Chante Moore Session Transcript in the Soul-Patrol Chatroom ( 6/26/2008

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Chante Moore - Love the Woman
Hosted by nightrain

nightrain Chante Moore Will Be Hosting Here in the Soul-Patrol Chat Room @ 10 pm est tonight
We will be listening to and discussing here brand new album called "LOVE THE WOMAN"

nightrain Hey Flowergirl How are u tonight?

Flowergirl1 Train! I am good..How are you? I am really excited about talking with Chante
I am loving this CD! So how are you?

nightrain I'm good. This album is off tha hook

Flowergirl1 Oh I love....hated to take it out today

nightrain Can you hear the audio in the chat room?

Flowergirl1 sure can

nightrain cool! Is this the first time that you have heard it? I just heard it for the first time yesterday and have been playing it ever since. I love the LOVE THE WOMAN
It's the kind of album(LOVE THE WOMAN) that people may sleep on, because they will already assume that they know what it is already

Flowergirl2 what are your favs from the CD?

nightrain 7 & 11

Flowergirl2 I saw her do 11 live when she was on tour with Wil and Gerald and I have been waiting ever since for her to record it

Chante has joined. Welcome!

Flowergirl2Welcome Chante

Chante Hey everybody

Flowergirl2 I am thrilled to be in your company

nightrain Welcome Chante....this is Bob Davis of Soul-Patrol

Flowergirl2 How are you this evening?

Chante Thank you thank you I'm happy that you are here

Chante Thank you thank you I'm happy that you are here

nightrain We are still early and folks are just drifting in

Chante Hi Bob, nice to meet you

Flowergirl2 LOVE THE WOMAN is a fantastic CD. I have been listening to it since last Tuesday.

nightrain btw....I LOVE the album LOVE THE WOMAN

Chante i am so glad you like the LOVE THE WOMAN album, I like it too

Chante I'm making chicken, I'm

nightrain (and she cooks also....damn)

Flowergirl2 I saw you perform "Guess who I saw today" live a few years ago. Thanks for recording it

Chante lol

Flowergirl2 plus [...] gorgeous

Flowergirl2 LOL!

Chante It was my pleasure, i so love that song

Flowergirl2 So what is your favorite song from the CD?

T_Mad has joined. Welcome!

Chante I can't pick just one. Like children you can't pick just one.

Flowergirl2 Welcome TMad say hello to Chante Moore

nightrain Welcome T_Mad....say hello to Chante Moore

Flowergirl2 LOL!

Chante I like Can't Do It. I like to dance around my house in my pajamas to that song. I like Give Me Time

T_Mad Hi Chante!

Chante Hi

Chante I got married to kenny to that song. I understand that it takes time to get to know someone

Flowergirl2 yes it does...a lot of time

Chante And I love Guess Who I Saw Today. I love how the story unfolds

Flowergirl2 I got my front row seat to your show in bethesda md on 8/8...I cannot wait!

Chante Oh great.

Flowergirl2 Welcome nukeystik..say hello to Chante Moore

Chante Wave at me and let me know you were the person on the chat

nukeystik Hello Chante

Chante Hi nukeystik

T_Mad Chante, I'm here with my wife and we love you and Kenny Lattimore's music together

nukeystik What's happening and where you been?

Flowergirl2 LOL! don't expect you to remember but when you were on tour with Will Downing and Gerald Albright I brought you flowers in Baltimore

ez123 has joined. Welcome!

Chante Thank you and we will make some more together soon.

Chante I have had two albums since my solo LOVE THE WOMAN, so you have to catch

Phillip has joined. Welcome!

Flowergirl2 welcome ez123.....say hello to Chante Moore

nukeystik you're so right

Flowergirl2 welcome Phillip...say hello to Chante Moore

Phillip hello everyone

Chante Aww I love flowers. Thank you

Flowergirl2 Hey Phillip

Hi Phillip

Flowergirl2 you are welcome!

nukeystik the last tune I really heard was Chante's Got A that right?

Chante Probably the truth but it shouldn't have been that

Flowergirl2 nukeystik you are behind....LOL!

nightrain Can everyone hear the audio in the chat room?

Flowergirl2 yes sir!

T_Mad Enjoying the audio right now :-)

nukeystik I know, I know...but you sang the HELL oughtta that one...and everything I ever heard you do!

Phillip yes, I can hear the audio

nukeystik I'm hearing it

Chante Thank you but flattery will get you some places. But you still have to buy the LOVE THE

Flowergirl2 How are the sales of LOVE THE WOMAN going...if you don't mind my asking.

Chante I don't pay attention to that because it's a rollercoaster ride and I don't want to go on it

Flowergirl2 that makes a lot of sense

Flowergirl2 Who is in your music collection?

nukeystik It seems all of the true r&b sustuhs of the 90's got gobbled up by the rollercoaster of hip-hop and neo-soul

Chante Tyr Tribbett's new album is the bomb. Its called Stand Out... the Best!

