the music during my daily commute another overused and poorly understood phrase comes to mind...."OLD SCHOOL". Not "old school" in the Tom Joyner sense. But "old school" from the real side. As I drive along in my car listening, the music forces my mind to drift back to the 1970's to a time when driving a different car ("69 duce & a quarter", with the top down, speakers blasting the cool sounds of CTI as I was cruising around the streets in ghetto neighborhoods of cities like Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Brooklyn, etc. looking for god knows what. That's what this album makes me think of...

Hugh Masakela - Revival

I truly despise the term "world music". Whenever I hear it makes me think of things like colonial empires and the days when small european countries exerted an "iron rule" over the countries and people of the world of color. The term "world music" is the recording industry's way of saying "non american, non european, non white music that we like". Unfortunately this term, despite it's implications of colonialism is probably what you will have to look for if you are trying to find the new CD by Hugh Masakela called "Revival" in your local "wreckastow". And this indeed is an album that you should look for This is a vocal/instrumental jazz album with at least one song that could be a pop hit song if it were to get enough airplay (Woman of the Sun). So what we really have here is a typical Hugh Masakela album, full of slammin funky jazz and pop songs that are actually mainstream enough to make the R&B charts

Sir Joe Quarterman and Free Soul - They Want Funky Music
(Funk/Classic Soul)

Back in 1969 (I think?) Sir Joe Quarterman and Free Soul rocked the Soul music charts with what was probably the quintessential Black anti war/social consciousness song done to that point in time. I'm sure that yall remember "So Much Trouble In My Mind"? That song was historic enough (I always wondered if the song influenced Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On"?) that if you go to any "oldies but goodies party" even today, you are likely to hear that song being played. Well Sir Joe Quarterman and Free Soul are back with a brand new CD and it's called "They Want Funky Music" and it's a badd slama jama. This album doesn't make any pretenses whatsoever. It truly sounds like a "retro album", nothing "new" here at all, this is an album of 100 percent pure classic soul/funk. In fact the best way I could describe this album is that if you heard it and didn't know what it was, you might just mistakenly think that it was the electric southern fried funk of Johnny "Guitar" Watson. That is with the exception of one song...."I Want A Love I Can Wallow In", which sounds like doo wop influenced "east coast grind" material.

The Tim Terry Experience
(Soul/Nu Soul/Funk/Memphis Soul)

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine that the legacy of the STAX record company had not been appropriated by John Belushi and Dan Ackyrod, but instead had continued thru the 70's, 80's, 90's right up to 2005 and been entrusted in the stewardship of people who understood that the purpose of the record company was not to mimic (in whiteface) what the music sounded like in 1969. Assume for a moment that the people running things understood that the music of STAX in 2005 should be the same as the music of STAX in 1965. And that is a reflection of what current everyday life is like for Black people, done in a commercial pop music mode, with a little bit of FUNK and a whole lotta BBQ sauce & fatback thrown into the mix. Well if you were to wake up from this dream, you might just hear the music of Tim Terry playing in the background.

Leela James - A Change is Gonna Come
(Southern Soul/Slow Jams)

Imagine if a major label decided that it would be in their best interests to hire a crack production team to take a young Black woman out of South Central Los Angeles with a POWERFUL set of lungs and create a piece of art that takes you back to the time when singers like Carla Thomas, Betty Wright, Mavis Staples and others ruled the charts? Now imagine this recording being created back in 2003 and sitting on the shelf till now? Do you like your slow jams dripping with a mixture of erotic love juices and BBQ sauce made for dipping your "biscuit" into? Well if u do (like I do) then you might just like this CD, scheduled for a June release.

Bee Note - Bee Note
(Funk/Dance/Slow Jams)

This album is truly a unique package. The all star aggregation of artists on this album working under the umbrella of "Bee Note" includes Patrice Rushen, Philip Ingram, Kevin Toney, Dorian Holly, Tony Lewis, Larry Ball, Wayne Vaughn, Mumjungo Jackson, Alfonso Jones, Kevin Johnson. So what you have here is Patrice Rushen with members of Switch, Blackbyrds, Slave, Ohio Players, Zapp, Dynasty, Sun and Slave along with former background singers for Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson and Micheal Jackson (whew.... lol). So what you have here is essentially an extremely diverse soul/funk/dance album made in 1999 that's worth a serious listen right now. I think that the funk cuts are truly SLAMMIN and so will you when I play them for you on Soul-Patrol.Net Radio. The ballads are top flight original pop songs that sound like they could easily appear on albums by Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson and Micheal Jackson. This album may have been recorded 6 years ago, but I guarantee you that it will still sound fresh 6 years from now.

