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A month long conversation about Black Americans and Rock n' Roll Music past, present and future!!!

Roctober @ Index:

* Soul-Patrol and the Black Rock Coalition (6 Hr. Black Rock Online Chat Session on 10/7 6pm est - 12 m)

* Buddy Miles Comes To The Soul-Patrol Chat Room (10/24/2006 @ 10pm est)

* Nadir and Distorted Soul

* Review Of - Jimi Hendrix: Live At The Filmore (Band of Gypsy's)

* How Come the Five Royales Aren't in the RRHOF?

* Shelley Nicole's blaKbüshe

* Give it up for Jesse Stone (one of the founding fathers of rock n' roll)

* Sonny Boy

* PRESS RELEASE: "Mandrill Live at Montreux 2002" - Koch Distribution/BET-J

* Traciana Graves

* Bo Diddley the ORIGINATOR

* October 13, 9:30pm - NYC Soul-Patrol Event @ Joe's Pub Featuring Martin Luther

Welcome To The Soul-Patrol Newsletter

Welcome to Soul-Patrol.Net Radio's April/06 relative rankings for our top 40 internet radio broadcasts for September/06. These relative rankings are taken from the server logs of the internet resource at:

The purpose of the audio programming which appears on Soul-Patrol.Net is meant to be an audio extention of the educational material and news gathered on the website. The content of Soul-Patrol.Net is never "straight music", it is always presented in a manner which celebrates Black culture and connects the dots for people who may not understand the past, present or future context of the events which created the music. We do this as an appendix to simply because the story of Great Black Music From The Ancient to the Future" is simply too big to be told simply with text.

The music is donated for our use, at our discression, by artists, record labels and other entities who want to assist Soul-Patrol in this audio presentation. All Soul-Patrol.Net broadcasts are encoded/streamed in glorious 'MONO' using the RealAudio format, to presrve our server space and to discourage 'theft'. Most of these broadcasts are about 1 hour in length. In addition to the music oriented broadcasts we also have a fair number of interviews with some of the artists and other folks that help to create and expand our culture. Some of those interviews have proven to be quite popular and they are also included in the "relative rankings".

The relative rankings are based on our web server metrics which are accumulated based on both the number of times people listen and the number of kilobytes of data streamed (ie: how long they listened to a particulair broadcast). In this sense the relative rankings are an accurate and fair reflection of the relative popularity of all of the 300+ broadcasts which appear on the site. In effect you and everyone else are "voting" for what you like best by listening to the audio content, provided by our artists.

We have been compiling this list just for fun, since the start of Soul-Patrol.Net and now we have decided to start sharing the list with all of our Newsletter readers on a monthy basis. In addition doing this on a monthly basis gives us the oppourtunity to also provide you with other information about Soul-patrol.Net (Ex: features on the "DJ's" who create the broadcasts, etc.)

Speaking of Soul-Patrol.Net DJ's....

All Broadcasts are presented by the Black Rock Coalition, "Dr. Boogaloo", Gary Tyson, "King" George, Will Chill, Kevin Amos (tha Funkoverlord), "Dr. Brookenstien", "Giant" Gene Arnold, Enorman, Mike Boone/Baron Keels & "Nightrain". And each broadcast is a reflection of their unique personalities and knowlege!!!

Let me know what you think of this publication...all of the links work so you can listen to all of these broadcasts directly from this Newsletter. Feel free to distribute this newsletter to anyone else that you know who might be interested...

--Bob Davis

History Lesson - Vernon Reid

In Africa, music is not an art form as much as it is a means of communication.
A Negro has got no name. Quite often, the words of the song are meaningless.
A Negro has got no name We are wearing the name of our master

Soul-Patrol and the Black Rock Coalition
(6 Hr. Black Rock Online Chat Session on 10/7 6pm est - 12 m)

Soul-Patrol and the Black Rock Coalition I am am much like Michael Dukakis was a "card carrying member of the American Civil Liberties Union", that is to say I am a "card carrying member of the Black Rock Coalition". As I am sure that you are all aware, Soul-Patrol.Net hosts the Black Rock Coalition Internet Radio show, which is a fact that I am quite proud of. However it all goes much deeper that simply that.