T_Mad What do you think about today's music scene as opposed to the early nineties when you first came on the scene?

Chante It used to be about music now it's about money and politics

nukeystik Tye tribbett= PHILLY!!!

Chante I don't like that so much

nukeystik I'm here in Philly!

Phillip I agree

nukeystik yeah that's why you got to do your own thing as far as the business is concerned

Chante Yes that is so true. But people like you who take time out to do things like this make it worth it

nightrain Tell us about your musical relationship with Prince???

Chante I'm a huge fan of Prince's since & Baby

nukeystik did you use a lot of musicians on this project or was it mostly sequenced/keyboard-type stuff?

Flowergirl2 he is a musical genius!

Chante And I had a chance to meet him in 1996 or something like that and it was one of the greatest experiences in life. Awesome

nightrain Emancipation was a fantastic album and your contributions to that are duly noted!!!!

Chante Read the George Duke. All Live Music. Raphael Saadiq, live music. Most of the LOVE THE WOMAN album is live musicianship

Flowergirl2 LOL! @chante

You're the best .... Thank you for the compliment

nukeystik ok! I don't have it all in front of me...but that's incredible...any particular drummers you like to use?

Chante I have band right now called Mulato. The drummer is amazing. his name is marges.

They all are incredible

nukeystik where are they and you from?

Flowergirl2 Tell us more about them and where we can hear them.

Chante I am from Oakland and the band is from Los Angeles.

nukeystik any significance with the name?

Chante Everytime I am around, they will be around

Flowergirl2 okay cool!

Flowergirl2 When did you realize you wanted to sing for a living?

Chante I will try to get their schedule and put it on

Flowergirl2 Thank you!

nightrain (she must have hit the logout button by mistake)

Chante They are 6 different races between the three of them. That's how they got their name

Phillip I hate that I missed you recently in Chicago. I found out about your appearance too late. :-(

Flowergirl2 haven't we all?

nukeystik thanks

Flowergirl2 When did you realize you wanted to sing for a living?

Chante I decided I wanted to sing at 16.

Chante I played Dorothy in the Wiz at a school play

nukeystik  really?

nukeystik that's pretty hip

Chante Oh and the Chicago performance was good

Flowergirl2 I would love to hear you sing home

nukeystik The Wiz would be a nice vehicle to display your talents at an early age

Phillip darn  :-(  maybe next time

Chante Yeah I will be back out.

nukeystik this 6/8 sort of groove in the background is very nice

Flowergirl2 Phil she will be in MD in Aug.....come on down!

Chante Sure will!

nukeystik seems a lot of females use this type of thing to really show their stuff...why do you think that is?

nukeystik another '6' tune...nice

Phillip it depends on what day in August. Chicago has a lot of concerts happening.

Chante I'm sorry, what type of thing

Flowergirl2 get a crab cake.....see a great show...

nukeystik 6/8 groove

nightrain This album LOVE THE WOMAN sounds like it's a set of instructions for men, a guide of sorts to inform one to keep your woman happy

Chante Absolutely! You got it baby

Chante Listen and pay attention

Chante lol

Flowergirl2 your duet with Will Downing is one of my favorites. and chance you will record with him again.

nukeystik forgive me but I almost always listen to the music and overall groove of things before I listen to actual lyrics

Phillip we'll see Flowergirl. I can't make any promises :-)

Chante I would love to. He is one of my dearest friends.

Chante So what are your favorite songs

ez123 Chante, it's an honor, Sister. Always Gonna Be Something is incredible, the entire LOVE THE WOMAN album...

Chante  Thank you. That's one of mine too. And it sure is Always Gonna Be Something

nightrain Tracks 7 and 11

ez123 Sho' Nuf'

Chante yep those are good songs

nukeystik This is my first listen and so far the standout was two tune ago (don't know the name) and this one

nukeystik nice harmonica solo

nightrain Some of these folks are listening to the album LOVE THE WOMAN for the first time tonight

Chante Give me Time. Kenny and I got married to that song with Minnie Ripperton singing it

nukeystik nice interplay between you and the soloist

Chante Thank you. Glad you like it.

nukeystik it's gorgeous

nukeystik  very beautiful

ez123 How's the record label treating you, and the transition/ from MCA/Silas to now.

nukeystik so was that you or Minnie that hit that note?

Chante No Label will ever compare to Silas Records. Missing Louis everyday. I wish he were he everyday

ez123 More family-oriented?

Chante No that's me singing

Phillip I haven't bought your latest CD yet, but I like the latest single.

nukeystik go head!

it's a cover of a Minnie Ripperton song

ez123 Minnie's in her heart

Chante That was my old label in 1992. This label is very small and I got to make the kind of record I wanted to make. That doesn't always happen.

