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New Birth

LISTEN TO: Listen to the entire album LIFETIME, all 52 min. (plus some commentary). We will be doing an online listening party in the Soul-Patrol chat room on Friday June 17, @ 10 pm est. We will be listening to the NEW CD called 'LIFETIME' by New Birth as a group, offering up our commentary in the chat room and also have Melvin Wilson & Leslie Wilson of New Birth in the chat room to drop some knowlege on us (and take questions) as we listen to the 'LIFETIME' CD together..

Soul-Patrol Newsletter Headlines (05/6/2005)

1. Commentary: WCBS-FM Format is 'HiJACKED'

2. R.I.P. - Oscar Brown Jr. (from Mandrill)

3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Freddie Stone, (Of Sly & The Family Stone) B. 1946-0605, Vallejo, CA

4. Concert Review: Bass Players' Ball In St Louis (Calloway Bros., Slave, Michael Henderson, Ray Parker, George Johnson and Sir Nose)

5. CD Review: New Birth - "Lifetime"

6. Commentary: Information Creation/Consumption and Communication

Welcome to Soul-Patrol Newsletter:
We have quite a bit going on with Soul-Patrol . We will be introducing a new weekly email service called the "Soul-Patrol Times" next week. We will be celebrating Black music month, with a series of online listening parties featuring music from Motown, Stax, New Birth, and Angela Johnson.

Black Music Month Online Listening Parties
(Listen and Learn)
motown chat
--5 hour Marathon Online Listening Party featuring old and new music from MOTOWN on sunday evening 6/12/2005 @ 10pm est in the Soul-Patrol Chat Room
new birth listening party
--Online Listening Party with the members of the legendary Soul/Funk group NEW BIRTH on 6/17/2005 @ 10pm est in the Soul-Patrol Chat Room
history of stax listening party
--History of Stax Online Listening Party Hosted by the staff of the STAX Museum of American Soul on 6/19/2005 @ 7pm est in the Soul-Patrol Chat Room
angela johnson listening party
--Online Listening Party featuring new music from ANGELA JOHNSON on Thursday evening 6/23/2005 @ 10pm est in the Soul-Patrol Chat Room

This means that you will be getting a LOT of email from us over the next month, if it's too much for you, just pass it along to a friend who loves the music. That's because there is a LOT happening in the world of Soul Music these days, despite what the mass media would have you belive. I hope that you will find it informative and share it with your friends and family on the internet.

Thanks in advance….

--Bob Davis

1. Commentary: WCBS-FM Format is 'hiJACKed' 


NEW YORK - Well you knew it had to come to an end eventually. I would imagine that it's only a matter of time before the WCBS-FM clones across the country drop their oldies format as well.

So it's now an end of an era. But maybe it's the beginning of a new era?

In my opinion WCBS-FM's play list has gotten progressively worse over the past few years, as they have slowly removed and pre 1965 songs from their play list. Personally I have always viewed this as a mistake and now they have made the final transition.

In a way I actually think that this is good news, because now it clears the way for some "out of the box" music programming by someone else who actually understands that the roots of rock n' roll music will ALWAYS have an audience, because the music really was just that good...

Sorry, but I am opposed to any music radio format that has no disc jockey. One of the key features of the old WCBS-FM format is that it featured prominently the fast talking DJ's (Cousin Brucie, Dan Ingram, etc) from the old WABC-AM 770, which was NYC's top 40 powerhouse during the 1960's. Even though these DJ's were lame and corny compared to their Black peers from the 1960's, at least they offered up some commentary, history and context for the music to the listener.

From what I have read of the "Jack format", there are no DJ's. To me that is unacceptable, it's not really radio at all and appears like its more of a cost cutting move to eliminate the need to pay DJ's.

It also sounds more to me like its the same thing as listening to a mix tape. And if that is the case, then I have plenty of mix tapes of my own, featuring the music that I want to hear and I would listen to them first, before bothering with the "Jack format".

--Bob Davis

New Birth

2. R.I.P. - Oscar Brown Jr. (from Mandrill)

Oscar Brown Jr.The Wilson Brothers of Mandrill wish to extend our condolences to the family of Oscar Brown, Jr. Mandrill's first major concert was with Mr. Brown at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in 1969. We reconnected in January 2005 at the Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles and saw his brilliant film Music is My Life, Politics My Mistress: the Oscar Brown Jr. Story. We will always be indebted to him.

