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Ted Mills/Blue Magic

LISTEN TO Ted "Wizard" Mills Blue Magic Lead Singer Interview/Music Take a listen to one of our LIVING LEGENDS as he tells us the real deal about Blue Magic, their history and their future as we also listen to a few of Blue Magic's classic cuts.

Soul-Patrol Newsletter Headlines (04/21/2005)

1. 5/14 BRC Orchestra Performs: A Tribute To Ray Charles "Ray Rocks: The Early Atlantic Years"

2. Book Review: The Fabulous Vaughan Brothers: Jimmie and Stevie Ray

3. Soul-Patrol Won't Be Visiting The House Of Blues, Cuz We Don't Want To "Get The Blues?

4. CD Review: Smokey Robinson And The Miracles: "The Live Collection"

5. D-Erania Honored By Ebony Magazine

Welcome to Soul-Patrol Newsletter:
We have quite a bit going on with Soul-Patrol as winter turns to spring. We have live music events featuring Victor Wooten going on all over the country, we have reviews of NINE NEW CD's, we have TWO mega chat sessions/listening parties coming up this weekend (one hosted by Skip Martin of Kool & the Gang/Dazz Band) and we are pleased once again to present you with the lastest and greatest rankings for Soul-Patrol.Net Radio.

Plus we still need all Classic Soul artists who are reading this to send in two copies of their NEW CD's to us for our "offline radio project"...
Soul-Patrol is going to be participating in a special "offline radio project". We need BRAND NEW CD's from any/all CLASSIC SOUL/FUNK artists. Remember we are talking NEW stuff here, from Classic artists.

I am requesting that you send us TWO copies of your NEW CD to contribute to this project.

Here is the address…

Bob Davis - CEO Soul-Patrol
798 Woodlane Rd
Suite 10264
Mount Holly, NJ 08060

Thanks in advance….

--Bob Davis

1. 5/14 BRC Orchestra Performs: A Tribute To Ray Charles "Ray Rocks: The Early Atlantic Years" 


NEW YORK - The Black Rock Coalition Orchestra and special invited guests will perform the early works of the great Ray Charles in a live retrospective entitled, Ray Rocks: The Early Atlantic Years, on Saturday, May 14, 8PM at Symphony Space. The BRC Orchestra will feature several dynamic performers, including Avery Brooks, Nona Hendryx, Corey Glover (Living Colour), Donald Smith (Lonnie Liston Smith's feature vocalist), Sekou Sundiata and many others.

"Ray Charles is the perfect example of what a true artist can achieve when allowed to create outside of the industry's perception of his potential or his audience." says BRC President LaRonda Davis, "He owned his sound-regardless of genre-and helped other African-American artists own their right to explore other aspects of their expression."

The BRC Orchestra will be under the direction of award-winning trombonist, arranger, composer and dramatist, Craig S. Harris. Harris has worked with such noted performers as Sun Ra, Lester Bowie, Olu Dara, David Murray, Henry Threadgill, Cecil Taylor and Lena Horne. Harris has been a member of long standing with the BRC, directing its James Brown tribute in 1986 and participating in its Jimi Hendrix tribute at Town Hall in 1997.

The Ray Charles tribute marks the BRC's third annual presentation for Symphony Space and the Orchestra's debut in the Peter Norton Theater. The program will feature Charles' early works at Atlantic-from 1952-1960, coinciding with the birth of rock 'n roll-and highlight his contributions to it. "Ray's ABC-Paramount years made him a fixture in the mainstream," said Darrell McNeill, BRC director of operations, "But we wanted to focus on his grittier, more experimental stages. He was new and independent. Atlantic was new and independent. Rock was new and independent. In 'Ray Rocks,' we're looking to capture that pioneering spirit while throwing in our usual modern wrinkles."

A BRC tribute to Ray Charles was suggested some time ago, but was not realized until this year. "When we first proposed this tribute to Ray two years ago, he was still with us," said Davis, "Now that he's gone, it's all the more important that we let the world know about what's he's done to inspire today's working musicians to go beyond what's expected of them and share their unique voice with anyone with the forethought to open their ears and listen."

