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  • INTRODUCING ...ANGELA JOHNSON: "GOT TO LET IT GO" 1.On My Way, 2.Anything, 3.I'll Always, 4.Got To Let It Go, 5.All I Need, 6.Let's Get Together (w/Jeremy James), 7.You're Here With Me, 8.Early Bird (w/Tricia Angus), 9.Tell Me, 10.Where's The Love?, 11.Home Away From Home, 12.Whatever It Takes. Check it out and let us know what you think???

    We will be doing an online listening party in the Soul-Patrol chat room on Thursday July 7, @ 10 pm est. with ANGELA JOHNSON. We will be listening to the NEW CD called "GOT TO LET IT GO" by ANGELA JOHNSON as a group, offering up our commentary in the chat room and also have ANGELA JOHNSON in the chat room to drop some knowlege on us (and take questions) as we listen to the "GOT TO LET IT GO" CD together..

    Soul-Patrol Newsletter Headlines (06/28/2005)

    * CD Review: Will Wheaton - "Old School Soul" (Soul/Funk)
    * CD Review: Motown Remixed - (Classic Soul/Funk/Electronica)
    * CD Review: Kashif - "Music From My Mind" (Contemporary R&B/Jazz)
    * CD Review: Jason Miles - "Miles To Miles" (Jazz/Funk)
    * CD Review: Anthony David - "3 Chords and the Truth" (Soul/Blues/Neo Soul/Jazz/Socially Aware)
    * CD Review: Marcus Miller - "Silver Rain" (Jazz/Funk)
    * CD Review: John Hickey Band - "Down With The Ship" (Funk/Rock)
    * DVD Review: Edwin Starr - "25 Miles From Home" (DVD) (Classic Soul/Funk/Disco)
    * DVD Review: Soul Comes Home - Various Artists (DVD) (Classic Soul/Funk)
    * CD Review: John Lee Hooker - "The Best Of John Lee Hooker" (Blues/Massa's Worst Nightmare)
    * CD Review: Square Egg - "Songs To Live By" (Organic Hip Hop)
    * CD Review: B.B. King - "The Ultimate Collection" (Blues)
    * CD Review: Melissa Forbes - "No More Mondays" (Jazz/Funk/Nu Soul/Funkywhitegirl)
    * CD Review: Brandy - "Best of Brandy" (Soul/R&B)

    Welcome to Soul-Patrol Newsletter:
    That's right, you read it corectly, this is a special ALL REVIEWS edition of the Soul-Patrol Newsletter.....

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    Will WheatonCD Review: Will Wheaton - "Old School Soul" (Soul/Funk)

    1. Old School Soul - The title cut from this CD might as well be the theme song for the Soul-Patrol website. Even more so it might as well be the theme song for several generations of people who understand what we once had and what we can have again in the future if we have the intestinal fortitude to do so.
    2. Never Meant To Hurt You - Here is Will Wheaton at his seductive best. Will goes to "Teddy P/Lufa" territory on this joint. Backed by a solemn piano and a voice that sounds like "bedroom eyes" this is a ballad could become a standard in the future.
    3. Heaven Tonight - Midtempo funk/r&b jam that is the type of song that I could imagine Will opening up a concert with...
    4. Satisfy - Another seductive song that says "foreplay" and is the beginning of the seduction.
    5. Do My Thang - This song has actually been heard on Soul-Patrol in the past. It's Will Wheaton's tribute to the late Barry White. Play it in a disco or use it as a part of the seduction that is sure to follow the "foreplay" of the previous song.
    6. When Nobody Gave a Damn - With a sweet mandolin in the background things are now starting to get hot and sweaty up in here!
    7. Just Can't Get Enough - Mid tempo song that flows naturally into the mix, it's reminiscent of the songs from Will's CD "Consenting Adultz".
    8. Where Are You Now - Now it's after the "act" has occurred and...
    9. Any Other Way - The lyrics of this song contain the kind of words that a brotha would hum to himself while skipping down the street to go to the store at the request of his lady after the "pillow talk is over".
    10. Come On Everybody - This is a dance record that DJ's will love because it's got an infectious and funky beat that screams out to my feet that it's time for them to move. Remember a brotha named "Col. Abrams"??? (if you do then you have a clue to what this song sounds like). It's a real dance/funk cut (something we aren't used to anymore), complete with strong vocals and horns.