I was a listener to the Black Rock Coalition radio program in NYC on WBAI-FM during the 1980's after their formation by Village Voice writer, Greg Tate and Vernon Reid (leader of the then unheard of band Living Colour). The radio show was an excellent one, mixing the sounds of BRC bands (ex: Living Colour, Micheal Hill's Blues Mob, Defunkt, etc) with commentary and also the identification of "Culture Bandits" (although they did not use that term).

The primary focus of the old BRC radio show was to inform people of the following:

1. Black people did indeed invent rock n' roll
2. Artists as diverse as Chuck Berry, Little Richard, James Brown, Funkadelic, Hendrix, Isleys, Barkays, etc are a part of that tradition.
3. That there were still "Black Rockers" around.
4. Because of all of this and more, Rock n' Roll is something that Black folks should be proud of and NOT simply take for granted as being a "white's only artform"!

Needless to say, the old BRC radio show during the 1980's was a big influence on me when I frist began Soul-Patrol in 1996. One of the first links that I sought was from the BRC website and they gave the P-Funk Review a link! Since that time, I have tried to talk as much about the BRC online in various forums as possible. In my opinion they are doing something close to "God's Work". I also make it a point to attend as many BRC events as I can, and write about them. Not that the BRC needs much assistance from me, after all they are an organization with a worldwide profile and reach.

Nevertheless over the years that Soul-Patrol has been in existence we have partnered with the Black Rock Coalition both online and offline on many different projects. Among other things the BRC is partnering with us this month in our celebration of R-O-C-K-T-O-B-E-R by moderating our SIX HOUR MARATHON BLACK ROCK ONLINE CHAT SESSION on 10/7 2006 from 6pm est - 12 midnight in the Soul-Patrol Chat room at the following link:

A six hour marathon chat session (6p - 12m est) hosted by our partners from the Black Rock Coalition open to all on the general topic of Black Rock, featuring audio from BRC Radio @ Soul-Patrol.Net streamed into the chat room as a backdrop to our discussion. The session is open to all and we will have numerous guests from the world of "Black Rock" during the course of the evening. If you are interested, make it a point to join in and contribute to the expansion of the dialogue...

--Bob Davis

Buddy Miles Comes To The Soul-Patrol Chat Room
(10/24/2006 @ 10pm est)

(10/24/2006) A one hour chat session (starting at 10pm) in the Soul-Patrol chat room hosted by the legendary drummer/guitarist/vocalist BUDDY MILES. During the session Buddy will take your questions about his career, past, present and future as one of the pioneers in fusing together funk/soul/rock/blues music and doing so during a period of American history when it wasn't really "safe" to do so. Buddy will also bring us up to date on his current and future activities. Hopefully you will be able to attend and interact directly with Buddy Miles during the session here on Soul-Patrol.

Click here for more info on Buddy Miles...

--Bob Davis

Nadir and Distorted Soul

Nadir and Distorted Soul
As you all know, Nadir & Distorted Soul was named as the 2005 Funk Artist of the year. We love both the style and substance their music here on Soul-Patrol. Distorted Soul 2.0 is coming from a point of view that is totally and out of step with what is happening today in the world of music.

Distorted Soul 2.0 puts it in your face, right from the start, the first voice that you hear on the CD is that of Fannie Lou Hammer, followed more spoken word from word from the Civil Rights era in a song called "Prelude To Revolution". Then it rips into a mind blowing FUNK/ROCK groove that would have Lenny Kravitz peeing in his pants if he were to ever hear it, entitled "Slave" with the opening lyric that goes like this "I don't want to feel the pain anymore, and I don't wanna feel the whip across my spine"... Song #3 called "Daddy's Cane" is a great song in tribute to Black fathers and how hard they work. When is the last time we heard a song with that theme? Especially done to a serious Funk/Rock groove, with stellar vocals to boot, which even quotes "Cosmic Slop" in it's lyrics??

