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Bob Davis

Soul-Patrol Newsletter Headlines


- Louise Perryman - "Whisper My Name"
- Nadir - "Distorted Soul 2.0"
- Temptations: "Reflections"
- Smokey Robinson and the Miracles - "Live Collection"
- Will Wheaton - "Old School Soul"
- Mandrill - "Live At Montreaux"


- Maysa - Sweet Classic Soul
- Angel - Where Have You Been?
- Black Rock Coalition Radio @ Soul-Patrol.Net #17 (Hosted By Earl Douglas
- Soul-Patrol.Net Radio Presents April/06 Southern Soul Top 10 (Hosted By Enorman)
- RRHOF 2006 - Interview with the Family of Miles Davis
- Interview with Soul-Patrollers David Peck and Rob Bowman
- 2006 RRHOF Commentary: Greer Brooks Muldoon
- Pookie Hudson & the Spaniels LIVE (Doo Wop and Variety Show - 10/21/05
- Felton Pilate (ConFunkShun Co-Lead): Nothing But Love Spoken Here
- Miles Davis: In Concert + a little Jimi & Sly during the breaks
- Wilson Pickett (1941- 2006) - Wilson Pickett Live In Concert @ Soul-Patrol.Net Radio
- The Persuaders: Made To Be Loved
- Introducing Gordon Chambers
- Giant Gene's 1 hour Lou Rawls Superstar Concert
- Soul-Patrol.Net Exclusive, An Interview With Joe Jackson

Welcome To The Soul-Patrol Newsletter

We have have added quite a few new streaming internet radio broadcasts on Soul-Patrol.Net Radio (, so we thought that we would take a moment to give you a taste of some of this great audio...

Please take a listen by clicking on the rectangular graphical banners that you will see as you scroll down. As you scroll down you will note that it's a nice mixture of artists that you have known and loved for many years, plus a number of artists that you may not yet be familair with. We invite you to take a stroll down memory lane, but we also ask that you take some time to check out at least one artist that you haven't ever heard of. These artists represent the future of OUR music and will be carying it forward, long after most of us are gone. In my opinion, they are putting out some great stuff and we need to support them NOW, in order to insure that they will be able to continue to create GREAT BLACK MUSIC FROM THE ANCIENT TO THE FUTURE and extend the legacy of the music/culture.

--Bob Davis

Listen To: Soul-Patrol.Net Radio Feature CD's
* Listen To: Louise Perryman - 'Whisper My Name'  
Louise Perryman: Whisper My Name
* Nadir - Distorted Soul 2.0 Funk/Rock/Soul Brain Food  
* Smokey & Miracles - "THE LIVE COLLECTION"  
* New From The Temptations: "Reflections"  
Will Wheaton
* Mandrill: 'Live At Montreax"  

Listen To: Soul-Patrol.Net Radio Broadcasts

Maysa - Sweet Classic Soul: Wishing on a Star, Don't Say Goodnight, All I Do, Love Won't Let Me Wait, Come Go With Me, Betcha By Golly Wow, Playing Your Game, Baby, Love Comes Easy, Any Love, The First Time (Ever I Saw Your Face)

Angel: Where Have you Been - I Want a Love I Can See, Where Have You Been?, Why Me?, It's Better to Have and Don't Need, Jitterbop, Break Out the Tears, I Wanna Be (Your Everything), I Want a Love I Can See

SOUL-PATROL.NET RADIO SNEAK PREVIEW: BLACK ROCK COALITION RADIO @ SOUL-PATROL.NET #17 (HOSTED BY EARL DOUGLAS) Grace Jones, Mothers Finest, Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin, Ben Harper, Mandrill, Santana, Jimmy Castor Bunch, Wilson Pickett

SOUL-PATROL.NET RADIO PRESENTS APRIL/06 SOUTHERN SOUL TOP 10 (HOSTED BY ENORMAN) 1. All In The Family/Blacker The Berry - The Chairmen Of The Board, 2. Can't Nobody Do Me Like You - Lenny Williams 3. You Gon Make Me - Lacee 4. So What - Tenry Johns 5. 17 Days Of Loving - Renae Mitchell 6. Blues Groove - Lou Wilson And Todays People 7. Scared Of Getting Caught - Luther Lackey 8. Anna Mae - Frank-O Johnson 9. More Love - Toni Green 10. Why Me - Reggie P

RRHOF 2006 - Miles Beyond: Inteview with the Family of Miles Davis: Vince Wilburn Jr, Vince Wilburn Sr, Lenny White, Darell Porter, Paul Scott, and Cheryl Davis. It's TWO HOURS of...unscripted Miles Davis from multiple perspectives from the people who knew him best....

Interview with Soul-Patrollers David Peck and Rob Bowman. Topics: Marvin Gaye The Artist, Phases of Marvin Gaye's career, Funk Bros, 20 Grand/Flame Show Bar, RRHOF Induction process, James Burton, Soul to Soul, Wilson Pickett, Voices of East Harlem, American Folk Blues, Muddy Waters, Wattstax, Quincy Jones, Art Blakey, Thelonius Monk, Louis Armstrong, Temptations, Lennon/McCartney, Saturday Night Live, Robert Johnson, Malaco, Stax Box Set, Booket T. & MG's, Staple Singers, Isaac Hayes, History of African American Gospel, Soulsville USA, Stax Museum, John Lee Hooker, T Bone Walker, BlackByrds, Fantasy Records, Chareles Earland, Little Richard, The process, problems/oppurtunities of Documenting Black Music History Thru Video, Books and Film, (Blues, Funk, Jazz and Soul), Passing the history along to younger people, Black folks talking loud and saying nothing and more...