    Want more, go on over to brotha Will's site at and take a listen to some of these tracks. Be sure to tell him I sent you --Bob Davis

    MOTOWN REMIXEDMotown Remixed - (Classic Soul/Funk/Electronica)

    This CD isn't for "purists", so if you are a person who doesn't think these songs should ever be messed with, just skip what I am about to write....

    1. "I Want You Back" / JACKSON 5 "Z-TRIP REMIX" - Interesting reworking of the original, however it never really quite grabs me.
    2. "I Heard It Through The Grapevine" / GLADYS KNIGHT & THE PIPS "THE RANDY WATSON EXPERIENCE SYMPATHY FOR THE GRAPES MIX " - Starts out with Gladys and the Pips doing almost an acapella version of the song then "The Randy Weston Experience" (really ?uestlove from the Roots) turns up the FUNK quotient and makes Gladys & the Pips rock like you have never heard them rock before (almost in a JB's kinda way). Imagine if you will a meat grinder labeled "Funk + Doo Wop" and you placed the original version of this song thru that meat grinder. That's what this record sounds like and much props to ?uestlove for actually creating something that improves on the original.
    3. "Let's Get It On" / MARVIN GAYE "PAUL SIMPSON & MILES DALTO MPG GROOVE MIX" - This "MPG Groove Mix" is nice. The mix takes away Marvin's "raw edge" and somehow changes the meaning of the song
    4. "Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours" / STEVIE WONDER "DJ SMASH ESSENTIAL FUNK REMIX" - This piece of "electronica" puts Stevie's voice in the background. And before you say that is an insult, just imagine if the song had been recorded by the Headhunters with Stevie on vocals (and you will know what it sounds like)
    5. "ABC" / JACKSON 5 "SALAAM REMI CRUNK-A-DELIC PARTY MIX" - This mix takes Michael's voice and puts him right up front. His "background singers" are barely heard inside of this "tubular bells" sounding mix. I think this is a waste. (removal of FUNK is always a bad idea)
    6. "I Just Want To Celebrate" / RARE EARTH MOCEAN WORKER REMIX " - They didn't change it much from the original song to make much of a difference to my ears. It's still the same basic heavy Funk/Rock groove. Since little was done, they should have just left it alone?
    7. "Papa Was A Rolling Stone" / THE TEMPTATIONS "DJ JAZZY JEFF & PETE KUZMA SOLEFULL MIX " - This is a song that is so classic that if you are gonna mess with it, you betta make sure that you know what you are doing. And in this case they did. The song takes on a kinda "acid jazz instrumental" persona and it works for me. Dennis Edwards voice is used sparingly and it reminds me of the kind of thing our friends Jazzhole do.
    8. "Quiet Storm" / SMOKEY ROBINSON "GROOVE BOUTIQUE REMIX," featuring guest soloist ROY AYERS - This song also has an "acid jazz" feel to it, that somehow makes Smokey's voice sound super serious. Good one!
    9. "My World Is Empty Without You" / DIANA ROSS & THE SUPREMES "TRANZITION REMIX" - I love this. They took a song that I absolutely hated ever since the first time I heard it and turned it into a smokin' slow jam. Isolating the voice of Diana Ross in this way makes her sound like she is the "love goddess" of all time. It absolutely makes my heart melt and turns me into jelly.
    10. "Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)" / THE TEMPTATIONS "EASY MO BEE REMIX" - Isn't much of a deviation on the original, therefore the question is why do it at all? (at least it's better than Mick Jagger's version of the song)
    11. "Smiling Faces Sometimes" / UNDISPUTED TRUTH "FUTURESHOCK ENTERTAINMENT MAIN INGREDIENT MIX" - Isn't much of a deviation on the original, therefore the question is why do it at all?
    12. "The Tears Of A Clown" / SMOKEY ROBINSON & THE MIRACLES "HOTSNAX REMIX" - Another song that I never liked at all. This actually remix breathes some life into what I always thought was a pretty average song. Tears of a Clown is actually turned into a smoking dance track.
    13. "Keep on Truckin" / EDDIE KENDRICKS "DJ SPINNA REMIX" - One of the quintessential NYC dance tracks. This remix leaves the song pretty much intact. It's still a smokin dance track.
    14. "War" / EDWIN STARR "KING BRITT MIX" - Reminds me of the song "Clooreen Baconskins" (Morris Day & Prince from the CD "Crystal Ball"). This version of the song could probably be a hit record if it were released and promoted.
    15. "Mary Jane" / RICK JAMES "DJ GREEN LANTERN EVIL GENIUS MIX" - I always dug the original "Mary Jane". Whenever I heard it the song always made me think it would Shuggie Otis "Inspiration Information" LP. This remixed version is terrible and is a waste of a great song.