And that's how it starts...(click here to read more)

--Bob Davis

Review Of - Jimi Hendrix: Live At The Filmore (Band of Gypsy's)

Review Of - Jimi Hendrix: Live At The Filmore (Band of Gypsy's) This is really a momentous album, I was almost prepared NOT to like it, I thought it was gonna be something of a rip off, since I have already heard most of all 4 of the Band of Gypsy's concerts. The sound is all cleaned up though; according to the liner notes it says that even back then some of the audio was unusable. I guess modern technology fixed that, eh???/.....LOL

Shame they only played those 4 shows, eh? One more thing.....I don't think it"s a coincidence that this was released during BLACK HISTORY MONTH!!!! ^5 Experience Hendrix (GREAT RELEASE)
Click here to read the complete review of one of the greatest albums ever made!!!

--Bob Davis

How Come the Five Royales Aren't in the RRHOF?

Five Royales
I have been asked a dozen times over "why do I feel so strongly that the 5 Royales belong in the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame?" And the answer is always the same. The 5 Royales were rockin' in '49 and on through the 50's. I feel their edgy soulful sound scared people. I mean no one knew what their sound was. Who was singing soul music before them?


The 5 Royales would be out there for 2 full years before even Ray Charles broke his sound. The 5 Royales had a hard rockin' guitar player, Mr. El Paulings. And no one knew what to make of this black man who played his guitar at knee level long before Chuck Berry and who would inspire Steve Cropper in a few short years. The birth of the 5 Royales was simply the natural evolution of the sound and direction of music in the black community. The group originally started as a gospel quintet. During the late 30's and 40's the sound for black groups was, blues, gospel or the smooth group harmony sound of the Mill's Brothers. The Royal Son's Quintet took the gospel route.....(click here to continue)

--Bob Davis

Shelley Nicole's blaKbüshe

Shelley Nicole's blaKbüshe
Obviously I have seen this band perform live before. I think that they are off the hook Best description I can come up with for "Shelley Nicole's blaKbushe" that yall could relate to is that they sound something like a combination of Living Colour and LaBelle/Betty Davis.

In fact, you can check out a sample of "Shelley Nicole's blaKbushe" on Radio at the following link...
It's the third track on the set!

Now I don't want yall to think that Shelley is just a "pretty face with a bass" either. She was also one of the co-promoters of the show that we did at BB King's in NYC a few years ago and at that show, I also had the distinct pleasure of introducing her onstage along with the BRC's Darrell McNeill.

BOB D: "I have dealt with blaKbushe for most of my adult life, yet I have never heard what blaKbushe sounds like before..."
DARRELL MCNEILL: "Bob, stop being nasty and just introduce the band..."

As you travel the internet, please say hello to Shelley and give her all of the props in the world from Soul-Patrol.

(she's good people)

--Bob Davis

Give it up for Jesse Stone

Jesse Stone
Music historian Donald Clarke, in his magisterial The Rise and Fall of Popular Music, astutely observed: "It was at Atlantic that Stone had an unsung influence on the music of ensuing decades. Atlantic's recordings were more polished than those of other R&B labels ... yet they also swung, because people like Stone brought the skills and values of decades of black music with them." Similar sentiments are stated by Dave Marsh in The Heart of Rock and Soul, wherein he deemed Stone "unforgivably uncelebrated".

And Nick Tosches devoted the entire first chapter of his book, Unsung Heroes of Rock 'n' Roll to Stone. Moreover, Stone's influence at Atlantic was not limited to artists. In a letter written to Stone in 1996 and published in the 11/10/01 issue of Billboard, Atlantic Record's premier producer, Jerry Wexler, (who coined the term, "rhythm and blues" when he was an editor at Billboard) declares: "It wouldn't be overstating the case to say that you taught me everything I know about our craft; yes, everything I know, and a small fraction of what you have always known."....(click here to read more)

--Bob Davis

Sonny Boy

It's almost 2 a.m. I'm home. Blurry-eyed, Chinese-chicken-winged and fried. But mostly, I am sore-throated from whooooping it up for Sonny Boy. To say that they turned tha mutha out, would be an understatement!

Wow! Where to begin....
· With the big, tight sound that made you look around to see who-all-else joined the band from offstage?
· With the infectious hooks that snagged you into thinking you already knew the songs even though you had never heard them before in your life? (Can we say "Snaggle-puss?")
· With the slick-@ss mid-song breaks done "just so?" (Yeah, done just so yo' @ss will cheer 3-times louder when the groove returns to yo' eardrum.)
· With the driving grooves that escalate perfectly, making you nod progressively harder with anticipation only to stop on a dime (to more cheers)?