We have now been covering this event for the past 6 years. Some folks wonder why we do so. I mean after all, isn't this something that is really just reserved for white folks? Listen to this audio commentary from our own Greer Brooks Muldoon, from the Waldorf-Astoria and learn why it's important that we cover the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame Inductions

LISTEN TO Pookie Hudson & the Spaniels LIVE (Doo Wop and Variety Show - 10/21/05): Stormy Weather, Peace of Mind, Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight, on Soul-Patrol.Net Radio

LISTEN TO FELTON PILATE (ConFunkShun Co-Lead): 1.Nothing But Love Spoken Here, 2.Leading Different Lives, 3.Devotion, 4.InTime, 5.Takin' It From The Top, 6.OnlyForYou,7.Watch You, 8.Keepin' You To Your Promise, 9.YoursForLife, 10.Be My Baby, 11.Always Come Back To You, 12.Nothing But Love SpokenHere (Remix), 13. Nothing But Love Spoken Here (Euro Remix), 14. Nothing But Love Spoken Here (U.S. Remix #2)

LISTEN TO MILES DAVIS: IN CONCERT: Rated X, Honky Tonk, Theme From Jack Johnson, Black Satin/The Theme, Ife, Right Off/The Theme + a little Jimi & Sly during the breaks

WILSON PICKETT (1941- 2006) - LISTEN TO: WILSON PICKETT LIVE IN CONCERT @ SOUL-PATROL.NET RADIO. From the movie soundtracks of "Only The Strong Survive" and "Soul to Soul"
Wilson Pickett Live @ Soul-Patrol.Net Soul Survivor, Midnight Hour (From the movie Only The Strong Survive), In The Midnight Hour, Funky Broadway, Land of 1,000 Dances (From the movie Soul to Soul)

LISTEN TO THE PERSUADERS NEW CD @ Soul-Patrol.Net Radio: MADE TO BE LOVED - A Woman Was Made To Be Loved, Never Stop Loving You, Don't Think I Won't Leave, Mama, The Wedding Song, She's Mine, Hypnotized

SOUL-PATROL.NET RADIO - LISTEN TO: Introducing Gordon Chambers: Touch You There; Never Fall In Love; Slippin' Away; My Imagination; Be Happy; Still In Love; My Valentine; Ill Miss You Most; That's When You Fall; Always Be Proud; I Apologize; The Only One

LISTEN TO Soul-Patrol.Net Radio Presents: Giant Gene's 1 hour Lou Rawls Superstar Concert (from 1979) on Soul-Patrol.Net Radio


Mr. Jackson sat down for a 37 min. interview with Soul-Patrol and he discussed, Historical Legacy of the Jackson Family, The Micheal Jackson Trial and it's aftermath, New material from the Jackson Brothers, His new projects (music, movies, etc), and more

--Bob Davis

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Bob Davis

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* MAYSA - Sweet Classic Soul  
MAYSA - Sweet Classic Soul
* KRIS RECORDS: LA Showcase of Soul, 24 Dynamite Tracks!  
LA Showcase of Soul
* Our Uncle Sam by Erik Greene: Groundbreaking bio of Sam Cooke"  
Our Uncle Sam
* Smokey Robinson and the Miracles Live Collection"  
Smokey Robinson and the Miracles Live Collection
* Chariman of the Board: "All in the Family"  
Chariman of the Board: All in the Family
* Angel Risloff: "Where Have You Been" (Great Blue Eyed Soul)  
Angel Risloff
* New From The Temptations: "Reflections"  
* Isley Brothers "Wrinkle The Sheets" - Bedroom Classics Vol. 3  
Isley Brothers
* DC ALL STARS DVD - Orioles, Unifics, William Devaughn, Jewels, Sir Joe Quarterman and Joe Phillips/Winstons, Velons  
* Susaye Greene (The Extreme Supreme)- Brave New Shoes (Diverse & Fonky)  
Susaye Greene
* Soul Project Reconnection  
Soul Project
* The Best of James Brown, Vol. 3 James Brown & Friends  
James Brown
* Nadir - Distorted Soul 2.0 (2005 FUNK CD of the Year)  
* Leon Ware - Kiss in the Sand  
Leon Ware
* Nicole Wright: Fire  
Nicole Wright
* Louise Perryman - 'Whisper My Name'  
Louise Perryman: Whisper My Name
Will Wheaton
* MOTOWN REMIXED - Your Favorite Motown Hits Remixed  
* THE OFFICIAL: SlysLilSis & Sly Stone Online Store!  
THE OFFICIAL: SlysLilSis & Sly Stone Online Store!
* DESI - "GOLDEN LADY" Brand New R&B  
* Jimmy Castor: The E-Man is Back with a NEW EP" 
Jimmy Castor
* Ascendant New Release - 'Where You Are Now'  
* Dean Francis: Old School Flava (New CD from the former keyboardist of the band SUN)  
Dean Francis
* Mandrill: 'Live At Montreax DVD"  
* Sound Spectrum Entertainment  
Sound Spectrum Entertainment
* Dells - Open Up My Heart 
Dells - Open Up My Heart
Billy Paul
* New Pittsburgh Courier:one of the oldest and most prestigious Black newspapers in the United States 
New Pittsburgh Courier
* Black Rock Coalition (BRC)  
Black Rock Coalition (BRC)
* Soul of America Travel  
Soul of America Travel
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