    So what's the bottom line here? So should you buy this album?

    - Yes if you want a pleasant/entertaining listen to some of your favorite songs done with a twist.
    This album is controversial to be sure. I think lots of folks will want to own this CD. Motown Remixed is a valuable bridge from the future to the past because it serves as a great introduction for younger people to the great music of the past. Expect to hear Motown Remixed blasting away this summer at the beach, BBQ's, blasting from cars, clubs, etc.
    - No if you are a purist

    --Bob Davis

    KASHIFKashif - "Music From My Mind" (Contemporary R&B/Jazz)

    This CD was selected as one of the best releases for the year 2004 on Soul-Patrol, but I haven't really reviewed it yet (till now). Kashif is of course a legendary figure from the past. This is a 2 CD set that falls into the category of what I call a "nice album". It isn't going to overwhelm you with artistic brilliance, however what it is going to do is become the type of CD that stays near the top of your stack. Yall know what I'm talking about.... It is the type of CD that you will find yourself reaching for at key moments. For example...Having a few people over to play cards??? (You will instinctively reach for this CD) Going for a long drive and you need some nice "crusin music"??.... You will throw this CD in the car. Having a backyard BBQ??? You will throw this in the CD changer. In short it's one of those types of albums that we need to have in our collection because they become part of the fabric of our lives. The music is timeless and personal; therefore it threads itself into what I call "life situations" and that's why you will come back to it time and time again. Try it and find out for yourself...


    --Bob Davis

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    Jason Miles - "Miles To Miles" (Jazz/Funk)

    Well, Well Well.......This is a special to ALL of you "MF's" (Miles Fans) out there. PLEASE DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS ALBUM. The legacy of Miles Davis is certainly an ongoing topic of interest here on Soul-Patrol. That's because Miles Davis is one of our "core artists". As such we know that without the music of Miles Davis, that thing we commonly refer to as "jazz", simply doesn't exist at all within the context that Soul-Patrol defines it. That's because Miles Davis "The Prince of Darkness" means so much to us on a cultural/spiritual level. What Jason Miles has done with the new CD "Miles To Miles", is to take the music of Miles Davis and not reform or reshape it (that would be heresy), but to simply go back to the 1980's timeframe of Miles Davis and extend it to 2005 Featuring an all star lineup including: Gerald Albright, Marc Antoine, Bob Berg, Michael Brecker, Randy Brecker, Maria de Burros, Karls Denson, Tom Harrell, Karsh Kale, DJ Logic, Keiko Matsui, Me'Shell Ndegeocello, Nicholas Payton, David Sanchez and more. If you are a fan of Miles Davis in the 1980's period, this album is essential to own if you are a Miles Davis fan. And if you aren't a Miles Davis fan, this would be a good one to pick up on to find out just what all of the fuss is about...

    --Bob Davis

    Anthony David - "3 Chords and the Truth" (Soul/Blues/Neo Soul/Jazz/Socially Aware)

    The CD "3 Chords and the Truth" came out in 2004 and I have to admit that I slept on it.
    Therefore I am going to count this one as a 2005 release :) It's badd as hell. Anthony David is an outstanding singer/songwriter that I would compare to a modern day version of Bill Withers combined with Stevie Wonder combined with some of the "life lessons" found in the CD's of our own Mighty Sam McClain. This CD is all about the realities of life, love, looking back and moving forward. Yet it's as fresh as a spring day. Remember how you felt the very first time that you heard Music of My Mind or Talking Book by Stevie Wonder? That is how I felt the first time I heard "3 Chords and the Truth" by Anthony David yesterday. Add to that a political/social consciousness not heard since the release of "The Colored Section" by Donnie and this CD is nothing short of an instant classic!

