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Listen To The Temptations - Reflections


Listen To Smokey Robinson and the Miracles - The Live Collection

LISTEN TO SMOKEY ROBINSON AND THE MIRACLES - "THE LIVE COLLECTION" (featuring the classic "Smokey Robinson and the Miracles - 1957-1972").

Soul-Patrol Newsletter Headlines

* Sly Stone @ the 2006 Grammy's: Everybody Is A Star/Somebody's Watching You???
* CD Review - Temptations Reflections
* CD Review: Smokey Robinson And The Miracles: "The Live Collection"
* Concert Review: "After Grammy Jammy" - Featuring the LEGENDARY Jimmy Castor Bunch @ Key Club (in Los Angeles)
* Commentary: A Replacement for Luther?
* "After Grammy Jammy": Featuring the LEGENDARY Jimmy Castor Bunch @ Key Club (in Los Angeles)

Welcome To The Soul-Patrol Newsletter

As Soul-Patrol continues it's celebration of Black History Month, we are finding that many of our artists are making history RIGHT NOW. FUNK legend, Sly Stone made history with his cameo appearance last week at the 2006 Grammy awards. The Temptations are making history right now with their new release called "Reflections" with is currently number 25 on the Billboard charts and rising. Back in 1972 Smokey Robinson and the Miracles made history when they played the Carter Baron in DC for the last time. That final concert is now available for the first time on CD. Courtesy of Universal/Motown we are featuring BOTH the Temptations CD and the Smokey Robinson and the Miracles CD here in this issue of the Soul-Patrol Newsletter for your listening pleasure. Our friend Jimmy Castor is making history on the comeback trail and Soul-Patrol has exclusive coverage of his concert last week from Los Angeles and finally we have some commentary on "Replacing Luther Vandross".

Before moving on, I wanted to take a few moments to answer a question about the Soul-Patrol Times. A number of artists are asking me how they would use it, if they don't have very many concert dates. Here is an example of how one indy artist who doesn't have any concert dates is making good use of the Soul-Patrol Times

Check the following link for Rob & tha Soul Brother and their SLAMMIN new CD called "SHOW SOME LUV":

As you can see, their listing includes a pretty nice graphic, description of their music, short bio's and links to their website (that I would strongly recommend that you click thru to). It's a SLAMMIN New CD of Soul + Jazz + Funk + Slow Jams, that I will be reviewing soon here on the Soul-Patrol Newsletter.

Rob & tha Soul Brother signed up for a full year of Soul-Patrol Times Announcement Service. Their Soul-Patrol Times ad is posted at that link and it will appear in the scrolling calendar on the Soul-Patrol website for the next year, where it will be seen by millions of people each month. In fact it's there now. In addition, once/month (the second Thursday of each month) it will be part of the Soul-Patrol Times email that goes out to all 35,000 Soul-Patrol Times subscribers for the next year. In addition, they can also add their concert dates, in store appearences, etc. whenever they want to at no additional charge.

That my friend represents one hell of a lot of advertising for an indy artist, and it's priced at around 30 cents/day (60 cents/day if you are promoting multiple artists for as many artists as you are promoting). Personally I don't know where you are going to find CHEAP TARGETED ADVERTISING for Soul/Jazz/Funk/Blues Music , designed to drive large volumes of fans of your music to your website, blog, MySpace page or wherever you want at those kind of rates?

I realize that many people think that everything on the internet should be free, and indeed many things are free. However advertising on Soul-Patrol is NOT one of them. It can never be free, because advertising fees are what gives us the ability to continue to exist as an independent entity. If we gave away free advertisng, we would cease publication. That's why we have developed the enabaling technology (automated sign up/posting/delivery)of the Soul-Patrol Times, to provide CHEAP ($10-$30/mo)advertising for independent artists/entities.

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--Bob Davis

Sly Stone @ the 2006 Grammy's: Everybody Is A Star/Somebody's Watching You???

Sly Stone It must be pretty nice to be Sylvester Stewart. However it's gotta be pretty tough to be "Sly Stone". Happiness must be an elusive thing?

Jimi's image is frozen in time. To us he will always be 27 years old. In Amerikka, "image" is always the most important thing?