He was a giant and a positive force in our community both in the forefront as well as behind the scenes. He will be missed but his legacy should and will live on.
--Dr. Ricardo Wilson

--Bob Davis

New Birth

3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Freddie Stone, (Of Sly & The Family Stone) B. 1946-0605, Vallejo, CA

Freddie Stone in Harlem One of the nicest experiences I have had with Soul-Patrol was interviewing Rev. Frederick Stewart (Freddie Stone) a few years ago. He is truly one of the nicest individuals I have met in the world of music.

Don't believe me??? Take a listen to the interview at the following link:


It's truly a fascinating and far ranging interview with one of the FOUNDING FATHERS OF da FUNK. The first half of the interview is conducted on the "A Train" as Rev. Stewart and I rode up to Harlem from Times Square in NYC. The second half of the interview takes place on the "A Train" also during the ride back from Harlem.

During the interview he talks about Jimi Hendrix, Chambers Brothers, Ritchie Havens, Woodstock, 9-11 and of course the past, present and future of the entity once known as "Sly & the Family Stone" (of which he is the founder).

Check it out and let me know what cha think?


Take a listen to the interview at the following link:

Hopefully one of these days I will get out to Vallejo California to resume our conversation....

--Bob Davis

New Birth

4. Concert Review: Bass Players' Ball In St Louis (Calloway Bros., Slave, Michael Henderson, Ray Parker, George Johnson and Sir Nose)

Bass Players Ball

I just got in from The Bass Players' Ball. And all I can say is........DAMN.
It took a bit for the concert to get underway, but when it did.......

It started with The Calloway Bros ( Midnight Star ). They did ' Freakazoid'. It was Ok.

The came SLAVE. NO Mark Adams, BUT they had DRAC. They did ' Snap Shot ' and then an extended version of ' Slide '. Drac tore it up!! They closed with ' Watchin' You ' .The guy they had on bass was no Mark Adams, but he was cool.

Then they had Adina Howard come on. Strange mix, but she did ' Freak In The Morning..' and thankfully that was it.

Now.... the BEST part: On walks Mike Henderson, Ray Parker, and George Johnson. Ohhh, before I forget, the guy that played Sir Nose from P-Funk came on and did ' Aquaboogie '. It was Ok.

George broke out with ' Ain't We Funkin' Now ', then ' Strawberry Letter '. Damn. The guys tore it up! Now comes Ray, with ' For Those Who Like To Groove. ' Very Nice. Now comes Mike with ' Starship. ' Wow. Then they did ' Take Me, I'm Yours. ' Excellent. But now...they break into ' Wide Receiver '!!! One of the BEST performances on stage I have ever seen-bar none!! WR has always been one of my all time faves, but whew!! Incredible!!

The guys then did ' Get The Funk Out My Face ', 'The Jam ' , 'The Other Woman' and ' Not Just Knee Deep.' Everyone was on stage, including Drac for the finale.

Incredible show!! Sad that there was only a handful of folks in the joint. NO kidding. I could count them on one hand. Guess airbody was at Fantasia who was at The Fox, I think. Let's see...Fantasia or The Bass Players' Ball. Guess who wins every time?

I hung out backstage and talked to George and Mike for a bit, and talked to Drac about ' Drac Attack ', which is on my turntable right now. He freaked out! I mentioned ' Booty ' and he and his crew were blown away! Guess not too many folks know about that stuff, huh?

Then, I called MOM on the celly, and I put Ray Parker on...MOM is a fan, ya know. They talked for a minute, now wasn't that cool? Mr. Parker was very gracious. He told me I should have brought MOM. And ya know, he was right.

OK, folks, if ya get a chance to see The Bass Players' all means, GO!!! IT is an incredible show!!
Nice to know people are still doing REAL music with REAL instruments.



New Birth

5. CD Review: New Birth - "Lifetime"

New BirthOne of the most frequently asked questions I have been asked since Soul-Patrol started has been "Whatever Happened To New Birth"?. Well the answer to that question is simple: "They have been right here all along". And indeed they have been, but that isn't the real question that you should be asking. The real question is "what are they up to now". And the answer to that question is the new CD called "LIFETIME" which features the classic voices of Leslie and Melvin Wilson. The album has been out for since last fall and been featured on Soul-Patrol since that time.

I wanted to let the CD sit and "marinate" for a while, because like a fine wine this is a CD that needs to be savored. If you come at this album expecting to hear a "re hash" of their 1970's sound, you will be sadly disappointed. In fact you will have to listen to it more than once before you "get it". What you get with this album is a sound/message that resonates with a LIFETIME of experiences and lessons. And it's those experiences and lessons that need to be passed along, not only to the young, but to the old as well.