    --Bob Davis

    Marcus Miller - "Silver Rain" (Jazz/Funk)

    Sometimes music can be just as much about education as it is about popular entertainment that is the case with this album. For example lets take the often used phrase called: MONSTER FUNK.....Here we go again. and just to be sure that he places that term into it's proper historical context on the album "Silver Rain", Marcus Miller gives us a cover version of Edgar Winter's "Frankenstein". Then as if to put an exclamation point on the notion, he gives us a cover version of Jimi Hendrix's "Power of Soul". Funk is a diverse form of music and that is just why it is so monstrous. Marcus Miller never wants us to forget that and for that he is to be commended. However for me this was a hard album to absorb. It's very commercial and I suspect intentionally so. It's aimed right at the world of "Smooth Jazz Radio", which is a concept I have always had some difficulty with. I suspect that this CD will be quite popular with listeners of "Smooth Jazz Radio". However I think that given the concept and the selection of songs, Marcus Miller could have done a better job (and has done so in the past). But I won't complain about it too much, because perhaps the real value of this album is indeed in it's concept, not in it's content. If it does become popular on "Smooth Jazz Radio", it will cause listeners to go back and explore the roots of the concept. Maybe it will cause younger listeners to go back and explore the original music of artists like Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, Miles Davis and yes even Edgar Winter, upon which the over all concept for "Silver Rain" seems to be based?

    --Bob Davis

    John Hickey Band - "Down With The Ship" (Funk/Rock)

    At the age of 26, Soul-Patroller John Hickey is an up-and-comer in the funk scene. He has played and recorded with George Clinton, Bernie Worrell, and Bootsy Collins. I have had the chance to see John perform live, both with his own band, with George Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars and also as a member of Bernie Worrell's W00 Warriors. John is a standout FUNK guitarist. Now John has a pretty nice debut CD called "Down with the Ship". The CD features guest appearances from "a few friends": the album boasts guest appearances by distinguished musicians such as Bernie Worrell, Gregg Fitz (Quazar and Bootsy's Rubber Band), T.M. Stevens (James Brown, Shocka Zulu), Garry Sullivan, and Donna McPherson. It's pretty much an all instrumental album that reminds me of the albums we used to listen to back in the 1970's in dark rooms with lots of incense burning :) If you too used to spend a lot of time in rooms like that (or if you still do) then you will dig this album. The strongest cut on the CD is the Funkadelic inspired "Know Me Better". John Hickey is someone for Funkateers to keep their eye on...

    --Bob Davis

    Edwin Starr - "25 Miles From Home" (DVD) (Classic Soul/Funk/Disco)

    "25 Miles From Home" features two full-length performances showcasing the late Edwin Starr, his band and his legendary hit songs. Included in this live set are: That's The Way I Like It, War, I Heard It Through The Grapevine, Wonderful World, Please Don't Go, Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye, Contact, Sweet Like Chocolate, Happy Radio, 25 Miles, Celebration, Shake Your Body and Celebration. Edwin and his band "The Team" are seen in the DVD THROWING DOWN, on all of his legendary hit songs along with some great cover versions (Check out: Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground) of all-time soul classics. I watched it twice and the second time I made my daughter sit there and watch it with me I love the DVD. After watching it, I had a new found respect for Edwin Starr's band called "The team". Those suckas are as good as any Soul/Funk band that I have ever seen and are seriously high energy in their approach. These two great stage shows clearly demonstrate that Edwin Starr was a superstar in Europe, even if he is barely remembered here in the United States. I'm proud of the fact that Edwin Starr was a longtime member of Soul-Patrol and watching this DVD brought a tear to my eye. Shame on us for not taking care of our own. However it's not too late, you can pick up this fantastic DVD at the official website of Edwin Starr at:

    Official website of Edwin Starr

    --Bob Davis

    Soul Comes Home - Various Artists (DVD) (Classic Soul/Funk)
    I just got thru watching the DVD of "Soul Comes Home". I realize that I don't normally review DVD's here but I thought that I would mention this one, since we recommended the CD so highly. Seems like it fell thru the cracks completely. It's a live "reunion concert" done in a style that is a cross between the RRHOF induction ceremonies and a PBS Classic Soul TV broadcast. Lots of staged high tech glitz/glamour with the event, taking place at what looks like a restored opulent movie house in Memphis. Each artist gets to perform one song, backed up by a slammin band that has the entire Memphis catalog down pat. Each artist then gets to introduce the next artist, so there really is no "host".

    In my opinion people like Jimmy Vaughn, Michael McDonald, etc have no place being given such prominent roles in this movie. The appearance of Chuck D (fronting the Bar-Kay's on "Soulfinger") in this movie is significant, because it hints at a potential cross-demographic unity within Black music that has never happened.