The BRC Orchestra is the performance arm of the Black Rock Coalition, the nonprofit support group co-founded by Vernon Reid, Greg Tate and Konda Mason for artists of color who don't fall within mainstream classification. The BRC is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Over the years, the BRC Orchestra has performed several well-received and sold out retrospectives on artists like Nina Simone, Jimi Hendrix, Curtis Mayfield, Sly Stone, Sonny Sharrock, Stevie Wonder and others.

"Every year of our association with Symphony Space has afforded us opportunities to really stretch out with the Orchestra and explore all possibilities," said McNeill, "We couldn't ask for a better creative partner."

The BRC Orchestra's performance of Ray Rocks: The Early Atlantic Years, will take place Saturday, May 14, 8PM at the Peter Norton Theater in Symphony Space, West 95th Street and Broadway. For more information, contact Symphony Space, (212) 864-5400 or

For more information on the Black Rock Coalition, the BRC Orchestra and the Ray Rocks performance, contact Darrell McNeill, BRC director of operations at (718) 771-0091, You can also reach the Black Rock Coalition through our hotline (212) 517-5097 or on our website,

--Bob Davis

Click on the image above to listen to Skip Martin's MILES HIGH

2. Book Review: The Fabulous Vaughan Brothers: Jimmie and Stevie Ray

Soul-Patrol Radio-Chat SpecialThe Fabulous Vaughan Brothers: Jimmie and Stevie Ray by James L. Dickerson

Here is what the original press release for this book said last September:

"The Fabulous Vaughan Brothers follows the two brothers from their modest Dallas roots to their emergence onto the Austin music scene. The brothers' subsequent recording experiences in Memphis--which the author sees as being crucial to their overall development as musicians-are also described, as well as their early bands and, of course, their work together on Family Style."

Well I think that this is an understatement.

The Vaughn Brothers are actually two of the most important figures in the history of Black music over the past 30 years, yet they are almost totally unknown by the Black community at large. In my opinion this is damn near criminal. The book The Fabulous Vaughan Brothers explains exactly why these two unlikely individuals from Dallas Texas are so important, without ever even asking the question. The book is rather simplistic in that it really is a straight up narrative biography, that doesn't go into any deep analysis. It's only 205 pages long, including pictures and discography. That's because none is needed, a simple presentation of the facts is good enough. When understands the facts of the life story of Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jimmie Vaughn, connecting the dots to the truth becomes a very easy thing to do.

In my case, I was fortunate in that I became exposed to the music of Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jimmie Vaughn in 1979. This was before either of them became the big stars that they would later become in the 1980's. I was fortunate enough to be living in Houston Texas at that time and having the "honor" of many times being the only Black person in the audience at their shows. In fact I have seen Stevie Ray Vaughn (11 times) and the Fabulous Thunderbirds (w/Jimmy Vaughn) (7 times) more than I have seen ANY single performer in a lifetime of concert going. I also own most all of the albums listed in the discography of the book. My first encounter with the music of Stevie Ray Vaughn is recanted at the following link...

So for me the book hits home on a personal level because as a fan, I actually attended some of the live performances referenced in the book. My experience in reading this book only served to bring into much sharper focus, the things that I already knew and believed about the Vaughn Brothers. For others who are not already fans of their music and unfamiliar with their history this book will serve as something of a holy grail and will cause them to perhaps re-examine their own perspectives on "Blues and Race".

Here we have two young white guys living in a racist lower class Dallas neighborhood, who run away from home to play the Blues in Austin during the early - mid 1970's. Their basic story is so wild that it has to be true. Stevie Ray and Jimmie spend 10 years in Austin fine-tuning their craft and in the process actually become the real deal . Their dedication to not only playing Blues music, but also living the life of Bluesmen truly made them the ultimate "Blue Eyed Soul Brothas". Unfortunately, this lifestyle caused major problems for both of the Vaughn brothers during their lives

In his book "The White Negro", Norman Mailer talks about white people who "affect" the mannerisms of the "Negro" and do so in the false hope that somehow they will become "hip". In the case of Stevie Ray and Jimmie that is far from the case. What you have here is a case of two white guys that just fell in love with the music before they reached the age of 10 and decided right then and there to dedicate their life to it. They didn't do it because it was a popular thing to do. The fact is that it became a popular thing to do AFTER they did it and with that accomplishment created the "Blues Industry" as we know it today in 2005.