Sylvester Stewart is a 61 years old man. Untill last night, the image of "Sly Stone" has been "frozen in time". After last night, the "image" can no longer be the same.

Personally I thought that the two min. that "Sly Stone" was on stage was spectacular. Last night, he made a grand entrance and he made a grand exit.

He was the biggest FUNK STAR in the history of the universe. He still is. And he ALWAYS will be!!

In my universe, "it hurts too much to write about Sly". And now I realize why. Sly writes his own story, nobody else can really write his story.

Here in 2006, everybody wants a piece of "Sly". Hell, that's easy to understand why.

Sly said that... "EVERYBODY IS A STAR"

So people figure that if they can get close enough to him, that they will become a STAR as well.

Prince said..."BABY I'M A STAR"

So the philosophy changed. It became more "modern"....
click here for the rest of the story...

Bob Davis:

CD Review - Temptations Reflections

Temptations First I must say I have a bias for The Temptations. They were my group. Well.....Melvin, Otis, Eddie, Paul and David, was my group. Dennis was okay and all the subsequent changes of personal did their best to keep the "sound" of the original group. But Melvin, Otis, Eddie, Paul and David "are" The Temptin' Temptations. That said....

As I'm listening to this album, I'm breaking down my gear to take to the hotel where I perform. The "heads up" Bob Davis gave prior to the start was helpful in listening to this collection of Classic Motown. Put in the proper context, it has been a great listen. If I'm not mistaken G. C. Cameron is the lead on most of this. Two Christmases ago, The Temps stayed at my hotel and I had the pleasure of taking G.C. to get some gifts for some relatives. Our conversation is worth a posting of its own, but I have to share that he and I sang "Who You Gonna Run To" during our discussion about Paul Williams. Do I have to say that was a RUSH!!!????!!!

This, to me, is the closest I'm heard them sound in years to the original group from a harmony standpoint. There will never be another "Melvin" or "Eddie", but Tyson and whom ever is doing the bass parts have taken me back. The arrangements are classic. No bells and whistles of the contemporary motif.

These, to me, sound like classic Motown with the exception of that booming Tom Drum that was the signature of the sound in the early to mid 60's. I might have mixed it differently, but for us old timers, it's good to the ears to hear these classics given a fresh coat of paint...Temptation style. I will be having this in "my" Temp collection and I will be putting it in rotation with The Persuaders new album and Ray, Goodman and Brown's, "An Evening with Friends" (and you don't already have that one, shame on you!). I haven't heard Will Hart's project yet (shame on me!).

If you are a "Motown Patroller" and a Temptation fan....I think you will be pleased with this one.

--Earl Gregory

CD Review: Smokey Robinson And The Miracles: "The Live Collection"

Smokey and the Miracles LiveNow here is the one your boy "nightrain" will truly go WILD over....

(on HIP-O Select)

This is not a CD for someone who is "new" to Smokey. This is a CD for the person who wants to take a deep exploration into the live performances of one of the best live performers in the history of Black music! It's truly an artifact of a moment captured in time

Remember a few years ago when Harry put "Going To A Go Go" and "Away We A Go Go" on the same CD, plus threw in some previously unreleased material??

(this CD is just as badd as that one was)

It's actually a two CD set that contains two LIVE albums:

- Smokey Robinson and the Miracles (1957-1972)
- Smokey Robinson and the Miracles (LIVE)

I own both of these LP's and I brought them when they first came out. In fact I STILL have them both (and they are in raggedy I have scanned in images from both to create some of the graphics which appear on the Soul-Patrol website...I have listened to BOTH of these LP's at least a thousand times :) And I long ago committed to memory every damn note of both

I'll tell yall, right now I am listening to the live version of "BAD GIRL", from Smokey Robinson and the Miracles (1957-1972) a song that won't even play on my LP copy anymore, the damn grooves are seriously worn Those two LP's of mine will never be played again. The sound quality of this two CD set is impeccable. And it's like I am hearing the song for the very first time. Smokey just plain KILLS THIS SONG.

You can hear the females screaming in ecstasy
I mean...