    This DVD is badd, the "usual suspects" (Isaac Hayes, Steve Cropper, Al Green and others) are there as would be expected. However the show is absolutely STOLEN by Rance Allen, Booker T. Jones, Sir Mack Rice, and Mavis Staples, as these 4 luminaries took Memphis to FUNK SCHOOL that night.

    -Sir Mack Rice did a "twisted" version of Mustang Sally.

    -Booker T. came out there and TORE UP the B3 Organ playing Green Onions. At the end of the song, Steve Cropper & Duck Dunn took a bow together. Booker T stayed behind his organ and was never seen again the rest of the night. I have always thought that it was curious that Booker T. himself wasn't in the "Blues Brothers Movie". His apparent separation from Cropper/Dunn reminded me of that fact once again. I hope that at some point I get a chance to have a conversation with Mr. Booker T. Jones and ask him (in a nice way) about some of this.

    -Mavis Staples led the group in singing the finale, but she did it in a most unusual manner. The final song was "I'll Take You There", and all of the other artists who had performed earlier were on stage together (except for Al Green who I didn't see) and lined up. Mavis walked up the line and as she approached each artist, she "wailed" as only Mavis can do..."WILL YOU TAKE ME THERE..." to which each artist shook her off in a manner as if to say...."Mavis, I know you want me to grab the microphone and sing as loud as I can...I'LL TAKE YOU THERE.... But seriously, don't you think I would look rather foolish if I even thought for one second that I could dare to sing that line with YOU OF ALL PEOPLE standing right in front of me". So one by one they waved her off. Only Michael McDonald was FOOLISH enough to try to sing THE SIGNATURE SONG OF MAVIS STAPLES......(right in her own face). And of after he tried to, she took the microphone back and made Michael McDonald sound like he was a little girl.... lol. But then when she came to RANCE ALLEN...Rance Allen grabbed that microphone and shouted..."I'LL TAKE YOU THERE" and Rance Allen sounded like the "voice of God" (so Mavis left it

    Anyhow, it was a very entertaining DVD. Highly recommended...pick it up at the site, home of the STAX Museum of American Soul

    --Bob Davis

    John Lee Hooker - "The Best Of John Lee Hooker" (Blues/Massa's Worst Nightmare)

    This collection starts out appropriately with what is perhaps John Lee Hooker's most famous song "Boom Boom", and of course it immediately brings a smile to my face. John Lee Hooker is one of my very favorite artists of all time and one of my role models in life. Unfortunately I didn't really start to check out John Lee Hooker until the 1980's, but once I did I fell in love with his entire approach to life as embodied in his music. There is much wisdom contained in the lyrics to his songs. Sometimes the solution to a problem really is at the bottom of a bottle of whiskey or inside of the barrel of a gun. And when those times in life are upon us, John Lee Hooker says that it's important to recognize those moments. and just as importantly, it's also important to recognize those times when restraint is in order. In the life that John Lee Hooker is talking about in his songs, he is dealing with conditions that are so rough and so disgusting that you simply have to "play the hand that you have been dealt". Although John Lee Hooker is no longer here with us it's good that his music is. It would be quite instructive for younger people to pick up on this CD, especially if they are into gangsta rap. If they did and paid close attention to the message of John Lee Hooker, they would learn that they really aren't talking about anything new. And they would also learn that the "studio pretend gangsta's" of 2005 would most likely break down and start crying like little girls, if they had to actually deal with what John Lee Hooker actually had to deal with in real life.

    --Bob Davis

    Square Egg - "Songs To Live By" (Organic Hip Hop)

    In 2005 usually when the term hip hop is used, images of guns, violence, ignorance and disrespect for Black America flash thru my mind. I have been listening to the album by
    Brooklynites, Square Egg called "Songs To Live By" most of the year and I find myself popping it into the CD player far more often then you might ever imagine that I would with a modern day Hip Hop CD. That's because when listening to it, sometimes it's hard to even belive that you are listening to a modern day hip hop album. Flashback to the 1980's when a brand new Hip Hop group from Uniondale, Long Island named De La Soul burst upon the scene with a type of "flower power hip hop". If you can remember that type of hip-hop and it brings a smile to your face (as it does mine), then you will dig this album. It's a positive groove that you can easily forget that its even hip hop. Late last year I had the chance to meet this group at a bookstore in Philly. They were respectful and knowledgeable about the history of Black music. Put this album on and play it for your kids right after you destroy their 50-cent CD. Show them how cool you are by demonstrating that you actually have forgotten more about hip hop than they will ever know, simply by showing them that there is indeed "another way to go".

