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Welcome To The Soul-Patrol Newsletter

When we last left Rahsaan Patterson...

We had highlighted his GREAT then new album, Wines & Spirits, which went on to become universally recognized, by Soul-Patrol and music lovers around the world as one of the very best 2007 releases in Black music.

At that time I had made the observation.... "He's trying to let us know that he's one of tha "extra-terrestrial brotha's."

And just one look at the (Dave Brubeck inspired???) artwork for his latest release called "The Ultimate Gift", says that we were correct in making that observation. This artwork is about as far removed from the "too cool to be cool" imagery of many artists today. It made me smile when I first saw it, and I am still smiling now.

This brotha clearly wants to establish himself as one of the leaders of the new/emerging paradigm in Black music and I would say that he is well on his way to doing exactly that.

We have put together an internet radio broadcast that focuses on Rahsaan Patterson's new holiday release, "The Ultimate Gift". Take a listen to it at the following link: and you will see that he is continuing his rather eclectic take on Soulful Christmas music.

If you don't want to click just yet, you have several oppurtunites to do so later in this newsletter and I encourage you to do so.

Also included in this issue of the Soul-Patrol Newsletter is the press release for "The Ultimate Gift", a bio on Rahsaan Patterson and of course my review of Rahsaan Patterson's fantastic 2007 release called "Wine & Spirits", just in case ya missed it.

Check it all out and let me know what cha think?

Thanks in advance...

--Bob Davis

Listen To a Soul-Patrol.Net Radio Exclusive:
Rahsaan Patterson - The Ultimate Gift

PRESS RELEASE - Rahsaan Patterson - The Ultimate Gift

Rahsaan PattersonFollowing the success of his recent, critically acclaimed CD 'Wines & Spirit,' neo-Soul/R&B vocalist Rahsaan Patterson has announced the release of his first-ever Holiday CD - 'The Ultimate Gift.' This eclectic take on Holiday music is sure to delight fans as Rahsaan uses his divinely crafted voice to sing traditional as well as original holiday songs, giving them his own personal flare.

Putting aside notions of snowfalls and sleigh bells, Santa Claus and solemn carols, Patterson offers a modern version of Christmas spirit that focuses on the twin virtues of gratitude and grace on this Artistry Music release. This celebration of the yuletide season is unique and surprising and at times reverent, jubilant, humorous, thoughtful, and above all - completely original. 'The Ultimate Gift' is destined to become a holiday classic in its own right. Topped off with original art work by artist/painter Paul Moschell, the cover of the CD features a caricature of a childhood Rahsaan Patterson, visually reflecting his childhood Christmases in New York City filled with youth, innocence, optimism and joy.

As the Holiday's are about giving back, Rahsaan is utilizing the launch of The Ultimate Gift as a means to give back to the less fortunate via the "The Ultimate Gift Toy Drive." The Toy Drive will partner with select radio stations as well as organizations that cater to children who have lost a parent or children whose parents are currently serving in the armed services. Partnering radio stations will be announced shortly.

"For me, Christmas was always about family, eating, laughing and listening to music and just being with your loved ones," states Patterson. "So I wanted that to be what was captured on 'The Ultimate Gift' - the true spirit of Christmas."

'The Ultimate Gift' debuts six original songs plus the instant Holiday hit "Christmas At My House," co-written by Van Hunt. Also showcased is the perennial favorite "Little Drummer Boy," reworked and styled as only Rahsaan can. Produced by rahsaan Patterson, Jamey Jaz and Keith Crouch, 'The Ultimate Gift'' is a heartfelt and soulful celebration of the Holiday Spirit.

Songs include:
1. Holiday 2. What Christmas Means To Me 3. This Is the Season 4. Peace and Joy 5. That First Christmas 6. Angels (sing) 7. Little Drummer Boy 8. Christmas At My House 9. Wonderful Christmastime 10. The Ultimate Gift 11. Angels (reprise)

The songs of 'The Ultimate Gift' tell Patterson's personal story of Christmases past, present and future-all with the mix of soul, jazz, dance, and pop that has become the singer's trademarks. The album kicks off with the hand-clapping fun of "Holiday," where the Southern California-based singer reminds us: "Snow don't fall down in L.A./ so there ain't no place for Santa Claus to land his sleigh/ though in the sun the children play/ it's not a New York winter's day."

The Ultimate Gift follows closely on the heels of Patterson's September 2007 release 'Wines & Spirits,' which features the hit singles "Feels Good" and "Stop Breaking My Heart."

Named after the legendary jazz sax player Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Patterson was raised in New York City. After his family relocated to California, where he appeared on the children's show Kids Incorporated, Patterson soon began to expand his gifts as a singer, songwriter and performer. After penning songs for the likes of Tevin Campbell, Chico DeBarge, Christopher Williams, Jody Watley, as well as co-writing Brandy's triple-platinum selling "Baby," in 1994, Patterson was signed to MCA Records. He released his self-titled debut in 1997. The singer followed up with 1999's Love In Stereo, then moved to Artistry Music for 2004's After Hours and his current album, Wines & Spirits.

Listen To a Soul-Patrol.Net Radio Exclusive:
Rahsaan Patterson - The Ultimate Gift

Bio - Rahsaan Patterson

Rahsaan PattersonInspired by Prince, Rufus, Miles Davis, Earth, Wind & Fire, Donny Hathaway, Sarah Vaughn, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson, young Rahsaan was performing in his Pentecostal church choir by the age of 6. His talent and precociousness led his family to relocate to California, where he started a TV career. But music was in his soul, and Patterson began honing his craft and reaching out to other musicians in the Los Angeles area.