Now I don't wanna get too graphic here, but listening to this live rendition of "BAD GIRL"...(u know damn well that the seats of those screaming females are

This song is the epitome of what a slow jam is supposed to be. In fact I just hit the repeat

There are MANY KILLER LIVE VERSONS of both songs made famous by the Miracles as well as by other artists (ex: check Smokey's monster version of Dionne Warwick's "Walk on By", from Smokey Robinson and the Miracles LIVE)

The Miracles Live is awesome. It's the Miracles at the height of their powers, in live performance. Smokey's the star, but they really are a group on stage. Claudette joins the Miracles on stage when they sing "BAD GIRL".

This too will end up on Soul-Patrol.Net radio as an entire program because it's some serious history. If it doesn't, "nightrain" willl kill me for After all he is the creator of the:


(which I guess he will have to now update....)

The CD ends with our friend young Billy Griffin joining the Miracles on stage in a rousing version of "Going To a Go Go"

Hell I'm going to get me a glass of wine and start this damn CD over again....

--Bob Davis


Listen To The Temptations - Reflections


Listen To Smokey Robinson and the Miracles - The Live Collection

LISTEN TO SMOKEY ROBINSON AND THE MIRACLES - "THE LIVE COLLECTION" (featuring the classic "Smokey Robinson and the Miracles - 1957-1972").

Concert Review: "After Grammy Jammy" - Featuring the LEGENDARY Jimmy Castor Bunch @ Key Club (in Los Angeles)

Jimmy Castor Bunch I remember "Hey Leroy" on the radio when I was a kid, but I became a fan of Jimmy Castor during high school in NYC. I'll never forget being in a communications class and the teacher talking about how cavemen developed language. After a couple of minutes into his lecture, he said he was going to play a tape of what cavemen could have sounded like. All of the sudden we heard "Troglodyte" and the class went wild! The teacher caught everyone off guard and no one expected that the teacher would be hip to Jimmy Castor. (I'll spare you my "Bertha Butt Boogie" story.) Even though I had been a fan of Jimmy Castor, I had never seen him perform live before. When I was asked to review the show, I jumped at the offer.

Jimmy Castor BunchI arrived at The Key Club in LA around 9:30 PM and immediately went in. People were still arriving when a young man approached me. It was Jimmy Castor Jr. He introduced himself and his sister April, and said that the show would be starting late. He invited me to the VIP area downstairs to get something to eat. When I got there, I saw Flavor Flav of Public Enemy and Tico Wells, the actor who played "Choirboy" in "The Five Heartbeats". A while later, everyone went upstairs because the show was about to start.

The MC took the mike, apologized for the late start and thanked everyone for coming out. He then introduced Tico Wells. He told a story about seeing Jimmy Castor in a burnt orange Mercedes in Harlem when he was a kid. Jimmy was talking to a girl when he went up to him to see if it really was Jimmy. He asked said Jimmy denied it so he left and told a friend. His friend went to see for himself and came back with two Jimmy Castor Bunch t-shirts. He said he's still upset he didn't get a t-shirt. Then came the host, Cliff Winston, a DJ on KJLH 102.3 who then introduced Jimmy Castor.

If you live in the Los Angeles area and didn't make it to the show, SHAME ON YOU!!! The show was INCREDIBLE!!!


--Jose Munoz


Listen To The Temptations - Reflections


Listen To Smokey Robinson and the Miracles - The Live Collection

LISTEN TO SMOKEY ROBINSON AND THE MIRACLES - "THE LIVE COLLECTION" (featuring the classic "Smokey Robinson and the Miracles - 1957-1972").

Commentary: A Replacement for Luther?

Luther VandrossNo disrespect but Jaheim and Nat Adderly Jr could use some redirection. I accept Ja's mention of Luther being his childhood idol. That's cool, but if any of ya'll know this young brother kindly directs his impressionable butt to Will Wheaton Jr.

Mr. Davis spotlighted Wheaton's music and it's reminiscent of Luther and Teddy. As for Nat Adderly, Jr and the Vandross band? Same prescription. Somebody out in SPN world draw these two kids a map to

Do that before Valentines Day for their benefit. Anyone who has heard Wheaton's soulful and moving voice or seen a glimpse of what he's like on stage (available on his site) "gets it" right off the rip. If there is a mantle to be passed and we believe there is Wheaton certainly is the artist to inherit it. Obviously Ja isn't among the esteemed ranks of the SPN independent artists. Obviously he is not dealing with (thank you, Dr. Bob Davis) "plantation radio" and all the hijinks there.