    --Bob Davis

    B.B. King - "The Ultimate Collection" (Blues)

    New to the music of BB King? Perhaps you are a music fan that simply has never brought any of his albums in the past and "you feel kinda guilty because you don't have any BB King"? Well if you fall into this category, then you can rest assured that you have made a wise purchase when you pick up on this one. It's got 21 BB King classic songs, digitally remastered with impeccable sound quality. You get BB "RAW", you get BB "SMOOTH", you get BB "ROCKIN" and then you begin to remember just why BB King is a National Treasure. For example one of the songs included in this set is the song "Sweet Little Angel". I have been listening to the Jimi Hendrix version of that song that I had forgotten that it had been done first by BB King. So I say go for it if you don't already have any BB King in your collection and sit back, listen and enjoy. Share it with your children so that they will know just exactly why BB King should be known for much more than being "the Black man in the Diabetes commercials".

    --Bob Davis

    Melissa Forbes - "No More Mondays" (Jazz/Funk/Nu Soul/Funkywhitegirl)

    That's right "Funkywhitegirl" is now officially it's own "genre" here on Soul-Patrol. Much like Louise Perryman, the voice of Melissa Forbes, doesn't quite go with the face. And then once you also find out she's also from Australia, it completely destroys all of the stereotypes. And like Louise, she's got a crack jazz/funk band playing behind her that brings to mind someone like the Crusaders. And then you kick back and let the music take your mind. This CD starts off with an accapella song called simply "shhh", which serves perfectly as the lead in for cover version of D'Angelo's "Brown Sugar" that is totally off the hook in a sultry/jazzy/bluesy way that "works the same way that a quick shot of liquor does for a Sunday morning hangover". My point here is that this is a serious woman with some serious ideas on just how and what one should be doing on a Sunday morning, that is really just a continuation of whatever happened on Saturday night and won't end till Sunday afternoon. Now if that didn't make any sense to you, don't worry about it, just buy this CD and play it for your "significant other" on a Saturday night and I guarantee you that this disc will still be playing on Sunday morning, noon and night the day after. It's truly one of those discs where you will be tempted to simply program the "repeat button". Think I'm kidding around, eh? Well song #3 on this disc is a hypnotic/erotic cover version of Micheal Jackson's "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough". And once again, that's the real point and that's what you will be saying to yourself all day long on Sunday, because you won't quite be able to "get enough" of Melissa Forbes (and you won't won't to stop listening to her either)

    --Bob Davis

    Best of Brandy

    If you are a big Brandy fan or just like her a little bit this CD is well worth your money! This CD contains all the hits ' including her newest "Comeback" CD cuts. I always laugh at that term "Comeback". Marketing in the mainstream media is amusing.

    One would think a Best of CD would be easy to review. After all most or all of the songs were hits. While I am not a big fan of Brandy I do enjoy most of her music. Brandy doesn't have a strong voice or much range but her bubblegum soul is pleasant to listen to. It keeps your toes tapping. With that said lets get down to business.

    The Best Of contains 18 tracks. The first cut off this CD is the hit "BABY". Great start for this CD grabs you from the beginning, starts your toes to tapping and puts you into a groove. After you get into the mood with a little Baby, Baby, Baby, the CD keeps the flow going. The following jam "Best Friend" has that funky little groove so you are still feeling the beat. This Best of CD keeps the head bopping with the next cut, "I Wanna Be Down". Down was a big hit for Brandy and one of my favorites.

    The song is "Brokenhearted" and Brandy goes into the slow mode with ex-boyfriend Wanya Morris of Boy ll Men. It's your basic little love song. This song does nothing for me but my daughter says it's her favorite song. "Angel in Disguise" is another little song that does nothing for me but again my daughter loves it. She says it has the best lyrics of any of Brandy's songs. "The Boy Is Mine" is the popular single with Monica where the two discover they have the same boyfriend. This song is caused several rumors to fly about these two ladies really being enemies. Finishing off set of songs is "Almost Doesn't Count" another smooth slow jam.

