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Bob Davis, MIke Davis and Joyce Davis The picture that you see on the left is of mysel , my brother Mike and our mom. It was taken about 3 years ago.

Sorry to have to report that my mother Joyce Ella Davis passed away on Thanksgiving evening. She was 74 years old. She had a stroke.

My mother had been suffering with 3 different cancers (Breast, Pancreatic and Lung), along with a number of other ailments over the past several years.

As many of you may recall, my father passed away 3 1/2 years ago.

What you don't know is at that time my brother & I had no idea of the extent of my mother's health issues, because my parents kept that information from us.

So therefore the past 3 1/2 years my brother and I have had our lives consumed with providing/facilitating for my mother's health care. And we were honored to have done so, my father would have expected nothing less from us.

So now you know what I was doing anytime that you have called me over the past 3 1/2 years and I said "I am in my car on my way to/from New York." I was in fact on my way to/from some medical facility with my mother. Today Mike and I both know more about the corruption of the medical industry, the medical insurance industry as well as the insidiousness of the disease known as cancer than we ever thought there would be a need to know.

She has gone through many surgeries, and rounds of chemotherapy/radiation treatments, at many different medical facilities in NYC and Long Island including a "second opinion" surgery at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital for the Pancreatic Cancer.

She went through all of this in a manner that made my brother & I quite proud. She is absolutely the most courageous and inspirational person that I have ever known. I doubt if I could have done it.

And these last few years have allowed both of us to know and learn from her that goes far beyond the way that we knew her as children.

Over the years I know that a number of you have met my mother & father, at various events that we have had on Soul-Patrol. For example, the last Soul-Patrol Event she attended 2 years ago in 2009 with our friend R&B artist Desi @ Feinstein's in NYC she got to meet and hang out with one of her favorite artists from her teenage days, the legendary Mr. Lloyd Price:

She also loved artists new artists like Tre Williams, who she saw with us in the summer of 2010 on Long Island.


I will write more about her later. She was a wonderful person who is at least half responsible for whatever it is that you would think about my brother and I as people. And she left a serious mark on many others, both professionally and personally as well.

And if you happen to get a spare moment, a moment of prayer for her would be most appreciated....

--Bob Davis

Blues, Hip Hop and Soul Music Director

Official Obituary of Joyce Ella Davis

Bob Davis, MIke Davis and Joyce Davis Joyce Ella Davis (Joy) was born in 1938 in Kings County Hospital Brooklyn, NY to David B. Walker and Marion Helena Walker. She was raised in Bedford-Stuyvesant along with sister Joan and brother David.

She graduated from Clara Barton High School (1955) in Brooklyn, where she studied Nursing. She was skinny as a rail, as a teenager and was known affectionately in the neighborhood as "Olive Oyl."

She married Robert Stephen Davis (Bobby) on December 2, 1955, exactly 56 years ago today.

Life was tough for the teenaged couple at the start and they lived with family for the first few years of marriage, blessed with a support system on both sides that exists to this day. Joyce worked off and on part time at Sears. One day in late 1967, she surprised Bobby with a lump sum of cash that she had saved from her part time work. She had been saving this money to be used as a down payment on a house for her young family. This is what enabled the Davis family to move from Brooklyn to Roosevelt, Long Island in April of 1968.

During the 1970's Joyce served on the PTA, and was a community leader in the local 4-H program. She also participated in activities such as bowling, skiing, dancing and bridge as a part of various formal/informal social organizations to which she belonged. She also attended Nassau Community College during this period and was active in the church.

In Roosevelt, Joyce was known as a giving person, who not only loved & savored every moment of her life, but also wanted to be an enabler of the same for others. This led to her not only becoming a foster mother, but also a mentor to many younger women, both in the family and in the community.

During the 1980's, Joyce now in her 40's started a brand new career working as a teacher's aide in the Uniondale School District, where she served several generations of students and made many lifelong friends among the staff in her 25 + years on the job.

Joyce Ella Davis is survived by her two sons Robert (Harriette) & Michael (Karen), brother & sister David & Joan, brother in law Ronald, granddaughters Rachel and Monay, along with many cousins, nieces and nephews across the country.

Family legend has it that Joyce and Bobby were first introduced to each other as toddlers in a local park by their mothers, in Bedford-Stuyvesant. Clearly the two of them were always meant to be together, in body and spirit. Today they are reunited on their wedding anniversary, for all of eternity.

--Bob Davis

Blues, Hip Hop and Soul Music Director

Joyce Ella Davis on the website

Bob Davis, MIke Davis and Joyce Davis --Earlier I mentioned the show in 2009 with our friend R&B artist Desi @ Feinstein's in NYC, where my mother got to meet the legendary Mr. Lloyd Price at:
Is far from her only appearance on the website...

--She and my father also attended the doo wop show in Plainfield NJ, back in 2002. "Mrs. Earthjuice" and Rachel were also there as well. We all came to the show to celebrate my birthday, which was the day before. In the review I talk about how my mother went wild over "THE SHEPS" and their version of the classic song "WIND."
There is a picture there of my daughter Rachel at age 9, She was so excited to meet Frankie Lymon's Teenagers, since she had just seen the movie about them. Hard to believe that was almost 10 years ago!!!

--Then there is the page at:
It is a review of the fantastic "STREET CORNER ESSENTIALS" album. If you go to that web page in addition to the review, you will also see a picture of my mother, my father and my uncle Ronnie (who is also a "lurker" here on this mailing list.) The picture is from the mid 1950's, and the reason it is there is because I wanted to have a picture of some "original doo woppers" to go along with the review.

I wanted people reading the album review to understand that the "original doo woppers" did not look like the people from the "Happy Days" TV show :)

These aren't the only places where my parents appear on the website. In fact they are on EVERY PAGE of the site. All you need do is "read between the lines," and you will find them...

They really were wonderful people. And they loved the fact that their two sons had "created something from nothing." And they loved it even more that their sons had done so together....

--Bob Davis

Blues, Hip Hop and Soul Music Director

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Bob Davis

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