Jaheim? Some of his music is likable. But these Old School ears are used to the original OS Doo Wop masters of soul and funk. Young blood would do well to check out Wheaton before he likens himself or his publicist makes the way-too-soon comparison to Luther. Everybody has an inspiration and that's cool. But at 28? Please. Ja hasn't lived or loved long enough to self promote himself up into the lofty heights of Vandross' audience world. Nah ... nice try, great imagination but a bad call methinks.

Consider, for example, Ja's "knowledge" of life, love, heartbreak and getting down at age 28. Wheaton has a primer for anybody who wants to know what the real deal is. Check out Consenting Adultz then call, write or send a carrier pigeon to Jaheim and young Nat to pull their coats. WW's backup band, Consenting Adultz, all about grown folks music.

We applaud young talent overall and appreciate his reference to Luther in this instance somebody needs to tell Ja and Nat that trying to find a niche is a bit more complex than hiring the band of someone who has gone off the scene and left us way too early. They also need to be told it is the fans who decide ultimately who they want to listen to and who they may or may not compare the artist to. I do not recall one single artist who has come onboard announcing--either directly or indirectly--that s/he got next.

Ambitious Jaheim needs to continue to perfect his work, stage presence, choose songs and arrangements wisely and be careful not to step on the toes of the ultimate decision makers who are the fans of yesterday, today and tomorrow. He also needs to do his homework where personal management and publicity is concerned. Image is certainly part of the mix. His could take a beating if this offering doesn't live up to his expectations.

Frankly speaking (as TV Stephen A. Smith might say) I think Adderly, Jr. and the band are making a mistake associating their names with this event. Jaheim is nowhere near the vocalist Vandross was. Perfect example: I watched him sing one of his first CD's (something about "...I forgot to be her lover, etc.....") on the show. Aretha was sitting in the front row and the camera shot to her face. As he sung she took on a look of anticipation which quickly transformed into a look of pain. I was uncomfortable sitting in my living room. He turned so it appeared he was singing directly to her.

Jaheim dropped to one knee. Obviously he was trying to do his thang and that was his opportunity to impress. The close-ups did it. One could see he was sweating profusely. The tremor in his voice made it evident he was suffering a bit of stage fright, nervously trying to adjust a set of earplugs. Don't know what they're called but I never saw anyone put anything in the ear while singing except a finger back in the day. His fidgeting during his lackluster performance gave me the shakes. He was lucky to get a spot as a newbie on BET's Salute to Smokey Robinson. Re Re's looked as if she were going to throw up. On the other hand when Ron Isley sang to her she was so enthralled she did her trademark thang; took off her shoe and threw it at him. That's a Re Re live performance "award" of sorts.

Jaheim? Well, he gets credit for being "out there." It's all good but "Frankly Speaking?" (thank you Stephen A. Smith of TV sports land) Jaheim needs to jump back a taste. Ja could put on a fat suit and do any of Luther's hits. Nat Adderly and Luther's band can play behind him and it still ain't Luther. If the show were called a "Tribute to Luther" that might help but Ja would need to do something more than a one man show.

To suggest Jaheim slated to "....inherit Vandross' mantle" is off the mark, premature and inaccurate to be perfectly honest. I just ain't feeling it thataway.

If I had the chance I'd ask one of my heroes, Charles Barkley what his take is on the whole of the matter. I'm sure Sir Charles would let me know in no uncertain terms his opinion. All I can say is I think this self promotion of Jaheim at this stage in his career is ill advised. Who know? "...I might be wrong but I don't think so ..."

Columbus, Ohio


Listen To The Temptations - Reflections


Listen To Smokey Robinson and the Miracles - The Live Collection

LISTEN TO SMOKEY ROBINSON AND THE MIRACLES - "THE LIVE COLLECTION" (featuring the classic "Smokey Robinson and the Miracles - 1957-1972").

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