The story of how this all came to be in the late 1960's and how it evolved up until the time of Stevie Ray's tragic death in 1990, is well documented in the book. Jimmie Vaughn the founder of the 1980's hit making group "The Fabulous Thunderbirds" and Stevie Ray Vaughn the blues guitar wizard who was always just under the radar made Blues music "hip" during the 1980's. They created an environment, which enabled other white people to as Norman Mailer would say, "affect the behavior of the Negro" and to be "hip" in doing so during the 1980's.

That however wasn't their intent. They just wanted to play good music and play it on their own terms. That is what they did and they did it well.

As I am typing this review I am listening to my well-worn copy of the Fabulous Thunderbird's first album entitled "The Fabulous Thunderbirds (Girls Go Wild)". It's an excellent album of Texas Blues and Soul, featuring guitar and harp. It came out in 1979 and not many people have ever heard it. According to the book it sold less than 5,000 copies. I guess it would have sold 9,999 had it not been for me. After reading the book I sure feel proud that I own a copy of it.

I enjoyed reading this book; it was a fast read for me. I think that other people will enjoy reading it also, if they are interested in the evolution of Black music during the 1970's and 1980's. What Stevie Ray and Jimmie did was to stay true to Black music, during a time when Black music did not stay true to itself.

And that my friends is one hell of a story and makes this book a must read….

NP: "Soul To Soul"
--Stevie Ray Vaughn & Double Trouble

--Bob Davis

Click on the image above to listen to Skip Martin's MILES HIGH

3. Soul-Patrol Won't Be Visiting The House Of Blues, Cuz We Don't Want To "Get The Blues?

Soul-Patrol Newsletter

" Now...onto 'the other' part of the show. If you can, avoid the House of Blues at all costs. The HOB is not about the artist nor the ticket paying fan and mos def not about Soul Patrollers. We were not treated as supporters of the Artist nor the venue. Considering that I drove in from Dee-troit, TTG FLEW in from Florida, I invited many a ticket purchasing friend, etc.....too many times did I have to explain to security who Soul Patrol was and that we DID have a scheduled 'meet & greet' with Victa, Karl had a week of changes and mishaps, continuing on at the HOB, and Danette (Victa's mgr) had to pay for a booth to watch the show from; it'll be a hard sell for me to return there.

 'and there was much rejoicing throughout the land'..."

--Ron B. Smoove

Ron & everyone else,

I just wanted yall to know that this review (along with most of the others so far) are posted up on Soul-Patrol's Victor Wooten webpage (which I just updated).

Victor Wooten on the Soul-Patrol Website

I want to be sure that EVERYONE reads what you have written about how yall were MISTREATED by the management of the so called "House of Blues". It sure does sound like the kind of place to go to if you want to "get the blues" to me!

Personally I will make sure that I NEVER patronize this place. And I will recommend that nobody that I care about patronize it either. I dunno if their problem is Culture Banditry, Racism, Ignorance or whatever.
All I know is that I DON'T want to go there...

On their website it says...


Through our support of the International House of Blues Foundation (IHOBF), over 50,000 students and teachers experience the Blues SchoolHouse program in our music halls annually. This program explores the history, music and cultural impact of the blues and related folk art through live music, narration and a guided tour of our folk art collection. The program highlights African American cultural contributions and emphasizes the importance of personal expression. The IHOBF is dedicated to promoting cultural understanding and creative expression through music and art


to that I say....

PHUCK DAT (and PHUCK DAN ACKROYD) With "friends" like these I DON'T NEED ENEMIES....

I have copied this email to the House of Blues and to various journalists and broadcasters that I know won't be afraid to discuss this. There are plenty of other places that I can spend my entertainment dollars...
(and so can YOU)

No protests, no petitions, no nothing (just ignore them, treat them like they treat you!!!!). Here's an idea, why not take those very same entertainment dollars and spend them in the Black community?

They want our artists/culture...


(i say give them exactly that!!!)

--Bob Davis

Click on the image above to listen to Skip Martin's MILES HIGH

4. CD Review: Smokey Robinson And The Miracles: "The Live Collection"

Smokey & Miracles Live
Now here is the one your boy "nightrain" will truly go WILD over....