His unique sense of melody and lyric soon netted him songwriting placements, with hit songs for Tevin Campbell, Chico DeBarge, Christopher Williams, and Jody Watley. Together with producer Keith Crouch, he wrote the triple-platinum selling "Baby", which reached Number One on the national charts in 1994 and helped launch Brandy's multi-faceted career.

MCA came calling soon after, and Patterson released his self-titled debut in 1997, helping to fuel what was then the nascent neo-soul movement. The album included what has become his signature tune, "Where You Are", as well as the funky "Stop By", immediately putting him on the radar with R&B fans. The artist followed that effort with 1999's critically praised album, Love In Stereo.

After Hours, his long-awaited 2004 follow-up, was released on the independent Artistry Music label, and only cemented Patterson's reputation as a deeply thoughtful, adventurous artist with a unique point of view.

Along the way, Patterson shared his artistry on soundtracks "Love & Basketball", "Dr. Doolittle", "Two Can Play That Game", "Hoodlum", "Brown Sugar", as well as the renowned comedian Steve Harvey's compilation Sign Of Things To Come. He has also consistently worked with a range of instrumental artists, including guitarist Jonathan Butler, saxophonists Boney James and Jimmy Sommers, and keyboardist Brian Culbertson.

Combining Rahsaan's three solo releases -- with songs he has written and performed on soundtracks and songs written and recorded by outside artists, Patterson has contributed music to more than ten million CDs sold to date.

"As I get older and look back at my accomplishments, I'm quite surprised and amused with what I have achieved and things I've done," Patterson laughs. Not one to create music for strictly commercial considerations, the artist has been able to keep the integrity of his artistry intact. "My music is always layered, it's always personal and spiritual and it's always my relationship with my listener," he says. "You listening to my album is my conversation with you."

Listen To a Soul-Patrol.Net Radio Exclusive:
Rahsaan Patterson - The Ultimate Gift

Album Review: Rahsaan Patterson - Wines & Spirits
(kozmic funk)

NEW RELEASE: Rahsaan Patterson - Wines & Spirits I don't know Rahsaan Patterson. I have never met Rahsaan Patterson. And it's probably best if I never do. I'm sure that he's probably a nice enough fellow and that we would get along just fine. However I don't want any of my current illusions to be destroyed. If you were like me than you might have considered him to be just another one of the dozens of soundalike/stale neo soul stevie/marvin/donnie imitators (why do they always chose to imitate the most boring aspects of these artists?).

But I want to let you all in on a big secret (he's beyond all of that now). Take a listen to this album and you will know why, but whatever you do, please don't tell all of his neo soul fans because they won't understand why he is a better artist this way.

After listening to this album my guess is that Rahsaan Patterson has been doing his homework and after doing so, he has decided that he wants to achive greatness instead of being locked into the box where he previously was.

It's obvious to me that he's been listening to some deep music in the course of doing his homework. This album shows me that he's been listening to Shuggie Otis or Miles Davis or Frank Zappa or Sun Ra or some other higher level of artistic purity, because this album is a mind blower. You should check out this album, listen to it and absorb the fact that Rahsaan Patterson is now at a different level. He wants to achive greatness, it's obvious to me after listening.

Of course he may not get there in a commercial sense, current day market conditions may not allow for that. I'm just glad that he did this album, and I am glad that I have the chance to document my opinions on it. Ten years from now white kids in Iowa are going to discover this album and they will anoint Rahsaan Patterson as an unheralded genius. And once that happens one of them is going to come upon this review. They will print it out and show it to their friends and say "I told you so."

In fact, I don't even want you to buy the album (not just yet). I want you to find someplace on the internet where you can listen to it for free, hell I may even put it up myself just so that you can do that. I do not want economics to interfere with your descion making process. I want you to experience the whole thing at least one time.

You need to do that and you need to do it now, because I want to conduct a test. I want to see how many people can still recognize that critical point in time in the career of an artist when they decide to leave their personal comfort zone of predictability and attempt to be the "baddest MF on the planet." They do this with the full knowledge that they may fail to convince anyone else of this besides themselves. They don't do it in order to become a star. They do it because they know that if they don't commit themselves to try, they can never have a restful sleep again in their lives. How can I possibly say something like this with such certainty about a person that I have never met and probably never will meet? I dunno how to answer that question except to say that on the album "Wines & Spirits", Rahsaan Patterson allowed me to take a glimpse into his soul and I appriciate what I was allowed to see.

Rahsaan Patterson may not convince anyone else, but he has convinced me of just what he is trying to do. And I can respect that, just as I can respect anyone else, regardless of their chosen field who choses to try to be the best. Most of the time when people try to do this, they fail. However in giving the effort they make the world a better place, because they inspire others to try and become the best that they can be. If when you listen to "Wine & Spirits", you don't "get it", don't worry about it. Most people won't, so that will put you in good stead with the majority. But if you are the type of person who does indeed "get it", please contact me because I want to shake your hand.

Rahsaan Patterson has clearly separated himself from the rest of the pack and this is something that not only can I clearly see, but I am genuinly excited for him.

He has placed himself in a position to potentially inspire others. He may or may not inspire you, how you seek out your own personal inspiration is totally a matter of individual choice and what you permit yourself to be open to. He has inspired me with his musical vision on the album "Wine & Spirits", and right now that is all I care about...

--Bob Davis

NEW RELEASE: Rahsaan Patterson - The Ultimate Gift

NEW RELEASE: Rahsaan Patterson - The Ultimate Gift

NEW RELEASE: Rahsaan Patterson - The Ultimate Gift, Check it out at his official site

Listen To a Soul-Patrol.Net Radio Exclusive:
Rahsaan Patterson - The Ultimate Gift


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