There are two songs here that are remakes. The soaring "Dream Merchant" comes on and sounds neither like the Jerry Butler or New Birth versions that you might remember from the past, but it's still a classic slow jam presented with a clarity of intention, that can only be accomplished with the age/wisdom of a LIFETIME. "Coming From All Ends" is still a funk joint, but slowed down just a tad and with an intent that forces you to listen to the words this time around and realize that despite the craziness of this world that if you don't take a break from it, that it will indeed get the best of you. Those words can only come from true survivors of the "game". On "Mo Deep" we get to hear our friend producer Sean "Barney" Thomas (from Rio Soul) on lead vocals with the Wilson Brothers backing him up with a funky groove.

Overall this is a fine album that is meant to be uplifting and in fact ends appropriately with a Gospel tune called "Mighty Rock". LIFETIME is for "mature audiences", that is for audiences who are "mature" enough to accept the vision of men who are not only old enough to know better, but who are also smart enough to know that the wisdom they have acquired over a LIFETIME isn't shared, than possessing that wisdom is useless...

--Bob Davis

New Birth

6. Commentary: Information Creation/Consumption and Communication

Soul-Patrol RadioHopefully yall will bear with me for a moment while I explore this topic. In my mind it's a critical conversation to have at this particular moment in time. The Internet has begun to reach a certain level of "maturity" in terms of it's ability to foster effective communication between people who are geographically and culturally dispersed.

Just how we utilize the capabilities available to move forward becomes important to understand...


* Internet Radio/Video:
- Zero Interaction/High Level of Internet Skills Required (strictly one way)
- Highest number of kilobytes of retrievable useful public information

* Internet Web Page:
Time Delayed/Minimal Interaction/High Level of Internet Skills Required (usually you can email the person who created the web page) High number of kilobytes of retrievable useful public information

* Internet Mailing List/Bulletin Board:
Time Delayed/Minimal Interaction/Medium Level of Internet Skills Required (usually between the few individuals who chose to post) Medium number of kilobytes of retrievable useful public nformation

* Internet Chat Room:
Real Time/Maximum Interaction/Low Level of Internet Skills Required (includes every single person who is there) Small number of kilobytes of retrievable useful information

* Voice Over IP
Real Time Maximum Interaction/Extremely Low Level of Internet Skills Required Zero number of kilobytes of retrievable useful public information

Looking at this, it would appear that there is a relationship between the amount of
retrievable/useful information and the degree of interaction that occurs between people.

In a public forum (email, web page, audio/video, bulletin board, chat room) if public
information is not retrievable then communication isn't really happening. Private
communication is an important capability, however no so in this context. Public communication is what generates new ideas and possibilities that could not exist otherwise. In the course of creating this information, new intellectual property is created. However since this new intellectual property is created within the context of a public conversation, then the ownership of the intellectual property becomes public.

Currently there are certain constraints on public communication that actually prevent the meaningful sharing of information. These constraints have little to do with technology; instead they have to do with policy decisions that are imposed on the technology by the "gatekeepers". These "gatekeepers" in effect play a regulatory role that mimics the role that the government typically plays.

These constraints can only be overcome by the creation and usage of additional software that is available to the general Internet consumer. This software must operate within the current technological environment to create new platforms of shared information. In short the current policy constraints that hinder effective communication can be overcome with the development of new/hybrid platforms that foster greater and more narrowly defined targets of information sharing.

When the Internet first started there were really only two forms of communication.

One Way Communication - Posting document files
Two Way Communication - Leaving a message for a System Operator (sys op)

Fundamentally nothing has changed since that time.

All of the current forms of Internet communication are a variant of either posting a file or leaving a message. Public communication occurs when either the file or the message that is posted is made public. When the publicly posted file compels someone to comment/respond then the people involved are indeed communicating with each other. They are also communicating with other people who have access to the original file as well as to the new file which comprises the response.

For example, when people trade emails or instant messages back and forth, they are really posting public files that they (and perhaps others) have access to. Those email messages are in effect files posted on a server containing data. The same holds true for a web page, an audio/video file, etc. In effect all files that are posted are public to the "sys op"

The "gatekeepers" control our access to these files.
In the early days of the Internet, they were called "sys op's".
Today they are called ISP's.

ISP's dictate what information (files) are available to us. Therefore they also dictate the type and amount of communication available.

And that is simply a fact of life on the Internet. There is the illusion of free and open communication on the Internet. The reality is that communication is actually heavily restricted and regulated.

Soul-Patrol is in effect it's own mini ISP. That is because we control our own machines. Therefore Mike and I are also "sys op's".