(on HIP-O Select)

This is not a CD for someone who is "new" to Smokey. This is a CD for the person who wants to take a deep exploration into the live performances of one of the best live performers in the history of Black music! It's truly an artifact of a moment captured in time

Remember a few years ago when Harry put "Going To A Go Go" and "Away We A Go Go" on the same CD, plus threw in some previously unreleased material??

(this CD is just as badd as that one was)

It's actually a two CD set that contains two LIVE albums:

- Smokey Robinson and the Miracles (1957-1972)
- Smokey Robinson and the Miracles (LIVE)

I own both of these LP's and I brought them when they first came out. In fact I STILL have them both (and they are in raggedy I have scanned in images from both to create some of the graphics which appear on the Soul-Patrol website...I have listened to BOTH of these LP's at least a thousand times :) And I long ago committed to memory every damn note of both

I'll tell yall, right now I am listening to the live version of "BAD GIRL", from Smokey Robinson and the Miracles (1957-1972) a song that won't even play on my LP copy anymore, the damn grooves are seriously worn Those two LP's of mine will never be played again. The sound quality of this two CD set is impeccable. And it's like I am hearing the song for the very first time. Smokey just plain KILLS THIS SONG.
You can hear the females screaming in ecstasy
I mean...

Now I don't wanna get too graphic here, but listening to this live rendition of "BAD GIRL"...(u know damn well that the seats of those screaming females are

This song is the epitome of what a slow jam is supposed to be. In fact I just hit the repeat

There are MANY KILLER LIVE VERSONS of both songs made famous by the Miracles as well as by other artists (ex: check Smokey's monster version of Dionne Warwick's "Walk on By", from Smokey Robinson and the Miracles LIVE)

The Miracles Live is awesome. It's the Miracles at the height of their powers, in live performance. Smokey's the star, but they really are a group on stage. Claudette joins the Miracles on stage when they sing "BAD GIRL".

This too will end up on Soul-Patrol.Net radio as an entire program because it's some serious history. If it doesn't, "nightrain" willl kill me for After all he is the creator of the:


(which I guess he will have to now update....)

The CD ends with our friend young Billy Griffin joining the Miracles on stage in a rousing version of "Going To a Go Go"

Hell I'm going to get me a glass of wine and start this damn CD over again....

--Bob Davis

Click on the image above to listen to Skip Martin's MILES HIGH

5. Whispers to Receive Regional Grammy Honor

Soul-Patrol RadioWhispers will be honored with the "Governor's Award" by the regional chapter of the Grammy's. It is opened to the public and tickets are now available.

June 12 - 2005 Governors Awards
Westin St. Francis Hotel, San Francisco, 6 - 10 p.m.

Save the date for the San Francisco Chapter's annual Governors Awards celebration honoring music legends whose creative talents and accomplishments have crossed all musical boundaries to be recognized as an asset to our music community. These individuals are presented with the Governors Award, the highest honor bestowed by an Academy Chapter. Governors Award recipients have professional careers that embody high standards of excellence and integrity that the Academy champions and promotes. Past recipients include Carlos Santana, Bill Graham, Michael Tilson Thomas, Ali Akbar Khan, Joe Satriani, Joan Baez, Orrin Keepnews, Mimi Farina, the Hawkins Family, the East Bay Center for the Performing Arts, and Redwood Cultural Works.

The San Francisco Chapter is excited to announce that the 2005 Governors Awards honorees are the Doobie Brothers, Michael Morgan, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the Whispers.

Tickets are $75 for Recording Academy members and $125 for non-members. For tickets, sponsorship and table packages, please call the San Francisco Chapter office at 415.749.0779. Please visit this Web page for additional details, honoree announcements and more information.

For more information, go to:

--Bob Davis

Click on the image above to listen to Skip Martin's MILES HIGH

5. D-Erania Honored By Ebony Magazine

D-EraniaBIG UP'S to our very own "SOUL-JAZZ DIVA", D-Erania for getting some special recognition from Ebony Magazine.

D-Erania's debut CD, "Offerings of Love" receives honorable mention in the 'Sounding Off' section of Ebony Magazine May, 2005 issue which features the latest and hottest in Black Music; along side outstanding releases such as Earth Wind & Fire's "Illumination", Mint Condition's "Livin' The Luxury Brown" and Marcus Miller's "Silver Rain".

(Needless to say we are very proud of D-Erania)

--Bob Davis

Click on the image above to listen to Skip Martin's MILES HIGH

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