King Powell - King Powell

At first blush this album sounds like something that you might hear playing on the stereo of a 50 year old man. As I turn around and look at my birth certificate and notice that I have recently turned 48 it gives me cause to pause at that statement. Yes indeed the "baby boomers" (including myself) are growing up and it seems that standards of the past are becoming more and more popular. Now in my case it goes just a little beyond just being an "aging baby boomer", the reality is that one of my "dirty little secrets" has been that I have always been a big fan of this type of music. First starting with my introduction to the music of Billy Holiday via the soundtrack of the movie "Lady Sings the Blues", then later in the 1980's when I purchased the Linda Ronstat trio of standards albums, that she recorded backed by the Nelson Riddle Orchestra, in the mid 1990's with what is in my humble opinion the last great album by the Temptations called "For Lovers Only", right up to the 2004 release of the "Dana Owens Album" by Queen Latifah, I have pretty much always dug this type of music regardless of how old I am. The self titled CD "King Powell" is at the same time "lizard lounge music" and romantic music that certain brotha might put on as a part of a larger exercise in "seduction". The duo of Cathryn King and Patou Powell do a fantastic job of singing these classic songs accompanied only bass, piano and drums in a "sparse" mix that has actually been one of my secret pleasures since I first got it a few months ago. Of course my favorite song on the album is "Fever", featuring the sultry and seductive voice of Cathryn King. This CD is highly recommended for your Saturday night after midnight mix of music (even if you aren't a member of the "baby boom generation").

George Duke - Duke

George Duke is an artist who I truly love, however he has also been a disappointment to me from time to time. As we all know, he is one of the FUNK MASTERS that sometimes allows his music has a tendency to drift off into "elevator music territory". He avoids doing that with this CD and he uses artists like Ndugu Chancellor Airto and Sheila E to help out. This is a funky album and it has a few twists (for example he even samples the voice of Chuck D.... lol). Another surprise is his cover version of Stevie Wonder's "Superwoman", it's so damn cool that I suspect that the "neo soul" crowd would eat it up. The song "Hybrids" sounds like it could have come off of a Miles Davis CD. There are many strong songs here that could easily be hits in various radio genres, but that matters little to me. It's going to be a hit record in my back yard this summer, so if you come over to my house, don't expect to leave without hearing this album at least once.

Paul Jackson - Funk On A Stick
(Stone Cold Booyah Tribe Natural Born Funk)

This album is sooo STANK that I had to go and find my close pin and place it over my nose. I guess that my expectations were nothing less from one of the founding member of the Headhunters under Herbie Hancock. I saw Paul Jackson as part of the Headhunters back in 1974 in what was the greatest funk concert I have ever seen (Herbie Hancock/Miles Davis). There isn't much more that I can write about this FUNK BOMB, but I guess I have to. It sounds to me like Return To Forever/Headhunters with James Brown, Oscar Brown and Chuck Brown speaking dat secret "Booyah Tribe Language" on vocals!!! (how's dat for a description???) Right now I am listening to it in my headphones as I type with the volume turned up to "ear bleed level". Are you a funk music fan???? (Then this CD is essential for you to own) Don't look for it anywhere on commercial radio, Clear Channel, Infinity & Cathy Hughes won't allow you to listen to it there. However I do know of one place you will be able to hear it and that is on Soul-Patrol.Net Radio

stay tuned....

--Bob Davis

Click on the image above to listen to Skip Martin's MILES HIGH

2. Marathon Old School Chat Session

Soul-Patrol Radio-Chat SpecialTo celebrate the grand re-opening of our NEW and IMPROVED chat room we are going to have a MARATHON OLD SCHOOL CHAT SESSION, with music provided by Mike Boone and Baron Keels of Soul-Patrol.Net Radio. We will have a "free form discussion" about THE GOOD OLD DAYS and the MUSIC that we all grew up with (Mike and Baron may even stop by). To help us to reminisce, we will also be streaming 5 HOURS worth of Mike and Baron's Taking Soul" internet radio broadcast into the chat room while we have our discussion.