    We now move into the Hip Hop side of the CD. The next song is "Top of The World" with Mase followed by U Don't Know Me (Like U Used To) with Da Brat and Shaunta. "Top" has a good beat and has my feet tapping. Here Brandy tells a little bit about her life. "U Don't Know Me" did absolutely nothing for me even with my favorite female rapper Da Brat on the song. "Have You Ever" is another slow song and it reminds me of "Almost Doesn't Count". I don't really care much for her slow songs. Her voice doesn't take me anywhere when she sings slow jams. It's just an exercise of words when she sings slow songs. But the kids love it. Bubblegum soul, Talk about a generation gap!

    "Full Moon, "What About Us", "Who Is She to You" and "Talk About Us" are the next set of songs. These songs but us back in the Hip Hop Mode. We have the hottest producers on these tracks, Rodney "DarkChild" Jerkins, Timbaland and Missy, and Kenya West. I wasn't moved by any of these songs. There wasn't one song that stood out. They just sound like your standard Hip Hop songs. Good beat and a bunch of words.

    " Sittin' Up in My Room, "Rock With You" ( Heavy D & The Boyz, Quincy Jones) "Another Day in Paradise" with brother Ray J and I Wanna Be Down[Remix] (MC LYTE, YO YO, Queen Latifah ) round out this CD.

    "Sittin Up in My Room" is my favorite song on the CD! With the Funky Sly Stone beat how could anybody resist this song? I find myself hitting the repeat button. The remix of "I Wanna Be Down" is another song I tend to repeat often. I have a passion for female rappers.

    This is Dawson's rule of thumb… If a CD has AT LEAST three (3) songs you like on it then go out and get the CD!! I found four (4) that I like.


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    The intent of Soul Patrol , is to be a celebration of Great Black Music From The Ancient
    To The Future. It's all about
    Soul, Jazz , Blues, Rock, Funk, and about the culture they
    have evolved from.

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    Will Wheaton
    * MOTOWN REMIXED - Your Favorite Motown Hits Remixed  
    * CASSIUS WHITE - FROM THE INSIDE OUT - Smooth Jazz the way it was meant to be  
    * SKIP MARTIN - MILES HIGH - Pick up this CD, SLAMIN Jazz-Funk that's right on time...  
    * DESI - "GOLDEN LADY" Brand New R&B  
    * KASHIF: MUSIC FROM MY MIND - Classic Soul, R&B, and Contemporary Jazz  
    * Jimmy Castor: The E-Man is Back with a NEW EP" 
    Jimmy Castor
    * REDEMPTION: The Truth Behind the Michael Jackson Child Molestation Allegations  
    * Rio Soul's NEW CD called the Cure  
    Rio Soul
    * The Temptations: In Japan! - 1973 Temptations concert that has never before been released on compact disc anywhere in the world  
    * Roy Ayers - Red Black & Green: The classic 1973 LP is now available on CD, from HIP-O Select  
    Roy Ayers - Red Black & Green
    * Buddy Miles Express - Expressway To Your Skull: Buddy's first solo LP. Elements of SS&T, the JBs and Hendrix all jamming together is now available on CD, from HIP-O Select  
    Buddy Miles
    * Dean Francis: Old School Flava (New CD from the former keyboardist of the band SUN)  
    Dean Francis
    * D-Erania - Offerings of Love (Conscious Soulful Jazz Funk)  
    * Mandrill: 'Live At Montreax DVD"  
    * Legendary Escorts New Release - 'The R&B Menagerie' (2003 Soul-Patrol Top 20 Pick)  
    Legendary Escorts New Release - 'The R&B Menagerie'
    * Marlon Saunders - A Groove So Deep: The Live Sessions (Coming 7/28)  
    Marlon Saunders
    * Louise Perryman - 'Whisper My Name' (2003 Soul-Patrol Top 20 Pick)  
    Louise Perryman: Whisper My Name
    * Mighty Sam McClain: One More Bridge To Cross  
    Mighty Sam McClain
    * Sound Spectrum Entertainment  
    Sound Spectrum Entertainment
    * Dells - Open Up My Heart 
    Dells - Open Up My Heart
    Billy Paul
    * New Pittsburgh Courier:one of the oldest and most prestigious Black newspapers in the United States 
    New Pittsburgh Courier
    * Black Rock Coalition (BRC)  
    Black Rock Coalition (BRC)
    * Soul of America Travel  
    Soul of America Travel
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