Chante Thank Phillip. Go out and buy the CD. I promise you will love it

ez123 No compromises for this one, I hope...

nukeystik I LIKE this one...this is such a nice ride

nightrain I agree with Chante

Flowergirl2 Since you all are on the same label...any chance you will tour again with Will downing and Gerald Albright

Chante Who do you think I am Millie Vanelli...that's me silly not Minnie

Phillip will do, thanks :-)

nightrain lol

Flowergirl2 and the come to the show is MD! LOL!

Phillip I've heard nothing but great reviews about your CD.

Chante Yes that tour could happen

Flowergirl2 That would be a dream!.....all my favs together again

Chante There's a review in People Magazine. go check it out Got 3 stars out of 4!!

Flowergirl2 The first cut is so always gonna be something!

T_Mad Who are some other artists out there now you'd like to duet with (besides Kenny, of course)?

Flowergirl2 Who cheated you out of the 4th star?!?!?

nukeystik silly me

Chante Lalah Hathaway

Chante I don't know who cheated me, that's terrible

Chante Stokley from Mint Condition and Ne Yo

Phillip I'll take your word on it. :-)

Chante lol

ez123 You and Lalah's have just about the best stuff going now... Sweet, soulful...

nightrain Ne Yo looks like he is getting ready to .....bust out

T_Mad I can easily picture you and Lalah doing a duet - great combo from two great ladies

nukeystik he seems to be writing his butt off these days

Chante yes he does

nukeystik awww now I'm all out of sync with the music

T_Mad I've been checking Ne Yo's music out more lately as well - not bad

Chante yes he's pretty talented

nukeystik guess I just gotta cop the cd (I would've anyway)

nightrain you can forward the presentation by moving the slider on the RealAudio player

Chante yes you do

Flowergirl2 Have you been able to do any meet and greets?

nightrain When will you be coming to Philadelphia?

Chante Not recently

Chante actually I will be there for Unity Day in August

nukeystik  Tell Me What To Do For You has a melody hook from La La at the end

nukeystik rEALLY??? GREAT!!!! penn's Landing and Chante Moore..all right!

ez123 Any videos coming soon?

Flowergirl2 okay I see I need to buy another copy from Circuit City so I can get the bonus track.

Chante No videos yet

nukeystik this song just makes me smile, it's so hip..I could listen to that all day

ez123 I got a few ideas... (wink-wink)

Phillip well everyone, I'm going to call it a night. Nice talking to you Chante and much success with your latest CD. Goodnight everyone.

Chante lol


Flowergirl2 Gnite Phil

nightrain Chante has one of the very best artist sites that I have seen, elegance in simplicity

Chante thank you

nightrain I like it quite a bit

Chante Well everyone. It was really nice chatting with you. Thank you all for taking time out of your day for this. Thank you for buying the CD and for your support.

Flowergirl2 No thank you! See you in Aug!

nukeystik thank YOU Chante..and peace!

Chante I have to go and finish preparing dinner for my children.

Flowergirl2 You are an ultimately classy woman!

nukeystik see you in Philly @ Untiy Day!

Chante Thank you flowergirl<

T_Mad Enjoyed chatting with you, Chante and thank you

Chante See you nukeystik

nightrain Thanks Chante

Chante good night everyone

Chante I appreciate all of you!

Flowergirl2 goodnight! Train that was great! Thanks....

nukeystik  nice lady...very engaging

nightrain Well that was interesting

nightrain This is an album LOVE THE WOMAN that you have to 'live with' for a while, before the messages in the lyrics ....&
You didn't hear song 11 yet, did you?

T_Mad I think it sounds good but personally, her best is her 1992 debut

nightrain That is the cover of ....Guess Who I Saw Today

T_Mad Now that love's taken over me

nightrain AWESOME

nukeystik nothing on here is as strong as Chante's Got A Man

Flowergirl2 she might not top her debut...but this is the closest to it we have gotten in a long time

nukeystik good tune great singing too

nightrain I disagree. ....that is one of the baddest songs in history, and she tears it up

T_Mad I agree, Flowergirl

nukeystik seewhumsayin?

nightrain I wonder what Nancy Wilson thinks of it?

nukeystik that's the point

Flowergirl2 Nancy cant be mad.....Chante does the damn thing!

Flowergirl2 T-Mad...are you Tony?

nukeystik here's another that I'm feeling...a sort of bossa nova thing

nightrain One of the biggest problems that we have in Black music is that we desperately need 'replacement artists' for our legends......Chante could be one of those replacement.....she's 'well seasoned' at this point?

T_Mad R U calling me out again, Flowergirl? :-)"

nukeystik I agree

nukeystik she definitely fits the bill

Flowergirl2 no honey.....I was just making sure and going  ask where sally is...that's all

nightrain lol

nightrain That is where I'm coming from Nukeystik

nightrain She's the REAL THANG

Flowergirl2 no filler!

nightrain She's just been under the radar for a while

nukeystik I still think that her 'now-more-mature' sound could use some better material...she can hang with the best of em

nightrain Well if this album LOVE THE WOMAN is successful, then I hope that she will get another chance

nightrain1 Well I'm outta here.....thanks for coming


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