We will be featuring the music of the following artists for your listening pleasure in the Soul-Patrol Chat Room: Impressions, Sand Pebbles, Magnificent Men, Joe Tex, Jackie Wilson, Dells, Sam Cooke, Arthur Conley, Jr. Walker, Miracles, "Mystery Artist", Vernon Guy, Sam Cooke, Betty Wright, Jimmy "Bo" Horne, Silhouettes, Miracles, Gene Chandler, Mary Wells, Sam Cooke, Carla Thomas, Pastels, the Ikettes, Freddie Scott, the Cookies, Coasters, Jackie Lee, Poets, Bettye Lavette, the Packers, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, Jackson Five, Willie and the Mighty Magnificents, Sam and Dave, Miriam McKeeba, Joe Cuba Sextet, Jimmy Castor, Flamingos, Johnnie C, Cliff Nobles, Jerry O, Shorty Long, Soul Survivors, Preparations.

So join us on FRIDAY NITE April 22 2005  @ 8pm est in the Soul-Patrol Chat Room at the following link:

All are welcome, tell your friends…

Click on the image above to listen to Skip Martin's MILES HIGH

3. Commentary: Album Covers?

Soul-Patrol Newsletter Anybody here remember LP covers??? Whatever happened to them and why should we care about them here in the year 2005? Well they "evolved"....

It speaks to the continuing dumbing down of the society. When I'm at my dad's house I enjoy looking thru his wonderful collection of vintage UNSCRATCHED Jazz albums from the 1950's.(at last I'm old enough to touch them) While the artwork of the era was simplistic I'm always struck by the liner notes. The notes were written in a manner that assumed the reader was intelligent and educated. These albums were released in a decade when much of the country had not even completed high school yet the information in the liner notes was presented on the highest level just like the music inside the cover.

In the 1960's and especially the 1970's the artwork on the album covers greatly improved. Liner notes varied but were often well written. Although I might have been in junior high school they still addressed me as if I were a thinking and reasonably educated person. Today the drop out rate for African Americans is approaching what it was in the 1950's. The drop out rate for urban white ethnics is following at an alarming rate. The drop out rate for Latinos is as high in the inner city as it is in rural communities and the drop rate for rural whites threatens to exceed every demographic in the country if current trends continue. Yet unlike the under educated 1950's the recording industry of the butt-hole new century neither challenges the consumer academically with liner notes or artistically with packaging artwork. It instead meets the consumer where they are. So as the "Jerry Springer" generation marches backwards the recording industry will be right there to profit. Rarely!
Requiring that anyone think or be inspired by anything visually, intellectually or God forbid MUSICALLY!!

Just let me download the file and gimme the sampled beat.

--Ron McIntyre

Click on the image above to listen to Skip Martin's MILES HIGH

4. Online Listening Party: Skip Martin's Miles High (Hosted By Skip Martin of Kool & the Gang/Dazz Band)

Skip Martin - Miles High
The release of Skip Martin's (of Kool & the Gang/Dazz Band) new INDEPENDENT jazz CD called "Miles High" is an important release for Black music. First and foremost it's a tribute to Miles Davis, one of the key inspirations for the existence of the Soul-Patrol website. Secondly it's a major move by a popular singer into a genre that he is not well known in and there aren't many singers these days that will pick up an instrument and play it as a bandleader. It's sitting at #12 right now so lots of folks are listening. Skip's obviously bucking several trends and we think he is going to be successful.

Here is some background, taken from Skip's website….

The idea of Skip Martin's first solo jazz project was pure and simple - "it was just time".
With a total of 26 album releases as lead vocalist with Dazz Band, Kool & the Gang and his own solo projects, Skip wanted to record a project where he did his 'singing' through his trumpet. "I've recorded on both groups in the horn section but never as a solo instrument" stated Skip.