Sonny Boy! You rocked it! Your tight-@ss grooves, your inter-locked-ness wit each other onstage, your exuberance, your twang-chucka-twan-ka-twang-chop spread thick like Karo dark corn syrup over a biscuit converted Bob Davis's recent "Just Show Up" admonishment into a mantra! And speaking of conversions, yes! Sheldon Riser took us to church! That voice! The range! His dynamics! His cadence evoked a revival meeting ("Can I get a witness?") while his especially skilled and adept scat evoked live trombones and horns ("Blow Gabriel, Blow!") Even his ballad went down sweet and "Cool, Daddy-O!".....(click here for more)

--Bob Davis

PRESS RELEASE: "Mandrill Live at Montreux 2002" - Koch Distribution/BET-J

PRESS RELEASE: I realize that a number of you have already purchased "Mandrill Live at Montreux 2002" from the Mandrill website ( but for those of you who haven't done so yet, you will now have an additional way of getting it...

Wilson Bros. Records in conjunction with Kindred Rhythm is pleased to announce the release of "Mandrill Live at Montreux 2002" in the U.S. and Canada on September 19, 2006 through Koch Distribution in CD and DVD formats. It has also been scheduled for U.K. release in early October 2006.

The package has been given a boost with a redesigned cover. The product is being supported by a promotional campaign that includes the debut airing of a 45-minute performance segment from the DVD on the "Club J Concerts" show on BETJ (Black Entertainment Television's new channel).
In other markets check your local listing.

Personally I am happy to see that this CD/DVD set is now going to be getting this type of distribution and exposure. This is truly high quality stuff. We have been playing the music from "Mandrill Live at Montreux 2002" on Soul-Patrol.Net Radio: for quite a while now and it consistently stays in our monthly Top 40. So obviously many other people feel the same way, now everyone else is going to get to see and hear MANDRILL LIVE...

Introducing: Traciana Graves - "Songs of a Prodigal Daughter"

Traciana Graves The album "Prodigal Daughter" from Traciana Graves is a good modern day example of the inter relationship between oul music and the music of Africa/Caribbean (sometimes referred to"world music").. Traciana Graves was born in Harlem, U.S. A. and was largely raised in France. I'm guessing that such an upbringing must have provided her with the international perspective that runs like a thread thru ought this album.....(continued)...

Bob Davis:

Bo Diddley the ORIGINATOR

Bo Diddley the ORIGINATORAt The Dawn of the American Civil Rights Movement, in 1955....a young man from McComb, Mississippi...... MAKES A POWERFUL STATEMENT...

Now when I was a little boy, at the age of five
I had somethin' in my pocket, keep a lot of folks alive
Now I'm a man, made twenty-one
You know baby, we can have a lot of fun
I'm a man, I spell M-A-N, man
All you pretty women, stand in line
I can make love to you baby, in an hour's time
I'm a man, I spell M-A-N, man
I goin' back down, to Kansas Stew
Bring back the second cousin,
Little Johnny the cocheroo
I'm a man, I spell M-A-N, man
The line I shoot will never miss
The way I make love to 'em, they can't resist
I'm a man, I spell M-A-N, man

Bo Diddley - I'm A Man (1955)
Lyrics by: Ellas McDaniel (Bo Diddley)

Click here for the rest of the story...

October 13, 9:30pm - NYC Soul-Patrol Event @ Joe's Pub Featuring Martin Luther

NYC Soul-Patrol Event @ Joe's Pub Featuring Martin LutherMusician extraordinaire, Martin Luther is now being called one of music's next big movements. Exactly where do you fit an artist that can belt out a gospel hymn that will make you catch the holy ghost, strike the chords of a guitar like Edward Lodewijk Van Halen, and pen a hit reminiscent of Earth Wind and Fire, Prince and Sly and the Family Stone all rolled into one? The truth of the matter is that Martin Luther is just one bad-ass artist who doesn't neatly fit into any one particular category.

Tickets are $15.00 and are available at The Public Theater box office or By phone at 212-967-7555


A month long conversation about Black Americans and Rock n' Roll Music past, present and future!!!

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Bob Davis

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