We use our ability as "sys op's" to aggregate and distribute information about a very narrowly defined topic. One of the reasons that we have been successful to this point in time is that we understand fully how the information about this topic (Great Black Music From The Ancient To The Future) has been aggregated and distributed historically. Because we understand (and are disgusted by) how this information has been treated in the past, we use our position as "sys op's" to display and distribute this information (files) in such a manner that we feel it can have both a short term and long term impact on both the volume of that information and the reach of that information.

That is what makes us facilitators of how this information gets distributed. Combine that ability with the relative popularity of the site and it's various components, it presents many unique opportunities for the distribution of that information.

This is a topic that Mike and I discuss on a daily basis and I wanted to take this moment to bring the rest of you into the conversation. Since the beginning of this year we have embarked on a conscious program to begin to take these capabilities and combine them with our 40 + years of combined applications development background to create some unique services that will position us to get more focused in both aggregating and distributing the information we have available about this very narrow topic (Great Black Music From The Ancient To The Future).

We feel that the aggregation and distribution of information about the topic of Great Black Music From The Ancient To The Future is an important endeavor to be involved in. Of course it is both entertaining and fun, but it is also a vital component to cultural development. Over time we have come to realize just how much potential cultural development has not been allowed to occur, due to the fact that previous aggregators (record companies, radio networks, magazines, etc.) had no real vested interest in the end result of the cultural development. They only had a vested interest in the financial results.

We think there needs to be a better way...

We have several new services in the planning stages right now and we have ongoing software development efforts under way to bring these ideas into reality.

So far in 2005 we have rolled out two of them

- The New Soul-Patrol Chat Room: Gives us the ability to gather real time feedback on music, by combining Internet chat and Internet audio

- The Soul-Patrol Times (or as we affectionately call it "The Scroller"): Gives us the ability to display news, events, etc thru the Soul-Patrol website, RSS News Feeds, via the websites of our Soul-Patrol Network members and starting next week, via email

These two products give us new information aggregation/distribution capabilities that we didn't have before. They also give us aggregation/distribution capabilities that NOBODY else has either.

Therefore we can potentially become better facilitators of communication, within our narrowly defined scope (Great Black Music From The Ancient To The Future).

This month (Black Music Month) we are going to begin deploying these two new communications capabilities in earnest. We have 6 online listening parties on tap and we are going to roll out the Soul-Patrol Times in earnest (web, email & RSS). Expect to get a LOT of email about BOTH.

* We need your participation and feedback.
* We really are trying to take a different approach.
* We have put a lot of thought, energy and work into it.
* We think that we have to do so; because of the way this type of information has been treated in the past.
* We don't want to leave this job to "someone else" to do it. (Although that is always an easy thing to do)
* We think that would be foolish and irresponsible.
* We want to be activists in helping to make change happen

We KNOW that we have an OBLIGATION to do a better job. And that is what we are going to attempt to do.

My hope is that all of you will join with us and help to make the change happen in a way that helps to facilitate cultural growth. The change is going to happen with or without our participation.

How can you participate???

1. If you have a CD, event, artist, website, book, etc to promote, become a member of the Soul-Patrol Times yourself. It's a CHEAP and effective way of "getting the word out"!!!

2. Pass the word on about the Soul-Patrol Times to an artist, author, website owner, internet DJ, concert promoter, club owner, etc. that you know who may be able to benifit from the service.

3. Tell people you know about the "scroller", located on the website, so they can keep abrest of the latest news from our Soul music/culture community. And encourage them to check the information there as often as possible

4. Attend the online listening parties in our enhanced chat room, enjoy the music and provide feedback during the sessions for our artists (

5. Support our ongoing software development efforts

My view is that by being "activists" we can have an impact. Our generation has blown many opportunities to have an impact on change, so if we blew it this time around, that wouldn't exactly be a surprise.

My hope is that this time around we won't fail ourselves. Because by doing so we fail those who come behind us...

If you have any input, feedback or suggestions that you would like to provide us, feel free to email me (publicly or privately), call me or whatever.

Thanks in advance for your support and love...

Bob Davis - CEO Soul-Patrol
798 Woodlane Rd
Suite 10264
Mount Holly, NJ 08060

(in the meantime, we are working on some more software...)

--Bob Davis

New Birth

If you have a news item, update, review, commentary, etc that you would like to submit to the Soul-Patrol Newsletter, please send them via email for consideration to:

Hopefully you enjoyed this edition of the Soul-Patrol Newsletter.
We will be back in about two weeks with the next edition, with any email alerts for local events, Soul-Patrol website updates/chat sessions or breaking news in between, as required.

If you have any comments, questions, etc feel free to drop me an email and let me know what's on your mind.

Bob Davis

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