The result is 'Miles High' filled with hip, cool, funky, smooth jazz grooves. "You'll definitely come away ... with ... a sense of what Miles might be doing musically if he were still with us." (Scott O'Brien for

'Are You Ready' the debut single, which features Skip on trumpet and vocals is "...a laid back blend of classic styles. If Freddie Hubbard and Donald Byrd were in the same band they would open their set with this tune..." (Gene Harris, Jr., MBA and Cat Lee for

Ronnie Laws appears on sax on the 'Smooth Sailing' track in a beautiful trumpet and sax duet - ranging from sultry grooves to profound narratives.

'Miles High', the title cut, a tribute to Miles Davis written the night Miles died, clearly shows an insightful range of diverse influences from the modern jazz era known as the Miles Years. "...jazz that can appeal to the novice and seasoned listener..." (Enorman for

The album also includes the first recordings of spoken word poet Bronze Paragon on the tracks 'Are You Ready' (Spoken Word) and 'Apropos' (Spoken Word) - which just make you sit up and listen .

"I'm very excited about this project" admits Skip Martin. "It took 2 years in the making with a few starts and stops but the journey was well worth the time".

Join us on Saturday April 23 at 10 pm est in the Soul-Patrol chat room ( as Skip hosts while we listen to his new CD. As we listen to MILES HIGH, Skip Martin will answer your questions about the Miles High CD as well as your questions about the past, present and future of his career with Kool & the Gang and the Dazz Band.

--Bob Davis

Click on the image above to listen to Skip Martin's MILES HIGH

5. Soul-Patrol.Net Radio: Mid April Rankings

Soul-Patrol RadioThese numbers are compiled from our server logs. They are a relative ranking of shows on Soul-Patrol.Net Radio and are an indicator of relative popularity of the audio programming which appears on the site at any given point in time. Nothing more. Nothing less

(what can I say???)

The top 40 includes 14 shows that are focused on new music (1, 2, 3, 5, 12, 18, 22, 27, 28, 33, 34, 36, 38, 39)

- The popularity of our "Slow Jams 2005" show (#1) is proof positive that artists like Alison Crocket, Unified Tribe, Barbara Mason, Martha Redbone, Byron Woods, Chi-Lites, RioSoul, Etta James could co-exist on the same radio station.

- The release of Victor Wooten's new CD ("Soul Circus)
will pose an interesting (but nice) problem for us. To solve that problem we are going to incorporate his new CD into his existing link (#2 on this survey), so that yall will get a Victor Wooten "Double Play" :)

- Julie Dexter (#3), Cooly's Hot Box (#33), Krush (#36) all bear watching because they represent the concept of "back to the future".10 years from now these artists will still be around and playing music that is consistent with the historical legacy of Black music. And they will be doing so long after many of those original artists have departed from this earth. This is what we mean by "extending the legacy". The fact that so many folks on Soul-Patrol are listening to these artist is a healthy sign for the future.

- Soul-Patrol Jazz (#28 & #34 respectively) shows that the programming tactics of the "smooth jazz radio stations" may well be starting to wear thin. People are tired of "whitebread jazz". They want the REAL thing and they want it from artists like Queen Latifah, Marlon Saunders, D-Erania, Eloise Laws, Bobbi Humphrey, Kne-O'Chaw Hampton, Monnette Sudler, Phillip Bailey, Dale Fieldler, Jonathan Butler, D-Erania, Leroy K. Wofford, Digable Planets. THESE ARTISTS KNOW THAT JAZZ ISN'T SUPPOSED TO BE MUSIC THAT PUTS YOU TO SLEEP. And the proof is in the pudding because folks that visit our site are listening to it in BIG NUMBERS

- And the NEW MUSIC keeps on coming.
Look for the appearance of more NEW MUSIC on Soul-Patrol.Net Radio from artists like Will Wheaton, Kashif, John Hickey, Joe Quartermaine & Free Soul, Like So, Devoted Spirits, Billy Jones Bluz, Dexter Wansel, Angela Johnson, Brian McKnight, Unifics, George Duke, Cassius White, Terry Johnson/Flamingos, Stevie Wonder (and many others very soon)

Here is the Top 40 so far for the month of April/2005.
Click on the links and check out some of the shows that you haven't listened to yet.
And if you like what you hear, share this email with a friend.
Turn em on to some of "the good stuff".

--Bob Davis

1.Slow Jams 2005 :
Alison Crocket, Unified Tribe, Barbara Mason, Martha Redbone, Byron Woods, Chi-Lites, RioSoul, Etta James

2.Victor Wooten: Live In America

3.Julie Dexter: Conscious

4.Soul-Patrol's: Tribute To Lyn Collins

5.Chi-Lites 2005: Chi-lites Live/Lo Key br>
1960's Anthology

7.Soul-Patrol's Tribute To the Five Stairsteps (hosted by Gary Tyson)

8.Rick James & Teena Marie: Live from Santa Monica (1981)

9.Ruffin/Kendricks: Interview & Temptations Music

10.Marvin Gaye - Lets Get It On CD Deluxe

11.Will Chill #5 - Rare Slow Jams featuring the commentary of Will Chill

12.Skip Martin - Miles High (a brand new jazz CD from the lead singer of Kool & the Gang/Dazz Band)

13.Will Hart/Delphonics Live From Nashville

14.Soul-Patrol's Tribute To the Mighty Dells

15.Lost Treasures #2 - (Rare Classic Soul featuring the commentary & insights of E.Norman)

16.Smokey Robinson and the Miracles: Going to a Go go/Away We a Go Go

17.Supremes: 1970's Anthology

18.Jackson 5: Live in Japan

19.Soul-Patrol's: Tribute To Jimmy Castor

20.Interview: Rock n' Roll Hall of Famer Bobby Massey of the O'jays

21.Black Rock Coalition - Tribute To Stevie Wonder

22.Candi Staton - Candi Staton

23.Interview: Rock n' Roll Hall of Famer Sammy Strain of the O'jays

24.Mr C on Da Funk - Rare Funk Slow Jams

25.Soul-Patrol's: Tribute To the Bo Diddley

26.Soul-Patrol's: Tribute To the Jimi Hendrix (hosted by Gary Tyson)

27.Mandrill: Live at the 2002 Montreaux Jazz Festival

28.Soul-Patrol Jazz # 3 - Queen Latifah, Marlon Saunders, D-Erania, Eloise Laws, Bobbi Humphrey, Kne-O'Chaw Hampton, Booker T and The MG's, Brian Auger, Ronnie Laws

29.Black Rock Coalition - Tribute To Ray Charles

30.Mandrill - Sunshine

31.Cleveland Soul - Rare Soul Straight Outta Cleveland

32.Original Parliament Funkadelic - Live at the Roxy in Boston

33.Cooly's Hot Box - Don't Be Afraid Get It On

34.Soul-Patrol Jazz # 2 - Monnette Sudler, Phillip Bailey, Dale Fieldler, Jonathan Butler, D-Erania, Leroy K. Wofford, Digable Planets

35.Soul-Patrol's Tribute To the Barry White

36.KRUSH - KRUSH (debut CD)

37.BRC Classics - Micheal Hill's Blues Mob, Skunk Anasie, Betty Davis, Terence Trent Darby,D-Xtreme, Bill Withers, Isley Brothers, Shuggie Otis,David Ryan Harris, Love, Prince. Hosted by Earl Douglas (BRC Exec. Director)

38.New Music From the Greats: Clarence Burke Jr, Eddie Holman, Soul Generation, Manhattans,Persuaders, Vernon Reid, Buddy Miles, Martha Reeves, Otis Blackwell, Donny Hathaway, Voices of East Harlem, New Birth, Bar-Kay's, Chuck D, Jimmie Castor

39.Louise Perryman - Whisper My Name

40.Mike and Baron Talkin Soul With Songs - Tribute: Jet Magazine Soul Brothers Top 20 from April, 1967 part 2

There is the Top 40 so far for the month of April/2005.
Click on the links and check out some of the shows that you haven't listened to yet.
And if you like what you hear, share this email with a friend.
Turn em on to some of "the good stuff"...

--Bob Davis

Click on the image above to listen to Skip Martin's MILES HIGH

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Hopefully you enjoyed this edition of the Soul-Patrol Newsletter.
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If you have any comments, questions, etc feel free to drop me an email and let me know what's on your mind.

Bob Davis

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